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Female Testimonials
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12-08-15     my breast are growing slowly

Hello, thank you for a great product. I have a question, my breast are growing slowly, but I am getting a lot of fat under my arm pits on my side. Is that normal? I want my breast to grow out front, not on my sides. Thank you and have a great day

12-01-15     would definitely buy again

Love it would definitely buy again

11-11-15     I have grown an inch

Hi Tina, Thank you so much for your quick replies before. I have grown an inch since using the products 2+months ago and my breasts seem more rounder and fuller too. I will be submitting a testimonial, hopefully with images later.I am thinking of purchasing another three months supply of fulfillment due to the satisfaction so far. I have been taking the liquid once or twice a day, and ready to take only pills after the current liquid ran out. When I receive the new set of fulfillment in, is it okay to go back to the routine, meaning after taking and finishing the current pills, doing 1-2 liquid a day again, and then pills? Or can I do a different routine like liquid once a day and three pills a day? Also may I know... what's the difference between the pills and liquid... why do you have two products for oral intake? I am sure you got asked this before.

10-19-15     Female Voice Testimonial
Voice Testimonial

10-19-15     Female Voice Testimonial
Voice Testimonial

10-19-15     Female Voice Testimonial
Voice Testimonial

10-19-15     Female Voice Testimonial
Voice Testimonial

10-04-15     double in (SIZE)

Hi No I didn't want my breasts to get bigger, because I only apply the cream/liquid to my nipples. My nipples have double in (SIZE) It does work. You can post TESTIMONIAL. Please do not show my email. Thank You

10-02-15     i love your product

Please do not include my name or email , and my country in the testimonial . I've been using Natureday liquid and cream for about thirteen week and I've been seeing great results , i will continue to use your product for another year or more. i love your product . I grew 1 inch. Thank you

10-01-15     see and feel the difference!

Hi! I have been using your products for 5 weeks now and I can really see and feel the difference! I just wondered if I should take the liquids for 4 months in a row, or should I have some days off in between? I am using one dropper full every morning now, and after 4 months I think I'm starting to take the pills.

09-29-15     a half inch increase!

I've been using the cream and liquid for one month and have already had a half inch increase! Not only that, but I used to be pretty lopsided, and am almost symmetrical now. I'm filling out my bras better and think I will have to go bra shopping soon! I took these photos and measured at the same time during my cycle to be sure of my results. I'm very happy and can't wait to see what another few months will do!!! Please keep my name and email confidential. Thanks:)

09-29-15     rounder

Hello My name is Is from France. I'm a female, before i have a 32AA After using drops every day twice a day, and cream, my breasts are firmer and fuller, more rounder and I have growth With a full B, after 2 months. Please put my testimonial on the natureday site After, nice.

09-29-15     Highly recommend

Please don't include my name or email in the testimonial. I've been using NatureDay fulfillment herbal drops for about two months and I've been seeing great results. I started working out a lot over the last three months and noticed my breasts got quite a bit smaller as a result. I lost about a half to full cup size but these drops have made the fullness come back a lot! I'm going to keep taking these and hopefully get them a little bigger. Highly recommend this product :)

09-09-15     I am so happy with the results I am now a 32 C

HI! I started using your products a little over 4 months ago. I started out as a 32B I was using the liquid and soap for the first months and a half. after that I just started using the liquid and cream. I am so happy with the results I am now a 32 C! a whole cup size i attached two pictures my before and after. Please don't use my email or name, Thanks

08-31-15     look rounder and just fuller

I have been using your products for about 10 days and I have already seen results. Not drastic results but my breasts look rounder and just fuller and they feel heavier too. I made another order yesterday as I am running out of my supply. During my time using Natureday I have not drank a lot of coffee; maybe once or twice. I really love coffee and cannot cut it out completely; I need it to study. Would it work if I drink coffee early in the morning but take the pills, liquid and apply the breast cream before bed? Maybe if I do things at opposite times, the caffeine won't interfere as much? let me know what you think!

08-18-15     growth rate

I have been using the liquid 2 droppers for both morning and night. Along with pills and cream and soap. Im getting close to where i would like to be will the pills keep up the growth rate along with cream and soap. What is the best method to keep what i have now? Any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks.

