2867 Testimonials and Growing
04-14-10     my breast had expanded to a full 39 inches

Hello to the staff of Natureday, my breast had expanded to a full 39 inches!! I use to be a 36 1/2 before I used your program!! It's been nine months since I been on it!!

04-01-10     natureday does exactly what it says it will do

Hello Amy and everyone at Natureday. I am just so impressed because this product does exactly what it says it will do! I am so very happy and just keep watching everyday for progress. I am about a 34 A now and my bras are fitting alot tighter. Thank you so much for a product with integrity.

03-30-10     OMG i grew so much

However im so happy that your sending me the liquid... Ive orderd the cream and soap before just 1 jar.. It was under my husband name it was a birthday gift..OMG i grew so much from just that...Ive been without the cream for 2weeks now.. I really hope i get it this time.. I dont wana lose what ive gained... Thanks so much you guys are amazing ive been on facebook talking about the company...

03-22-10     i grew 1 inch after 3 weeks. ! Was very happy

How are you? I have been taking natureday for 7 weeks now and i grew 1 inch after 3 weeks. ! Was very happy... I take and have since day one - 3 droppers full every day and 3 tablets at the same time, is it ok to carry on taking this amount for the duration of 8 months? Also is there a limit to how much your breasts can grow?

Response: Taking 3 droppers is ok for the first few weeks, but after that it is best to take 1 to 2 droppers a day. Everyone's breasts grow at different speeds and sizes, so depending on the person there is no limit.

03-22-10     very glad to find this site and try this Natureday Breast Enlargement

Hello to everyone there! I was very glad to find this site and try this Natureday Breast Enlargement...I would say I am amazed, my breasts are firmer and about a half cup bigger i just have taken it for almost 2 months changes was there, even my darling noticed it and he loved it!

03-09-10     Just to speed things up, I

I have been on your products for eight months and I grew from 36 1/2 to 39 inches now!!! Just to speed things up, I ordered some pills!! Im just going to order only the cream on my next order next month!! I will go up to 41 inches of my breast!! Thanks!!

02-19-10     I grew from 36 and a half to 39 inches already

Hello to the staff from Natureday, I have been on your products for seven months already, time flew by fast!! I just ordered your liquid this week, I have more from Oct. I grew from 36 1/2 to 39 inches already, either i'm at the beginning of a small 34DD or 36C!! I will keep on taking your products until the summer!!! Thanks!!:)

02-09-10     I can DEFINITELY tell a difference

Amy! I am so excited! It's only been 10 days and I can DEFINITELY tell a difference! I have been taking three 3/4 droppers with a glass of water once a day and I can't believe how fast they've grown. I am so excited for the end of the month! I can tell a huge difference in my pictures too. I want to send pictures at the end of the month, but they are already bigger so I think I will send my before pictures, along with my picture from today, and my final picture all at the same time. Thank you so much! I only ordered three bottles of the liquid, so I am going to order some more in just a few days. I was wondering though if it is possible to trade out the bottles of pills for liquid? I only want to take the liquid but was hoping to get the three month supply. Thanks again! Oh and feel free to put this in the testimonials if you want! I will write another one when I send my pictures :]

02-03-10     I feel the difference

I received my breast cream late Jan. and as soon a got i begin to use it immediately..after 13 days I was able to feel the soreness of my breast and they seem to be fuller I kid u not i am a 32a.. I don't care how large they get i just want to see a change... and after 13 days..I feel the difference at first I didn't think that this product would work but I am here to tell you.. It is a must have.. and hopefully this summer I can wear my pretty sun dresses and not feel insecure at all......

01-31-10     The product DOES work

Hello Amy. It's been a month now since I've been using the cream and liquid. I just recently sent you an update. Now I am sending a photo. I do believe that they are firmer/bigger and less saggy around the nipple. I can't compare because I didn't keep a before picture. But I know theres a difference and they feel great! I wanted to send an updated picture before I began my mole removal. I wouldn't want you thinking this isn't me. I also wanted to give the ladies a suggestion. Ladies: if you find that one breast is growing much faster than the other, you have to give less attention to the bigger one. I've read many testimonies stating so and I noticed the same thing happening to me. My right side was growing slower so I began using only the liquid on that one. I use the cream and liquid on both breast but favor the right one. It still has a bit of catching up to do but it's not as bad. The product DOES work! We just have to remember to control the excitement and watch closely as not have them misproportioned. As always, you can share the pic just not the name. Thanks.

