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Date: 08-17-10     User: Shannon

My chest just expanded between a big 36d to a loose 36dd!! Wow!! When I first started using your kit, I was a 34b/c!! My older sister had a large size breast, even my niece who is her daughter took after her!!It's the genes from my Grandma!! I'll will keep taking your kit until i'm a f cup!! I'll write to you every month about my updates!!Thanks!!:)

Date: 08-15-10     User: Lena

I have been using your products for a month this time and have seen some growth. I have a long way to go , but I am really impressed with your products. Please don't use my email address. Lena

Date: 08-09-10     User: E.

hello, I have been using just the cream for a few weeks now, and i am starting to seen result already. I want to go from a 32A to a 34B then afterward stop. How long should I continue to use the breast cream after I reach 34B?
Response: Use the cream, and or any of the other products until you get the results you want. Then after that you don't need to take/ use them any more.

Date: 08-06-10     User: Maria

I just want to say I am impressed with nature day. I used bountiful breast for a year and three months. I spent a total of almost seven hundred dollars. I did not see any results. I just had weight gain in the thighs because of the shakes I was taking on this BB program. But with Nature Day;the liquid and cream works like a charm. I have been on this product for six months and I am just seeing the results. I believe I would have seen the results quicker if I would follow the breast enhancement tips on this website. Now I consistantly take multivitamins. I eat organic eggs and salmon in my diet everyday. I can definately tell the difference in two months. I went from a AA to a B cup. I watch my diet more. I try to stay away from coffee but that is hard. I put the liquid on my breasts too and I see the results. Now that I am seeing the results more because I follow the breast enhancement tips along with the cream and liquid. My boobs bounce when I walk; now that is an improvement. Right now, I am going to add flaxseed oil, vitamin E oil and primrose oil to my supplement list. These oils are healthy fats and I believe these fats will help me. When I get to my C cup then I will take pictures. This is one program I do not mind spending money on. Nature Day is cheaper than bountiful breast and Nature Day actually works. I will keep you all posted for any future changes.

Date: 07-22-10     User: debbie

dear amy after seeing how well and rapidly your product worked for my daughter i have ordered a few months supply for myself hoping to have the same rapid resultsyour product has taken my daughter from a small b cup to a large c cup i am currently a size 38c and using your product hope to get up to a 40d or 40dd with some luck maybe top out at 40ddd thank you for a great product debbie

Date: 07-21-10     User: Shannon

Hey you guys from Natureday, my breast grew an inch to a full 36D cup size!! And since i'm using the soap again, it helps speed it up!! Thanks!!:)

Date: 07-09-10     User: j.

i used the pills, liquid and cream for about a month and a half and got great results i went from a size 32AA to about a 34Bish. my goal is to get to a C

Date: 07-08-10     User: X

Hey Amy/Guys at natureday - Its been 5 months since I started Natureday, I got my first growth spurt after 3 weeks of One inch. I noticed a big difference in the fullness and so did my partner even though he does not know I am taking it. I had a small growth spurt 2 weeks ago of a quarter of an inch, I am a full 32B cup or 30C and want to be a D cup so will keep going till I get there! The first two pics are before and the last two are the after. Wow, really that's a huge compliment from you - I'm always trying to put on weight and become curvier Natureday has really helped my top half - I have never really had any meat on me. Thanks x

Date: 06-30-10     User: L.from London

Hi there, a friend of mine has been using Nature Day for nearly 6 months now and i have seen a great change in the shape and size of her breasts! i am thinking to start using it too for as i would like my breast fuller but have a few questions as i didnt see answers on the site. What happens when u stop taking Nature day, surely if u stop taking it your breast cant stay big? as i think i may only need to take it for 4-6 months to get fuller breast and worry they will go back to normle Also does nature day effect the way your breat change during and after prenancy? L. from London
Response: Your results will sustain (be permanent) if your breast tissue has had enough adequate time growing. sometimes this takes about four months, but some customers experience this in just one to two months. So, it is up to your body. Your body will produce milk glands for pregnancy like normal and it wont effect your herbal growth.

Date: 06-30-10     User: R

Hi, My name is R and I used your product about 2 years ago, they worked slow but steady. I stopped using the product because I thought I was gaining weight by it. When really I wasn�t watching what I was eating. I would like to try your product again but have a question. I started an exercise program and lost 12 lbs so far. Which of course I lost weight in my breast also. I�m going to continue to exercise and maybe lose a little more weight. My question is would this product help me if I continue to lose weight? How do I order only the liquid? Thank you, R

Date: 06-29-10     User: L.