08-15-15     im loving

please dont include my name or email i have been using natuerday for 4 weeks and im loving the cream and the liquid but i am running out of the liquid i hope i can get more when i have the money but i will try and continue to use the product even though it is working slowly. Thank you

07-25-15     This is a miracle product. Thanks to my

I've been taking it for 3.5 months / about 14 weeks. After receiving it as a gift and I grew a whole cup size maybe a little more before I was 33" around making me a 32b now I'm 34.2" around making me a 32c I keep measuring just to make sure lol. I only used the liquid and cream I use the cream every night after my shower and use the liquid twice a day with a cup of water. And I cut out all caffeine. Also I've been exercising a lot more which I think is what helped I'm trying for my local nba dance team. Natureday products are completely amazing.

07-24-15     Thank you, thank you!

Hi- I am 20 years old and have been using nature day for about a month and a half. I was super skeptical about breast enhancement cream/liquid as I was always told that surgery was the only way. However, I knew I didn't want to be fake, and to me, it was definitely worth a try because my small breast size made me miserable. I am a smaller person, and that combined with terrible genes and the fact that I work out quite a bit came basically nonexistent boobs (as you can see by the before shot). I had some gapping my 32a bras and my boobs have always made me feel extremely self-conscious. My friends didn't understand why I didn't want to go out in a bikini since I'm skinny; they never understood that I felt like a 12 year old boy. I began using Natureday cream twice a day and liquid once a day. After a week I started to notice a difference, and after a month and a half of use I can see a drastic difference in my breasts! I can fill out my 32a bras out very well now. After starting out almost completely flat, I am very impressed. I am honestly so happy to have a full A cup at this point and will continue to use Natureday until I am a little bit bigger. I am SO glad I decided to try it and so thankful and excited that the herbs has helped me gain confidence I never thought I would have. Thank you, thank you! I love my body!!!!!

07-24-15     my breasts are getting a little bit more rounder

Hello, I have been using your product for a month now. I have been using the liquid and the cream. I am not really looking to increase my breast size but I am trying to get a firmer look. I have four kids and my breast are sagging, I don't think they look attractive anymore, I have been using the product for a month and I've started noticing that my breasts are getting a little bit more rounder. I just order more liquid and I also order the pills this time. Do you think that your product will help me get fuller breasts like I once had? Is there any specific combination of the products that I should be taking in order to get better results. Thank you so much for your help! P.S. Please keep my personal information confidential. Thank you!

07-22-15     have noticed a decent amount of growth

Hello, Thank you very much for the info! have been using your products for a month now and have noticed a decent amount of growth, so I would like to purchase some more but just had a few questions. I live in New Zealand and the postage takes about a month, so when I start taking the produces again will it take a while for the growth to kick in with stopping and starting?I also have a very high metabolism! Would the pills or the dropper be better for me? I would love any other suggestions! Thank you:)

06-30-15     grown 1/2 of an inch

I have been using Natureday for 3 months now and I have only grown 1/2 of an inch (I grew that amount last month). This evening when I took my measurements I realized that I have not grown anymore.For 2 years, I have been trying to grow my beasts. I have used Boost Your Bust, and Breast Actives. I had dedicated a year to each program, and ended up with no results. At the beginning of this year I came across Natureday; I decided that I would try one more time, one more program. Just like with the last two I plan on staying with Natureday for a solid year. I knew that it might take at least 2 to 3 months for my breasts to start reacting towards the product. Last month was the second month and I had noticed that I had grown 1/2 of an inch. I was very happy but this month contains no progress. My cup size before I started this program was a 32AA. My cup size now is a small 32A. My goal is to be a 32C. I know it might take more than a year to reach that cup size and I am willing to go that distance. However I need to see more results. Am I doing something wrong? If so, what is it? Are there any supplements I should take along with my pills, like vitamins, amino acid pills, protein pills, etc. ? Please give me advice.

06-30-15     my desired size

Hi Natureday, I just had a question similar to one I asked a few weeks ago. I have pretty much achieved my desired size but I have only been taking the product for 3 months. would it be better to continue using the liquid and cream for the full 6 months or should I stop completely? also,do people typically lose volume or size when they stop taking your product? please let me know , as I want them to stay how they look now!! thanks for any input !

