2867 Testimonials and Growing
03-07-08     I still am responding well

I am doing a bodybuilding show in April so I do not want my results I have gotten so far hindered. your product has deliverd amazingly..even with my diet and hard workouts I still am responding well. Usually at this point I have no breasts left....please let me know ...I have been on the lotion for a week now and need to know what to do. sincerely s.

03-12-08     I am seeing big improvements

I would like the pills and the cream. I need to order asap I am almost out.....I didn't realise I was getting low! So far I am seeing big improvements and I want to keep on your products at least for 6 months to a year. I take pictures weekly and send them to my hubby he is impressed he noticed without me telling him I had ordered the products.

03-13-08     my boobs have been growing

Ok Amy thanx a bunch, I will probably order again and when i do I will just refresh your memory and save all the emails so you don't think I'm crazy lol but I REALLY appreciate it and my boobs have been growing I have been on the product now for about a month and they are plumper. I have been taking my 90 drops of liquid in the morning with half of a protien bar then in the afternoon I take a flaxseed oil pill and a multivitamin and then before I go to bed I eat the other have of the protien bar along with 3 pills. I really hope this is a good regimen because I am a small A now and I would LOVE to get to a big B small C. Again thank you so much and I will hopefully hear from you soon! F.

03-15-08     I noticed my breast were firmer

Hi My name is C.... I had this breast cream for 3 months now. It works for me. I noticed my breast were firmer and fuller. That is great. I asked you, one question. What if I stop to use this breast cream, will the breast decrease?

Response: Your results will sustain (be permanent) if your breast tissue has had enough adequate time growing. Usually this takes about six months, but some customers experience this in just one to two months. So, it is up to your body.

03-17-08     Slow but steady growth

Hi, Amy, I've dropped an order in the mail today for 1 Natureday's Complete Package. As usual, it will be helpful to me if you will ship it via UPS, mark the package "please leave on porch, no signature required", and email me with the tracking number. Slow but steady growth, very satisfied with the progress. Thanks, K.

03-18-08     am pleased with the progress

I have been on the liquid and cream for almost a month and am pleased with the progress. My pictures don't show as much contrast so I will send them with the end result, or when I see more contrast along with my testimonial. My question is, we are moving to a new house and will be in transition for a month or two so I want to place an order that will take me through that. I have 2 bottles of liquid left and 1/2 a jar of cream. I take 1 1/2 droppers in the morning and try to do the cream 3 times a day. What would you recommend to order? Also, what about the pills. Are they taken in place of the liquid, or at the same time? I really like the liquid so can you achieve good results with just liquid? Let me know what you think so I can place the order asap. I want to do this for the full 6 months to see what happens. Thanks, k

03-18-08     I am noticing breast tenderness and a bit of side growth

Hi Amy, I was on Fulfillment about 8 months ago and by the third month I had filled out my A cup bras (but I also never cut down on my caffeine). I always had extra room in my bras bc of nursing two children. I felt so sexy busting out of my little bra...lol. But I lost a ton of weight which meant I lost my new growth too. I decided to try again and, once again, I am noticing breast tenderness and a bit of side growth in the first few weeks. So I am getting back on track. Maybe this time since I switched to decaff coffee I'll see the same results but a bit sooner. Im using the cream, liquid, and pills (bought the pills by accident.... prefer the liquid). I use cream two to three times a day, take three pills, and three full droppers (or 6 half droppers). Last go around I didnt take progress pictures so this time I'm taking step by step by pictures. I have been on it only two weeks and there is small but noticable growth from my side view. In the beginning I sunk in above my nipple and now (2 wks later) it is filling out. I couldnt believe the fast change. If you want to see them for yourself you can, just let me know. I'm not sure if its testimony worthy and I know its not worth the three month supply yet but I'll keep up with pictures this time! I love your products and it has been a fun process for me.