I am a 19 year old girl with a family of women all naturally wearing A-cups their whole lives. A few years ago, my mom got breast implants and has bragged to me about how her larger breasts make her feel like more of a woman. Sadly, I developed a complex about my bust even though I usually prefer women with smaller breasts. I hate implants and I wanted to find a product that would help me increase my bust naturally. I am so happy to have found Natureday, a product that actually works! I started taking Natureday on May 7, 2010. My measurements were: Over-bust 34, below bust 30, waist 26, and my weight was 122 pounds. I loosely fit into most B-cups but mainly wore A cups. After the first week of taking the maximum dose of this product I noticed that my breast where firmer and more sensitive. I measured myself and saw that my breasts had grown inch in just a week. After I gained a full inch I started taking 1 dropper and 1-2 pills a day and started eating fenugreek sprouts. Fenugreek is one of the herbs in Natureday; its easy to grow, good for you, and supposed to give a little boost to your bust line. After a full month of taking Natureday my over-bust measurement was 35 inches. I was already 1 inches larger! My weight had also gone down to 120 but that may have been because I was replacing most of my carbohydrates with protein. A little tip: I dont like protein bars or shakes, I find them a waste of money and too high in calories. Instead I eat soybeans and scallops; both are high in protein and low in calories. Currently, I am taking 2 pills in the morning and 1 at night and a few drops of liquid on each breast. I try to always take my doses a hour before meals; it seems to help the process. This morning my over bust is almost to 36 inches. Now I fill out a padded C-cup quite well. I hope to continue to take this product for a bit longer to make sure that I keep what I have gained. Thanks Natureday! I will be recommending you to my friends. Here is my after picture.

Date: 06-29-10     User: R.

Hi I have been using Fullfillment for 4 1/2 weeks. I was going to send my pictures from the beginning but never got a chance to email them (I really couldn't leave them on my camera or computer). I love this product. I try to vary on what I do like my dosage so my body won't get used to it. Right now I am only doing the liquid and pills and they're great. Since my acid reflux, my chest almost disappeared...it was scary, embarrassing and horrible. My bras were not fitting anymore. So I decided to get on fullfillment and WOW I am beginning to refill my bra and they are getting fuller and tighter. I am getting married next year and hopefully I can get to or close to my goal. I really want to be a C. I will keep informing all on how my progress is going! I'm so grateful for this product!

Date: 06-13-10     User: Sh.

Hello Amy and the Natureday staff, it's almost been a year since I started taking your popular program!! When I first took your enhancement, it was July 20th of last year!!! My breast grew an inch today!! Now i'm a small 36D cup size!! I kept using my measuring tape and it was accurate in the size!!! Thanks!! :-) Glad to be back!

Date: 06-07-10     User: T.

To achieve better results how should i order.. Maybe the cream, soap and liquid at one time... I only order 1 or the other.. So far 2creams, 2soaps and 1 liquid. Ive noticed sometimes the pains or stronger and sometimes very mild and only last for a day or 2.. Is that okay??? Does that mean im still growing??? I love your product i was really really flat... I felt embarrassed around my husband now im alil show off.. They still have a long way to go but i love them so far... Thanks so much for this amazing product...

Date: 06-05-10     User: o

Hi, I have been on your wonderful product and have already gained 1 inches! I will soon be sending in my before-and-after pictures, I am running low rather fast, but I have some questions about ordering more.

Date: 05-19-10     User: SH

Hey Natureday, it's been ten months since I've use your products!!! My breast just grew to 39 1/2 inches, so i'm close to 40 inches!!! So, I measured myself and i'm close to a 36, i'm so happy!!! Before I know it, i'll be a 36 1/2 in no time!!! Wow!!! Your products are better than any other breast enhancement programs!!! Your keeping me as a customer happy!!!:):):)

Date: 05-19-10     User: Pamela

I see. Thank you so much for answering all of my questions. You have made me feel like I have ultimate support. You are wonderful and your product is wonderful. I am starting to notice a difference and I am tickled. Thank you for being there for me and all of the others and thank you for manufacturing a product that truly does work! I will leave a testimonial on your site. Pamela

Date: 05-13-10

If I just get the liquid & mix it with some of the cream I have here at the house will it work that way or does the cream that I put some of the liquid in have to be the fulfillment cream. I want to do what I was doing before & just put it on since it was working for me that way. I was putting some of the liquid in the cream then putting it on but was just wondering if the liquid will work in any cream or if it has to be just that kind. I will be placing an order in a couple of days when I get paid & am trying to figure out if I am going to get 2 liquid or 2 cream or one of each. I have to stick with the small orders right now due to money situation. Plus I am still wanting to go from now a 34B up to a 34DD Thank you so much!

