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Date: 02-03-10     User: M.

I received my breast cream late Jan. and as soon a got i begin to use it immediately..after 13 days I was able to feel the soreness of my breast and they seem to be fuller I kid u not i am a 32a.. I don't care how large they get i just want to see a change... and after 13 days..I feel the difference at first I didn't think that this product would work but I am here to tell you.. It is a must have.. and hopefully this summer I can wear my pretty sun dresses and not feel insecure at all......

Date: 01-31-10     User: .

Hello Amy. It's been a month now since I've been using the cream and liquid. I just recently sent you an update. Now I am sending a photo. I do believe that they are firmer/bigger and less saggy around the nipple. I can't compare because I didn't keep a before picture. But I know theres a difference and they feel great! I wanted to send an updated picture before I began my mole removal. I wouldn't want you thinking this isn't me. I also wanted to give the ladies a suggestion. Ladies: if you find that one breast is growing much faster than the other, you have to give less attention to the bigger one. I've read many testimonies stating so and I noticed the same thing happening to me. My right side was growing slower so I began using only the liquid on that one. I use the cream and liquid on both breast but favor the right one. It still has a bit of catching up to do but it's not as bad. The product DOES work! We just have to remember to control the excitement and watch closely as not have them misproportioned. As always, you can share the pic just not the name. Thanks.

Date: 01-22-10     User: .

Amy, here is my after picture(1-19-2010). It's been two years since I started, and I'm working on my last bottle of cream and soap. When I started I was 35", and did the liquid, soap, and the cream, religiously. At first I felt some fullness, but not much growth. At 9 months I was getting discouraged and not seeing much change, and was about to blow off the whole thing, but then all of a sudden it happened, and I grew 2 1/2"!! I am now at 37 1/2" and loving the way they feel. My husband noticed but I haven't told him how it happened. He can hardly keep his hands off of me :). I was a saggy 34C and now I'm a full 34D, and loving it. After I ran out of the liquid, I really couldn't afford more, so I just used cream, and the soap. I look, and feel, bigger and fuller; however, I have gained some weight but that could be age because I still fit the same clothes and like the way my body looks. I seem to be more curvy. I really like the way the product makes me feel. Within the last year, I have not been using the cream as regularly as before, but notice that it increases the libido when I use it regularly. Natureday has been great to work with and they do as they promise. You are welcome to use the picture; although I am a little nervous about posting pictures on the Internet, but not the name or e-mail. You are also welcome to use the paragraph before the questions as my testimonial, if you wish. Thanks Amy, for your support. Thanks so much!! I am very pleased at the progress. I would like a little more filling out, and I was hoping to get equal sized breasts, but I really love the way it makes me feel. They are not saggy anymore, woo hoo!! :)

Date: 01-18-10     User: D.

Hi Amy/Staff! It's been two weeks today since I started the cream and liquid. I was going to wait at least a month before writing, however, I'm excited about what I've seen so far. I'm experiencing what some of the other women have first experienced; my breast are firm, the skin is nice and smooth/soft and they are much fuller under the nipples. I can see that I'm getting some growth between my breast. I'm a 32A so I can definitely tell the difference. I'm also not as saggy around the top of the nipple area. My daughter even noticed the difference. I have her watching the results too! You know how sometimes one can only see what they want to see! I'm ensuring that's not the case with myself. As I told you before I didn't keep a copy of my before pictuers I sent to you, so I can't compare. I know it's working though. I love the product. I will send another picture at the end of the month. I'm looking forward to receiving more of your products. If you would like me to send a picture now, I will. You can post any pictures or comments I submit, just keep my real name and email private. Thanks again!

Date: 01-07-10     User: H.

Anyways, looking forward to get it, i was on it a while back too, and i got a little fuller, but im still om on a A cup cause i didn't use it for that long...and it took a while for it to happen. But im so excited to go on it this time, and now i ordered the pills as well, so maybe it will start working a little bit faster this time :) Well...that was a little bit too much information than u needed, but if you could help, i would appreciate it. Thank you.

Date: 01-05-10     User: A.