03-19-08     I have noticed an increase in the size of my breats

Hi, I've been using Natureday for just over four weeks now. I have noticed an increase in the size of my breats. I used to have a flat part at the side of each of my breast, but this has completely filled out which I am thrilled about as I was very conscious of it. I take three full droppers of the liquid a half hour before my evening meal and then take my pills a half hour after my evening meal. I take 1 mug of tea/coffee in the morning and use caffeine free for the rest of the day. I eat well and cook all my own meals so I haven't altered my diet in any way. I have just ordered two tubs of the breast cream as I find the taste of the liquid a little harsh. So my plan is to see how the cream/pill combination works for me, if I don't see any results I'll go back to the liquid/pills. I plan on using Natureday for 6mts - 1year. I was just about filling a B cup before I started and now I'm filling a B cup so my ideal size is to get to a full C cup. My fingers are crossed. If I achieve this it will finially end years of self consciouness about the size of my breast. I did have reservations about purchasing this product but I would highly recommond it, it really does work!

03-22-08     So far have gained 1 inch and a lot of fullness

please do not use my name or email address, call me Fiona. I have been using Natureday (cream, pills & liquid) for approximately one and month and one week as directed. So far have gained 1 inch and a lot of fullness. I'm down to just the cream & 1/2 a bottle of the liquid and am curious to see how much more growth I may sustain. Looking forward to wearing my bikini this summer at the beach!

03-29-08     very pleased with the added cleavage and size

hey amy, please don't use any of my real information. here is the after picture as promised. i was very pleased with the added cleavage and size!!! i also loved the fact that i didn't have to stop taking birth control while i was taking the nature day liquid. because i am a small girl it took me awhile to notice changes - i think from start to now i have gained 1 inch!! i went from a loose 34b to a almost 34c!! i love the crease when i wear low tops now!!! do u have any idea what jayme (the guy) was taking and what bra he was wearing to become a DD?? thanks again!!

04-01-08     I see positive changes

I have been on the product for three weeks now. I see positive changes but the test was sending before and after pictures to my boyfriend. Not only did he see a little filling out above my nipple but he noticed a little lift as well. I'm stoked! I do have a question though.... Thanks a bunch! - J

04-03-08     I've surpassed all expectations

Well Natureday, I've surpassed all expectations and now have reached a c cup! I would have been satisfied at a b cup (a healthy b too). But, what's not to luv with a little more growth? :) Just in time for the beaches and a new bikini I guess. Also all those sexy bra tops from my college roommate/girlfirend should look nice on me too. Thanks Natureday! Krystyna

04-08-08     still a little saggy but filler I'LL TAKE IT

I been using your product for a bout a couple of months. I complete restored my confidence. I had COMPLETE flat breast. When i say flat i mean flat. My breast was a 36 B, But after i had my kids, and breast fed, They weren't even a A cup. They sagged super low and was very close to being hollow, i just looked like skin.. I difenate self- esteem killer!! But now after a couple of months I'm a 34 B, still a little saggy but filler.. I'LL TAKE IT! Okay so now that I'm comfortable again. I stopped. ( Don't wanna get greedy. lol)

04-14-08     This stuff is amazing

What the crap!! This stuff is amazing! This is my 6th day using your product and my breasts are much fuller and firmer. There was alot of empty space in the top of my bra cups and my breasts were very saggy due to breastfeeding. I know that they are much fuller also because I had some stretch marks at the top of my breasts from where they had grown & shrunk after breastfeeding. Those stretchmarks had almost completely vanished after the first three days on this product. I tried another enlargement product before this one and I have seen way more results with natureday in 6 days than I did with them in 6 months!! I use the cream in the morning before work and at night before bed. I use 3 dropper fulls of the liquid before lunch and take 3 pills 30 minutes after dinner. I also take vitamins and a protein supplement as well. I placed my second order after only 3 days on this product because I could fill the tingling and I noticed the firmness & fullness immediately. If anyone is on the fence about buying this product, you need to come on over & join those of us who have tried this product. You truly have nothing to lose and everything to gain! (p.s. please leave out my email address info, Thanks!)
(04-13-08) Hi I would like to order this on tuesday 15 of april. And i have to say i'm pleased with the results;) Now i actually can fill out my bra;) I cant wait to get more results!:D Think im gonna order 15 of mai, and 15 of juli to so that i have liquid for a while. Then i can send you pictures;)