Date: 05-04-10     User: J.

so i just started your product, i have been using the liquid i finished the first bottle now im starting the second bottle tomorrow. i dont see a huge different but i feel like they did in fact grow a little bit. i was an 32A when i started im still a 32A but my bra fits a little better. now i just have a question you guys said that it was a month supply each bottle. but i finished in 2 weeks. and all i took was 3 drops a day is that normal?
Response: You can take 1 dropper a day and make the liquid last longer- a month. For faster results some people do take 2 to 3 droppers a day.

Date: 04-26-10     User: jen

Your product really worked for me I never thought that anything would work. I am wanting to get to a full C or D cup. I'm at about a 32B right now.i can tell They are getting fuller too.I use the cream, liquid, and pills every day, i also watch what i eat.I am definitely impressed with this product and I plan to continue to use it until I hit my goal thank you!

Date: 04-26-10     User: J.

Hello! I just wanted to say what a wonderful product you have! My bras are feeling tight! ^^ I have a question I have been using the liquid (3-4 drops per day) for a a little more than a month should i still continue to use the 3-4 drops or should i only take 1 or 2? And my other question is that, like most females my breast get smaller when i get my period, should i wait till my period is over and then continue on using the product or is it ok to use it while on my period? thanks in advance :)
Response: It is fine to reduce the amount to 1 dropper a day so you don't burn though it so fast. Also, you can take the products while on your period, but if you want to wait until it is over before you start taking the fulfillment again that is fine too, there is not so many set rules.

Date: 04-24-10     User: S

Hi Thank you for the conformation of my order. I did ask for the item to be sent priority with a tracking number and was happy to pay the extra postage but my request must have been overlooked. I will most definitely leave a testimonial, I have had good results in only 6 weeks I have good shape and a little growth, it all seems to be wide growth rather than coming out like a proper breast but will keep my fingers crossed. Thanks Kindly S

Date: 04-14-10

Hello to the staff of Natureday, my breast had expanded to a full 39 inches!! I use to be a 36 1/2 before I used your program!! It's been nine months since I been on it!!

Date: 04-01-10     User: T.

Hello Amy and everyone at Natureday. I am just so impressed because this product does exactly what it says it will do! I am so very happy and just keep watching everyday for progress. I am about a 34 A now and my bras are fitting alot tighter. Thank you so much for a product with integrity.

Date: 03-30-10     User: T.

However im so happy that your sending me the liquid... Ive orderd the cream and soap before just 1 jar.. It was under my husband name it was a birthday gift..OMG i grew so much from just that...Ive been without the cream for 2weeks now.. I really hope i get it this time.. I dont wana lose what ive gained... Thanks so much you guys are amazing ive been on facebook talking about the company...

Date: 03-22-10     User: T

How are you? I have been taking natureday for 7 weeks now and i grew 1 inch after 3 weeks. ! Was very happy... I take and have since day one - 3 droppers full every day and 3 tablets at the same time, is it ok to carry on taking this amount for the duration of 8 months? Also is there a limit to how much your breasts can grow?
Response: Taking 3 droppers is ok for the first few weeks, but after that it is best to take 1 to 2 droppers a day. Everyone's breasts grow at different speeds and sizes, so depending on the person there is no limit.

Date: 03-22-10     User: s

Hello to everyone there! I was very glad to find this site and try this Natureday Breast Enlargement...I would say I am amazed, my breasts are firmer and about a half cup bigger i just have taken it for almost 2 months changes was there, even my darling noticed it and he loved it!

Date: 03-09-10     User: S.

I have been on your products for eight months and I grew from 36 1/2 to 39 inches now!!! Just to speed things up, I ordered some pills!! Im just going to order only the cream on my next order next month!! I will go up to 41 inches of my breast!! Thanks!!

Date: 02-19-10     User: Sh

Hello to the staff from Natureday, I have been on your products for seven months already, time flew by fast!! I just ordered your liquid this week, I have more from Oct. I grew from 36 1/2 to 39 inches already, either i'm at the beginning of a small 34DD or 36C!! I will keep on taking your products until the summer!!! Thanks!!:)

Date: 02-09-10     User: M.

Amy! I am so excited! It's only been 10 days and I can DEFINITELY tell a difference! I have been taking three 3/4 droppers with a glass of water once a day and I can't believe how fast they've grown. I am so excited for the end of the month! I can tell a huge difference in my pictures too. I want to send pictures at the end of the month, but they are already bigger so I think I will send my before pictures, along with my picture from today, and my final picture all at the same time. Thank you so much! I only ordered three bottles of the liquid, so I am going to order some more in just a few days. I was wondering though if it is possible to trade out the bottles of pills for liquid? I only want to take the liquid but was hoping to get the three month supply. Thanks again! Oh and feel free to put this in the testimonials if you want! I will write another one when I send my pictures :]

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