Female Testimonials

Female Testimonials
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02-27-12     all I can say is wow

Hello, please don't use my email or name. I've been using natureday liquid and cream for two months now, and all I can say is wow! I was very very very skeptical about using the products because I didn't think they would work. I am glad I did! I started at a 36b and is now a 36c! Almost 1 cup size of growth within 2 months time! My breasts are very perky and round. The cream smells awesome and leaves my breasts feeling sooo soft! I definitely recommend this product to any woman that wants larger breasts. Here are my before and after pictures to show proof that this works! Will continue using until I reach my goal. Thank you natureday!

02-27-12     10 days and I can already feel/ see a little change

Hi I've been using the cream and soap for 10 days and I can already feel/ see a little change. I just ordered the liquid but I also know you have pills.

02-25-12     am already starting to feel and see the results

Order number: 9920111027230813 Hey there! I bought Natureday products a few months ago but just recently started to use it. I did not expect huge results, because my breast was always small, and to make it bigger probably takes some time. However, since I was always ashamed about the size of my breast and felt not confident about it, I was really excited to try this thing. I've been using Natureday fullfillment for a month now, and I am already starting to feel and see the results!!! My breast feels heavier and it looks more sexy when I wear clothes with cleavage! Before ordering I read that the taste of the drops is not very good, but I would not say that. For me it felt just fine, especially if it was mixed with juices. And I was really glad that there were no signs on the bottle about breast enlargement, which let me use the drops in public in front of anyone without even thinking that somebody can reveal my secret:)I attach my results. They are not huge yet, but you can see that my breast is more full right now! Thank you Natureday! P.S. Please do not include my name or email. Thank you! :)

02-18-12     breasts are fuller and heavier

Only my seventh day on natureday liquid and cream and my nearly a breasts are fuller and heavier... I can feel and see a small difference! I'm in shock! Haha I've always wanted breast implants but of this continues to work I will not get them! I was so skeptical about any 'natural breast enhancements' and have been told that they don't work and it's a waste of money. 7 days!?!? And I see a Change in my breast size!?!? Will keep posting updates. And before and after pictures when there is a noticeable difference! So excited!!!!!

02-11-12     i couldnt be happier

ive been using this product for about 6weeks and i couldnt be happier thanx naturday :)))

02-10-12     omg! these are my results :)

omg! these are my results :))))) i'm elated at how well this product has worked for me!!! I have always been an A cup, had 5 children and breastfed.. and my breast didn't always look nnice until I started ur product.. I can't wait to see more awesome improbement.. thanks a ton!!! xoxo one satisfied costumer :D p.s I didn't take a before pik but this is an after pik and my breasts look nice

02-08-12     amazed at how my breasts look and feel

i'm super stoked!!! unbelieved.. i'm all smiles :)))) about eight days ago I recieved ur product and i'm in shock and amazed at how my breasts look and feel. they are a bit fuller and firm, also I'm doing breast masssage with the cream.. its awesome! can't wait for the first month to see more improvement and take pix.. thanks for such a wonderful product that actually works! :)

02-06-12     My breasts are now just amazing

My breasts are now just amazing :) They have kept developing even after being off the liquid extract and breast creme for a month or two! I'm now a very full 36B from a small 36a and my girlfriend just loves them too; (she's now started taking nature day too) so we both can enjoy the benfits:) Luv, Krystyna

02-04-12     noticeable change and can feel them growing

Hello..OMG..I have only been using naturday for 1 week and I have seen a noticeable change and can feel them growing. This is the best product I ever taken..Honestly I didn't even think it was going to work but only tried it because of the other testimonials on here. I can feel a slight stretching for about 1-2 mins at a time. I don't smoke or drink..I have been taking two pills every day an 1 dropper every other day and drinking it with V8 vegetable juice and im am just soo happy and amazed that it has worked this fast. Im taking pics every day and it is already noticeable.I will post them on here after a month.I love you natureday.Please don't use my email

01-20-12     I have noticed good results

Please don't use my name or email. I am almost done with the first month supply of your breast cream and I have noticed good results. I was wondering If I use the cream on my backside if it would help that to grow as well.

