2917 Testimonials and Growing
09-07-08     i went from a b cup to c in just abut 4 couple weeks

i went from a b cup to c in just abut 4 couple weeks.. this is a really great product and its all natural growth i had no bad side effects or nothing.. i highly recommed it to any one with small breast problems!!!

09-08-08     This product does work

This product does work! The pictures are taken (before) June 15, 2008 and taken (after) September 1, 2008. To the ladies out there who have a high metabolism, don't give up, it will happen for you. It's just harder for us. I had to be very consistent and follow a routine in order to get to where I am now. I consume protein shakes, multi-vitamins and flax seed oil every day on top of the pills, liquid and cream twice a day. Also in the evening with the cream I placed a heating pad on my breasts for at least a half hour. I started out a A cup and now I am a B cup. I plan to continue to use Natureday to obtain my goal of a C cup, no matter how long it takes. Here you go I had a couple more pictures from that same day. I cropped off the dates to try and make the before and after photos relatively the same size and zoom. Thanks so much for a wonderful product. I will continue to send more pictures as I progress. Rhonda

09-09-08     i already had a little growth spurt

Hi again, So how many growth spurts should i expect in a 3month period? i already had a little one 2weeks into the product how long does it last for? Thanks again S.

09-12-08     Thank you so much for your product that really works

I plan to continue to use your products! Also, please confirm that you got this message by e-mailing me to let me know what you'll be sending and when it'll go out. I'm almost out of the liquid and I don't want any break from using it. Thank you so much for your product that really works and for your friendly and great service!

9-14-08     I gained 2 inches in only four weeks

I have seen an improvement with your product I gained 2 inches in only four weeks. Before using the breast cream I was a small 32 A now I am getting closer to a 34 A. I could feel the difference in my bras being they are getting tight. This stuff is amazing. I just ordered another jar of the breast cream and now I added the liquid drops to my second order. I am shooting for a 34 C by June of next year. My husband is so excited about your product that is has seen a difference in the way I look. He also thanks you for a wonderful product you have that is finally making me feel like a woman and not a child at the age of 37. I am hoping to see a greater improvement with the liquid drops and cream combined. Thank you for a wonderful product you are a Gods blessing.

09-14-08     I am having slow grow spurts

I have been on nature day now for about two months. I am having slow grow spurts not sure if it because i am am small person had three kids and breast feed them but i am growing:) I started out as a A32 and now i am a A36. My goal is to get a to a C.

09-16-08     my breasts have clearly gained some size

Hi! I've been using your product for about 3 months now, and my breasts have clearly gained some size. I was just wondering if you've got some tips on what to do with tuberous breasts other than surgery? Is there any other option that you know of? I was hoping that the fulfillment would decrease my deformity, but so far I've had no luck with this. Thank you for your help.S

09-21-08     I've been using the liquid and cream for about 4 weeks and noticed more fullness

I've been using the liquid and cream for about 4 weeks and noticed more fullness. Heck it's only been 4 weeks, so I am eager to see what the next month or two will do for me. I take the liquid with a tall glass of ice water each night and throw a splash of no-calorie liquid sweetner and it's really not bad at all. I use the cream every morning and every night. They staff was really helpful in answering my questions - Thanks so very much.

10-04-08     There is already an increase in firmness and fullness

Sorry it took so long to respond, I was having some trouble getting my E-Mail work. There are 3 pictures attached. Here is another copy of my testimonial, the dates havn't been changed, since I am not exactly sure what you wish them to be. "Hello! I've only been using Fullfillment for about two months, and have already grown a big amount! There is already an increase in firmness and fullness, they are definatly getting rounder. I was surprised to see such a big change in such a small amount of time. I intend to continue to use Fullfillment! " Thank you, Mara.