01-22-10     it increases the libido when I use it regularly

Amy, here is my after picture(1-19-2010). It's been two years since I started, and I'm working on my last bottle of cream and soap. When I started I was 35", and did the liquid, soap, and the cream, religiously. At first I felt some fullness, but not much growth. At 9 months I was getting discouraged and not seeing much change, and was about to blow off the whole thing, but then all of a sudden it happened, and I grew 2 1/2"!! I am now at 37 1/2" and loving the way they feel. My husband noticed but I haven't told him how it happened. He can hardly keep his hands off of me :). I was a saggy 34C and now I'm a full 34D, and loving it. After I ran out of the liquid, I really couldn't afford more, so I just used cream, and the soap. I look, and feel, bigger and fuller; however, I have gained some weight but that could be age because I still fit the same clothes and like the way my body looks. I seem to be more curvy. I really like the way the product makes me feel. Within the last year, I have not been using the cream as regularly as before, but notice that it increases the libido when I use it regularly. Natureday has been great to work with and they do as they promise. You are welcome to use the picture; although I am a little nervous about posting pictures on the Internet, but not the name or e-mail. You are also welcome to use the paragraph before the questions as my testimonial, if you wish. Thanks Amy, for your support. Thanks so much!! I am very pleased at the progress. I would like a little more filling out, and I was hoping to get equal sized breasts, but I really love the way it makes me feel. They are not saggy anymore, woo hoo!! :)

01-18-10     much fuller under the nipples

Hi Amy/Staff! It's been two weeks today since I started the cream and liquid. I was going to wait at least a month before writing, however, I'm excited about what I've seen so far. I'm experiencing what some of the other women have first experienced; my breast are firm, the skin is nice and smooth/soft and they are much fuller under the nipples. I can see that I'm getting some growth between my breast. I'm a 32A so I can definitely tell the difference. I'm also not as saggy around the top of the nipple area. My daughter even noticed the difference. I have her watching the results too! You know how sometimes one can only see what they want to see! I'm ensuring that's not the case with myself. As I told you before I didn't keep a copy of my before pictuers I sent to you, so I can't compare. I know it's working though. I love the product. I will send another picture at the end of the month. I'm looking forward to receiving more of your products. If you would like me to send a picture now, I will. You can post any pictures or comments I submit, just keep my real name and email private. Thanks again!

01-07-10     im so excited

Anyways, looking forward to get it, i was on it a while back too, and i got a little fuller, but im still om on a A cup cause i didn't use it for that long...and it took a while for it to happen. But im so excited to go on it this time, and now i ordered the pills as well, so maybe it will start working a little bit faster this time :) Well...that was a little bit too much information than u needed, but if you could help, i would appreciate it. Thank you.

01-05-10     I do notice my breasts are firmer and so soft from the cream

Hello well I've been using the pills, cream, and liquid for alitle less than a week now. Not much of a change yet but I do notice my breasts are firmer and so soft from the cream. My main reason for leaving this testimonial was too tell the people that a "full" dropper (30 drops) is actually only half. The way it fills up when you squeeze it is 30 drops. I read every single testimonial from the girls section and I noticed a lot of people were putting two halves cause they thought it was only 15 drops. Oh and after you drink the liquid a bite of chocolate really helps to get rid of the after taste. I can't wait to get results and submit some photos, talk to you then. :)

12-28-09     results very noticeable

Hey, Yes indeed, I took a photo before I started and will keep recording my progress...... I am a very small busted lady (the smallest 'A' nearly flat), which makes all the results I've have seen so far seem very noticeable (and I know this is going to be huge for my confidence). It may only be a little progress in the scheme of things, but I can really tell it is working as I have more fullness and seem to be gradually swelling. Thank you I am really excited about this journey and will keep writing back to let you know whats is happening. Abbey (please don't use any other details but the name provided)

12-08-09     Dear natureday i am really shocked how much my breasts have grown

Dear natureday i am really shocked how much my breasts have grown. I have always been flat chested all my life only ever experienced growth during pregnancy and that didn't last of course. I just want to say THANK YOU i love your products and you guys are great. My breasts have grown 1 inch and half in just under 2 months! i use the drops 90 a day, 3 tablets a day, cream and just started using the soap. I will definitely continue with the product until i am a C CUP. Thanks again. P.s sorry don't have a before pic as i though it wouldn't work this good. I was a small A when i started my measurement was 31.5 inches now i am a 33 inches! plz keep my name and email private. Thank you.