01-18-12     this products have the right ingredients that have been proven to somehow stimulate breast growth

Hi, After a long research on breast enhancing creams and pills I decided to start using Naturaday because this products have the right ingredients that have been proven to somehow stimulate breast growth.I have been on the products since August 2011 I started with the cream with a 32 barely C, I also did a lot of research on the tai breast massage which also stimulates breast growth and started the massages with the cream twice a day, morning about 10-15 min, and night about 20-25 min and I started to notice changes, after about a month I decided to start the drops, I was taking 3 droppers a day and OMG I noticed the first spurt after a month, then I started using the soap and its when I really noticed the difference, the soap really helps I massage my breast in the shower for about 10 min and let it dry a little bit. Then I decided in November to start with the pills and the next big spurt followed, I been feeling my breast growing non stop.I am a 31 yr old mom of 2 and also an athlete so my breast were saggy and small, I started with a bra size 32 barely C, and last week went to get new bras(VS semi-anual sale) got measured again and I am a 34C! I was almost crying. I can see the difference my breast look beautiful this products are amazing, but it does require commitment to the product and the massage but TOTALLY WORTH IT!

01-08-12     started at a 32A, and am now a 34B

Greetings Natureday! In an attempt to show other interested parties that your product does work,I have attached a testimonial (without my email address please). I have used the liquid and cream on and off over the years. I started at a 32A, and am now a 34B. I steer clear of caffeine and usually use the products in the morning after a shower and small breakfast. I experienced the first growth spurt after about 3 weeks. On my second round, it took about 6 weeks to see a noticeable difference. Both times I was very pleased. I have an overall petite build (25yrs old and 112 lbs) with an active lifestyle, so the growth took some time.

01-06-12     pleased with the results amazing product

hi yes you can use my after picture. here is my new edited review: Here is my honest and realistic review. i am very pleased with the result so far. Not much to say pictures speak louder the words. Even out breast makes them larger and almost look fake . I love it I wear a 34B bra (33 inches) . Although i was always happy with my breast size, I know that my husband does love bigger chested women. A one point in my life I was even considered a breast implants ,but after all the research I realized that side effects are just not worth it.( Friend of mine did it and although at first i was jelous , after about 9 month she started to have major problems and ended up in emergency room and almost died because there was a silicone leakage ) I did a lot of research about this product and decided to try it ( in a worst case scenario I loose $40 ). We girls spend so much money in things we actually don't need , but a lot of time are afraid to buy something that will ACTUALLY CAN HELP US LOOK BETTER . Here is the trick with these products , you HAVE to be consistent. You can't just try it for a month and be like "hey this product doesn't work " .SO please be Awere the jorney to beautiful breast does requiere some time and effort. I only started to notice some difference only on my 7th week of using nuterday. So here is my honest an advice , give it some time . There is no magic potion that will make your breast go DDs over night . I went a solid cup size up in about 4-5 month , and I was very consistent ( never skip a day ). Please try it properly before judging this amazing product negatively . In my opinion people who don't like this product just gave up even before they were able to love it . DOn't be one of them . Another thing ,try at all cost avoid caffeinated products and dark chocolate , most of them do contain enough caffeine to mess up the effect of nuterday products .. Please try to watch your diet and be healthy in order maximize your results . In a conclusion , I do love this product so much and I am so happy I tried it, Please girls don't be afraid its so worth it , You be amazed at what nuterday can do for you body and self esteem .

01-05-12     I noticed an increase in my breast size

Hi Tina, Thanks so much for your speedy reply :) I have few observations/questions. After only one week, I noticed an increase in my breast size. I started taking two dropper-fulls a day. Then a little bit more over the next few days (I started on 12/17/11). Then I changed the dosage to one dropperful of liquid and 3 pills b/c I was concerned about too much plant hormone in my body at once and possible moodiness. The breast growth seemed to have stopped with the change in how I took the supplements. Just seemed to maintain what was there. Then, I went back to two droppers of liquid on Sunday and they got a little bit bigger instantly and but not have not changed since. So, I am trying to figure out what is going on. It feels like the changes are overnight with the liquid (maybe water rentention from the plant hormone???), but then I don't notice a continuing increase.

12-30-11     My breast are a little fuller and tender

I switched to the pills and have been on them for a month so far. My breast are a little fuller and tender, but they are still an A cup. I'm still hopeful and will continue to take the pills. I will update again in a few months. Wish me luck!

