Female Testimonials

Female Testimonials
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05-30-11     reading all the great testimonials

Wow, I cannot believe how great this stuff is. I Was very skeptical, but after reading all the great testimonials I decided I had to try it for myself. I am young mother of three and after having my girls my breasts were saggy and gross. I am on week 4, I'm using both the cream and the liquid. Wow, they are becoming more firm and less saggy, also I have noticed my stretch marks are getting less noticeable as my breasts are filling out. I am a huge fan of this stuff, it really works! I am submitting my before and week 4 picture. (Please don't put my name or email on this, thanks!)

05-25-11     noticed a bit of swelling

I have been using your products for roughly three weeks now. I've noticed a bit of swelling but not anything too significant. Ordering more soon though!

05-24-11     tiny bit of growth

Hi, About a month ago I ordered some of your products. I am not even an A cup and during week two of taking the liquid and using the cream I was excited to see a tiny bit of growth! However, I am now in Week 4 and I have not seen any more growth since the first bit. Is this normal? If so, how long does it usually take of continued use to see the next growth spurt? (I realize this is different for everyone, I was just wondering the average). Thanks for your response, that is good to know. Yes you may post part of the email if you would like. I plan to send pictures as soon as there is a distinguishable (to others besides just myself!) difference to see. Thanks!

05-23-11     I'm Ecstatic, Overwhelmed, an HAPPY as a Kitten with a bowl of cream

Hello Tina G., and all of the Staff at Natureday !!! I have been totally busy the last couple of weeks with Finals! I passed! Now it is on for a Major! I had to donate my "AA" bra back on the 8th of May, because it was getting uncomfortable, and stick with my "B" push-up. I was so wrapped up that I wasn't really paying attention to my growth until I went to put my bikini on to go swimming this Friday.It didn't fit, OMG! I had to go shopping for a new one! While I was there I went to get a couple of new bras, and OMG! The Lady measured me and I have gained a full 2" in my bust-line. OMG, I am almost a full "B" cup now. ( in only 46 days total! ) I went right past an "A" cup without even noticing! I didn't even pay attention when I put my push-up on that I filled it up! OMG I have BOOBS :)~ I'm in Shock !!! I've been expelled from the Itty Bitty Titty Club! LOL was jumping up an down an so were the girls ! Their Bouncy! LOL :) and Guys are staring at me now! :)) I'm Ecstatic, Overwhelmed, an HAPPY as a Kitten with a bowl of cream !!! ( well, jar of cream. LOL ) I was still using the soap every night for about 6 to 8 minutes while removing my make-up, and when I got the cream I started applying it every night after my shower, before bed . { other than the first night, LOL :) } I also apply the cream first thing after waking while I am dressing for the day, so I use it 2 times a day. I Love the rose smell of the cream !!! OH! this is so Wonderful !!! I Have Boobies !!! I went back on Amazon finally today and put up comments on both the soap and the cream! I am so thankful that I found your product before giving up !!! This product "Really Works" !!! I even got noticed by My Uncle today when I went to give him some money for more. ( He's kinda like My bank only Better! ) He is saving it up for me until I can get the full package deal. - - - Oh, And Thank You for the lovely comment about Him! I don't know what I would do without Him, He helps me so much on things. And Thank You for the comment on me ( blush ). I have now some photos of Before and After ( during actually ) that You can post along with this letter. I fully 100% will recommend Natureday product to anyone that I see that could use it ! Hopefully soon I will have enough to get the full deal, but I will get what I can until then. I'm halfway to my goal of at least a "D" cup! OMG I am SOOOOOOooooooo Happy !!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Natureday !!!!!! Much Love, Anastasia

05-23-11     I can say my breast have grown

I love their products and my breasts have grown so much , the cream is amazing , it's smells wonderful and u can feel it working immediately , the pills are great and so is the liquid , I have been using their product for about 2 months and within those weeks I can say my breast have grown , I am more confident ,I'm happier ! I have got to say this is the best breast enhancement formula u will ever find

05-18-11     I must say I'm very pleased with your product

Hi! I must say I'm very pleased with your product so far. I started out a 32AA and have grown 3 inches in about 12 weeks. I'm a 32B now and hope to be a full C/small D cup in a few months. I've been using 2-3 droppers of the liquid and applying the cream about 3 times every day. My growth has really slowed down these past 3 weeks, and I'm a little worried because I really want to continue. I ordered the pills and should be receiving them tomorrow. Just wanted to know how many to take per day and when (in the morning/night/before meals)please let me know what I can do and please do not use my name or email in a testimonial. Thank you!