10-13-08     I saw great results after only 3 weeks

I tried your products 3 years ago and I saw great results after only 3 weeks. Unfortunetaly I quit after only a couple of months because I couldn't stand the taste=( but now I want to start on the enlargement program again. I have small breasts (34A) but I want to achieve an 34B or 36C. Do you think I can achieve this by June next year if I take the liquid every day? I'm going to start working out next week. Is 20 minutes threadmill + weight lift + Pilates 3 times a week ok? I'm excited to start on the program again because I know that it really works! Many thanks,Anna

10-20-08     last night I was so excited to see that they really did grow

(10-19-08) Hi Natureday stafff and Ami, you have been so helpful. I have been taking the liquid (2 droppers at night)and rubbing the cream on 2 times a day and it has been about 35 days. I was telling my husband that I though the products were bunk, but last night I was so excited to see that they really did grow. Wow! I am so excited to see that. It is amazing that it really does work, so thanks and do you ahve a coupon for my next order. Thanks.

10-21-08     I love your products, takes time but definitely works

Hi, just wanted to say I love your products, takes time but definitely works. Really love my breasts. I found that using a heating really helped with the growth rate, seemed to help the herbs stimulate growth by bringing more blood flow to the breasts. Also added flax seed oil, amino acid capsules, CLA and womens mega multivitamins. Another trick is to apply tea tree oil and lavendar to the breasts, thank you!

10-30-08     The outcome is wonderful, i feel my breast is firmer and fuller

Hi Amy, So I've been using Natureday for more than a month, almost two months. The outcome is wonderful, i feel my breast is firmer and fuller. I was between A and barely B cup, but now i am a full B cup. At first it was swollen and hurt a little. And now I am very happy and will continuing till I get a C cup or more (^_^), that is my goal. =D you can share this with the customers if you like because I love the outcome of natureday ,not a huge changes but it is a huge changes to me because i can feel bouncy as i walk, curvier when i wear clothes and most of all more confident about my apperence .- Kelly

11-03-08     It's very obvious to me

It's me again. I've been using your products, 90 drops of liquid/day, 3 pills/day, and cream 2-3x per day since August 9th of this year. I've now had 3 "cycles" of sore nipples, breast tenderness followed by breast growth :o) that sustained up to or into my monthly menstrual period. The soreness and growth would start again about 6-12 days after the end of my period. I wrote about this to Amy, and she said that it was normal during one's period, and that of course, the breast increase would return after one's period. Because of these cycles, it's hard for me to tell if I really have had a net increase in breast size, or if I'm just back to the initial growth "spurt" that I experienced with Natureday early on in August. Overall, I'm pleased, but I just can't tell if I'm growing bigger month to month. I perceive my breasts to be bigger, heavier, and more dense during the growth cycles. It's very obvious to me. I would love to be the 34B/32C size without the padding (meaning, I'd like the padding to me, not that pad in the bra). I'm not there yet, but, like your customer Rhonda (09-08-08), I'd like to keep using your product until I gain at least another cup size. Is that realistic? Can I just keep going until I get there? I'll stay commited to using your products. Love you and Natureday! (Also, I don't know if this matters, but I was on Breast Actives for 3 months before starting Natureday, and was discouraged, so I started with your products in August, which I've attained more results with.) Thanks for reading this lengthy mail and for your help,

11-04-08     I had a very good response and my growth was amazing

I have used your product in the past, but I took a break. Now I am ready to start back. I had a very good response and my growth was amazing it literally had me in tears . My size in the beginning was 36A, I'm an 36B now, my goal is to be in a C cup I have a very high motabalizum, but I lost a lot of weight so I'm taking weight gain pills along with trying to increase my food intake I drink protein drinks,and flax-seed oil capsules. I need someone to help me come up with a regimen on how to take everything in order to accomplish my goal. I will be placing my order Friday . What would be the best package to purchase?