12-28-11     My breasts did become fuller but I also lost most of it since I was also trying to loose weight

Hi, I have been taking Natureday pills & liquid and using the cream 8 months now, since late April of this year. My breasts did become fuller but I also lost most of it since I was also trying to loose weight. I started taking Natureday at my heaviest weight of 160 lbs. and wore a 38B. I've been losing weight since I started Natureday but still filled out my 38B bra better after two months on Natureday. That was the largest bra size I've been. Now I weigh 135 lbs. and could almost fill a 36B. I am planning to go through two procedure combinations - one in in February, Liposuction on the torso with Fat Transfer to the breast and then in June/July, Liposuction on the thighs with Fat Transfer to the breast. I was told that not all fat cells transferred to the breast will survive, so I'm thinking of taking Natureday to help keep them and then, gain more with Natureday. Thank you so much for your input in advance.

12-26-11     I have gone from a 36C to a 36D

Just wanted to share that I've been on the liquid for four months and I have gone from a 36C to a 36D. I started to combine both the pills and liquid now to reach my goal of a DD faster within the next few months. Its quite amazing.

12-18-11     my breasts have gone from barely visible to beautiful rounded

I'm so HAPPY! I never thought @ this stage in my life I'd finally be taking the steps necessary to enlarge my breasts - naturally. I had always teased my husband that for my 50th birthday I wanted breast augmentation surgery but knew in my heart of hearts I'd never actually go through with it when the time came. Luckily I came across the Natureday breast enlargement program and with a great sigh of relief from not having to actually subject myself to the mental anguish and bodily pain of having my breasts being sliced and diced, packed and prodded in the not so distant future, embarked on the Natureday program with open arms. Being 47 yrs old my breasts, although exptremely small, had been through a battery of abuse due to age, pregnancy/breast feeding 3 children not to mention numerous bouts of weight-gain /weight-loss associated with said pregnancies, stress and age. When I looked in the mirror I was always disappointed in what I saw. Until now. My journey began Sept 10th, 2011. It is now Dec 16th, 2011. Using the Natureday program - liquid, pills, cream & soap - my breasts have gone from a barely visible 34" across mid-chest/33 under breast to a beautiful, rounded 37.25" mid-chest/34.5" under breast. Not bad for being on the program a little over 3 months. I am still wearing my size 36A bra's but the cups are starting to fill in nicely. I did experience my first growth spurt after being on the Natureday program approximately 2-1/2 months. The tenderness and pain lasted about a week and a half but that only reinforced my belief that the products were actually working. I've read all the reviews from both male and female and try to adhere to the tips and instructions that seem to work the best in order to get the desired results. I take 3 full droppers of the liquid (usually mixed with juice as well as a teaspoon of flax-seed oil) in the morning and then take 3 capsules (pills) just before I go to bed at night. I use the soap on the breast area when I bathe, being sure to lather it well and leave on for at least 30-45 minutes before I rinse, then I lightly towel off and apply the cream, massaging it in completely while my body is still warm from the bath so that it gets absorbed easier into my skin. I avoid caffiene at all costs - no coffee, sodas, chocolate, energy drinks, etc. I take a daily multi-vitamin as well. I eat and drink as much protein as is the recommended servings for my daily allowance. All in all it seems to be working. Increased libido? I've always had a highly charged sex-drive so I can't honestly rate it one way or the other on that aspect of the product. I can say while being on this product my libido hasn't been diminished. Clears up acne/makes skin clearer? I've never had a problem with acne so I can't give a viable rating on that aspect of the product either. The only concern I have is in regards to the weight I've gained while on this product. I've done some experimenting and it seems to happen most often when I'm taking the Fullfillment pills. I only say this because there were a couple of weeks where I ran out of the pills so I was just ingesting the liquid - 6 full droppers a day, 3 in the morning and 3 at night, and my stomach went down and didn't appear to be bloated. As soon as I started taking the pills again my weight-gain/bloating came back. Again, that's just been my experience. All in all I'm very pleased with the Natureday products and will continue on my journey until I've reached my desired goal - an over-flowing 36C bra. 36D if I can push it there! I'm in no hurry. I know it takes time, most often years, and patience to get the desired results. And luckily, the Lord willing, I have plenty of time to reach it. Best of luck to one and all. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

12-14-11     my breast grew into 42 and a half inchs

Hey, my breast grew into 42 1/2 inchs and I been using your kit for 2 1/2 years and I still love it. My breast are very full and rounded now. Thanks.