05-15-11     it really is amazing

I have been using your product for roughly four months and it really is amazing! Ordering more soon.

05-14-11     I have grown alittle more

Just wanan say that I bought the cream , and it smells amazing , my breast actually feel heavier , and I have grown alittle more , my B cup is filled very nicely !!! Running out of the liquid so I'm gonna by more , the hole system is amazing ! Hopefully by the end of the summer I will be a c cup., I have am more confident !! Thank u so much !!

05-14-11     i feel so good

Ok i have been usein this stuff for about one month now and i can say this will be my first time buying a bar in 3years i feel sooooooooo good now. Thank you so much Natureday i just order some more breast pills,liquid,&cream can't want until it get's here i realy want to be a nice Bcup!!! :)

05-10-11     I've been on the program for almost two years now

Hi, It's so great that your product works. I love your items, especially the liquid and the cream. It works wonders. I'm a slim person that measured from 36 1/2 to 42 inches of my bust. I've been on the program for almost two years now.:)

05-10-11     my breast are getting very full fast

I notice that my breast are getting very full fast , I ordered the cream and another bottle of the pills and next week will more of the liquid , I see such a difference , that it's amazing , ur company is really wonderful , I will stay on this product till I get the maximum results , Sent from my iPhone Honestly I have already become a full B and it's only been about 5 weeks. No one knows I'm on the product and yesterday my aunt told me ur breast are getting real big , I laughed , I told her it was natural !!

05-07-11     I have been ashamed my whole adult life about my small chest

I have been using the liquid and cream now for only 2 weeks. I can't believe I have already seen growth. I have been ashamed my whole adult life about my small chest, then after I had kids and got off of birth control, my small breast became nonexistant and oddly shaped. I would cry everytime I looked at myself naked in the mirrow. I don't want huge boobs, but would like to have a little something. I now have a little extra pep in my step and my confidence is back on track. I can't wait to see how big they get over the next few months. I just got 2 more bottle of the liquid in the mail yesterday!!! I thought with my metabolism being so high, nothing would ever make them grow. I was wrong and I am so greatful to Natureday for pulling me out of the depressive state I was in. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

05-07-11     i have seen improvement in the last few weeks

OMG i have use order your pills and liquid and i can say i have seen improvement in the last few weeks thank you so much. i want to see how big i can really get i have always been small like a size 3 so i hope this keeps working for me thanks.

05-06-11     wow it is amazing How much I have grown

I wasn't takeing the liquid at first because of the taste but once I mixed it with water it was totally fine , so I will be ordering soon again , I have found that the actual results are from useing the pill and the liquid , if I just take the pill the results are slower , but once I started the liquid , wow it is amazing How much I have grown ! I have been takeing the liquid 3 times a day with 5 pills a day , can I continue like that until I reach the cup size i want to be ? What I like most about natureday is that it gave me the confidence to be able to be comfortable with my body again , I was afraid to be naked in front of my husband because I was so flat chested and now I feel so much better !

05-05-11     more pictures after my growth spurt and here they are

a rel="thumbnail" href = "http://www.natureday.com/testimonial_images/1304620833_XtraMVGqff_600_Now.jpg">Like I promised I said I would send you more pictures after my growth spurt and here they are! I've been through 3 bottles of fulfillment and 1 jar of breast cream and I'm continuing to use more, I've also completely quit caffeine and have been taking flax oil vitamins, the growth has been amazing. I'll send you pictures of when I first started leading on to now.

