The growth was increasing as time went by

09-12-12     The growth was increasing as time went by

*plz keep my info private* After reading so many positive testimonials I had to give this a try. I started using natureday products on May 21,2012. I only ordered the liquid. I used 3 droppers a day for 7 days and I deffinitely noticed a difference; my breasts became tender to touch. After 3 weeks, they felt more fuller at the sides, and more round. I ran out of the bottle so I made a bigger purchase since it was working so well. I ordered the liquid, the cream, and the pills. The growth was increasing as time went by but after 3 months, I was stunned at the results!!! I started out as an 34A and now I am a 36B !! My breasts are more handful, and more fuller than before.. I am happy with the results so far thank you so much natureday!!! I am left with the cream since I used that last so I apply it twice a week for results to sustain ... its almost 4 months now and Im deffinitely going to order more ..My goal is to reach 36C !! I hope I can achieve that before coming december, 2012....Thank you so much NATUREDAY!! If anyone is in doubt about this product they should deffinitely go for it! trust me its Worth IT!! :D .... cant wait to make another purchase!