11-09-08     He is so happy with the results

I know there have been a lot people on Natureday and many positive stories. On the other hand have you thought of separating the voice testimonials and the word testimonials and the testimonials with pictures? It may give people quicker attention for the product? Also, Guess what? My husband found it strange but he wasn’t sure what was changing me besides the weight gain on the side. I finally told him about Natureday I have secretly using on and off for an year. At first he was saying “uh?” When I showed him the pictures he didn’t believe it was me until I had to show him the background of our home, the difference from the “before” and “after” pictures (06-23-08). He is so happy with the results, and was asking me if I will continue, I told him I will be ordering more as soon as possible. He has been waiting…

11-11-08     i dont want to stop becuse i have been have great results

hi there again i raan out of the liquid what should i do until my order comes in should i just take the pills or just stop until my order comes in i did not even realize that i was running out i dont want to stop becuse i have been have great results and i am so loving my boobs help lol

11-13-08     I'm in the middle of the growth

I will continue to use your products like you suggested: liquid 1-2 droppers per day, cream 2-3x per day, and soap at bath time. Also, remember that soreness/tenderness, then growth, then little "shrinkage" (at period time) I described? Well right now I'm in the middle of the growth (va va va voom!) I love it! I'm going to continue with your products because I'm still getting such great results! It's just that the little "shrinkage" at period time is maddening! But I know that the return to the fullness followed by soreness/tenderness then growth again will follow since this is the start of my fourth month on your products. Gotta tell you again that I love your products and your service... and you, Amy, are so sweet and helpful it makes going through all this exciting and a pleasuable experience all at once. Love you, Natureday, and my body!My breasts are like they were when I was 26 years old (I'm now 47)! I compared myself now to a picture taken when I was 26 and my breasts are just as dense and "perky" now and perhaps bigger in size!:

11-17-08     6 months later I'm much bigger then before

When I first started the product 6 months ago I was completely flat only my nipples stuck out you might say I was under a AA cup, at first I was skeptical about this product but I tried it out anyways. It took about 10 weeks to start noticing any change but there was something so I thought hey this stuff really does work. It is now 6 months later I'm much bigger then before about AA but not completely satisfied, I think I will be using this product well into the next year I would like to be a 36B if possible.

11-22-08     she has already had to go bra shopping

Dear Natureday, I ordered my fiancée some liquid and cream because she wanted to try to get bigger breast before our wedding. After ordering the liquid and cream, it came fast and on schedule and my fiancée was very excited. She decided to take the cream in the morning and night as well as between 3 and 6 droppers with water a day to get faster results and after a month she has already had to go bra shopping as her breast have already increased one full cup size and are firmer and larger than ever before. Not only has that happened but it has added a new spark in our sex life as her breast or more sensitive as well. We cannot stress enough how thankful we are for such a great working product and plan on buying more until she reaches the size she wants to be for our wedding. Thanks again for a great product. Matt S.

11-23-08     I will recomend this product to others who aren't happy with their breasts

Hi! I've been using your product for 10 weeks now. I am happy to report that I went from a small A-cup to a small B-cup! It's more than I could ever hope for and I will continue to use your product until I'm satisfied. I'm using the cream in the morning and in the evening, and i take the liquid before breakfast. I've stopped drinking coffe, other then that i haven't changed anything in my life. I will recomend this product to others who aren't happy with their breasts =). The picture is from now (10 weeks). Please don't show my name or email in public. Thank you!

12-02-08     the liquid is what really kicked in the growth

Hello, I have been using your product for a few months now and was wondering if there was a way I could order just liquid. It seems to me like the liquid is what really kicked in the growth when I was taking 3 droppers a day. Let me know if I would be able to get like a 3 month supply of just the liquid for the same price as just the pills. Thanks in advance. BTW this is not a testimonial I will write one as soon as I am done (although I am really happy with the added fullness in my bra!) taking the cream/pills/liquid.