05-05-11     My breast feel heavier

Hello nature day ! I have been using ur product for a month now and I have went from an A cup to a , B cup ! My breast feel heavier , and look more rounder , I ordered the pills and the liquid , at first I was takeing only the pills , because I didn't like the way the liquid tasted, but I added the liquid in water and it was better , now I take 2 droppers of liquid and 5 pills a day and I'm doing great ! I hope to be a C cup By the end of the summer , I'm really happy with the results , ur customer service are wonderful , and they answer all the questions ! Thank u so much , I will let ya"ll know my results every month !!!

05-05-11     Natureday Product is showing results

I am still in a mild state of euphoria due to the fact that Natureday Product is showing results and 4 other parties product in the last 5 years never did anything ! It must be the quality of the herbs and the topical application that has brought on this very pleasant change, it has to be ! I can't figure any other explanation, but I am enjoying the differences immensely ! I am truly looking forward to larger results ! My "AA" bra is fitting nice an snug now, and I have been using my "B" pushup more an more an it feels better too ! And all this from one 10 minute application every day of the soap . . . If the cream works this good , or better then with 3 applications a day I hope to fill a "B" soon and I will keep going till I get where I want in a "CC" at least :) ! Much Love, and Boobies ! ! ! :)~

05-04-11     I used Natureday products a few years

Hi, I used Natureday products a few years ago and it worked for me. However, I have had quite a change in lifestyle since that time which resulted in weight loss and the works. Anyway, I have since moved to Singapore, and so I was wondering how long it would take for the products to arrive. Also, I plan to start of with the Champion package and was wondering if you still allow to swap the pills for the liquid like you used to? I have not made the order yet as I wanted to check if it's still possible to make the swap. I hope to hear from you soon! Thank You!

04-26-11     i have noticed some swelling and more roundness and have been pleased with the results

Hi i've been on the pills and liquid for nearly two months. i have noticed some swelling and more roundness and have been pleased with the results but my main concern is does it increase the cup size. how long will t take to reach a full c ?

04-25-11     I haven't seen a real big change

Dear Natureday,please do not mention my email or name.. I have been using the liquid and cream..well mainly cream ran out of the liquid fast but I've been using it for about 1 month now..I haven't seen a real big change but than again I haven't measured myself but I definitely can feel a difference and I'm also starting to fill out a little more on the sides near the arm pit area.. I guess its cuz I have really small breast and it takes time..but I'm glad with the little change I've seen so far and I'm going to start using just the liquid since I've heard that works faster and see how that goes..will write again thank you..J.

04-25-11     beginning to show signs of working

Hi, Anastasia here again, I have been using the soap that My Uncle got for Me from Your site now for 3 weeks, the skin around My breasts is really getting a soft and silky feeling which is truly nice. My nipples are beginning to tingle a bit during the day now for the last 3 or 4 days, and My bra seems to fit a bit more snug than before. When taking a measurement I have gained about 1/4 inch ( definately not due to menstrus ), and My cleavage is looking a little more defined than before. Looking in the mirror now it looks like I am beginning to fill out a little to the sides and top of my breasts. ( Yippie! ) I can also feel the glands in my breasts firming up some and I am looking forward to a good growth in size to come My way ! After trying a few other products, with absolutly NO effects, I can now say that natureday is really beginning to show signs of working. It must be due to the topical application of Your product, and fresher or better ingredients than others use. I have not experienced any dryness or chapping that some others have mentioned, and at 3 weeks I doubt that I will either. I will get some before and after photos to You when I have a noticeable difference, right now You can't really tell any differences in a photo. I will also see if My Uncle can help Me get some more of the soap and maybe some of the cream, while I save up for a full package. Being a student, I don't get to make or keep much money after expenses are covered. Looking forward to bigger an better results, :)) Anastasia PS Is there anything else I can do to that might help My breasts grow? I really wish to see a "C" cup size some day.