Hello well I've been using the pills, cream, and liquid for alitle less than a week now. Not much of a change yet but I do notice my breasts are firmer and so soft from the cream. My main reason for leaving this testimonial was too tell the people that a "full" dropper (30 drops) is actually only half. The way it fills up when you squeeze it is 30 drops. I read every single testimonial from the girls section and I noticed a lot of people were putting two halves cause they thought it was only 15 drops. Oh and after you drink the liquid a bite of chocolate really helps to get rid of the after taste. I can't wait to get results and submit some photos, talk to you then. :)

Date: 12-28-09     User: Abbey

Hey, Yes indeed, I took a photo before I started and will keep recording my progress...... I am a very small busted lady (the smallest 'A' nearly flat), which makes all the results I've have seen so far seem very noticeable (and I know this is going to be huge for my confidence). It may only be a little progress in the scheme of things, but I can really tell it is working as I have more fullness and seem to be gradually swelling. Thank you I am really excited about this journey and will keep writing back to let you know whats is happening. Abbey (please don't use any other details but the name provided)

Date: 12-08-09     User: M

Dear natureday i am really shocked how much my breasts have grown. I have always been flat chested all my life only ever experienced growth during pregnancy and that didn't last of course. I just want to say THANK YOU i love your products and you guys are great. My breasts have grown 1 inch and half in just under 2 months! i use the drops 90 a day, 3 tablets a day, cream and just started using the soap. I will definitely continue with the product until i am a C CUP. Thanks again. P.s sorry don't have a before pic as i though it wouldn't work this good. I was a small A when i started my measurement was 31.5 inches now i am a 33 inches! plz keep my name and email private. Thank you.

Date: 12-07-09     User: call me x -

I stared to take the bottles on first week of October, and i have notice a little lift on my breast , i hope this will continue like that until another period of time, until i see my breast a little bit bigger, thank you Natureday , I'm loving it so much!

Date: 12-02-09     User: A.

I started using natureday non alcohol liquid only October 27, 2009 and after only two weeks I noticed that my skin had gotten firmer. After almost a month. My left breast that was saggy had lifted and my right breast had rounded more. I just wanted to update so that people could see that after only a short period of time they also could achieve wonderful results. I will continue to use natureday until I achieve my breast enlargement goals. To actually think that after years of being no more than a 32 A I am getting larger. My goal is to be at least a full 34 B. I may even continue until I get to a C cup depending on how I feel and look with my 34 B. Thanks as always natureday. Thanks Amy for answering all my questions, also thanks again for the quick shipping as well.

Date: 11-20-09     User: S

Hello Natureday, it's me again!! I made a mistake with my measuring my breast size, i'm really a small 34D cup, I thought I would be nearly at my desirable size!! I'm now between 37 1/2 to 38 inches now!! I'm sorry for my error!!! Thanks!!!

Date: 11-20-09     User: krys

I love you Natureday! My breasts keep developing larger, slowly, like my breasts should. My girlfriend loves the new me. My 36A torso has blossomed into a 36C! Which is better for breast development, the drops or the pills? So far, I've had the best growth with just the creme and drops, and sometimes the soap for my partner to rub in too; she loves doing that! Along with them getting larger, they are fuller too, from under my front back under my arms:) I will send some pics soon, love krys

Date: 11-20-09     User: M.

Dear Natureday, i have been using you products for only 15days and i am seeing great results my breasts are fuller and bigger! My only problem is i am running out of the liquid really fast. I take 90 drops a day and put it on my breasts 2 times a day. I have already finished 1 bottle and half way through another. How can i make my supply last 3months. Thanks. plz don't use my name or email address.

Date: 11-14-09     User: S.

Hi Natureday, I've received your order Tuesday!! I've been on your products for four months now and I used my measuring tape!! I was a 36 1/2, now i'm 38 1/2 inches breast size, so now i'm nearly a 34CC!!! Wow!!! I'll keep using your product until I reach my desirable size!!Thanks!!

Date: 11-07-09     User: A.