06-09-15     filling out

Please do not include my name and email address. I bought the liquid, and the cream and have been using for 2 months and I am already noticing them getting rounder, and filling out. I used to be almost flat! I love that this actually works, and most of all that it is completely organic so I did not feel bad about taking it. I appreciate that you shipped it so fast and that it works! I kinda thought it wouldn't... Thank you so much!!!

06-03-15     my bra size has gone up almost a cup size

Hi natureday, I have been using your product and my bra size has gone up almost a cup size. I want to go a little larger but I have only been using the product for less than 2 months. I am extremely pleased with how quickly my breasts have grown. however I believe that if I go for 6 months (your recommended length of using the product), my breasts will get too big. should I expect to see shrinking of my breasts when I stop taking this product or will they stay the same even if I have not been taking them for the required amount of time ? thanks for any insight !

05-28-15     a half inch growth

I have a question for you. I have been using the liquid, pills and cream for almost 3 months. I started 3/20/15 and I've only had a half inch growth Is this normal? I take everything as directed and I cut down on cigs and caffeine. I take vitamins, fish oil pills and protein shakes. before I started I barely fit in a bra from being so small. is there anything else that I can do or am I just being inpatient... lol Thank you!

05-15-15     half a size bigger

Used natureday breast enlargement cream and liquid for three and a half months now and my boobs are half a size bigger and a lot firmer. So happy with my results. Will use it for another few months to reach my goals. Kind regards

05-15-15     I have grown a full cup size!

Hi natureday.com I have been using your product for a little under a month and I have grown a full cup size! I could not be happier! I just had a quick question; my right breast has always been a little bit bigger (maybe half a cup size or a little less), both of my breasts have grown evenly but this one remains a little larger. how can I work to increase the size of the smaller breast so that it catches up to the larger one? thanks for any help! I am also currently taking only your liquid supplement (just in case you need to recommend anything else for me to use)

05-09-15     exciting confirmation that THIS STUFF WO

I received my 1st order of Fulfillment this past Monday, May 1st, (order placed Mon, 4/24/15 - 1 bottle of the liquid) and have been using 3 droppers full each day & rubbing in 1 dropper full on each breast since that very night. I also followed the recommendation and cut way back on caffeine and upped my protein to 1 or 2 high-protein items at every meal & protein-rich snacks, so basically eating protein all day. I am truly amazed already - in just 7 full days I am seeing the beginnings of growth! Nothing measurable yet, but just a certain fullness where there was none. I used to be a 34 "barely B" but since I nursed my baby 3 years ago I went from being an ample C cup while I was nursing to completely (shockingly!) deflated & absolutely flat when I stopped - And now in just 1 week I already see them starting to "puff" out a little bit, filling in and rounding underneath! It is an exciting confirmation that THIS STUFF WORKS and the promise of results to come! I'm about to place my next order right now so I don't interrupt the progress by running out! I am so glad I found NATURE DAY and will definitely send more testimonials as things progress!

05-08-15     Voice
Voice Testimonial

05-08-15     Voice
Voice Testimonial

05-06-15     I've gone up a cup size!

Early Results! I'm still on my first bottles of serum, pills and jar of cream. Less than 2 and a half months in and I've gone up a cup size! I had to measure three times to make sure. More results at a later date with pictures. Just thought I'd let you know, I'm on the bandwagon. :)

04-22-15     I'm starting to notice small results

Hi natureday, I've been taking your product for almost a week now and I think I'm starting to notice small results (a bit more firmness and growth). I am currently taking 1 dropper of liquid once a day and also mixing some of the liquid with lotion and applying it to my breasts. I was wondering if I continue to this regimen would I still achieve optimal results (since I am not using the pills or cream). I am wondering approximately how many cup sizes should I expect to gain. Thank you for any input!

04-14-15     I started seeing results right away.

First I want to say Thank you so much for your products...I love them very much! I started taking the liquid on 3/20/15 I started seeing results right away. I was barely an a cup and starting to fill my bras better.I bought the liquid, pills and cream the 2 month supply. I finished the liquid and started the pills about a week ago and I use the cream 2 or 3 times a day. I was wondering what your recommendation is for dosage and a schedule, to get the results I want. Which is to be a full b cup. I took the recommended dosage and schedule that was with my shipment. when I get my next order do I do the same as this time and want to order a second 2 month supply, because that's all I can afford at a time period. also do you have product coupons to allow customers to buy more at a time that would be great if you did. your products are pretty affordable. I will be sending in a 3 month result pics.. I am so excited :) Thank you...ND! also wanted to add that I workout and take vitamins and fish oil and whey protein shakes everyday. I just want to make sure I get what my body needs to help it along the way.. attach with last message sent. Thanks again! [...] I love my new bigger boobs already!!!