12-07-09     call me x -

I stared to take the bottles on first week of October, and i have notice a little lift on my breast , i hope this will continue like that until another period of time, until i see my breast a little bit bigger, thank you Natureday , I'm loving it so much!

12-02-09     my right breast had rounded more

I started using natureday non alcohol liquid only October 27, 2009 and after only two weeks I noticed that my skin had gotten firmer. After almost a month. My left breast that was saggy had lifted and my right breast had rounded more. I just wanted to update so that people could see that after only a short period of time they also could achieve wonderful results. I will continue to use natureday until I achieve my breast enlargement goals. To actually think that after years of being no more than a 32 A I am getting larger. My goal is to be at least a full 34 B. I may even continue until I get to a C cup depending on how I feel and look with my 34 B. Thanks as always natureday. Thanks Amy for answering all my questions, also thanks again for the quick shipping as well.

11-20-09     I'm now between 37 to 38 inches now

Hello Natureday, it's me again!! I made a mistake with my measuring my breast size, i'm really a small 34D cup, I thought I would be nearly at my desirable size!! I'm now between 37 1/2 to 38 inches now!! I'm sorry for my error!!! Thanks!!!

11-20-09     My breasts keep developing larger slowly

I love you Natureday! My breasts keep developing larger, slowly, like my breasts should. My girlfriend loves the new me. My 36A torso has blossomed into a 36C! Which is better for breast development, the drops or the pills? So far, I've had the best growth with just the creme and drops, and sometimes the soap for my partner to rub in too; she loves doing that! Along with them getting larger, they are fuller too, from under my front back under my arms:) I will send some pics soon, love krys

11-20-09     great results my breasts are fuller and bigger

Dear Natureday, i have been using you products for only 15days and i am seeing great results my breasts are fuller and bigger! My only problem is i am running out of the liquid really fast. I take 90 drops a day and put it on my breasts 2 times a day. I have already finished 1 bottle and half way through another. How can i make my supply last 3months. Thanks. plz don't use my name or email address.

11-14-09     I'll keep using your product until I reach my desirable size

Hi Natureday, I've received your order Tuesday!! I've been on your products for four months now and I used my measuring tape!! I was a 36 1/2, now i'm 38 1/2 inches breast size, so now i'm nearly a 34CC!!! Wow!!! I'll keep using your product until I reach my desirable size!!Thanks!!

11-07-09     I have tried other breast enlargements before and nothing has worked before

Hey Amy,I received my fulfillment in the mail today. I have tried other breast enlargements before and nothing has worked before. I am excited to see what happens. I will update. My info is strictly confidential. Quick shipping as well. Thanks! Hey! (2 weeks later) Before I begin asking my questions I just wanted to say that this stuff is amazing. I am currently on just the non-alcohol liquid and have already noticed within only 2 weeks that my breast seem to be lifted. So happy whit these results. It says to take only 1 3/4 dropper a day but does not show a warning sign on it. Would it be safe to take more? I have a special occasion coming up in March and I want to look fabulous. Thanks!

Response: You can take 1 to 3 droppers a day (that is 30 to 90 drops once a day) After taking 3 droppers a day for a few weeks then we recommend you to take less, 1 to 2 droppers after that for however long it takes to get to your desired size.

11-04-09     my boobs got a lot more round and fuller

Hi, I have been using cream and pills/liquid for 4 months and I am so amazed by the results! I was skeptical at first when I started to use these products but now i would recommend them to any of my friends because my boobs got a lot more round and fuller! I love the product and i am very grateful to Natureday for making me feel more attractive and certain in myself!