04-16-08     Shes very proud of yalls product and so am i

It was my girlfriend who got me into the natureday products. Shes been on it for bout a year in a half and shes grown almost 3 cup sizes from yalls products. She told me i should try it, i dunno why but i went with it. Sadly i didn't see the effort to get boobs so i returned my products. But shes doing great and will continue to be yalls customer. She was a Small B cup now she fills a big C cup bra fully. Shes very proud of yalls product and so am i, im glad it could help her atleast

04-21-08     I grew almost an inch in those two weeks

Hi, I started taking the drops the middle of march.I am a small B 34.. what I really want is to be close to a small C34 by July. Its my bday.. and I have plans to be in FLorida and would really like to look nice in a bathingsuit.. I was only taking the drops for the first two weeks.. (3 droppers full) then switched to the pills and one dropper full.. I grew almost an inch in those two weeks.. and now I havent seemed to have grown anything since I switched to the pills.. Can I up my dropper dosage? Thanks for your help.

Response: Yes if you take 90 drops (3 droppers) of the liquid then your growth spurts happen faster.

04-24-08     it didnt take long for me to begin to believe

I started taking your product a bit of a skeptic, but it didn’t take long for me to begin to believe. When I started taking your product I was in a 38 slightly padded almost A cup bra (34 inch bust measurement). After 3 months I was into a 36 B cup unlined, the material was slightly loose but above an A cup. I discovered that I had been wearing the wrong band size in the past to make up for cup size (I guess). At last measurement I am up to a 37 inch bust measurement and my bra is not loose. I do believe that now a C cup bra could be in my future. I do have a question about how full the dropper should be, I always seem to get only half way full or should the glass part be completely full to the lid for one dose?

Response: One dropper is 30 drops.

04-26-08     Voice

05-10-08     I am in love with your products

Hello!!! I am just emailing you to let you know that I phoned in my voice testimonial today at 12:43pm EST. I am in love with your products and I want the world to know. I am thankful for what your products have done for me!! Love you guys! Same as (04-14-08)

05-13-08     I have found that mixing the liquid with chocolate milk

Hi!! I have found that mixing the liquid with chocolate milk, not to chocolatey though, it's only to mask the taste, works very well and you could barely tast it. Hope it works for you. Results are slow but great.

05-22-08     my breasts look fuller and firmer

Hey, i started this stuff about 3 months ago...i started with the liquid and cream but then couldnt take the taste so i stopped after about 3 weeks. now im just using the cream and i am actually seeing a difference! my breasts look fuller and firmer! thank you!

05-23-08     The exciting part is that they are firm again

it has been about two months of using the cream, liquid, and pills. I can't say there is any big bra size change (I am currently an A cup) but what I do know is that the top part of my breasts are starting to take a beautiful shape again (like my pre-pregnancy breasts). The most exciting part is that they are firm again! My breasts felt extremely empty just two months ago and now I'm walking around my husband topless again! He also finds my new confidence extremely sexy. It's amazing what little changes can do to your self esteem. I will definately continue to take your products just to see if I will have any bra size growth in the future but the fact that I am getting back firmness to my breasts has made this completely worth it! - a very happy wife and mommy of two

05-28-08     I have cleavage!!! I have cleavage

I've been using nature day on and off for about four months now. I've been a small A with no cleavage and now after 4 months.......I have cleavage!!! I have cleavage!! My goal is to get to a healthy B-cup. This is product is awesome!

06-01-08     thank you guys so, so, so, so very much for having this great product

my husband bought your product for me a few months ago because i didnt like the way mine were after having 2 lovely children (a boy and then girl) i was a 34b after the kids were both born and when we got married in april. he had bought the stuff for me a few weeks before then. now its may 24th and the dress i wore (which is a spring dress) i go to put it on and it gets harder and harder to take off!!! so obviously its working!! thank you guys so, so, so, so, so, so very much for having this great product. I had read the maximum u can take is 90 drops so i have been doing it that way. My mother has even noticed the dress is getting tighter on me and was wondering why. I hadnt told her and when i did she told me that she dont expect me to be able to wear the dress for much longer if i keep up the stuff he bought. even my cousin has noticed a verybig difference in them, lol. I am beyond what i was before i had my 2 children but still not quite at the size i want to be yet. I was a 36c before my kids 34b after the children and now i am definitly beyond the 36c now. i have tossed out oll my old b's and have keptmy 36c's just so i have a bra to wear, lol! I dont have any pictures of me maked because i am camera shy when it comes to that but i do have a picture of me in a bikini top which i have included also with a picture of me today in my 36c bra comming out of it. you may post them since i dont have my face showing. BUT ONCE AGAIN THANK YOU SO MUCH I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!

