my boobs will greatly appreciate it :)

08/11/2018     my boobs will greatly appreciate it :)
Thank you! I love it. And my boobs will greatly appreciate it :) here in Jamaica right now two nights ago at the pool bar I was sitting there talking to new friends we made, my wife was somewhere else and a guy who was without question pretty drunk says "if those get much bigger you're gonna need a bikini instead bro" I played it off dumb like what are you talking about. He says "looks like you got decent t..ts growing on ya bro" I don't think they are that noticeable but maybe I'm wrong. Never want to seem greedy but always have to ask, if there are any returns or opened products not resellable if they are available to receive as gifts. I'm eager to grow more and hope I can be the guy who gave you a headache on return and cancels long ago to being a product of your wonderful products. Here's hoping by winter time my chest is no longer able to be considered pecs or man boobs but without question a nice set of breasts.