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Date: 02-22-06

I have been using just the liquid for about 2½ weeks. I have already gone from a 34B to a 34C. I could not believe it actually worked! Thank you so much- I look forward to even more results in the coming future (my husband looks forward to it as well!) Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s. please don’t use my name

Date: 02-21-06

Morning Amy. I have reached the size I want, how often should I use the breast pump and cream? Your Products are really great. I can no longer hide the mounds under my work clothes now. Please reply and have a great Day!!!!!! :-) LOVE RONDA Amy I am so pleased with your products, I can not say enough about how good they really are. Love Ronda... :-0) (answer: You can use the pump and the cream one time a day, for faster results use them more often.)

Date: 02-17-06

Ok i was very nervous thinking that this would not work, but its been 14days and i have grown half and inch already!!!!! This product works! I love it! I was just wondering hat how much longer would it take me to reach a 36C? Im at a 34B right now. (answer: About 3 to 6 months.)

Date: 02-11-06

I ordered your product and started taking the liquid a week ago. I got the complete package and have already used up my first bottle of liquid. I have noticed some results already. My breasts are fuller and less saggy than before. They also tingle and are more sensitive than they were before.............

Date: 02-07-06

I just started my new order of pills/ liquid a week ago and I just started working out too, about 3 times a week, moderately. Is it okay to work out while taking the pills or will it slow down growth too much? I try to do a light work out. I started out taking two dropperfuls of the liquid again for just 3 days, then I took one dropperful of liquid and 3 pills a day. After 5 days I gained a half an inch so I think the combination is best for me. Still, I don't want excersize to get in the way and I'd hold excersizing off untill I gained my desired size. (answer: exercise will actually help you to grow faster, so it is fine.)

Date: 02-07-06

My old 32A bra is to small for me now :) I took a picture in a new bra that I bought 3 weeks ago (34A) which is already getting a bit tight!! I have cleavage in it!! CLEAVAGE!! I never thought I could have cleavage !! haha (02-01-06) Dear Amy just got your confirmation and Im ecstatic.. your liquid drops are working a true miracle in enlarging my bressts Thank you so ever much.. the way your drops are working I likely will have photos to send you to show how well and quickly the drops work.... Thank YOU again for having been so nice.... B

Date: 01-31-06

RESULTS!!!! WOO HOO!! I have been on your product for approximately two months now. I am so pleased with the results. I started at barely a 34A and now can fit into a small B, depending on the make of the bra. I had actual muscle loss in my left breast. It dipped in pretty far and looked deformed, in my opinion. However, now it is almost completely filled out. I can't tell you how happy I am. I have been doubling and tripling up on the liquid. I'm wanting fast results. I'm going to keep using your product until I'm a size C. I would like to offer a suggestion. It would be nice if the answers to some of the questions from others printed on your website were also posted. I have the some of the same questions. Sincerely, Andrea

Date: 01-27-06

Hi Amy, I'm getting so excited, I've been drinking the liquid for about 14 days and my boobs are steadily filling out, i've ordered more, more, more!!! Would it be beneficial to have cream, liquid and pills? Oh I am getting greedy!!! Thanks, Mel (answer: it would be benificial yes)

Date: 01-27-06

Hi Amy, I bought the 2 month package and doubled up on the liquid the first week then took both the pills and liquid normally for the rest of the time. In exactly 16 days I grew one inch. I knew they were different right when I woke up. I just bought two bottles and two of the liquid today. I will keep in touch. I am 120 pounds, have a pretty high metabolism and have had three kids. I've been told by other companies that I would grow much slower do to these facts, but this wasn't the case here. I tried Bountiful Breast before and it was very expensive and after 6 months I think I gained and lost a little bit- very depressing. I didn't even get my money back. Thanks to this wonderful product I don't have to pay very much or wait too long for results. I'm am so excited that I finally found a product that actually works, and fast! This is a real testimonial everybody- I hate deceitful products and people. I'll tell everone I can on the computer to try this product, but at home I'm keeping this to myself. .Ha ha ha. Thank's for all your help Amy. -Carrie

Date: 01-26-06

I noticed a small difference within the first 10 days and now 6 weeks later I noticed another growth spurt. My bras are feeling a bit tighter!! However, I'm worried that by the end of my 3 months I won't have seen that much of a growth. I know that after the first while the growth is a slower process, but is there anything I can do to boost my growth? Don't get me wrong, they have grown!! Just not as much as I thought they would have by now, but I guess I need some patience!! haha (answer: protien shakes and moderate exercise will help)