04-19-11     I am really surprised

Hi, I have just had the fulfillment liquid for 2 weeks, and it works quite well so far. I am really surprised and thank you for providing this product to the market! However, right now I am in the period and so I am wondering whether or not I can take the liquid as usual at this time. Can you help me with this question? Besides, I am a little bit concerned that if I stop using it for a week at the start of my progress, my breasts will shrink back to what they were like before. And so if I have to stop using the liquid, can I know some method that might help prevent my breasts from shrinking? Thank you very much! R=

Response: Most women stop taking the products while they are on their period, and it is completely fine to stop, or use just a small amount for those 4 to 5 days. You shouldn’t loose your growth, don’t worry. We are happy to hear your first growth spurt was so fast.

04-14-11     Your product is truthfully making a difference

My Uncle got me some of your soap about a week ago after I talked to him about it, I was shocked it got here so fast, like WOW the next day! Thought I would write You, though it is to soon to make any real decisions, but this morning when I woke up, I was suddenly "aware" of my breasts. It is hard to explain, but it is like I could "feel" them being different without touching them. It was truly a different sensation. When I got to the bathroom an looked in the mirror, I saw the skin on my breasts has, like a shiney glow to it, an they are looking "perky"! :) I have never noticed this before with any "other" product that I have tried, and it really is to soon to actually make a true comparison, but I feel like Your product is truthfully making a difference. Maybe it has to do with being applied topicaly, directly on the breasts. I look forward to more results and will let You know how it is going. :) I have been putting the soap on for about 8 to 10 minutes a day, in the late evenings while I remove the days makeup and prepare for my shower. The soap has a pleasant smell and feels nice, (I dont suppose You make it with like ? Jasmine or Lavander essence ?), I love Jasmine! :)~ I will keep using the soap and hopefully soon I can add other products to it, like the skin cream and the liquid drops. I am kinda excited that I actually notice some differences :)) Hopefully Your product will make my dreams come true and I can get away from the itty bitty tittie club ! LOL :) Can't wait to tell My Uncle :) maybe He will help get me some more. Well, I need to run sweetie, I have a class in like an hour. I'll keep in touch. BuhBye 4 now :)

04-14-11     I started to see a difference with 13 days

Hello everyone. I just started using Natureday about a 13 days , I started to see a difference with in those days that I've been using it. I'm also using the liquid and taking 3 drops a day, mixing it along with the Natureday cream, the taste is horrible but its absolutely working . It seems to be working great! I love it. I never thought it would actually work!! But im really happy with the results. I have small breast , will continue to keep up with this product until I get the breast size that I want. Its much firmer and are getting rounder. Its slowly growing and looking forward to see more of it. Thank you Natureday I would recommend this to all the anyone that would want to boost their breast size up. Please don't share my email address . Ill will be back to post pictures in a month or two. You guys are the best! Will order from you guys soon when I run out of the cream & liquid!

04-11-11     Within 2 weeks my breast became fuller and rounder

I never thought this would work. This was my last time trying some breast cream to make my breast grow naturally. I was planning to get a breast implant surgery.I found this by accident, I read the testimonials and decided to give this a try. Within 2 weeks my breast became fuller and rounder. They haven't grown yet, but my bra is tighter. I love Natureday and it is totally worth it!

03-24-11     I also am getting a small growth spurt

Tina, so I found out why my nipples were itching so bad lol I was leaving the soap on too long and it dried them out and making them chapped. And I also am getting a small growth spurt :D Yay thank you so much for everything

03-20-11     I am THRILLED

Hello, I would like to remain anonymous. I received the natureday enlargement formula cream on I believe March 4th 2011 I have used it everyday since with an exception of maybe one or two days. I have been putting the cream on my breasts 1-3 times a day. Also I have stopped drinking caffeine with an exception of One time I did forget and drank an ice tea from taco bell. I have also been making sure to intake lots of protein, from things such as eating chicken as well as eggs, and drinking a gallon a milk per week. It has been about 12 days and I have already experienced results my breasts are more full and now fill my new non padded 34 C bra, I am THRILLED!!! I honestly didn't think I would have such wonderful results already :) I plan to continue using natureday it has been well worth my money!!! Before I bought the product I was worried about side effects like deformed breasts or lopsided or make them have stretch marks or even increase my nipple size however I have not experienced any of that and am very thankful and pleased with the results thus far. Thank You Natureday!!! Sincerely, a natureday fan as well a happy natureday customer :) thank you again so much natureday!)