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11-28-11     lower breast has grown

Hello Natureday. I have been taking only the cream and liquid and they have worked for me. Pic number 1 and 2 are pics before I took Natureday which were taking June 14 2011. And Pic 3 and 4 were taking Nov 10. My nipples and lower breast has grown. I never tried the soap or the pills. I start off everyday with taking 90 drops once a day and using the cream 3 times a day. I started taking Natureday on July 2nd of 2011. right now I am a small B-cup I'll continue using Natureday until I am at-least a C-cup. Overall it has taking me 4 months to grow a full cup size. 4 months is long but I was patient. I hope to get more growth. Please don't include my E-mail Thank you. Have a great day!

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11-21-11     fuller and less saggy

My breast have gotten fuller and less saggy i'm so happy!

11-19-11     am pleased with the results

Hello, So I have been using your product for about a month or so now. I am pleased with the results but feel as though there hasn't been much growth since the first two weeks. I have been using the pills, cream and liquid. I want to know if the growth comes in spurts and I am a 34 C now...how long would it take to get to a full D cup, which is what I am aspiring towards. Thanks~!

Response: Each growth spurt is 2 to 8 weeks apart, so hang in there and you will get more growth.

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11-12-11     my breasts were becoming fuller

Hi,I started the liquid drops, 3 dropperfuls per day, and massaged the cream once a day and was noticing growth. I was on your stuff for a month and the bottom of my breasts were becoming fuller. Now I recently got on Lexapro and Klonopin from my doctor to control my anxiety the past 2 weeks and my growth went away and no changes of it coming back or increasing have been noticed, even though i'm continuing the liquid and cream. Does this stuff not work with the medicines i'm taking? I have to be on them for a long time, maybe forever and am really disappointed it seems to be affecting the growth I was so happy to be getting. Any advice or help or insight would be great. I'd hate to keep taking the liquid and wasting it if it's known that it won't work with the anti-anxiety medicines i'm on...Sincerely,

10-21-11     so glad i gave it a try

Hey, i just wanted to share my experience with nature day... i started taking 60 drops a day for the first week and applying the cream twice a day i got results in 2 weeks i have gain a little over one inch that fast! so i have been taking the liquid extract instead once a day (30 drops), and still applying the cream because i was scare of fast growth and getting stretch marks. I really didn't think this would work for me, but i'm so glad i gave it a try up to now i'm almost a full 34C and i started been a 34B. The difference might not be that noticeable at times, but i know they have gotten bigger, they are much more heavier and fuller- especially from the sides. another way i notice they are much fuller is because when i lay down facing up THEY DON'T DISAPPEAR COMPLETELY i would always have that problem now they are up there peaky and fuller!!! oh and up to date i been on nature day for 4 weeks =) i hope i can soon save up some money and include the pills to continue my growth journey. Well Good luck to everyone and i hope anyone who is thinking about buying a breast enhancement product really gives nature day a chance first because it works!!

10-20-11     I discovered Natureday

have seen amazing results with this product. Starting summer of 2010 with a much more expensive product, I did get results that got me from a AA to an A. But then I was not even on both sides and I discovered Natureday. I started using the liquid and in about a month it had caused me to even out completely! After my first growth spurt I didn't see much other growth after about 3 months. So at five months I gave up and stopped using the liquid and pills. Then in July of this year, I found the sample of soap Natureday had sent as a free sample the year before and started using it. Within 3 weeks I had gained another inch-putting me at a B (which I have never been before in my life). I continued using the soap for two months and then ordered the liquid. I have been using the liquid and soap for a month now and have gained another 1/4 inch. I will probably use the products until my body stops responding, wait about 6 months, and then try again and see if I can get to a C. After that I'll just use enough to maintain that size. Thank-you Natureday!