04-13-15     really happy

Hi, please keep my name and email private :-) I have been using the liquid and pills for less than three months, I am really happy to see that they worked, making me more confident now. Im so excited that they really worked! Thank you sooo much!!! This is the first one that works on me! I am looking forward to their effect in the future.

03-27-15     completely blown away by NatureDay

Hi, Note: Please hide my name and email as I want to remain anonymous. I have been taking the liquid for a little over a month now and using the cream once per day after my showers. My bust has increased by 1.5 inches and have gone from a 34B to a 34C and my breasts are noticeably fuller and firmer. I cannot wait to see my results as time goes on and I continue taking your products. I was always skeptical of breast enhancement products but I have been completely blown away by NatureDay and am SO grateful that I have found your products!

03-25-15     increase in size

Hi. I've just completed my first month using your products. I may be noticing some increase in size but I'm hoping still for more. Is there anything else I can do that you may suggest? I am taking 3 capsules along with drinking water with 3 droppers full of serum all right before bed. I've reduced coffee-caffeine intake during the day. I want this product to work and am eager for it to also. Appreciate any feedback you may have. Thank you! Sent from my iPhone=

03-13-15     youtube girl

Hi I recently posted a first week journey video on youtube and will post another video on my results as soon as possible. I just wanted to share the link of my video but i want to remain anonymous. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6AuuG1qgPI

03-06-15     Very happy

Please do not include my name or email in my testimonial :) This after photo was taken after only three weeks of use of the Fulfilment liquid supplement. They have already filled out noticeably and started to grow. Very happy with these results, hope they continue!

03-05-15     blossomed

Question: When I first started using your products I first used the liquids alone, I admit I was skeptical. But after a months time I found I have blossomed from a 34C to a 34D and then I bought the liquids, pills and cream because my goal cup size is a DD. Any recommendations for how I might reach that last cup size? Because even now that I use the liquids and pills and cream and they are not really seeming to have any current effect. And recommendations on how I can get the results I see?

02-27-15     I love what it has done for my breasts

Hello I've been using Natureday cream and liquid extract for nearly 3 months now and I love what it has done for my breasts.

02-20-15     growth a few weeks in

Hello Natureday, I first started taking the pills, liquid, and cream at the beginning of the year. I was taking 3 pills throughout the day around my meals, taking 3 droppers of liquid at night, and applying the cream after my showers. I also have cut out caffeine from my diet. I did notice growth a few weeks in. if you have any suggestions about scheduling I'd be happy to know. Thanks

02-09-15     filled out noticeably

Please do not include my name or email address. I have been using the Nature Day Breast Enlargement Cream every night for 2.5 months. My breasts have filled out noticeably. I don't think pictures even do the transformation justice. My breasts feel heavier and look better in bras and clothing. They also seem rounder and more shapely to me. Even my boyfriend has noticed. I was very skeptical about this product at first, but I am so glad I took a chance. I will be continuing to use the cream, and hope that I will transformation even more.

02-03-15     my breast are more full and

I lost so much weight due to dieting and exercising and unfortunately my breast did too. I am young 23 so for my breast to be the way they were I was very embarrassed three months later and I see such a huge difference my breast are more full and although they will never be as perky as a boob job, the skin is much more tight. Thank you so much this product has bought back self confidence.

02-01-15     my breasts are sore

I have been taking your liquid for about 15 days and mt breasts are sore, is that normal ?

Response: About 30% feel a sensation such as tingling, sensitivity, or soreness in their breasts /nipples before a growth spurt (growing pains). But most feel nothing, they just look down and their breasts are larger.

01-26-15     big change

Please keep my name and email private. I've only been using natureday for about 11 weeks and Ive already noticed a HUGE change in my breasts. I've been taking one dropper of the liquid each day and they look and feel fuller. I can't wait to continue to use natureday and see more results !!!!

01-26-15     I also am already seeing results

Thank you! I appreciate it! I also am already seeing results so I'll definitely be submitting a testimonial!