06-05-08     I am soooooooooooo happy with this product

Hi, I left a voice testimonal today. I left my name as just simply Charlene, but I wanted you to know that it was me. I am soooooooooooo happy with this product. It does EVERYTHING it says it's going to do. Thanks so much for making such an awesome product.

06-09-08     did see an increase of about an inch

Hi, I ordered your products at the end of March and did see an increase of about 3/4 of an inch. I havent seen anything since then.. could it be because Im using the pills? or just not a growing spurt? And how much am I going to take everyday? Thank you for your time,

06-10-08     the liquid was working so quickly

I lost a lot of weight after my second child and of course, lost it all from the chest area. I was probably an AA before I started with breast actives at the end of last year. Long story short, I have used BA, Breast Success, Wonderup and then Nature day. I did get some results from the other products, but as soon as I started using the nature day liquid, I could see a huge difference...in just 2 weeks. I was amazed and sooo excited. I am really excited to see what kind of results I am able to achieve with Nature day, when I use it on a regular basis, I was just sooo excited b/c the liquid was working so quickly. I haven't told my husband about using the products, but he did notice the difference. So I am excited. I don't want him to know that I am doing it because of the amount of money that it is costing me. I need to do this for myself and surgery isn't an option. Anyway, that is my story and this is why I am so anxious about getting the package that seems to be lost in the mail.

06-11-08     my breasts are a little fuller now around the sides and bottom

i'm at the end of my 6th and last bottle (i ordered all liquids). its been a month and a half, and there is an obvious change in my size tho not much change in inches. my breasts are a little fuller now around the sides and bottom... and my boyfriend notices it too. but i feel like i had a pretty slow growth compared to the other women. i wish i could order more to reach my desired C cup size... but the exchange is too great for my country's currency. but i will definitely order more once i've saved enough money! this stuff is amazing, thank you so much.

06-17-08     seen good results and lovign it

To whom it may concern, I have been taken your product for three months now and have seen good results and lovign it. I have just placed another order for the three month supply of liquid and pills. How much should i take for each application now. I have been taken three pills each day and 11/2 dropers of the liquid perday. (Please let me know so i can get the best results).....LUV H.

06-18-08     I was having amazing results

The first time around I took 3 droppers of the liquid for 1 week, and then the 3 droppers of the liquid and 3 of the pills each day. I was having amazing results. Do you think I should get one pill and 2 liquids in order to start that again or is taking the liquid each day a lot stronger than the pill/liquid combination? I just want to whatever is the strongest b/c I want to get the results fast...I have to tell you that I have grown ½ inch since last Fri on the liquid !!!! I am not sure if that is a normal result, but I am ecstatic!!!!....Sorry about this long message! I love Natureday!!!

06-22-08     i see a big change on how my breast

i been on this product for 20 days and i see a big change on how my breast. there fuller and rounder. to the point my husband thinks that i might be pregnant he doesnt now i bought this wounderfull product it really work. thank you. it really boost my self of steam

06-23-08     i my breast grew 3 inches i wasnt expecting it

Hi Amy, I remember emailing you my before photos from July 2007 and I am wondering if you still have them because I cannot find it anywhere in my computer. could you please (hopefully) could track them down? anywhere from May, June, or July 2007 if you cannot, then I guess I will have to take another photos. PS it took awhile, i my breast grew 3 inches i wasnt expecting it.
Hi Amy, I had a hard time searching for the "before" photos...but anyway lucky I had it sort of saved in another hard drive. Anyway, I have attached both"before" and "after" photos. My message below...
Due to personal reasons, the product took a long time to work for me. My busy schedule has not given me any chance to do much. In order to have this achievement it was a very slow progress. I noticed the difference in my breasts and love the increase of it. I am looking forward in having bigger breasts and I will continue to use Natureday's products until I am happy with the results. As for my husband's knowledge he doesn't know about the products but he is happy with knowing my breasts got bigger in a strange way...I will tell him eventually...