03-20-11     thank you for your wonderful products

Hi Natureday! Firstly, thank you for your wonderful products. I do have a question regarding the liquid extract. I have been taking 3 droppers per day for about 2 1/2 months, and I have increased in size about a 1/2 inch and have gained fullness and shape, all thanks to the liquid! However, the growth occurred within the first 2 weeks of starting the liquid, I haven't seen results since. My measurement increases a little more before my period, which is great, but then returns to its original number. I was wondering if my body has gotten used to the 3 droppers a day and I therefore need to vary my dosage, or if I should continue with the 3 droppers per day. Thank you so much for your help, Natureday has given me hope that I can fit properly into clothes one day!

03-20-11     I have almost grown a 1/2

I have been on the extract for 3 months, the soap and cream for almost 2 months, and I just started the pills 2 days ago. I have almost grown a 1/2 inch i know it's slow going for me. I'm just hoping for a full cup by July

03-17-11     And today I finally saw a difference

Thanks! Yep, I totally understand being excited to see results ~ hehe, hence why I was doing 2 droppers a day. And today I finally saw a difference ~ I'm back to where I was when I was on the pill (probably about a 1/2 cup larger) ~ woohoo! I'm wondering if my adding a drop on my breasts last night (along with my usual intake of 2 droppers) was the "culprit" to the change this morning. As almost everyone in the testimonials are saying ~ I'm gonna keep going till I get to the cup size I'm after! Thank you!

03-16-11     Three Months In the making

Three Months In the making!!!..Your Product Is The Real Deal,Seriously..The Cream +The Liquid = A+...

03-16-11     I LOVE NATUREDAY

I LOVE NATUREDAY! I currently wear a 32A cup. I'm 20 years old and I've been waiting to get some curves since I was 15 and it just never happened. Until I found Natureday. After just three weeks of taking 2 pills, 3 droppers a day plus one application of the cream (which smells amazing!) I have already grown 1 inch!! I'm on the site to place my order for more and I just thought I'd write a quick comment about my fast results. I honestly didn't have any doubts that Natureday would work, I am just SO incredibly surprised and impressed that it's worked so quickly. I would recommend this product to anyone! Thank you Natureday!!!

03-11-11     I have gained a half inch

Hi Natureday! I've been on your liquid extract since January 1 and I have gained a half inch and my over-bust measurement is around 31 and 1/2 inches. However, I've measured myself a couple times, and sometimes I'm 31 inches and sometimes I'm 32 inches. I take 3 droppers of the liquid a day and my weight is constant. My goal is an over-bust measurement of 35 inches. I'm tired of having a little girl's body and not fitting into my clothes. I have a little more fullness after almost 2 and 1/2 months, but I'm worried because my measurements fluctuate. But I'm going to keep going with your products! Do you think that by May I can reach my goal of 35 inches if I continue with 3 droppers a day?

03-08-11     I have gone up at least 1 cm

I just received my package and after 2 weeks I have gone up at least 1 cm. I'm excited! Thanks so much natureday

02-27-11     I am very happy

Hello Natureday Staff: I am very happy if you want to post my picture and my testimony. I am sending the picture which I told you that I was going to send. Just because I think that your product really work. In the meantime I bought another bottle and I am waiting for the arrival. Thank you very much, I really love your product and would like free samples! Have a good weekend! When I finish the bottles (because I am waiting for one that I recently bought) and the soap, I am going to send you another picture, if you want. So, you can get the complete result of the treatment, and you can use the pictures, of course. I hope that this picture becomes useful to persuade more people!!! Of course I am going to use this product until I reach the size I want.