Date: 01-22-06

Hi, I have just tried the fullfillment liquid. Results, yes in just 10 days. My question is in regards to the cream. I don't want my breasts to enlarge so quickly that they look like the models breasts on your "bra size" chart page. Her breasts look very sore and like they were developed too quickly. They don't look natural. Is this the look that happens with the cream? (answer: the models on the bra page are implants., yours will look big and natural. )

Date: 01-18-06

AMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SWEET SWEET SUCCESS! MY BOOBS GREW!!! THEY ACTUALLY GREW!!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!!! I CAN'T TAKE THE CAPS OFF BECAUSE I AM SO EXCITED!!!!! :) YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Just one question,I used up 1 bottle in about 2 and a half weeks, is that normal? Anyway, I'm taking 3 pills a day now and I'm very excited about the results :) I've told 3 friends to buy it already, and they said they would :) I'm taking the pills after my meals, but sometimes I don't have time to eat cause I'm so busy at school and I end up taking 1 without food, or with some small cracker or something haha, is that okay? Also, I'm avoiding caffeine, but I do eat a little bit of chocolate. And with Christmas time, I ate lots of chocolate :( No coffee though, a small amount of caffeine is okay though right?! Can't wait to send you my before and after pics in 2 months! -maria :)(answer: Yes small amounts are fine.)

Date: 01-17-06

Dear Amie, Hi how are you. I thought i would write to you an tell you just howexstatic about the results i have after taken the three month course. I was very skeptical at first considering i had a size 10b an my breasts were very empty, saggy an flat after breastfeeding three children. I was going to go overseas an have a brest augmentation, very costly. My husband an i came across your advertisment an though we would try this as an option. I ordered the three month course which gave me thetwo bottles of liquid an one of capsule. I was absolutely blown away when my breasts started to tingle an after the first week there was a difference, it wasnt really much at first but considering the state that my boobs were in but i didnt expect to much. After the third week the improvement was incredible. I kept dropping the liquid twice a day. My breast have become fuller, rounder an much much firmer. I am absolutely satisfied. My breast no joke have gone from a size 10b an now i am in a GUESS!!!! I am now in a 14a-14b. My breast are looking absolutely great. I love looking at them now, They are perkier an actually got alot of firmness to them an actually a full weight they no longer droop. I am that satisfied that i have gone back for another three month course. Yes i finally have my before baby breasts back. Im stoked... Here is a photo of now. When i have finished the next three month course i will send in those photos. AK. lin

Date: 01-11-06

I have been meaning to ask you a very different question for a while now, Quickster, about the whole reson I am trying to enlarge, it's a biggie so be prepared. I have 2 friends who always had small breast. I knew them through high school, but we split up in collage. I havent seen them for practicaly a year. I had talked on the phone almost every day, but for the past year I haven't seen them. While in Calafornia, the big busted state, they had been in a competition to see who can grow the larger breasts. They found your site almost right off the bat and have been ordering pills, cream, fufilment, and they both have custom made breast pumps. I have not been drawn into this untill 3 months ago when I saw them again. AAAAHHHHHH!!! They were huge! Seriously they went from beraly a size B to almost a size E , in such a short time, and they weren't slowing down. The show stoper was when I went on vacation 2 weeks ago for only 9 days and they increased to a full E. I am serious, they hadnt gained for those 2 monthes and then they shot out another half inch during 9 days! I thought I was blessed with large breasts, almost a full D, but they make me feel flat chested when I am with them. Could you give me a scheduel so I could keep up with those 2. I probably cant catch up, but I want least keep up. I think I can because they never doubled up on the stuff.

Date: 01-10-06

I just thought i would write to you and say thank you for everything you have done for me over the last month or so you have been a wonderfull help and far with the growth i feel wonderfull already and i'm looking forward to recieving my next two months suppy of luiquid. i'm so pleased i've found a product that works for me i've tried others at great expense with no change at all nothing so alot of money whent down the drain so to speak. so i though you deserved a big thankyou you have done well and i'm very happy already.

Date: 01-03-06

Hi Natureday: I started using the liquid for about 2 week, and I already see some growth in breast size. I usually take two droppers full a day, and despite the bitter taste, the results have been amazing! I also regulary massage my breasts, I think this helps

Date: 12-30-05

i have had almost a cup size growth i check by putting bikini top on i will have to send another soon please will u change my name thanx amee

Date: 12-26-05

Hello, Well I have started the program about 3 weeks ago and I was skeptical at first. But believe it or not my breasts have grown about 1/2 - 1 inch in that short of time. I'm looking forward to ordering my next couple of bottles, i started out a small A and i'm almost filling in a A cup, can't wait to see what happens in the next few months... hoping to become a full B... Thanks, Barbara

Date: 12-25-05

I am so happy that I tried this product. I have tried one other, but using Natureday has been great. I have been using the pills and the liquid for about a month and a half, and the results have been great. When I would go out, I had to wear strapless bras to make it look like I had breasts, but now I don’t have to wear them anymore. My husband loves my new breast, just as much as I do. I have gone from a 34A to a 34B, in this short period of time. I will continue to take pictures as I go along and let you see how I have grown. I am sending pictures from start, one month, and month and a half. I will be sending them in two emails because, for some reason it says that the files are too large. Can you please not use my name with any of the pictures, or state of residence. Thank You. P.S. Thank you for making this product! ....Before......................................................................One Month...................................................8 Weeks.