12-05-08     OOOOOOOhhhhhh my god, I'm growing faster now then I did before

Hello, everyone and big hug and kisses to the staff at Natureday. I just wanted to let everyone know how wonderful this product is working for me. I get so excited every time I grow I just want to tell someone but of course you know (its a secret) so I have my friends here and my cousin I could share my excitement with. I started on Natureday last year(june) I took a break between (Aug-Nov)of this year, so yes I just started back about 2 1/2 weeks ago and OOOOOOOhhhhhh my god, I'm growing faster now then I did before. I have stated in my other testimonys that I have a high metabolism, well that dose not seem to matter now because I grew 2inch in 2 weeks. I'm really in shock, I dont know if taking a break helped but the results is steady growing, my cleavage area is plump and giggly. this is sooo wonderful. For Christmas I told my husband a nice gift would be some new bras. When I started my size was a small 36A-cup; now I'm a full 36B and still growing. Thank you Natureday Love you all. Kimestry

12-13-08     I would really like a fuller more ferm bum

I was wondering if you have a product to improve my behind. I am sure you will laugh at this but I have found your product works so well I have started to rub it on my bunns. Am I crazy? I would really like a fuller more fem bum. Thanks!

12-19-08     After about 6 weeks, my breasts are fuller

Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to have large breast. Sometimes I would joke around and stuff my tight shirts and proclaim that they grew over night! But because of my small frame, they never got bigger than an A 34. Sometimes the size would even fluctuate with athletics (swimming) making it frustrating trying to fit in anything. After about 6 weeks, my breasts are fuller, I barely fit in my A cup and I believe in another month of taking fulfillment with a cream and pill supplement, I'm going to need another bra! I'm so excited and can't wait to see what is going to happen!

01-01-09     All the testimonials are what made my decision

I have been researching many alternatives to breast implants for a few months. After reviewing many forums and reading so many reports of failed attempts on other breast enlargement pills especially on Breast Actives, I finally decided to try Natureday. I had not found any negative feedback on this product so I figured it was worth a try. I was sick of being taunted and feeling self conscious for my small AA breast size. What I loved the most about this site was all the testimonials from everyday women that found help, unlike other websites that only show 4-5 pictures of unrealistic women that look like playboy models. All the testimonials are what made my decision, so I promised myself I would post my results as well to help other women in my situation decide to try this product. However, I never believed to be posting my results so soon. In just 3 weeks I noticed significant size difference. My breasts are now fuller and larger; I no longer feel like a boy. Thank you so much Natureday I cant wait to see what a few months on this product can do for me. Please do not show my name or email address.

     I'm happy to say that I see results

ello team of natureday!I took a picture before I started natureday and after I started using it and I'm happy to say that I see results. I just left a testimonial and sent my before and after picture on the site but I did not include my name nor my email address because I did not want it disclosed in public. I never believed in these type of products...but I also had hope after seeing the testimonials from other people so I decided to use it...I've been using it for a whole month and I've noticed that my breasts are much fuller...I can't wait till it gets to the size I want it to be!! Thank you so much natureday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

01-14-09     not asking for much just a full b cup would be nice

Thanks Amy I received my order today. That’s funny hey. I am going well. A small improvement. I have now been on the product 9 weeks so I hope something more will happen soon. I am 38 and have had five children. I’m tall and thin and dance a lot. There is not much of me.I will keep going I will give anything for some breasts but can’t afford a boob opp. I’m not asking for much just a full b cup would be nice. Thanks again take care c.

01-29-09     I went from a small 34b to full 34b

I would like to have all liquid please! I love your products (it really work) and a excellent services from Amy. I have been using your product for 6 weeks now, I went from a small 34b to full 34b. it's so easy, I take 90 drops of liquid in the morning, soy milk, flax-seed oil, multi vitamin, cream 2 to 3 times a day. Thank you Natureday and the nicest peoples are took they valuable times to write the testimonials (help me to make a great decision) thank you again.

