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Date: 05-22-08

Hey, i started this stuff about 3 months ago...i started with the liquid and cream but then couldnt take the taste so i stopped after about 3 weeks. now im just using the cream and i am actually seeing a difference! my breasts look fuller and firmer! thank you!

Date: 05-13-08

Hi!! I have found that mixing the liquid with chocolate milk, not to chocolatey though, it's only to mask the taste, works very well and you could barely tast it. Hope it works for you. Results are slow but great.

Date: 05-10-08

Hello!!! I am just emailing you to let you know that I phoned in my voice testimonial today at 12:43pm EST. I am in love with your products and I want the world to know. I am thankful for what your products have done for me!! Love you guys! Same as (04-14-08)

Date: 04-26-08

Date: 04-24-08

I started taking your product a bit of a skeptic, but it didn’t take long for me to begin to believe. When I started taking your product I was in a 38 slightly padded almost A cup bra (34 inch bust measurement). After 3 months I was into a 36 B cup unlined, the material was slightly loose but above an A cup. I discovered that I had been wearing the wrong band size in the past to make up for cup size (I guess). At last measurement I am up to a 37 inch bust measurement and my bra is not loose. I do believe that now a C cup bra could be in my future. I do have a question about how full the dropper should be, I always seem to get only half way full or should the glass part be completely full to the lid for one dose?
Response: One dropper is 30 drops.

Date: 04-21-08

Hi, I started taking the drops the middle of march.I am a small B 34.. what I really want is to be close to a small C34 by July. Its my bday.. and I have plans to be in FLorida and would really like to look nice in a bathingsuit.. I was only taking the drops for the first two weeks.. (3 droppers full) then switched to the pills and one dropper full.. I grew almost an inch in those two weeks.. and now I havent seemed to have grown anything since I switched to the pills.. Can I up my dropper dosage? Thanks for your help.
Response: Yes if you take 90 drops (3 droppers) of the liquid then your growth spurts happen faster.

Date: 04-16-08

It was my girlfriend who got me into the natureday products. Shes been on it for bout a year in a half and shes grown almost 3 cup sizes from yalls products. She told me i should try it, i dunno why but i went with it. Sadly i didn't see the effort to get boobs so i returned my products. But shes doing great and will continue to be yalls customer. She was a Small B cup now she fills a big C cup bra fully. Shes very proud of yalls product and so am i, im glad it could help her atleast

Date: 04-14-08

What the crap!! This stuff is amazing! This is my 6th day using your product and my breasts are much fuller and firmer. There was alot of empty space in the top of my bra cups and my breasts were very saggy due to breastfeeding. I know that they are much fuller also because I had some stretch marks at the top of my breasts from where they had grown & shrunk after breastfeeding. Those stretchmarks had almost completely vanished after the first three days on this product. I tried another enlargement product before this one and I have seen way more results with natureday in 6 days than I did with them in 6 months!! I use the cream in the morning before work and at night before bed. I use 3 dropper fulls of the liquid before lunch and take 3 pills 30 minutes after dinner. I also take vitamins and a protein supplement as well. I placed my second order after only 3 days on this product because I could fill the tingling and I noticed the firmness & fullness immediately. If anyone is on the fence about buying this product, you need to come on over & join those of us who have tried this product. You truly have nothing to lose and everything to gain! (p.s. please leave out my email address info, Thanks!)
(04-13-08) Hi I would like to order this on tuesday 15 of april. And i have to say i'm pleased with the results;) Now i actually can fill out my bra;) I cant wait to get more results!:D Think im gonna order 15 of mai, and 15 of juli to so that i have liquid for a while. Then i can send you pictures;)

Date: 04-08-08

I been using your product for a bout a couple of months. I complete restored my confidence. I had COMPLETE flat breast. When i say flat i mean flat. My breast was a 36 B, But after i had my kids, and breast fed, They weren't even a A cup. They sagged super low and was very close to being hollow, i just looked like skin.. I difenate self- esteem killer!! But now after a couple of months I'm a 34 B, still a little saggy but filler.. I'LL TAKE IT! Okay so now that I'm comfortable again. I stopped. ( Don't wanna get greedy. lol)

Date: 04-03-08

Well Natureday, I've surpassed all expectations and now have reached a c cup! I would have been satisfied at a b cup (a healthy b too). But, what's not to luv with a little more growth? :) Just in time for the beaches and a new bikini I guess. Also all those sexy bra tops from my college roommate/girlfirend should look nice on me too. Thanks Natureday! Krystyna

Date: 04-01-08

I have been on the product for three weeks now. I see positive changes but the test was sending before and after pictures to my boyfriend. Not only did he see a little filling out above my nipple but he noticed a little lift as well. I'm stoked! I do have a question though.... Thanks a bunch! - J

Date: 03-29-08

hey amy, please don't use any of my real information. here is the after picture as promised. i was very pleased with the added cleavage and size!!! i also loved the fact that i didn't have to stop taking birth control while i was taking the nature day liquid. because i am a small girl it took me awhile to notice changes - i think from start to now i have gained 1 inch!! i went from a loose 34b to a almost 34c!! i love the crease when i wear low tops now!!! do u have any idea what jayme (the guy) was taking and what bra he was wearing to become a DD?? thanks again!!