02-23-11     My breasts are a little fuller

Hi. I started using the liquid in the beginning of February. My breasts are a little fuller. I also purchased the cream. I want to know how can I gain a cup size by May? I am a size 34A and I want a full B cup. Is there anyways to speed up the process?

Response: The regular dosage is 1 dropper a day, but if you take 2 to 3 droppers a day it will speed your results. Hang in there it takes time to grow real breasts.

02-23-11     I was pleasantly surprised to see a slight increase in fullness

Hello, Natureday! I've always been a size AA and throughout my life, it's been hard for me to gain weight in general (I eat all the sweets and fried foods I want and it's hard for me to gain a pound). So I was pleasantly surprised to see a slight increase in fullness after using the liquid and cream for 3 months, skipping caffeine. Now I plan to keep using them to see if they can get any bigger. Thank you for restoring my hope in being able to "grow" into my clothes!

02-23-11     My bra fits tighter too

Liquid Extract-AMAZING PRODUCT! I just started using this product on Jan 17,2011 and I took a picture before I started and after 1 week I took another pic and I noticed a small difference. I am a small 34 b and my breast are perkier,rounder&slight fuller. My bra fits tighter too. U will feel tingling and your breast will itch. Those are some signs that its working. It will take time but its worth it. I was skeptical at first but it works. Reading the reviews was very helpful.I also take multi-vitiams,flex oil,and drink protein shakes. Also, doing push ups help the blood flow and massaging your breast at least twice a day. I am excited and can't wait to see what my breast will look like in the next few months.I will send in pics later!

02-23-11     A full inch

Its been two months now and things are going just fine.A full inch has come and five more to go..I think...thanks

02-18-11     my breasts are getting slightly fuller very pleased with the product

Thank you for your respond. Just wanted to let you know that I reduce the dosage to 1 and half dropper per day (instead of 3) and to my delight, my breasts are getting slightly fuller. I’m very pleased with the product and will be getting more very soon.

02-18-11     I do notice a small difference

Hi, so I've been using the pills & liquid for 3wks I just ran out of the liquid, but I do notice a small difference. I was wondering do the pills & cream work the same as the liquid and pills? Also, I know its silly for me not to know this, but how do you measure bra size correctly?

Response: www.natureday.com/size_breast.html

02-14-11     I am very happy because it has work very good

Hi Staff from Natureday: I am very glad to write you about my experience with your product. I bought a liquid breast enlargement bottle and used it as you say. I am very happy because it has work very good, although I think that I need more liquid supplement to reach the results that I want. I think that the breast liquid enlargement is an excellent product. First, because it works. My breasts have enlarged and now I feel much more sexy and attractive. Second, with this product you do not need to pass through the traumatic and expensive experience of a plastic surgery. Third, it is a natural product that has no side effects! I feel very proud right now with my new breasts!!! I am going to drink the liquid breast enlargement until I reach the results that I want. Thank you very much!!

02-08-11     your product really works

Hi, Almost 2 months passed, I'm glad to tell you that your product really works. I can see the changes from my chest. It is amazing.... I would like to send pictures to you. Please advise. Thanks a lot! a customer in China. Best Regards,T

02-01-11     great results and its been four weeks now

NatureDay SO Far Im see great results and its been four weeks now.I have been using the Liquid and Cream together.I gained and Inch now..And sticking with your products for more Natural change...Tanks and I will be in touch,Love Shay..#1 Customer...

01-24-11     I see more roundness and they feel heavier

Hi I have been taking the liquid for almost 1 month. I see more roundness and they feel heavier. I am going to keep going I want to be a large C cup. Right now I am a B cup. looking forward to my second growth spurt.

01-24-11     this product it works wonders

First off I'd like to say thank you for this product it works wonders. Second please don't put in my email or name. But I have been using the cream and liquid and I can tell my boobs are getting rounder. I started out using one dropper a day but progressively went up to three. And I use the cream right when I wake up and right before bed. Sometimes even before I go to work. my boobs were really low and not that round at all. But now when I started noticing the change I can tell they have gotten rounder and fuller. It's taking alittle longer for me since I have a high metabolism but I'm not going to give up. I've given up caffeine which was a huge sacrifice for me, all alcohol and I'm trying to watch what I eat. Wow. Just wow. I'm definitely looking forward to trying it even longer and hopefully get to a 36B or 32..34C. I'm so excited. I'll keep you updated.