06-27-08     my breast are starting tingling i can tell some thing is happening

Does this stuff realy work,that was what i was asking my self.before i had my two kids i was a 34C cup and after i had my kids and after breastfeeding my breast went down to a 34Aa cup and it looked like some one had let the air out of them.So now they look like two sand bags,i do n`t even call them breast.I was looking on line to find something that might help me and my sand bag and i came accross Natureday breast enlargement and read the testimonials and said to my self,does this stuff realy work so i ordered.I have been on the cream for two weeks and my breast are starting tingling i can tell some thing is happening and they feel like the out side of my breast is getting biger.I put the cream on in the morning and again at night.i will send some before pictures so.thank you for makeing Natureday part of my life.Please do n`t put my name or email on this just call me A.

06-30-08     Thanks so much naterday

Hi Natureday. This is my first testimonial but I am so excited to share my story. So January of this year I decided that I wanted to get a great bathing suit body for the summer. I was a 34 C at the time. I did the maximum dose of liquid everyday and around the 3rd month I added in the cream. Honestly by the beginning of June I started to get discouraged. I didnt notice the growth I had hoped for so I gave up on the regimen. However earlier this week I went to Victoria's secret semiannual Sale with my friends. When I came out of the dressing room the measuring lady said "that bra looks too small. Why dont you try a D" Im like ok theres no way I wear a D but I tried on a 34D and sure enough it fit perfectly! I couldnt be more happy. Ive been bra shopping all the rest of the week. Thanks so much naterday. Ive been wanting to be a D cup for so long and even considered surgery in the future but I love my size now. Your the best :)Please do not include my email in the testimonial.

07-08-08     I am sooo pleased with this product

Dear Amy, I am placing another order for fullfillment. I am sooo pleased with this product. I really had my doubts, my breasts were bottom heavy with nothing on top a result of breast feeding, but after taking my first order(2month supply) I am happy to see they are full and I can now fill out my bra completely and I HAVE CLEAVAGE AGAIN. I haven't told my husband what I am doing but has taken advantage of the growth and is loving it!!!!! I just placed another order(3month supply this time). Oh I almost forgot to mention that the growth hasn't been hindered by the fact that I drink a full pot of coffee every single day sometimes two pots. Thanks so much Nikki

07-14-08     My husband's the one that noticed the growth the most

Please don't use my name or email address. The before pics are when I started taking 2 dropperfuls a day on June 1st 2008. The after pics are one month later (July 13th 2008) and I just started taking 3 pills half hour after I eat and using the cream twice a day. Before I was a C and now I am a D. My husband's the one that noticed the growth the most! Thank you soooo much!!!! It has definately made a HUGE change in our relationship!! I will definately keep using the fullfillment products, especially the liquid! Pam

07-14-08     Whoopie!!!! I have sustained about a 1 inch in growth

I have been consuming 11/2 droppers of the liquid once a day and also 2 pills once a day. I have been utilizing your product for about 3-4 months with some success. Whoopie!!!! I have sustained about a 1 inch in growth from a 39" to now 40" chest measurement, with allot of overall mass in the breast area increase. I would like know if i can order just the liquid and breast cream. I would like a three (3) month supply. How much would it be and how do i place my order this way. Please let me know soon, because i am getting low on my reserve and want to continue with your Fabulous product. PS. Please do not show are pass my email address to any one. LOL H.