Hey Amy,I received my fulfillment in the mail today. I have tried other breast enlargements before and nothing has worked before. I am excited to see what happens. I will update. My info is strictly confidential. Quick shipping as well. Thanks! Hey! (2 weeks later) Before I begin asking my questions I just wanted to say that this stuff is amazing. I am currently on just the non-alcohol liquid and have already noticed within only 2 weeks that my breast seem to be lifted. So happy whit these results. It says to take only 1 3/4 dropper a day but does not show a warning sign on it. Would it be safe to take more? I have a special occasion coming up in March and I want to look fabulous. Thanks!
Response: You can take 1 to 3 droppers a day (that is 30 to 90 drops once a day) After taking 3 droppers a day for a few weeks then we recommend you to take less, 1 to 2 droppers after that for however long it takes to get to your desired size.

Date: 11-04-09     User: N.

Hi, I have been using cream and pills/liquid for 4 months and I am so amazed by the results! I was skeptical at first when I started to use these products but now i would recommend them to any of my friends because my boobs got a lot more round and fuller! I love the product and i am very grateful to Natureday for making me feel more attractive and certain in myself!


Date: 11-02-09     User: r

I just finished taking the liquid drops( I went through 4 Bottles in 1 month and a 1/2). I saw lots of growth during the first month( started the drops on Sept.3,2009), but nothing during this past month. I did combine the pills and the drops. Now I am out of the drops, Could I take the 3 Pills twice a day? Am I taking them too fast. I have also been using the cream and the soap. I have also been adding heat 20 min. a day. Any ideas as to why there has been little growth after the first month? Thank You
Response: Sometimes the second growth spurt takes longer then the first one happened. Just hang in there you will get your second and then third growth spurt soon, but it all takes time. Growing breasts is not an instant thing. It is fine to take 3 droppers a day, but no more then that.

Date: 10-11-09

I took the pills and liquid for a few months a couple years ago and had about a half inch of growth. Unfortunately I had an accident that caused me to loose about 20 pounds and even after gaining the weight back I'm back to my barely filling a 34A. So I'm back to try it out again. This time my goal is a 34B... we'll see if I can stick with it :) After reading through everything again just have to set one thing straight-- the liquid tastes AWFUL, even in a glass of juice I could taste it! What worked for me was taking a shot glass of water and the liquid and chashing it with a few gulps of strong juice. In my mind it's a small price to pay for larger breasts. Taking some before pictures & I'll give you the update in a few months! Good luck girls!! & guys :)

Date: 10-06-09

Hi to the supporting staff of Natureday, I've been using your top notch products for nearly three months which would be on Oct 20th and I've reached up to nearly a 34-36C, i'm so amazed with your natural products!!! I wish I had bigger breast along time ago, I've been small chested all my life, now I don't have to feel jealous of the bigger natural breasted women no more now that i'm so happy with my newly breast maybe i'll go a CCC and that's all, Thanks Shannon:):):) (P.S. I'll still let you know next year about my update)

Date: 09-17-09

Hi! I took the pills before summer and used the cream and the liquid during summer but didn't really have any growth probably because I hadn't quit caffeine. As soon as I returned from holidays I stopped drinking coffee and also after having the liquid I used to eat the white part of a boiled egg for extra protein, and flax seed oil. Now I feel my breasts fuller and firmer. They are a bit sensitive but I know it's due to the growth. As soon as I have more results I will write again. I know it helps a lot to read testimonials, it gives confidence to keep on the effort! Thank you very much, the products are great! (please keep my name and email confidential)

Date: 09-16-09

Hello to the staff of Natureday, i'm on my eighth week of using your popular best products!!! I just grew into from a 34C into a 34D cup, wow this stuff is something else, it's very powerful!!! At first, when I first discover your website, I didn't believe it until I read the men and the women's testimonial remarks!!! They were telling the truth!!! It's seems like every time I get my time of the month, my breast grow or before it comes!! My breast feels heavy now!!! I will continue to use it until my desirable size grow to a 34DD or 36DD than i'll stop next year!!! Your product should be the top 10!!! (Thank You) Please don't use my name and email!!!:):):)(09-15-09) Hi Amy from Natureday, I writing to tell you that I just grew a quarter inch from a 34C and into a 34D and I will still let you know about it in six months to next year about my desirable size to a 34DD or 36DD, Thank You!!

