I feel my chest has become much much softer and there is definitively more growth.

10/14/2020     I feel my chest has become much much softer and there is definitively more growth.
. I want anyone browsing your site to know how amazing this product is and how thankful I am to have a chest that is beginning to be what I always hoped to have. Also if anyone wants to talk about your product with me you can add my email to my newest testimonial. Always happy to share and promote. [email protected] Good afternoon. I just wanted to send an update of my progress thus far as I enter the last week or two of my current bar of soap. I have been using it in the morning before work as I make breakfast and then again in the shower at the end of the day. I feel my chest has become much much softer and there is definitively more growth. When touching and feeling around you can certainly tell they have grown quite a bit in volume. I went to walmart on my lunch hour the other day, as I have officially hit the jiggling stage of growth and bought a few cami bras for comfort in the work place and a few t shirt bras and demi's. Just to get some variety after doing some reading on what bras do best in holding things in place and not enhancing. I want breasts but I don't want people to know I wear a bra if that makes sense, given soon enough people are going to tell there is something there anyways. I bought 34B's per measurements I took of myself, and to my surprise I fill them completely. Which makes me feel soon enough I'm going to need a 36b or 34c. I can't believe 10 years ago I first tried natureday, and finally have come to terms that breasts isn't just something I want or would like. They are something I feel I need. It's weird cause it is nothing sexual, it is just something that I felt was always missing. Some guys like to be Arnold Schwarzenegger, I want to be Dolly Parton....in the chest lol. Idk I know you all get testimonials and some are obviously filled with fantasy and seem a bit.....yeah...but for me, this is just something I am absolutely thankful that I can experience. I know the road ahead for a man with breasts...especially when they are appearing suddenly and over time come to be seen as absolutely obvious. And I know I am going to cross that bridge eventually cause I just feel at this point, I need to keep pushing for more. In 2010 I wanted to be a 36C. Everything was in line for me to do so and not have any obstacles or concerns, I was just scared. I ordered, returned, ordered, threw away and at 35, I'm just done being scared and ready to be me. I'm not trans or anything, just a guy who wants breasts. I am so thankful for natureday who has allowed me the privilege and honor to be an example of how well your products have been working on me. Thanks for not blocking me from ordering from my past returns. I am so glad to look down and see my chest becoming what I always hoped I'd be able to have. I never wanted pecs and was always jealous of women who had breasts. I never seen breasts as a sexual thing, only something I wish I had and felt empty without. So thank you yet again for your wonderful wonderful product. And thank you so much for putting up with me in the past, so I can be grateful in the present for your products that have allowed me to grow this far.