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Voice Testimonial 10/18/2011

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10-18-11     They feel fuller

My ID number is 9920110922023833 ... It's been about a month & though I haven't seen too much of a change but I can feel it & man it's like wow ... They feel fuller & I'm starting to lactate ( which to me is kinda funny cause I haven't done that since my last pregnancy 9 years ago ) I would like to see my breast more raised & perky ... I did do some measurements ... Under breast is 33 & around is 38 ( which used to be a 35-36 before I started taking your product ) but I still don't know how to figure out my band & cup size ... Could you help me on that ? I haven't sent pics yet cause I want to at least wait another month or two but I will ... Oh & if those who don't like the liquid ( whether it's with alcohol or not ) I put it in my ensure drink & it's awesome :) I'll keep you updated :) Thanks again Nature Day :)

10-18-11     My breasts are already becoming more fuller and perkier

Hi Natureday and customer service, I have been using your cream for about a week, and I have seen some great results! My breasts are already becoming more fuller and perkier. It looks like it is time for a new bra already. Thank you!

10-15-11     I are some results already

Hi I been using the cream and liquid for exactly a week now and believe it or not I are some results already. Especially on the sides. My breast feel fuller and heavier. I will be ordering some more very soon since I'm almost done wit the creame. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more results. This product is faaantaaaasttic! :)

10-11-11     I am only 18 and I weigh barely 110 pounds

Dear Natureday, I has been exactly 10 months since I started your product, and I have seen a little bit of result, I have been taking 3 pills a day along with 3 droppers of liquid and I use the cream and the soap. I know I am a slow grower, and I am only 18 and I weigh barely 110 pounds so I understand that your product will probably take a little longer on me, and although I havent seen amazing results I have seen some and that is enough to keep me hooked. With all that said, I was just wondering if there was a time limit on how long someone should take your product? For the past 2 months I have been cross training-running around 7 miles a day- which I know makes it very hard to grow fatty tissue for a breast, but I am done cross training now and probably will only be working out once or twice a week. Thankfully, while I was crosstraining your product helped me not to lose what breast I have and I am very pleased with that. With me backing off of working out, will I hopefully have a better chance of gaining more breast now? Thank you so much!

09-29-11     gained one inch

I have been using the cream and the liquid for 2 months now, and have gained one inch! My chest was extremely small (over the bust measurement of 31 inches) and now my measurement is 32 inches. My goal is 36 inches, which I will hopefully attain around January!

09-16-11     Pretty neat for such a short amount of time

I've only been using the products (liquid and cream, 3 droppers once daily and 2-3 applications daily, respectively) for about a week, but I'm starting to see a difference. Pretty neat for such a short amount of time. I'll be sure to post before and after photos when I'm more certain of a result. I'm starting at a 32 B, and I'm not really hoping to grow a lot, I just want to fill up a 34 B or a 32 C. *fingers crossed* Wish me luck!

09-05-11     At first I thought maybe this was a scam

At first I thought maybe this was a scam. But I saw so many good things about it that I decided to buy it. I've been on it for a little over a month now and have grown a whole 2 inches. I am quite amazed. My boyfriend took off my bra the other day and was shocked in how much bigger they look. I'm happy to know this stuff works. I will take it for 2 or 3 more months to grow to a DD. Exciting!!!

09-04-11     I am almost 50

Hi Please don't publish my email thank you. I am almost 50 and very slim. I would like to say i have only been using your liquid in conjunction with Another company's pills only cos the pills were got for me before I found you. However I was on the other pills for a month and noticed nothing I have been on 1 full dropper per day for approx 4 weeks now and although I have taken pics I don't think there is a visible difference BUT WOW i feel heavier and fill up my bra cup a whole lot better its difficult to explain because the visible difference is minimal but I have started to keep a measurement record I will update you again soon but i believe its working cant wait for all the other stuff I have ordered from you thank you I feel better already thank you all x

09-04-11     I've experienced a huge size difference

Hi Amy, I started from almost none and two months after I've been taking your product, I've experienced a huge size difference! Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures before I started in late June. My breasts grew a lot for the first month. two months after I started you can still see the size change! I'm very excited about this product, and I just wanted to let you know that it really worked for me! Thanks a lot! Y

08-25-11     2 inches I've grown

Hello, I've been using the products for about 13 weeks and I'm just super overjoyed with the results... I do however have a question.... I am going to stop all herbal supplements for 10 days while taking antibiotics... Will I loose anything that I've grown in these 10 days while not taking natureday? I Really don't wanna stop taking it but I need to... I'm just nervous that the 2 inches I've grown in these 13 weeks are not permanent yet... any info is very much appreciated... thanks

08-24-11     after 3 weeks I have gained a half inch

I have been taking 2 droppers of the liquid and doing 2 applications of the cream. After about 3 weeks, I have gained 1/2 inch. I hope that continuing this regimen of liquid and cream will give me another 1/2 inch!