Date: 03-22-08

please do not use my name or email address, call me Fiona. I have been using Natureday (cream, pills & liquid) for approximately one and month and one week as directed. So far have gained 1 inch and a lot of fullness. I'm down to just the cream & 1/2 a bottle of the liquid and am curious to see how much more growth I may sustain. Looking forward to wearing my bikini this summer at the beach!

Date: 03-19-08

Hi, I've been using Natureday for just over four weeks now. I have noticed an increase in the size of my breats. I used to have a flat part at the side of each of my breast, but this has completely filled out which I am thrilled about as I was very conscious of it. I take three full droppers of the liquid a half hour before my evening meal and then take my pills a half hour after my evening meal. I take 1 mug of tea/coffee in the morning and use caffeine free for the rest of the day. I eat well and cook all my own meals so I haven't altered my diet in any way. I have just ordered two tubs of the breast cream as I find the taste of the liquid a little harsh. So my plan is to see how the cream/pill combination works for me, if I don't see any results I'll go back to the liquid/pills. I plan on using Natureday for 6mts - 1year. I was just about filling a B cup before I started and now I'm filling a B cup so my ideal size is to get to a full C cup. My fingers are crossed. If I achieve this it will finially end years of self consciouness about the size of my breast. I did have reservations about purchasing this product but I would highly recommond it, it really does work!

Date: 03-18-08

Hi Amy, I was on Fulfillment about 8 months ago and by the third month I had filled out my A cup bras (but I also never cut down on my caffeine). I always had extra room in my bras bc of nursing two children. I felt so sexy busting out of my little bra...lol. But I lost a ton of weight which meant I lost my new growth too. I decided to try again and, once again, I am noticing breast tenderness and a bit of side growth in the first few weeks. So I am getting back on track. Maybe this time since I switched to decaff coffee I'll see the same results but a bit sooner. Im using the cream, liquid, and pills (bought the pills by accident.... prefer the liquid). I use cream two to three times a day, take three pills, and three full droppers (or 6 half droppers). Last go around I didnt take progress pictures so this time I'm taking step by step by pictures. I have been on it only two weeks and there is small but noticable growth from my side view. In the beginning I sunk in above my nipple and now (2 wks later) it is filling out. I couldnt believe the fast change. If you want to see them for yourself you can, just let me know. I'm not sure if its testimony worthy and I know its not worth the three month supply yet but I'll keep up with pictures this time! I love your products and it has been a fun process for me.

Date: 03-18-08

I have been on the liquid and cream for almost a month and am pleased with the progress. My pictures don't show as much contrast so I will send them with the end result, or when I see more contrast along with my testimonial. My question is, we are moving to a new house and will be in transition for a month or two so I want to place an order that will take me through that. I have 2 bottles of liquid left and 1/2 a jar of cream. I take 1 1/2 droppers in the morning and try to do the cream 3 times a day. What would you recommend to order? Also, what about the pills. Are they taken in place of the liquid, or at the same time? I really like the liquid so can you achieve good results with just liquid? Let me know what you think so I can place the order asap. I want to do this for the full 6 months to see what happens. Thanks, k

Date: 03-17-08

Hi, Amy, I've dropped an order in the mail today for 1 Natureday's Complete Package. As usual, it will be helpful to me if you will ship it via UPS, mark the package "please leave on porch, no signature required", and email me with the tracking number. Slow but steady growth, very satisfied with the progress. Thanks, K.

Date: 03-15-08

Hi My name is C.... I had this breast cream for 3 months now. It works for me. I noticed my breast were firmer and fuller. That is great. I asked you, one question. What if I stop to use this breast cream, will the breast decrease?
Response: Your results will sustain (be permanent) if your breast tissue has had enough adequate time growing. Usually this takes about six months, but some customers experience this in just one to two months. So, it is up to your body.

Date: 03-13-08

Ok Amy thanx a bunch, I will probably order again and when i do I will just refresh your memory and save all the emails so you don't think I'm crazy lol but I REALLY appreciate it and my boobs have been growing I have been on the product now for about a month and they are plumper. I have been taking my 90 drops of liquid in the morning with half of a protien bar then in the afternoon I take a flaxseed oil pill and a multivitamin and then before I go to bed I eat the other have of the protien bar along with 3 pills. I really hope this is a good regimen because I am a small A now and I would LOVE to get to a big B small C. Again thank you so much and I will hopefully hear from you soon! F.