01-30-09     I recommend it i am going to keep using until i reach C cup

Hi! lets just call me K.U cause that what everybody calls me. I have experiences some growth in my breast since i was 34A at most now i am filling a 36A that might not seem like such a big progress, but it is, i have been using only the cream, and it worked.I recommend it i am going to keep using until i reach C cup to fit with my figure.=)

02-04-09     I measured today and they have actually grown a little more

it'll be easier to tell when they get bigger....btw....I measured today and they have actually grown a little more than a cm.. coincidence?:P thanks, S.M.:):)

02-05-09     my breasts are fuller and firmer

I was very skeptical when I ordered your product because so many experts say the only way to enlarge breasts is with surgery. Well, the experts are wrong and I am proof of this. Since starting your product my breasts are fuller and firmer and I am happy to report you have found a lifelong customer. I have told my friends about your product and have encouraged them to try it for themselves. Thank you for living up to your products promise to enhance and increase breast naturally! I love your product and will continue to purchase and recommend it to everyone I know who ever thought of surgery to enlarge their breasts. THANK YOU!!!

02-05-09     my breasts have swelled right out of my 34A bra during my cycle

I just wanted to say that I have been using the pills and cream for 3 weeks strong. I have the liquid too but I forget to take it faithfully. For the first time in my life my breasts have swelled right out of my 34A bra during my cycle! I know after my cycle the swelling will go down a little but this is in-your-face proof the product works! My breasts have never swelled before. I have been taking 4 pills a day and using the cream once or twice a day. I have my caffeine in the mornings (I need a kick at 6am!), I drink my protein shakes through the day and I take 2 fenugreek pills after each meal. This has been a good combination for me and I am excited about the future months!

02-06-09     my breast are fuller and bigger in just two weeks

Hi! No, I never got anything, but that's okay.. I just wanted someone from my own country to confirmate that it actually works, but my breast are fuller and bigger in just two weeks, so I don't really need anyone to tell me that it works:) I just hope they'll continue to grow because I would really like to wear a small bikini this summer with no padding:) I will place my order or tuesday or so, I have to wait for my paycheck:) after I have placed my order I will email you to let u know that I only want liquid, but my country don't accept pills anyway.. thank you for everything:) I will continue to email you as my breast grow, and when they are very visible bigger I will send before and after pics:) thank you, S.M.

02-08-09     My breasts have become fuller than ever were before

To whom it may concern: When I started to lose weight I was very pleased, but I was disappointed to see my breasts literally shrivl up. I was looking for a solution with out surgery. I was unsure about using pills and when I heard about this product I thought that it would be perfect for me. I have been using it for 4½ months now and I am very impressed. I noticed results the first week that I used it. My breasts have become fuller than ever were before. I grew a whole cup size within the first 2 months. My breasts don't sag anymore either. My boyfriend has noticed a huge difference and is also very pleased with the results I have gotten. I would recommend the product to anyone who asked me. No product has ever impressed me the way that this has.

02-08-09     your products are great

I just wanted to let you know your products are great. I was going throw menopause your liquid express is great. My skin is so soft again. I wanted to buy two bottles for a reduced price for buying two. Is that possible. I have been buying your products for about 5 year. Thanks E