11-02-09     I saw lots of growth during the first month

I just finished taking the liquid drops( I went through 4 Bottles in 1 month and a 1/2). I saw lots of growth during the first month( started the drops on Sept.3,2009), but nothing during this past month. I did combine the pills and the drops. Now I am out of the drops, Could I take the 3 Pills twice a day? Am I taking them too fast. I have also been using the cream and the soap. I have also been adding heat 20 min. a day. Any ideas as to why there has been little growth after the first month? Thank You

Response: Sometimes the second growth spurt takes longer then the first one happened. Just hang in there you will get your second and then third growth spurt soon, but it all takes time. Growing breasts is not an instant thing. It is fine to take 3 droppers a day, but no more then that.

08-01-03     I am really noticing a difference

Hi Amy. I haven't contacted you in a while. I thought I would give you an update. I am a few days I would say away from finishing the first out of 3 bottles and I am really noticing a difference. My roommate made the comment that, "You know I don't mean to stare, but you are seriously filling out!" I died laughing. Take care!

08-03-03     I see steady results

So I never thought that anything would work for me, but I began to use Fulfillment steadily and I see steady results. I hope this note encourages other folks to give it time. I am feeling more confident, thank you Laura
Whitefish Montana

08-07-03     I just had to go buy new bras

Howdy! I just felt it to be my duty to report back to you what fabulous results I got! I am so dang excited, you don't even know (or maybe you do ; >.) Anyway, I have been using this for about two months, and I just had to go buy new bras. So not only do I look and feel better, but my boyfriend is liking it a lot to. So, thank you very much. I was considering breast augmentation, but luckily I found a less expensive way with you first. Now my breasts are bigger,
and all me baby! Thanks again, Jennifer

09-01-03     I had a really low self esteem

Hi, I want to thank you so much. Your product really worked for me. My husband left me while I was pregnant and I raised my child on my own. I stopped breast feeding when she was ten months old and my breasts shrunk down smaller than they originally were when I was married and not pregnant. I had a really low self esteem and I wanted to be me again. It is hard to do anything with a baby, but I wanted to start dating again. I figured I would give herbs a try. I have been taking my pills for about 3 months and I think now I am completely satisfied with the results. I would have been happy with my original size, but they are about a cup bigger than before my baby came. Keep up the good work.
Jane Kambee, Portland Oregon.

09-01-03     my breast has grown almost a cup size already

Hello friends at nature day, I was very, and I mean very skeptical at first. But I have a complex about the size of my breasts. I wanted to give yours a try. Your formula must have the stuff that counts because my breast has grown almost a cup size already. I am hoping for even more but I'm happy with my new cup size. I can't say thank you enough. Michelle

09-05-03     now filled out and I'm going bra shopping today

I'd gone from a full 34C cup before I had my daughter to a just-barely 34B afterward. I'd contemplated breast augmentation surgery, but it's so expensive! Thankfully, I ordered your Fulfillment. In the month-and-a-half that I've been using the product, I've noticed that shirts that used to fit loosely are now filled out and I'm going bra
shopping today for a larger size! I can't stop looking in the mirror! -Stephanie

09-11-03     such a difference maybe a little to much

There is such a difference maybe alittle to much. Is it normal to be really tender around the breast?I really cant believe this and I will be ordering more this week.I went back to work this week after my vacation and everyone was wondering why I was wearing this big button up shirt and I said it was the only thing clean I had to wear but one of the girls that I work with knew something was up because she kept starring at my shirt(or my new shape) and kind of giggled at me every time she looked at me.Do you think she knows because if I'm not to carefull you can see whats new with me even with a big shirt.I really think I need a bra now thats for sure but I'm nervious about wearing one all the time.Its a good thing I work with mostly girl because I think now everyone knows thanks to that other girl.I write this sitting here in a large tee shirt and you would not believe that when I look down all I see i! s these 2 things sticking out of my shirt and thats all I see.Compared to other girls I would be concidered flat chested but not to me.Now I'm staying at home until I can decide if I need a new job or not cause I'm suposed to wear a uniform at my job and the shirts I wear will be revealing thats for sure.If you have any advice please feel free to write back,because now I need all the help I can get.Thank you and thanks to your product,I love it. Merrel Bloussant

09-15-03     my breasts grew a half a cup size

I heard that my girl friend was taking your product and she told me it worked . I was skeptical at first but decided to try it. Just in the first month my breasts grew a half a cup size. Two weeks later they grew, I think a little more. Thanks so much. I told all my co workers about you guys and all all my friends. Sincerely, Sara

