I've gained 1 inch

03-31-11     I've gained 1 inch
Thanks Tina! Please don't show my name or email address in the testimonial. Thanks! I've been taking the liquid for the past 3 weeks. I started with 2 droppers and then went down to the suggested 1 dropper a day. I also massage them every night but I haven't purchased the cream yet. I would like to try the cream together with the liquid but the liquid alone is working amazingly! My boobs are fuller and firmer. I've gained 1 inch since I started and I know it's not a great difference but I'm so happy that it works! Thanks for your product! Hi! I emailed my testimonial earlier today but I haven't heard back yet. I deleted the email from the sent box already so please let me know if you got it or not. I'm so excited that I've gained an inch in 3 weeks and I absolutely want to continue using your product until I reach a C cup.