05-29-12     Zi

Hi Tina, I take two dropperfuls of liquid extract in a glass of water or milk at at time. However, I have wanted to take more dropper fulls of liquid but have been hesitant of any risks. I personally do not mind taking more, but how much more do I take at my stage?Several months ago, my breasts used to be saggy and now they have more meat to them and are more lifted. But I want them to become fatter and rounder and more lifted. I am 34 yrs old, never had babies. They used to be 36 C, I have not measured the new size but my bra does feel much more filled up. But I want them to be much bigger n fuller. What do you recommend?How much liquid do I take at this level at a time?Or multiple times a day? Please help ASAP! Thanks.