01-20-11     your soap bar works

Hello, I would like to say that your soap bar works! However, I would like to know if this is permanent and if so, once I reach my desired size, do I need to continue with the product? please when I do respond to how this works, I appreciate that you do not use my name nor my email address.....thank you. I have increased in size and am pleased, just a little more to achieve my goal. thank you. sincerely.

Response: We are pleased you got results so fast with the enhancement soap. Your results will sustain after 3 to 6 weeks of use. Natureday staff

01-17-11     hey seem more fuller than before

To natureday, I've been using your products abit over than a month, they seem more fuller than before I started I can't wait for the next growth. How long does it usually take for the second growth spurt? From c

Response: It usually takes 1 to 4 weeks between each growth spurt, we are happy to hear you are getting great success. Natureday staff

01-17-11     You guys beat other so called other breast kit company's

Hey you guys from Natureday, it's been a long time since I haven't wrote you. It's been a year and a half of using your kit. So I measured myself and under my breast is 36 inch rib cage size and 41 3/4 inch breast size so it makes near a dd even though i'm a large d. You guys beat other so called other breast kit company's. Keep up the good work. Thanks

01-05-11     I dont have grand results but

Hey OMG I dont have grand results but I do have very small breasts and Ive been on natureday only about a month and a half, well I had been on it before but not as religiously as Ive started to use it now. I started on Nov 23 just putting the liquid on my breasts and around Dec 15 I started using the liquid and the cream I had ordered. I stopped putting the liquid directly on my breast because it was giving off a weird smell, so Ive just been sticking with the cream which smells great. So I dont really know how much bigger they have gotten but these are the pics, and they are definitely rounder and fuller. OH and I was just putting the cream and liquid on my right breast, because it was a lot smaller than the left one, and as you can see for yourself my right breast has gotten really round around the arm pit area...I'am super excited about continuing this until I reach about a B cup...Iam currently wearing about 34 A bras. Thanks so much!

12-28-10     L. From Sweden

For the moment I am awatening my second growth spurt, it hasn´t come yet but I have decided to give your treatment a year... But the first spurt has stayed and I´m pleased with that. I also hope the second spurt will come sometime soon so that I can give you a complete testimonial ; )

12-28-10     This is a fun product

I love the smell of the cream, thank you so much you guys. My breasts have a little bit of growth but I have only been using the cream for about 3 and a half weeks. I am hoping for a second growth spurt soon. This is a fun product, I love to apply it when I can remember. Thank you, and have a great new years. S.

12-23-10     love how the cream makes the skin on my breasts smooth

Amy: Wow! This really does work! The past couple weeks I've noticed my breasts were looking different, especially when I lean over the sink washing my face, etc. They seem to have more mass and actually seemed to hang a little. But I thought it was just my optimistic imagination at work.Then yesterday I measured myself for the first time in a month...and measured myself 3 times to make sure I was doing it right. When I started the NatureDay program I measured 37 1/2 " under the breast and 39 1/2" across. Yesterday those numbers are 37 3/4" and just slightly over 40" across the top!!! And that doesn't include the 1/4" my nipples stand out (they seem to be almost always erect!). I just finished the third bottle of liquid; am still working on the second bottle of pills (taking 3 a day), and second jar of cream (I really love how it makes the skin on my breasts smooth). If you want to send me complimentary liquid for this testimonial I would very much appreciate it. Thank you for your encouragement. I'm hoping I can add at least another 1/2" - 1" and continue to add mass by Valentines Day. Teri

