only 6 days later and I'm seeing results already!

01/22/2019     only 6 days later and I'm seeing results already!

I just wanted to email you and let you know only 6 days later and I'm seeing results already! I've been trying to use natural methods for a while but I've never had results this fast with only using herbal methods. I've never had results from herbals ever before this actually! I am using the liquid (4 droppers since it only fills up to just under half the dropper) at night and then I made a mixture of the liquid extract with a few other things that I use as a topical massage oil usually once a day. Quit caffeine. Focusing on eating more and high fat. Trying to get at least 8 cups of water and 8 hours of sleep. Some of my swelling is probably attributed to my time of the month as well but only time will tell. If things continue this well I can't wait to write a glowing review for you! My plan was to continue with the liquid since it's working well and I don't want to add anything else at least for the first three months. I plan to continue with your products at full dose for eight months or more until I reach my goal then continue with a reduced dose to ensure growth stays. Do you have any other suggestions? Also I was wondering if I could get a discount if I bought multiple liquid extracts at a time like the other package plans? I also want to try the cream. So if I ordered four liquid extracts and a tub of the cream would that be enough to count as a bundle if you were willing to provide a package price? Thanks for your help and for making this product!