02-20-09     my husband says that he can already see a difference in my breasts

Amy, I love this stuff, my husband says that he can already see a difference in my breasts & I can tell that there is a difference. We will be sending in a before pic & 1 of the differnce but we are going to wait for about another week or so for that so if you put them on the webpage others will be able to notice the difference. Granted its just a small difference right now but it is a big difference to us. Especially after taking the bountifull & quick bust programs with no change @ all. Not only did we waste almost 2 years with that but the money as well. Anyway what we were wondering is we have been talking & some of the testimonies say that they feel the breast pump helped a lot if we went & got one would that help to speed things up a bit? Also if I just went & stood under some realy hot water for a while will that have the same pore opening effect that the hot towels do? I have been putting 2-3 droppers in juice a day, hot towels to open the pores, soap before my shower (of course none of the testimonies say that if you put the soap on for a while before you shower you need to put the towels back on to keep it from drying on you :)), massaging some liquid in on my breasts before the cream, & of course choking down the protine shakes (I havent found something to kill their tast yet). However the V8 Smoothie juices work great for the tast & smell of the liquid when you drink it. I did get my replacement bottle & it was safe & sound when I got it. I just havent had the chance to let you know, I work @ a cable company & things are getting kind of crazy with the changes on the 17th of this month. :p When we do send the pics in Ill have to put them in 2 seperate e-mails sice with my phone I can only send 1 pic @ a time. Thank You so much for having something that realy works I NEVER got even a 1/3 of this much difference with the other 2. I just wish I had foud out about you first, then I would already be wearing all the clothes I went & bought back then. Thank You, R.G.

02-25-09     wonderful herbs

I started taking thses wonderful herbs on January 22 2009.I have been taking 3 pills a day with 3 droppers of liquid and cream twice a day. I stated as a 34A and I did not fill that out. I am currently wearing a 36A and it is FULL. I had breast before I started having kids.I have 3 children and they got smaller after each child. My goal is to get back to a 36C.My breast are alot firmer and fuller.I just want to know is there anything else I can do or am I on the right track.I have a high metabolism and i try to take the meds a night when I am slowing down somewhat.Also i have one breast that is smaller is there any thing I can do to help it out.I also ordered the soap today.I just want to say Thank You for the results I have recieved so far and i will continue to take it. (02-22-09) i love you product i am using the soap and my breasts are starting to feel soar is that a bad thing? i would just like to say i know that your product works

02-26-09     there is a noticeable difference

Hey there, just a quick note to say, I have been using the pills, liquid and cream now for 6 weeks and have just started to notice much fullness in the bottom and sides of my breasts. I was wondering how long before I will notice improvement in the top of the breast? Anyone help with that question, please email me. I have to say, im really please with the results so far and have just been out and bought 2 new bra's, size 34b and they fit very nicely indeed, which means I have already gone up a cup size from 34a, yippie! I will post some pics when I feel there is a noticeable difference for anyone else to see.

02-27-09     I seem to be seeing results with the liquid and cream

Thank you very much. I really appreciate the adjustment, since so far, I seem to be seeing results with the liquid and cream. Thanks so much, J

03-01-09     They are a little fuller

This is the pic I took last night. I have actualy been on the fullfillment program since Febuary 3, 2009 when I recieved it in the mail. They are a little fuller & I dont look like I have a chest crater between them anymore. :) Iam going to definatly continue to take the fullfillment & hopefully get to the 36D that I want. I know it will take longer with me since my matabolism is so high, my husband says I can eat a cow & be hungry 5min later. I had to send 2 e-mails because my phone is my computer.I told my best friend if I got more,that I would give im one, he doesnt belive that the liquid, soap, & cream is all Im doing since we both have tried other programs together & they didnt work. Please let me know if you can use the pics & please no e-mail on these. ;) Ok use the one pic for now & yes I had already planned on taking more pics later on to send to you. I figured I probably sent the pics in to soon but am so excited that its working this fast. ;) I would deffinatly recomend this to any1 & have actualy alredy told a few people about it. Thank You, R.G. P.s. By the way how long does the growth spurt last? THANK YOU SO MUCH 4 SOMETHING THAT WORKS THIS FAST & WELL. I CAN HARDLY WAIT TILL SUMMER R.G.= Read More

03-05-09     I swelled into in the first twoo weeks

hello. I see you have posted some new pictures on the testimonial page. but there is only an after picture, so it's really pointless since we can't see how the breasts used to be. I was wondering if you have any pictures you can send me with both before and after pics? I haven't grown any more than the 1 1/2 cm I swelled into in the first twoo weeks, but I have started to feel sore again. hopefully there's a second grow spurt on the way. what do you think? S.m.

