sooo much sexual essence

10-23-16     sooo much sexual essence

Hi dear Tina, Well, some time has gone now, did the herbs during three periods and have now taken a break with cream until next menstruation and will now at then do 3 months more. And yes I did get some spurt, not that much "bigger" but differently another firmer form. I always felt that my breasts had a strange form and for the first time I saw them take another more natural looking shape! WOW.... felt like I really start to become the women I always was meant to be. And my sexuality... OMG!!!! Had now idea that I had sooo much sexual essence in me... niiiiice! Thank you! :) I always felt that that part of me have always been suppressed in some sort of way but these herbs have obviously affected me in manaaany different ways... Lots of love, X from Sweden