09-20-03     men are noticing me just a little bit more

I've been taking Fulfillment for a month now and have been totally impressed! I've tried Bloussant, and never saw results. With Fulfillment, my bust size has already increased a full cup size and I'm not through yet! I feel better about my appearance. And it doesn't hurt that men are noticing me just a little bit more...Thank you, Shannan From Texas

11-23-03     and I realized something was a bit different

Hi Amy. I hope you are doing well. I just wanted to tell you. It has been 5 days now (10 really since I am doubling up) and I have begun to see, I swear because my boyfriend does too, the slightest bit of difference. I was in the shower last night and realized something was a bit different. I just hope things continue to progress. I'll let you know.It is fun! I am hoping that I can go up to a C cup. That is a long ways from barely an A cup. My boyfriend was saying he would be the next "round" if I wanted to continue on after the 3 you sent me. I think I screamed wholey shit in the shower hehe. Jamie

01-14-04     added sensitivity and increased sexual stimulation is pleasant

We discussed the testemonial idea together, and agreed it would be fine if you used the message and our names. I wanted Paulina to write this e-mail, but she couldn't come up with what to say, though she's watching me type it right now ;) She says she "is" in fact, really happy. I think your product could have mass potential for couples. Males don't necessarily have to take Fulfillment to enlarge their breasts very much. I ordered it for that purpose, but now realize the added sensitivity and increased sexual stimulation is just as pleasant. Thanks again.-Paul and Paulina

01-13-04     her breasts have firmed immensely

My girlfriend and I have been very pleased with the results of your product, in just 9 days. After taking a combination of the liquid/capsules for a little over a week, her breasts have firmed immensely, as well as having grown larger. As a young male, I've noticed a dramatic difference in my chest area. When I scrunch up a bit, I have "very" noticeable breasts. It's a really cool feeling. I'm really happy that the product worked so quickly, and effectively. Every morning we're excited, because we can each take the 3/4 dropper of liquid again, as well as have 16 hours to divide the 6 capsules evenly amongst the two of us ;) We add the Fulfillement liquid to a mug of hot water with 2 teespoons of sugar. It tastes really good! We're also drinking a lot of Rose Tea, which I think is having a positive effect. We're going to order another NatureDay Expedient plan, probably by the end of the week. Thanks again!-Paul and Paulina

03-08-04     my breasts actually grew

Dear Natureday, I can't believe that my breasts actually grew. I was taking the liquid herbs formula for 2 weeks and I started noticing a change in the feel of my breasts. Then, I guess another 2 months later there was a huge difference. I put on the same sweater too show how well progress is being made, it is a wrap around sweater that ties in the middle.They are maybe 2 cup sizes larger now as you can tell in the pictures, I even showed my friend at work, we both laughed together. Anyway, It was so exciting and still is. Jill (California)

04-01-04     I know that your product works

Hello, and thank you for responding to my email so promptly. I would be glad to write to you about my results and include before and after photos. I know that your product works I was using it awhile ago but had to stop because of an ulcer. I'm fine now and ulcer is healed. I noticed results back then and what growth I did experience didn't dissapear when I had to stop taking your product. So I'm looking forward to finishing what I started! Thanks so much for creating this product!! I've been trying diffent products off and on for years with little or no results. Most offered only pill form and you had to take alot of them each day. Months would go by and I would feel a tingle now and then and some firmness did develop. It became expensive and I became frustrated. Thank you so much for developing a formula that is actually effective and reasonably priced. Sincerely, Kristen

04-26-04     breasts size increased by one inch

Dear Natureday, I have just finished my first month supply. I'm very encouraged by the results (breasts size increased by one inch) and have ordered my second supply last week. However, I have a question, Thank you & regards, H.

05-28-04     I grew 2 cup sizes bigger

Hi Amy, I thought you would be excited about that guy. He is not in the Navy anymore, so it is good for me cause he is home all the time, you know how that is hu? Anyway, here are the pictures I promiced you. Sorry it took me so long to send them:) I guess you could say I grew 2 cup sizes bigger. You can put what I write on the web site, but don't put my name, just write from Aleaxa, ok?
Before On Breast Enlargement -Fulffillment for 9 months.