07-18-08     some change now

the liquid has been working but slowly but it has only been a month and some change now .i also want to order again but i can't order big i don't have hundreds to spend at once but i would like the best thing for me in dollar amount i want to know would the pills and the liquid be faster and better for me or the cream what will work just a little faster or should i stay on the liquid drops they have been working i have more breast than i ever have had in my life

07-29-08     People think that I have had breast enlargement surgery

I have been a loyal user of your growth pills and liquid since 2006. I love it!! People think that I actually have had breast enlargement surgery and I tell them about you!!! Do you have any specials or coupons for loyal customers? Thanks for such a great product! Thank You!!! Luv you guys!!! Ann

08-01-08     This is amazing! I have noticeable results

This is amazing! I have noticeable results after just two weeks! My husband and I had been looking at all of our options to grow my breasts because i was very unhappy with my small a cup. We researched and decided on your product and boy am i glad i did! I want to continue growing to become a big b small c somewhere in there. I have a small frame so i dont want to go to big. As soon as i run out of my supply i will be ordering more and the cream as well. I have a question though is is perfectly ok to keep taking while on my period? My breast normally swell while on it and then shrink it used to be so depressing. I cant wait to see more results thank you so much! Lots of Love Kay

Response: It is fine to use our products while on your period.

08-04-08     I've grown a full cup size

Hi my names Lily I've only been using Natureday for about 2 months and I've grown a full cup size! I used wear an A cup size and now im up to a B! I was so excited when i first noticed the amazing result. I just feel a whole lot more confident! I definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants to feel sexier. Thank you so much!

08-05-08     I have visibly firmer and fuller breasts

Hi Amy~ Here is a quick update on my progress. After just one month of taking the Fulfillment liquid (90 drops per day) and the Fulfillment cream, I have visibly firmer and fuller breasts. I also use the Fulfillment soap. I have already gained 1/2 an inch!!! I am happily surprised and amazed. I was also ecstatic that my products arrived less than 48 hours after I put in the order. Wow! Thank you so, so much. I have been taking the liquid drops at night as well as applying the cream at that time. Is there a certain time of day that works better? Thank you . . . I sincerely appreciate all your help so far. A.

08-15-08     Just by following the instructions my breast grew within 1 week

My purchase of your product shift my confidence level to a 10++++. Just by following the instructions my breast grew within 1 week. I order the pills and the liquid and took them together and a multi-vitamin and decrease my caffeine intake and ate meals with protein and it worked for me. I now put on my shirts and look in the mirror and have to take another glance it is amazing how you fill out so quickly with this product. I start using the product in July 08 and it is now 8/15/08 and here is what has happen to me in one month of your product. I have always got attention from the opposite sex, but now I met someone who could not take his eyes off me and I am almost engaged to my now current boyfriend, I am debating should I tell him how I got my upper figure, but I may wait until after the marriage lol! He compliments me daily and I am glad I step out on faith and start using the Nature day products. Man are attracted to breasts it is just the truth and I am glad I chose to order Nature day liqud products. I am waiting my second order of the liquid and I hope to try the cream soon. Amy thanks for your quick responses and removing all the jitters in the beginning, please don't post my email address thanks. T, in Detroit

08-19-08     there is a nice definition in my tops

Hi Amy.Just thought I'd let you know,that after only three weeks on your program,the results are fantastic so far.At 5 ft 6 in and 135 lbs...I started with nothing.I can now tell you that there is a nice definition in my tops and I can even feel the bounce in my step.I just put in my second order,not out,but mail is slower than your product..lol.Thanks for your time and product. Christine

08-20-08     my breasts to have grown fuller and firmer in so little time

After using Breast Actives for 4 months, I was extremely unsatisfied with the results. I spent $300 on a product that did absolutely nothing for me. I heard about Nature Day and I was astonished at the affordable 3-month supply cost! I decided to try it and after taking 3 droppers a day for under a month, I have found my breasts to have grown fuller and firmer in so little time! I am extremely pleased with the results and wish to continue to use more!