03-06-09     This really does work

I have been taking natureday for about 5 months now I can;t beleave how much it worked I was going to go get breast implants but I said that I would give this a try before I went It saved me the surgey and a lot of money. This really does work! Nicole

03-09-09     I feel fuller

I started using Nature Day's products the pills and the liquid and just that week began to notice some change in my breasts. Since then they've grown somewhat more, but it's only been a month so I know there is more to come, but already I feel fuller if not much bigger yet. My goal is to be at least a cup size bigger, and I now know that it is achievable, thank you so much!

03-12-09     i am happy

Hi, I recently purchased the drops and pills. i have been taking them for a few weeks now, with about 1/4" growth. i am happy so far and have taken before pictures. My question is can I take Natureday with Hair growth pills?

03-18-09     my breasts have grown from a 31.5 to 33

I have only been using Natureday for 3 months and a half and my breasts have grown from a 31.5 to 33. This stuff really works! I only use the cream and fulfillment liquidand I have all these results. I will continue to take this until I am hopefully a C cup. When I first started Natureday, I was a 32A now I am able to fit into a 36B thats a big difference to me! I had tried Clevastin before and it returned no results. I am so happy to say that Natureday is working for me. Could you leave my name out of this please?

03-21-08     I have achieved fuller breasts

Hi Amy or whom may be concerned, I have completed two liquid fulfilment received earlier this year. I have achieved fuller breasts, I am very pleased. I know it will take a little longer for me because it has taken a while for my hormones to normalise after my last pregnancy. I am considering taking the liquid/pill 2 month option along with the cream. Z from the Netherlands.

03-23-09     This really works thank you so much

Hello Amy...This really works I started @ a 34 A and i'm now a 34 BC ...i'm pushing for 34 D I started taking the liquid on febuary 3 and it's now march 22. and thank you so much

03-24-09     they are getting more round now they are getting fluffier on the sides

I had my huband chesk the p.o.box uesterday & got the package for me & my best friend, called but had to leave a msg on his cell phone. Anyway they are getting more round now still seems like they are getting fluffier on the sides & bottom but like they are starting to get that way on the top now to. So I was wondering about how long before they start moving more out, also is it possible to gain wieght & all of it be in them? Ive gained like two pounds & we cant see it anywhere so my husband said all the weight went to them. Oh & my other question can I mix a bottle in a jar of cream will that help speed things up a bit?

3-27-2009     I went from a size 36C to a 34A-B

A month ago I came across your home page and had to try this out. I never believed in anything working for breast fulfillment other than implants.After having my son and many diets, I went from a size 36C to a 34A-B. Ok really a 32A size. Now I'm fitting a 34B really well and I'm on my way back to my happy size. I had to buy the cream to see if this true. When I got the package, I took another shower and began. I shared this with my daughter so she can let me know if she starts seeing a difference. We both started seeing a difference within weeks .My finance' looks at me like something is different. I haven't told him yet! After reading all the testimonials I ordered some other products. I will keep you informed. Thank you Natureday, You brought back my self-esteem! Please don't disclose name.

04-04-09     I have noticed some results already

I started using the liquid about two weeks ago, and have noticed some tenderness and soreness. I have noticed some results already - although nothing major just yet. My hopes are that these symptoms are coming from the liquid. I also have a two months supply of the pills, but am just currently taking the pills. I have to say, I have a really hard time taking the liquid - it takes horrible. I have found a few strategies in taking it and keeping it down though. I will happy when the liquid is gone and can start taking the pills. I guess overall so far, I am happy to say that I have found your site and purchased your products. The pricing is amazing as well, and I received my order within days! Thank you. I would recommend these products to anyone so far!

04-10-09     your product is the first that makes me bigger

I got the non-alocohlic liquids because the originals are too bitter but they work much faster. So if I could returen these bottles that I have and exchange them for alcoholic I would greatly appreciate it. If not then I'll finish these and I order alcoholic ones from now on. Thanks! P.S. your product is the first that I've used that really makes me bigger and happier:).