08-20-11     i tried other products but did not see any results

Hi everyone, Just want to share my experience with natureday, i am a mother of 2 girls after giving birth i dropped to 30" breast size, i was so ashame for having tiny breasts like that, i tried other products but did not see any result. I was searching for a while and finally saw this website and read all the testimonials and decided to try this i bought the drops and the cream and after 1 months i saw the difference i measured myself and i was amaze i gained 1 1/2 inches. I will keep ordering some more, 1 1/2 inches in 1 month is a good feeling to gain. Thank you natureday.

08-11-11     they are not saggy anymore

I am 57 years old and my breasts were looking saggy. I take good care of my body, but I knew I needed to do something to help my breasts look firmer and younger. I started doing massage, but then after researching the internet I saw all of the great testimonials about Natureday products. Since the beginning of June, 2011, I started using the cream and then in July I added the liquid. I take the liquid twice a day, and usually before bedtime, because a nurse told me to always take supplements at night so that your body can get the most benefit from them while you are sleeping. I noticed quickly a firmer, rounder look to my breasts, they are not saggy anymore. They definitely looked more uplifted and they no longer look flat. Now when I lay down, I can see rounder, more feminine breasts, where before they were pretty flat. This week I measured them and I have gained an inch in size!!! I am so pleased with your products! They really do work. Thank you very much, Natureday! I plan on submitting a picture soon. Please do not include my email address.

08-09-11     They're perky and big now

Hey Natureday, My breast was a 34B/C. Now, their a 36D going on to a DD. They're perky and big now. I've been on your products for two years. Thanks.

08-05-11     I am really happy about the cream

Hi Nature Day Representative, I have been using your product for a month (liquid & cream) and I am really happy about the cream as it is helping to firm after 3 years breastfeeding. I have been taking the liquid as well and have noticed fast hair growth. I am not sure if that is a side effect or just a coincidence but I wanted to see if it would be possible to exchange the unopened bottle of pills for cream and pay the difference? I can send it by mail with a check for the difference if you could send the cream in exchange. Please let me know if you think the hair growth is just a coincidence or you might of had other people report that before. Thanks so much for your help and wonderful products! Have a nice day,

08-03-11     I grew one inch and I am a full A cup now

I have been using your products for 3 weeks and a half now, using 3 droppers of liquid in the morning, putting cream (sometimes with 2-3 drops of liquid on my smaller breast) 2 to 3 times a day, 3 pills at night, and soap once to twice a day letting it stay for half an hour if time allows. Highly motivated as you can see! I was a small A cup, now I think I grew one inch and I am a full A cup now, which I am thrilled about!

07-26-11     Now they are so much Fuller and more perky

Hello, Please don't use my name or email. I hope you can use my photo. I have been taking 60 drops of liquid, 3 pills, and the cream everyday for the last 8 weeks. I am overjoyed with the results so far. I started at a 34b . It wasn't a full b cup. After my daughter was born, my poor breast started to sag and just weren't as nice as they were. Now they are so much Fuller and more perky. I am measuring a c cup now but I want a full c cup. So I will continue until that. As of now I am so happy I decided to give this a try and I can't wait til I reach my goal.

07-20-11     I love the products

I am so happy with the product. I use the pill, liquid, and flax oil. i started at small b now full b in just 2 weeks. I will keep using until i get small D. thanks I love the products!

07-19-11     My cups size was 34 now its a 36

this Natureday breast enlargement is the best. I have tried many of formals breast enlargement and within 6 months. My cups size was 34 now its a 36. I am going to order another order. To everyone... this works.. eat right with protein and take vitamin u will have a faster outcome. I was going to get a breast enlargement but not... I love my breast and now everyone notices the difference. So i will be ordering another 8 months supplies again thanks so much. this really works

07-18-11     OMG I HAVE BREASTS

My friend bought the pills and cream for me and her for her over Amazon. I didn't really think it would work but after using it for about 6 weeks my breasts have DEFINITELY grown larger and rounder. OMG I HAVE BREASTS! My breasts are still small but at least I'm not a flat pancake anymore! I'll definitely continue to use it and hopefully my breasts will go larger (: I'll continue to send more pictures and update!!

