The growth progress has been slow but steady

11/03/2017     The growth progress has been slow but steady
I have been using Natureday products for over two years. I have improved from an original small a/b cup to a near a full size B cup. I experimented with using Naturedays products cream /tablets/ liquid in various ways ,cream three times a day, tablets 3 per day liquid 1.1/2 dropper once per day. The growth progress has been slow but steady, I realised after using Natureday for 6 months that I was not going to experience growth spurts as some of my fellow testimonials have described. However I could see and experience growth which was firm breast tissue, with very little fat, which I found most acceptable.. I recently started using their soap which I find very pleasing to apply. I use this twice per day and leave on for about 7/10 minutes lathering well to a creamy paste, before rinsing off. (as suggested by Natureday) I do feel that this extra application is helping to boost my growth . I have also taken the advice offered from Naturdays excellent web site and supplemented my usage of their products with various extra supplements to help growth along. Along with their products, Natureday has an excellent help by email service.( probably the best on the web) I have always received a prompt & courteous reply to whatever my problem was, which proved invaluable in the very early days. I will continue to use Naturdays products until I reach a personally satisfactory breast shape, weight and size ,probably around a C cup.