Date: 03-12-08

I would like the pills and the cream. I need to order asap I am almost out.....I didn't realise I was getting low! So far I am seeing big improvements and I want to keep on your products at least for 6 months to a year. I take pictures weekly and send them to my hubby he is impressed he noticed without me telling him I had ordered the products.

Date: 03-07-08

I am doing a bodybuilding show in April so I do not want my results I have gotten so far hindered. your product has deliverd amazingly..even with my diet and hard workouts I still am responding well. Usually at this point I have no breasts left....please let me know ...I have been on the lotion for a week now and need to know what to do. sincerely s.

Date: 03-07-08

I've been on your products for over 3 months, and I only have experienced a growth of less than a 1/2 cup bra size. That's a long way from where I want to be! I want to be able to grow to at least a B cup bra, and hopefully to a C cup bra. I am becoming very discourage with your products, and I may have to look elsewhere.

Date: 03-06-08

hi! now i have been on the drops for about 2 weeks, and my breasts are really growing! they are starting to get fuller;)

Date: 03-03-09

i have been on ur treatment for just over a month now and i have seen some amazing results. my friends are asking me "why do you want to go bigger, arent you big enough?" my answer to them is that i was once a "dd and i want to become one again" i have had 3 children with massive weight gain and weight lose over the they years my breast have became saggy and empty. i have found your product very productive i will be getting another package at a later date. even though it has only been a short period of time you can visibly notice the different . i know i can feel it. they are heavier and in fact i think they weight like 1 kg each. lol. thankfully yours melissa

Date: 02-22-08

Hi Amy, It's been about three months since I started using the natureday system and I am finally seeing some results, I have a very fast metabolism so I have had no luck in the past with any of the breast enhancement products that I have tried. I am into my third month now and I am finally seeing something and so is my husband, I will be ordering my second shipment from you within the next couple of weeks. My question to you is if I continue to use the natureday can I expect to keep growing? I would like to be a small C and right now I am a very small B. I was also wondering how long it may be before I get my next growth spurt, I know there is more time between the first and second but I am curious to know if I will continue to grow with my metabolism and small body frame? I will keep you posted as I am very happy with the results so far and so is my husband. Thank you Natureday I am definitely impressed with this product and I plan to continue to use it until I hit my goal if it will continue to make me grow. Thanks Amy for your time and patience as I go through this process. Sincerely, Natasha

Date: 02-17-08

I have started to notice a little growth, as in centimeters. I have been on this for a month now. I found it hard to take the liquid at first. I dont usually drink soda, but if you put it in rootbeer, you can't taste it at all!

Date: 02-12-08

I am truly amazed by this product. I admit i was a bit skeptical. But to my surprise(surprise because i wasn't consistant taking it everyday) in around a week i could see it working and by a month i am a much fuller and less saggy looking D cup=). i started with the liquid-2 droppers(or really 1/2 droppers-i'd just sqeeze and count it as a dropper) for about 2 weeks. then i went to 3 droppers and then 4. i have also been using the cream which must be working because i see the results-but they're stalling. if anyone has tips on how to continue to increase fullness please let me know!

Date: 02-12-08

Hello, Everyone I just wanted to drop a few words for the new year. I have been using Natureday since June of 2007. I am one of those people with a very, very high metabolism so my growth has been slow but, noticeable. I went to my Christmas Party last year, and the dress I bought showed my cleavage very well it showed so much that everyone including my dad noticed. I felt so good hearing people make comments about my breast. Now hear it is Feb. I have now accepted the fact that I would have to be on this for at least a year and a half just to get to the size I want (C-cup). I still surf the web for other products (just curious) but I have not lost faith in my wonderful product Natureday. My size before I started was AA-cup now I am a small B-cup. My husband has noticed my grow also, when I first started growing he did not notice anything but in December one day he said baby you jiggling baby.lol. That's when I knew natureday would not let me down. here lately I noticed that when you take Natureday for a long period of time the aches and soreness subsides but you do still fill things changing. My big rush is the top part of my breast, I have more cleavage then I have ever seen, but when I look in the mirror it looks like nothing has changed, but then when I look down I see so much more. Best of luck to everyone on their growth adventure.

Date: 02-08-08

Hi, ive been using the liquid, pills, and cream for abouth three weeks now, and the sides of my breasts are really starting to fill out. Im really eager to see the rest of the growth over time. I really have faith in this product, so im just hoping for the best. Also, is there an ideal time to take pills/liquid? is it safe to take them at night time, or shortly before bed? -Please let me know! -A
Response: You can take the pills/ liquid any time of the day, but if you drink caffeine in the morning then take them at night.

Date: 02-05-08

Hi I am interested in loosing weight will your Hoodia Patches effect the growth of my great new 4 month old breast witch is so unbelievable by the way and could they get smaller and can u use it with high blood pressure medicine?

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