07-18-11     already feel the breast growth

Ive been using the pills and lipid for 2 weeks and already feel the breast growth.Im small 34B hopefully trying to get an full C or D cup in the few months. Pictures soon.

07-16-11     started seeing improvement after just 1 week

Absolutely amazing! I always had large breasts, 34D since I was 16. But I lost a dramatic amount of weight last year, and my breast not only got smaller but they looked deflated and flat. I used just the liquid and cream for 1 month, and then added the pills (liquid, cream, pills) for the next month. I started seeing improvement after just 1 week, and I honestly was not expecting it. I am sooo happy with this product, I recommend it to EVERYONE, and will continue using it.

07-06-11     so many positive reviews on Amazon and the Natureday website

I was very skeptical about these products, however after reading so many positive reviews on Amazon and the Natureday website, I decided to throw caution to the wind and try it for myself. I have always struggled with 20-30 lbs of extra weight and the only advantage was that I would fill out my 34B bras when I was/am heavier. I recently began another weight loss program and after 6 DAYS on Natureday I see (and feel) a difference!!! I am so excited and happy to see that I am filling out my bras and I can actually feel more volume when I massage the cream & liquid drops in. I am also taking the pills and as recommended, I doubled my dosages because it was the first week. Thank you so much for making such a great product and not selling a bunch of "empty promises" :). What a fantastic product and wonderful customer service!!!!

07-01-11     L from the UK

I have been using natureday.from 6/8/11 I have used the cream,pills and the fulfillment liquid. Have noticed a bit of a change in my size

06-29-11     thank you so much

Hello NatureDay staff & everyone! Im very happy with my results! I just finished my first liquid,pills ,cream ,and still have a little stud of the bar soap left that will also last me a couple more days until its gone. that you guys gave me for a sample and i love it ! i just purchased the pills /liquid last month,is already done with it. I was a (AA) and was in the itty bitty club i grew 4 inches !! im very happy about the results i got from using your wonderful products!! i just made another order of pills,cream ,and your soap last friday and just got it in the mail yesterday ! on Amazon! im very excited about gettin the next spur ! im going to continue to order more from you guys until i reach the goal size that i want thank you for creating this product its great and makes us built up our confidence to those who are unhappy about your breat size :) thank you so much , i will come back in a couple of weeks and post a before/ after photo once its grows its next spur ! please do not include my email address thank you and have a good dayZ ( sent from my android phone )

06-27-11     J's Fiancee

My Fiancee has gone from an A12 cup to a bursting B12 in only 5weeks from using your cream, drops, and pills I purchased for her last month. Thanks so much because you have saved her from wanting to get breast surgery.( the only thing is its going to cost me fortune for the new bra's!!!, ( Luckily I got her a few ahh bras to keep her going until she reaches a C cup then I will get her new Bra's) I will send another pic in 5 more weeks so you can see the results!!! In the mean time Im going to go enjoy them :) Thanks again

06-20-11     I can already see and feel the results

I've been taking the liquid for eight days now and I can already see/ feel the results!!!! I have a vacation in one month and I am super excited to go to the beach and look amazing! Ill be placing another order this week! Thanks, Sarahd Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

06-16-11     gone from an A cup to a bursting B in only 4weeks from using your cream, drops, and pills

Ok thanks yes we will make a testimonial how do we log on to do that? my Fiancee has gone from an A cup to a bursting B in only 4weeks from using your cream, drops, and pills we purchased last month from amazon. Thanks so much because you have saved here from wanting to get breast surgery.( the only thing is its going to cost me fortune for the new bra's, ( Luckily I got her a few ahh bras to keep her going until she reaches a C cup then I will get her new Bra's)Thank you so much J

06-08-11     I have already gained much more firmness and roundness in the first month

I read it under some testimonial when I was searching websites for products. I don't even remember which site it was on but someone mentioned a line forming where the growth will then occur. I thought it was odd. I have already gained much more firmness and roundness in the first month of just using the liquid and the cream. When I measured I had already gained 1/2 inch. I am definitely filling out my bras better. I started to add the soap a few days ago. I am totally pleased. I will add a testimonial after I see more improvement, which I am sure will happen. The products are wonderful. Thanks,

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