08-22-08     i started to feel the tingles in my breasts and noticed a lil bit more fuller

IMPRESSED! Hi, i just wanted to tell you about my experiences with NatureDay and my reasons for trying it. I am very skeptical, but I was once a heavier weight and had breast sized 36D. I had lost almost 35 pounds,and it seemed like most of it was in my breasts! They shrunk down to a 34B and no longer felt full, they were limper and since i have wide set breasts to begin with any cleavage i had was gone. So i tried Natureday, mainly because they offered the liquid ( i have throat trouble and swallowing pills is not easy for me).And the price was reasonable , so if it was a waste, i wasnt out of a lot of money. I opted for the Fullfilment. At 1st i did not take it as often as the instructions had said, this was due to my busy schedule and i was not fond of the taste. I went back to the helpful website and read up on some ideas.. and fond that if you put the drops into JUICE in the morning ( Welchs White Grape with Peach) masks any bad after taste. Within a week as the website says, i started to feel the tingles in my breasts and i even noticed a lil bit more fuller. I then ordered a second Fullfilment, the gum, and the soap. I found the gum to be very tasty, and the soap had a pleasureable scent.I have also tried the cream. Again i noticed a bit of difference within a week. Well i have have to say, that i have just expericened my 2nd growth spurt- and im Extremely pleased! It has taken me a little bit longer then others but i have had weight fluctuations as well, plus the gum and the soap take longer as qouted on the website. However, since i started i have grown more, into a FULL C cup now. My breasts are fuller,wider, rounder, heavier and i have Cleavage! The change has been drastic enough that even my children have noticed! I have been so excited about the product i passed on my secret to asking family members- an they have tried NatureDay with success as well! I am well on my way back to my 36D, and Natureday is to thank for it, and it has not Broken my pocketbook as well!

08-29-08     What a difference

Thanks for your quick response. Anyway, here's my full story with a few questions:I had been using the Breast Actives pills/cream for about 3 1/2 months but was not satisfied with the results. I did attain some firming and fullness, but became discouraged when their customer service told me that for the last 2 1/2 month supply I had left (I had purchased a 6 month supply) I would only attain the same rate of breast size increase. I looked into other products and found out about NatureDay from your website. It's too bad that I did not find out about you until I had invested the time and money into the other product, but I am grateful that I found out about your products! I purchased NatureDay's Complete Package (eight month supply). For the last 18 days I have been taking 90 drops of the liquid per day in the morning, 3 pills 30 minutes after a meal, and using the cream 2-3 times a day. What a difference! Within the first two weeks, I attained just as much, if not more, of an increase in breast size/firmness/fullness that took me 3 1/2 months with the other product. So here are my first few questions: Is the amount of liquid/pills/cream that I am using daily a good regimen to follow to continue to have such great results? Also, during the first two weeks of using your products, I had very noticeable breast tenderness/sorenss then a growth "spurt". Since then, the tenderness/soreness has subsided. Is it typical for this kind of tenderness/soreness to always precede a growth spurt? Does it mean anything if the tenderness/soreness is not present?

Response: About 30% of everyone does experience a sensation, soreness, or sensitivity in their breasts and or nipples right before a growth spurt. But most feel nothing before growth, they just look down and they are larger.

09-04-08     It's great to use a product that really works

Hi, Amy, Thanks for your recent response. I've been continuing with the 90 drops, 3 pills, cream 2-3x per day and have been doing great! Continuing to "grow"! Sorry to bombard you with questions...although I have grown from a full 32B/small 34B to a 32C/34B I'd like to grow another cup size (to a 34C). Like I said I can be diligent about using your products and plan to use them for at least 6 months. Can I keep using your products until I get there? Thanks so much! It's great to use a product that really works and to get such great and knowledgeable service from you!

09-07-08     i went from a b cup to c in just abut 4 couple weeks

i went from a b cup to c in just abut 4 couple weeks.. this is a really great product and its all natural growth i had no bad side effects or nothing.. i highly recommed it to any one with small breast problems!!!

09-08-08     This product does work

This product does work! The pictures are taken (before) June 15, 2008 and taken (after) September 1, 2008. To the ladies out there who have a high metabolism, don't give up, it will happen for you. It's just harder for us. I had to be very consistent and follow a routine in order to get to where I am now. I consume protein shakes, multi-vitamins and flax seed oil every day on top of the pills, liquid and cream twice a day. Also in the evening with the cream I placed a heating pad on my breasts for at least a half hour. I started out a A cup and now I am a B cup. I plan to continue to use Natureday to obtain my goal of a C cup, no matter how long it takes. Here you go I had a couple more pictures from that same day. I cropped off the dates to try and make the before and after photos relatively the same size and zoom. Thanks so much for a wonderful product. I will continue to send more pictures as I progress. Rhonda

09-09-08     i already had a little growth spurt

Hi again, So how many growth spurts should i expect in a 3month period? i already had a little one 2weeks into the product how long does it last for? Thanks again S.

