my breasts have eventually become female-size

11/21/2018     my breasts have eventually become female-size
Well, spirulina (algea-mix) and flax-seed oil I already use as well as turmeric, MSM, saw palmetto fruit, fennelseeds, D3 and occasionally lacto-acid bacteria. I’ll look into stinging nettle tea, use it on occasion, also eat a lot of it at season, really tasty, actually. (Our garden is full of them…) I’m a vegetarian (lacto-ovo), and have cut down a LOT on sugar, were quite low before, too, especially when compared to US. Increased berries and fruit (natural occuring sugars is actually good if consumed in their natural package.) and all other vegetables. Are low on fat outside as well as eggs, but eat some, not much. Get what I need from better, veg. Sources, normally. I did use the liquid in a glass of water, and I think that helped. I can’t say that it is the drops nor the capsules causing it all, could simply be my ”cleaning”. I’ll try a capsule once a day when my stomach is 100% back at normal and let you know. Well, I know that my breasts have eventually become female-size, how fast depends on my body, according to PHs and others, but so far I add about ½-1 inch/2-3cm a year in circumference. I’m already half way to cross the A-B cup line. But a possible timeframe would be 5-10 years and I have to look at my mother to see what size I can expect, they say. (She’s a C-cup.) When they do I rather have them full and nice, female looking than a undescribable amoeba, but I have time to adopt during these years. At least I have full support from my family.