01-13-15     more growth

(Please do NOT include name and e-mail in testimonial or on website!) I've used NatureDay for almost four months now and have seen HUGE improvement! I started by taking the liquid three times a day and then switched to taking the 3 pills a day. I love both the pills and liquid. I also use the cream and it soften and round breasts. I highly recommend. I went from an medium A cup to a fuller B cup. Hope to see more growth from using Natureday products!

01-13-15     growing

Hello Tina. I've been using fulfillment cream and droppers for over a month now and my boobs feel heavier and look fuller which I'm happy about BUT they also feel hard. I'm wondering if this normal or may be pregnant.? Please reply back I surely hope it's all just do to growing and nothing serious. Thanks in advance.

12-27-14     have experienced great results

Hello, I have been taking Natureday fulfillment for about a year now and have experienced great results. However, I have started taking birth control 6 months ago, and it made me have my period 2 times a month. What can I do about this?

12-16-14     feel fuller

Hello I've been rubbing cream on my breasts for 15 days now including taking the liquid and I must say my breasts feel fuller and look like they've grown some. My breasts feel really tender and sore is this normal.?

12-16-14     which I love

Hello. I've been using the natureday liquid, cream and soap for three months now, and I've finished all the extract. My boobs are heavier, fuller and much perkier, which I love. After breastfeeding my boobs started to sag and this natural product has really lifted them up again. I feel sexy and so womanly. This product is amazing and id recommend on giving it a go, the results speak for themself.

12-11-14     I've only grown an inch

Hello, I've been taking your product for about 6 months and I've only grown an inch. Any advice on what I should do? I have the complete package but I've run out of liquid. Also, I have a fast metabolism. Thank you, A.

12-04-14     Thank you natureday!

Please do no include my email or name in my testimonial- These are my results after 6 months. I love the liquid and cream. I'm taking flax seed oil everyday. Thank you natureday! Your products are amazing! I've already placed more orders 9920141119024502 and can't wait for them to get even bigger!

11-23-14     gained

Goodmorning, ive been using the cream for almost 3 months now, and ive gained about a half cup to almost a full cup, I was wondering for how many months can I use this product, and what else can I do to add another cup, and will my size last even after I stop using natureday?

11-19-14     This really works!

Hi, I would like to keep my name and email private. Thank you sooooo much nature day! Since using the product my breasts have evened out and filled out perfectly! I feel so much more confident and I'm on my to the size I want. I started around a small B and I think I'm around a full B right now and I'm trying to get to a full C. This really works!

11-04-14     heavyness

Hello I noticed after about 8 weeks of being on this product I had a noticable fuller feeling and heavyness, I wouldnt say it was a cup size though, is this normal and will i see a change in another 8 weeks? I am taking one droper in the AM and three pills a day. Thank you

10-31-14     my sex drive is sky high

I have started using your products as the last alternative before getting a loan and going under the knive, although i am terrified. I am glad i found you, I am very pleased with the results so far. My breast alwys had the shape of a cone, but very very tiny cones, i hated them. Now they are getting rounder and fuller and I am so excited to see what the future will bring if i continue using your products. I started off with a completely flat 36A chest and now I am a B !! I will keep updating your with my journey. I think it worth mentioning that my nipples are darker and bigger, erected most of the time and my sex drive is sky high, which was an unknown thing to me, as being 30yo and having 2 kids, i was always"tired" to do the deed, think you either have a partner or get a dildo just like i did lol, trust me, you will need it. i so want to reach a c cup.

10-28-14     my info

Hello, I ordered the cream, liquid, and pills! I've been using the liquid @ 2 droppers daily for a month, and rubbing the cream on each breast. I've noticed my breast are fuller, and I'm going to be starting the pills today. I was wondering if all four products should be used, and if that would create an even better result? Also, once I start taking the pills, am I possibly going to continue getting good results, if I incorporate the liquid back in my routine? Thank you for not disclosing any of my info!!!!

10-21-14     my breast already feel fuller and heavy

I use the Liquid & cream on my breast. I just started to use the liquid 3 times a day along with the cream. It's only been a couple weeks & my breast already feel fuller &heavy. My left breast is smaller. What can I do to make the left breast even & speed up the process with these 2 products?

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