the idea of going under the knife is scary

11-29-06     the idea of going under the knife is scary

Hi Amy, I gotta admit, I was very skeptical about trying breast enlargement pills. Since I was 18 (I'm now 21), I've wanted breast augmentation, but the idea of going under the knife is scary, and really expensive. My husband is totally supportive about whatever I decide, but then I was thinking about the opinions of my family and my in-laws about surgery and they probably wouldn't be as supportive, but I still really wanted bigger breasts. I wear a 34B, but I've never been able to fill it out. So I figured I'd take a shot at this, I mean, if it doesn't work out then I could always go back to the idea of surgery, but if it did, I'd save $6000 and I'd have natural breasts instead of fake ones. Well, I've now been on the oil for about 2weeks, and for the first 5 days, I took 2 dropperfulls of oil, and then after that I've just been doing 1 a day. It's only been about 14 days, and I've already gained 1/2 inch, and I fill out my 34B bras now. It may seem like a really small difference, 1/2 inch, but when you've been waiting for your boobs to grow for so long, it really means a lot and makes a huge difference. The best part is I still have so many more months to go and I can't wait to see how they turn out. Thanks Amy! Best thing I ever took a chance at. I reccomend this to anyone considering going under the knife. It a shot worth taking. It doesn't hurt to try and save a bit of money and pain. Erica