09-12-08     Thank you so much for your product that really works

I plan to continue to use your products! Also, please confirm that you got this message by e-mailing me to let me know what you'll be sending and when it'll go out. I'm almost out of the liquid and I don't want any break from using it. Thank you so much for your product that really works and for your friendly and great service!

9-14-08     I gained 2 inches in only four weeks

I have seen an improvement with your product I gained 2 inches in only four weeks. Before using the breast cream I was a small 32 A now I am getting closer to a 34 A. I could feel the difference in my bras being they are getting tight. This stuff is amazing. I just ordered another jar of the breast cream and now I added the liquid drops to my second order. I am shooting for a 34 C by June of next year. My husband is so excited about your product that is has seen a difference in the way I look. He also thanks you for a wonderful product you have that is finally making me feel like a woman and not a child at the age of 37. I am hoping to see a greater improvement with the liquid drops and cream combined. Thank you for a wonderful product you are a Gods blessing.

09-14-08     I am having slow grow spurts

I have been on nature day now for about two months. I am having slow grow spurts not sure if it because i am am small person had three kids and breast feed them but i am growing:) I started out as a A32 and now i am a A36. My goal is to get a to a C.

09-16-08     my breasts have clearly gained some size

Hi! I've been using your product for about 3 months now, and my breasts have clearly gained some size. I was just wondering if you've got some tips on what to do with tuberous breasts other than surgery? Is there any other option that you know of? I was hoping that the fulfillment would decrease my deformity, but so far I've had no luck with this. Thank you for your help.S

09-21-08     I've been using the liquid and cream for about 4 weeks and noticed more fullness

I've been using the liquid and cream for about 4 weeks and noticed more fullness. Heck it's only been 4 weeks, so I am eager to see what the next month or two will do for me. I take the liquid with a tall glass of ice water each night and throw a splash of no-calorie liquid sweetner and it's really not bad at all. I use the cream every morning and every night. They staff was really helpful in answering my questions - Thanks so very much.

10-04-08     There is already an increase in firmness and fullness

Sorry it took so long to respond, I was having some trouble getting my E-Mail work. There are 3 pictures attached. Here is another copy of my testimonial, the dates havn't been changed, since I am not exactly sure what you wish them to be. "Hello! I've only been using Fullfillment for about two months, and have already grown a big amount! There is already an increase in firmness and fullness, they are definatly getting rounder. I was surprised to see such a big change in such a small amount of time. I intend to continue to use Fullfillment! " Thank you, Mara.

10-13-08     I saw great results after only 3 weeks

I tried your products 3 years ago and I saw great results after only 3 weeks. Unfortunetaly I quit after only a couple of months because I couldn't stand the taste=( but now I want to start on the enlargement program again. I have small breasts (34A) but I want to achieve an 34B or 36C. Do you think I can achieve this by June next year if I take the liquid every day? I'm going to start working out next week. Is 20 minutes threadmill + weight lift + Pilates 3 times a week ok? I'm excited to start on the program again because I know that it really works! Many thanks,Anna

10-20-08     last night I was so excited to see that they really did grow

(10-19-08) Hi Natureday stafff and Ami, you have been so helpful. I have been taking the liquid (2 droppers at night)and rubbing the cream on 2 times a day and it has been about 35 days. I was telling my husband that I though the products were bunk, but last night I was so excited to see that they really did grow. Wow! I am so excited to see that. It is amazing that it really does work, so thanks and do you ahve a coupon for my next order. Thanks.

10-21-08     I love your products, takes time but definitely works

Hi, just wanted to say I love your products, takes time but definitely works. Really love my breasts. I found that using a heating really helped with the growth rate, seemed to help the herbs stimulate growth by bringing more blood flow to the breasts. Also added flax seed oil, amino acid capsules, CLA and womens mega multivitamins. Another trick is to apply tea tree oil and lavendar to the breasts, thank you!

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