04-14-09     i got breast success with NATUREDAY FULLFILLMENT and you rock

Hello Amy.. After a lot of research your product is the best that i have tryed.... I got the zoft gum and i got breast success along with NATUREDAY FULLFILLMENT and you rock...I left you e-mails and you responded with answers to all of my questions..I'm in my second testionial This really works I started @ a 34 A and went to a 34 BC and now i'm a full 34 c cup I started taking the liquid on febuary 3 and it's now April 13 and im on the pills now I plan to order more liquid.. and thank you so much, this really works.

04-15-09     I am very pleased with the results

Sorry i accidentally sent an empty email. but I would like to say I am very pleased with the results.I have been such a small A fur the longest time I'm actually getting fuller breast. They are filling out my bras better. Which are more fuller. I will order the cream in the next week or so to see if that helps even more. But I am pleased to say I am happy and want them to keep growing for the summer. My boyfriend also notices the difference. Thank you so much and please don't show my full name. thank you

04-17-09     I'm happy to the changes I noticed

Hi, Yes really I noticed difference from flat chest and now on a round form. And I hope that it will grow faster. I don't know if I am right for the measure of the liquid I take. For the first 5days I take 1/3 of droppers 3times aday. Then after that I realize what you advice to take it once a day.I used the soap twice a day and also the cream almost twice a day. Really I'm happy to the changes I noticed. Really thanks to all... God bless...

04-20-09     my bra is tighter CUP WISE the shape of my breast are rounder

Hi ,I have been on your products for about five weeks or so. When I first started taking the liquid, I took about 90 drops a day, used the soap about once or twice a week, and the breast cream once or twice a day. I really did not see or feel any results, so I went through and read some of the testimonials and found out how females and males got faster results. I started still taking the 90 drops of liquid, then I used the soap every night, leaving it on for about 30 minutes or so before showering, then I used the cream two to three times a day, then using a heating pad for about 10 minutes or so. I also applied a few drops of the liquid to my breast and WOW with in about a week, my bra is tighter (CUP WISE) the shape of my breast are rounder, and I have a tingling sinsation and a fulness feeling. I now have some results, YEAH. One other thing my hubby has noticed a difference, he keeps feeling the girls more than ever now, and looking at them. So your products do work, but you have to be consistant with using it about the same time every day. I will write back in a few weeks with some mesurements. THANKS, VERY HAPPY WITH THE RESULTS

05-11-09     the Results come slow

Hi I have been using the Products for 5, 6 weeks and I will use it longer, untill I have the results I hope to get. I send some Photos and I hope you can use it and that I can use you Products longer and get more results. Till now the Results come slow but I hope it will be faster! Thank you!

05-22-09     the cream and the liquid works wonders

Hi!! this is my after picture and I must say that the cream and the liquid I use works wonders!!...I don't take the liquid orally..I just rub it on the breast and right after that I use the cream...and trust me that helps soooo much because I used to take just the cream and when I started using the liquid too it helped grow the breast so much faster.. Thank you Natureday for these products....and also please do no use my email in this THANK YOU!!!!"

05-23-09     It really works my breast size has increase about almost an inch

I am impress. It really works!!! my breast size has increase about almost an inch. It looks much much fuller. What I do is take the dropper 30 drops a day, uses the cream twice a day, and uses the soap once a day. I will give you more of my input :) I just don't want to keep this picture around my computer too long.


lol i've discovered a way to down the liquid!!!! Today i've been emptying out about 2 echinacea capsules and filling them with the liquid to get the 30 drops. The capsules dissolve really quick with liquid though so take it fast!! AND THE LIQUID WORKS GREAT! lol i just wanted to send this out there for anyone else looking for a solution like i was, hope it helps :P

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