This has given significant growth - still need the

08/05/2018     This has given significant growth - still need the
I did not receive a confirmation e-mail for early Monday morning - order number 7549. Did this get received?2. What specifically does caffeine do to the growing process? I have cut down my intake greatly (my joke is ‘Help I have too much blood in my caffeine stream’), but feel I have wasted some of my vitamins by drinking too much coffee in beginning. I cut down for the last 2 or 3 orders. I do have significant growth - just want to know what caffeine does to the process. (I’m a scientific kind of guy) Today is the 33rd day of two 3/4 droppers per day (in morning and evening). This has given significant growth - still need the outer sides to fill in - I have been applying express liquid and cream on just the outer sides. Any ideas? Or do I have to be more patient? Will be taking a break after today till new order comes in to give some breathing time. Thank you for shipping info. I help it go away with vitamin E (from gel caps, poke with a pin and squeeze on finger and apply.I have been trying to take advantage of the high internal dose by applying externally on sides. So I do 13 fingertips rubbed in each side, then small amount of cream for smell and soothing. See picture below to see what I am trying to fill in. This is an in between pic and now it is filled in somewhat, but still similar in depth. This happens when I squeeze side muscles. Thanks for your help and reply and shipment, Thank you for your help,