07-05-04     three month supply later

three month supply later and I used the pump a little. I figured after I did the pump pictures (if anyone wants to see more of me I am on the pump page). I would give you a before one of me. Love to you, Leslie

08-04-04     I started laughing cause it really happened

Hi, I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know what the results I was having in my breasts. One and a half weeks- I guess it was about 9 days of taking the liquid. Well, this morning before work I was getting dressed and I looked in the mirror, I started laughing cause it really happened, THey are a lot bigger. You said I would notice a big difference at once, but I thought that was hard to believe. So thanks for a great product! I will let you know how my progres is later.
Jeen in H.

10-18-04     my breasts are fuller and definitely more firm

I didn't think I would have to write you this soon but I have already noticed results after only three days. I doubled the amount of liquid each day and took the three pills too. I have noticed my breasts are fuller and definately more firm. It's incredible and I can't wait to keep seeing results..I will write back soon. ~Nicole CA

12-22-04     my second order of the natureday's Fuflillment

Hi, this is my second order of the natureday's Fuflillment and I am at the size that I wanted. I didn't want to be too big, but now have one more cup size. Do you recommend me staying on the liquid? Like, should I take a dropperful once a week, so they will get a little bit bigger over the months? THanks for your fast reply. R.M

01-05-05     I think the liquid is stronger for me

Dear Amy, At first the growth was slow, but I kept on it even after the first three weeks. I think the liquid is stronger for me then the pills are. After the second week in the next month they started to fill out really fast. I thought that it would happen in the first month, or at least in the first week, but I am glad I waited. I just wanted to tell anyone that might read my testimonial that this product does work, it is pretty funny when I tell people about my growth. THe girls at work thought I was a little crazy for trying herbs to enlarge my breasts. Ohh and I am about 2 inchs larger.THanks. S-

02-09-05     really encouraged by the results

just thought I would let you know that I've been using 'Fullfillment' for about 2 weeks and am already really encoraged by the results, so much so that I've just order a two month supply which will hopefully get me to the bra size I would really like to be :). Thank you so much.

02-12-05     I'm living in Japan

Hello, So excited that I've already started to see results!! But I'm about to run out of the liquid and I wanted to make sure growth continued at the same rate. I'm all about instant gratification. But I'm living in Japan. So if you could ship it to my Japanese address: Thank you ever so much. Cant't wait to see what'll happen in a couple more weeks!!

03-16-05     definately impressed with the shape and feel of my breasts

Hi again. I thought I'd just report my progress to you after 3 months of use. I was definately impressed with the shape and feel of my breasts. I guess the most noticable part for me was the firmness natureday brought me. I plan to invest many more months so I can keep on seeing results. I'm very excited and recommend this to everyone.. I used to try other brands of pills that were 3 times the cost, which by the way didn't work. I also have the pump and have used it for a little over a week. I prefer the liquid because you can see results faster. So I hope to write back soon to share my new wonderful growth. Bye for now! ~Nicole from CA
(03-11-05) I am nearly a B size now. How would i send a photo to order my 3 month free supply; I started using fulfillment the 26th of February. I was a 34A and moving into a nearly B now. My husband has noticed the difference also. He has no objections to the improving size at all. I fill out my bras and need new ones now. Finally a product that works. Thank you.

04-05-05     Your product is great and the cost is cheap

Amy, Thank you for the information. I guess I will stick with the liquid since I have been using this product now for a couple of months, and I know it works great. Your product is great and the cost is cheap. I will be placing another order soon. Thank you for not posting my
name on your website.

04-07-05     34a to nearly a full 34b in less than three months

just sent in my pictures early this morning. You can see the results in these pictures I have sent. I went from a 34a to nearly a full 34b in less than three months. Most pictures you can tell the difference between before and 90% of them were taken after. My shape sags a little but at least I am now achieving a better shape than what I had. You can tell when i first started that i was a size a. I reached a size b a couple of days before Easter Sunday. I hoping to reach a full rounded size B and bigger if possible. I have more pictures but my scanner won't scan them in. I'll mail them to you so you can see how flat I really use to be. These are all me as you can tell by the exact same marks on my breast in all of the pictures. I couldn't decide which ones I like the best so you can chose which ones you want to display if any. Please let me know if I qualify for the three months free. here is a picture of me starting at size "A" toward the end of Jan of this year. I didn't even fill an a cup completely. now I can ware size "B"in in liliy of france collection. I'll look for more pictures and send them if needed. Kayla.

