My nipples are large and hard/ the nipple pump!

08/07/2020     My nipples are large and hard/ the nipple pump!
I love all your products. When I use the soap in the shower I find it very stimulating. Applying the cream after the shower is like a warm hug. Love it! After the cream I try to use the nipple pump and I’m amazed how big they get in just fifteen minutes. It also makes them incredibly sensitive. I really never leave the house without pumping for at least ten minutes. My nipples are large and hard and I love the attention. If you do this program you have to get the nipple pump! So exciting. Thanks for everything. ❤️ Dear Tina G. It’s been 44 days since I started the program. I only ordered the nipple suckers, the capsules and the liquid to start. After I saw how they affected me, I ordered the complete set. My wife and I were so excited how my breasts stand up while I’m lying in bed. I can’t believe the results so far! Can’t wait till the girls grow even bigger!