Date: 09-15-09

Natureday is my first NBE product that I've ever used, and I've been using it for three weeks. I noticed there was some swelling in my breasts in the beginning, and I think it was because I was getting my period. Today was the sixth day of my period, and I took a look at my breasts in front of a mirror. They do look a little rounder on the side. I am enthusiastic. I just ordered the cream online and hopefully it can speed up the process. Please don't disclose my personal information. Thanks.

Date: 09-03-09

Hi again, I wrote you a few days ago, my breast finally grew from a 34B-C to a full 34C unexpectedly ,and it feels elastic, stiffly soft, and rounded!!! And my desire for my breast to be a 36DD and i'm so excited!!! I will keep on using your products!!! I started your products on 7/20/09!! So i'll let you know in six months to next year!!! Sorry to write you again, Thank You!! :)

Date: 08-30-09

Hello Amy, I have been using the combo of your products for five weeks, the liquid, cream, and the soap and I finally seen results!!! I'm a 34B-C and it became round, puffy, shapely tight and rigid!!! Wow!!! I think my breast went an inch in breast size, I use my measuring tape and put it under my breast by inches!!! I took fish oil, ate yogurt, and the women's multivitamin, it did the trick!!! I will start to drink special k protein shake drink next so my breast can grow fast even though I eat yogurt!! I will let you know in five or next year about the increase!!! (P.S. Please don't use my name and email) Thanks You!!! Hello, I'm the same person who wrote about my update on my breast! I'm a 34B-C!! My desire my breast to increase up to a 36DD, so i'll let you know in six to next years, Thanks!!!

Date: 08-23-09

I have tried a couple other herbal enhancement supplements before and none of them even showed any results, even after a few months! Then I finally found your product! I had noticeable results after a few weeks of taking the pills and liquid. My breasts felt very sensitive during the process, and using the combination of pills, liquid, and soap, really help to speed up the results. I just got done with my last bottle after 3 months and I can certainly tell that they have become more round and have grown a little more depth. This stuff actually works! I am so impressed. I reccommend it for anyone and I plan to get more when I can afford it! Attached is a file containing my after picture, I will take more in the future. Please keep my contact information confidential please

Date: 08-01-09

Hello Amy, I have been using your products, the liquid and the cream for ten days and at first, I put the liquid on my breast, I couldn't stand the smell, so I put three or four drops in my decaf sprite soda and it masked the taste and I love the smell of the cream!!! And a few days after I started using both the liquid and the cream, my breast started getting sore and I read some testimonal remarks from customers from what they experienced and they were right!!! The sore means my breast will grow sometime in a month or two. I've ordered your soap and used it for a half an hour every night before I take a shower and I love it!!! Also I put my heating pad on for ten mins!!! I will order from you again!!! This stuff is the bomb!!!Please don't use my name and email Thank You!!!

Date: 07-30-09

Have a nice day to you! My supply is going to be empty again and glad that it is really grow a little again.I think the grow is slow in me but still I'm happy for the changes. I can't add an order this time cos I'm out of budget. I hope my little business will okay so that I can save to order next time. I really want to take your products until I reach my desire..

Date: 07-27-09

hi i recently used this product NOT as a breast enhancement but to see if i could firm my big bust so that they didnt look soo saggy and old as im only 20.i went head over myself when i realised these pills and liquids where exactly the thing i needed to firm my bust up .when i seen the results i just couldnt believe it i was so overwelmed.the fast results were amazing almost happened to quickly within 14days of using the product my boobs started to look and feel tighter then with 28days i noticed how perky and filled out.i feel like a milion dolers im not scared of anybody judging my boobs now cause i know they look great :) .wow wow wow.thanks guys

Date: 07-26-09

I just finished taking the program for one month and i am already seeing the difference. Because of the difference i am seeing with only one month i will definitely continue on with the program to get where i want to be. It works women :) you wouldn't regret getting this product :) i hate having small boobs and this product is helping me fill out better and more round, more womanly. i started the program on june 20th 09. the picture was taken on july 25th 09, to show how little time it takes to see the change.

Date: 07-07-09

My breasts have grown and i have been on the pills and liquid for 2 or more months but they havent grown so fast im thinking about getting the cream what do you recommend to get larger sooner? J

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