05-20-05     they even grew another 2 inches

Hi, Just wanted to let you know the newest update of my growing progress. I thought that the first 2 weeks were all that my breasts were going to grow, but after 5 and a half weeks- I think they even grew another 2 inches. I never took any pictures, is it to late to start now, and then keep going with fulfillment? Let me know and I can get my room mate to take some
pictures of me. Thanxs. E.

06-08-05     your product really does works

Hi Amy it's been a long time talking to you. I must say I'm really impressed about my breast but my breast looks a bit tender and I feel uncomfortable around my nipple. Is it okay or is there any problem with it? Honestly speaking your product really works though I've not finished yet but I can see some changes in my breast. My boyfriend says He is going to order two more of the liquid since I, m finding it difficult in swallowing the pills. Thanks a lot natureday and AMY for being there to answer questions for me, keep it up you are doing a good job.

06-25-05     the pump

I just had a few questions about how to use the pump. I have been taking the liquid and pills for the last 5 weeks. I have seen very dramatic changes. Is it supposed to be in spurts? Like sometimes there won't be a change, then all of a sudden one day they will have grown dramatically, then a week later no more growth then after that a lot more. Is that how it is supposed to happen? Let me know how long I should pump up for. Thanks. T-

06-27-05     I highly recommend this product to everyone

Hello, Here is my before and after picture. Thank you natureday for making this product. I went from 36A to 36B. Even my husband was surprised. I highly recommend this product to everyone. Now I will feel sexier when I
wear a swimming suit. savita

07-07-05     inprovement after only three weeks

I never thought i will be writing in to tell you how pleased i am with the product. i simply dont know what to say. i see this inprovement after only three weeks of using the product. when i first ordered i never used it for a week because i thought is not going to work like the others i have tried with not results at all but i thought to myself well why not if it doesn,t work at least i tried. i am so happy i tried. the attached images are the improvement over two and a half weeks to three weeks. imagine how it will grow if i continue to use the product. as i speak i am feeling tinglings in my breast and is still growing. this morning i looked in the mirrow and i thought oh shoot it grown even bigger than the pics i have got. i hope by the end of taking this product more results are seen and more pics will be sent for you. i will be ordering soon. thank you so much a uk london user

08-11-05     I have seen great results in just 2 weeks

I placed an order with you for the expedient plan and I have seen great results in just 2 weeks. I have been combining both the liquid and the pills for faster results and as recommended, I doubled the dosage of the liquid during the first week. Now I want to re-order the same plan but instead of the pills, I wanted 2 bottles of the liquid. Is it possible to make an order like that or do I have to get both the pills and the liquid? I took some pictures when I started the program and I will send my after pictures once I see greater results! Thanks.

08-24-05     growth in the last two months

Amy Mine,I wanted to write you agian. I see another huge growth in the last two months. I am now 2 inches fuller on the front, and about 3 inches on the sides of the breast. I will let you know how it is in another month.

08-30-05     my boobs were really saggy before

Hi Amy, here are the pictures of me before and now. You know I have been using this product for about a month now and I can't believe the results. I didn't realize that my boobs looked so much better until I compared the pictures! I haven't really grown much in size but my boobs were really saggy before. I am a full B, almost a C now and I used to be a B. I want to continue using the product until my boobs look like Alexa's! I have been using the liquid like a maniac and it has given me incredible results! I pretty much double or triple the dose of the liquid and I think that's why they look better.

09-20-05     I was laughing when I woke up this morning

Hi there ami. I was laughing when I woke up this morning, I just wanted you to know. I checked right when I woke up -my breasts. And guess what???? There they were bigger, I didn't know that it would be that fast. My sister tried bloussant. I told her that it was all a bunch of hooie. I think she spent 400 bucks on it too. Maybe I shoudln'thave been like that- cause it didn't work for her at all. SHe told me it was my turn to find a site that sold breast enhancement products. I noticed yours cause the testimonials are impressive. I even read some of the males- I didn't knwo it would work for them too. Anyway, bla bla bla, yes! Yes! it does work, and that is why I was laughing this morning. SO I wanted to write this to tell any other lady out there that it does work and it is not hooie. You should tell them to just try one bottle of the liquid- to see for themselves. -- that is majic stuff! THanks for the great service Ami!

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