12-23-10     My breast became fuller and I was excited

Hello everyone I am going to start using the natureday liquids with the cream. This the only breast enhancement product I've used that works!!I have used it before and was doing well for a month or so. My breast became fuller and I was excited. Unfortunately I stopped because I lost weight and became lazy. I am a 32A/B and I want to be a full 32 or 34C. The taste of the liquid isn't the greastest so is there anything I can do to mask the taste? Thanks I'll keep you posted :)

11-22-10     i am having a lot of fun and success with your products

Hello i am having a lot of fun and success with your products But i am curious do you happen to making a BUTT ENHANCEMENT formula's? I know us women would love it and the transgender community to if not really should do a poll lol i think you would have millions of buyers and if it works like your breast solutions yeah wow!: ) Thanks in advance if not do you have any tips anything i can do to re-equal out my body and bum? I thought about using the breast creme lol on my bum are you sure it only works on breast? The drops to?

Response: In the past 10 years we have had a handful of people applying the breast cream to their bum and a few said they had some success. However, we don't know how long they applied it and how often, there really has been no studies showing true results. Natureday staff

11-16-10     Your cream smells like roses and it does the trick

Hello, I measure myself every day and I went up to 41 1/2 inches. Your cream smells like roses and it does the trick. Your kit is hands down

11-05-10     let me say Natureday does work

First and foremost. Let me say, ladies,and men. If you would truly want more fuller feminine breast, Natureday does work!! I just wanted to put something out there for the ladies. So you have or know of a man, who would like to enlarge his breasts? Please don't feel as if its wrong! I personally think its, a huge form of flattery, that a man sees and adores your beautiful smooth body. There are plenty of us who think it is. And please don't think that all of us want to be women. Not true. But were open minded enough to do things with you some men would shiver at the thought of. We enjoy being with you so much on so many different levels. That having breasts ourselves, would only add to the relationship. Not take away from you! Not to mention make us feel better. Just think of the things you could do more of together. Shopping, dressing up. Helping one another. All the things I've over the years heard women say! You want a more sympathetic male lover, and companion? Here's your chance! I myself (male) love being a guy! But enjoy the finer things too. :) the kissing caressing, cuddling, and conversations, role playing. But also enjoy the male side of me to! So you run into an issue your man wants breast? Maybe the lifestyle your living together, has promoted the idea, maybe like me, would make me feel closer to you! I'm not trying to take away from your beauty, just add a little beauty to myself. For we males do have a soft side, but not all are willing to expose it. Personally I started the breast enlargement process, as my wife knew about, but as soon as she seen it working, she became upset. She told me that it took away from her being the woman. So very untrue! I love and adore her. From a mans mind and point of view. And is typically not something a man would want to flaunt. Lol but I do have inner beauty, and would very much like to have a little outer beauty myself. But at the risk of divorce I must stop! I love her to much for that, but she knows what she surpresses in me, that I would never tell her. So please, I know it may not seem natural or even what your looking for in your man. We all have our own battles, can we not come together, for a better conclusion? Thank you for your time. Ps. Ever thought about going topless like a man? This might even the playing field, so to speak. Amy please don't print my email, or name. Thank you and god bless your heart and the Natureday company! :) But I ask one favor? If you could please post that on the women side too please.

11-03-10     i absolutely love the natureday products

Hi, Just wanted to say that i absolutely love the products. Have been using pills, liquid and cream for nearly 2 months. Even though I have not had any major growth my breasts are heavy and full. I can definitely feel the difference!! Thanks :-) Could you please let me know if there has been a problem with my order as I placed it on 21 October and have not yet received it.. My last order arrived within 7 days. I am worried as i have used all my pills, liquid and cream and do not want to loose the positive changes in my breasts. Thank you..... B If you are going to use the above in a testimonial please keep my personal details confidential.Ii have taken a before picture and will take an after one and send as soon as i have seen a a lot of change..... Once again thank you.

10-20-10     I measured myself again

Hi, it's me again. I measured myself again and i'm actually a 36dd-e cup. Oops my error.

10-19-10     Your product work miracles

Hello, I just gain a full 36dd bust. I'll stay with your kit for a few more months. Your product work miracles. I keep you posted next month. Thanks!

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