Date: 12-22-05

Dear Amy i think this morning was the best morning of my life, i've grown. my breasts have actually grown and ive only been taking the luiquid for 11 days so far i'm so excited i looked in the morror and nearly feel over i thought oh my god pinch me i'm dreaming but oh no i'm not they are real . i hope to see more growth soon as i'm on the three month success plan and ordering another three months next week.m oh i'm so excited im bouncing of the walls i cant stop staring at them thinking whoa after so so so long of feeling down about my self i have finaly found a product that works for me YAY. thank you so much i'm gonna tell all my girl friends about this send a few more customers your way cause this works. how much more growth do you think on average i can expect in the 6 months of taking both the luiquid and the pills? thank you so much amy for making me feel a million dollars : ) Luv Mary : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : )

Date: 12-19-05

Amy Mine, THe other day I noticed that my breasts have gained in size. The puffyness around the edges and they are more firm, and it has been about 13 days while on fulfillment and the cream . IS that how they start out like that? It is very exciting watching them get bigger. Ihave always wanted this!!! Thanks so much for all of your help in the past. Joanie.

Date: 12-11-05

Hi again!! I'm going into the 5th week and I have started to become more round and firmer. I'm optimistic that within the next couple of months I will increase in cup size thus getting me closer to my goal. I have a friend that I've convinced to give your product a try also instead of having surgery; which she was planning on having in January. I was also wondering if you had any tips you could give me. I've been taking the liquid fullfillment and the pills for about 1 week now and I think it's making a differences combining the two. The first two weeks though I just doubled the liquid dose and did not take the pills. By taking the liquid alone without juice or water would this help?? The taste is a little bitter so I've been taking it with juice to kill the bitterness, however I could tolerate the taste if it would be more beneficial. Let me know what you think or suggest. Thanks again!

Date: 12-08-05

Hello again, Well this past Monday 12/5 was the beginning of the 5th week, it was also my 30th day. I finished the second fullfillment bottle on that Monday, and began the 3 pills a day on Tuesday, well today is Thursday and I have seen a big increase already. I could not do as u suggested take fullfillment straight or with out a chaser. I was not tough enough but I continued to take it with little juice.

Date: 11-22-05

Hello Amy. I have been using Fufillment now for about 2 1/2 weeks. I have been using the pump, the pills and the liquid. I have grown about half an inch and I was wondering when I would see more growth. I use the pump regularly and take two or three droppers of the liquid everyday.

Date: 11-08-05


Date: 10-19-05

Hi, I have grown quite a bit, as you can see from the before and after picture I have sent to you. I wanna let everyone know that is looking to see if your products work, that they really do- well it is obvious hu? THanks Amy for helping me, and answering all of my questions throughout this year. Wow, it has been a while hu? . (10-10-05) i just wanted to let you know that i have been taking the pills and liquid, and noticed a difference in my breasts since i started taking your products. i am 26 years old, and have always been self conscience about my breasts, because they were barely out of a training bra size. consider it flat. i am now into a 32a with some cleavage, and expect to get to a 32 or 34b size (i want out of the a's for sure). funny thing...out of all the different things i have tried to make my breasts grow, nothing worked. my b-friend found your website, and we went through everything together on the website, and i decided to give it a try. when i started taking the products, for the very first couple of weeks, my b-friend would say, "lemme see your boobs". we actually noticed (of course he would) that it is working! i am proud to say that you are awesome! thanks a lot, and i will keep on ordering until i am fully satisfied with my size. i will definitely send others your way (since i do know a couple of other girls that want to find something for their breasts that will work as well).

Date: 09-23-05

Hi, I was skeptical, I mean this is like my 3rd brands that I've used so far. You name it, I've tried the Bloussant and Gobust with no result at all. After using your product just within 2 months, I've already seen and felt great result. I was between 32A and I think I am now 32B to 34A. I hope it doesn't stop there. I am hoping for a full 34B or C even better. Too bad I didn't take any before and after picture. I was like many of your customers, skeptical and afraid of another failure. I just want to thank you for this great product. This really works! I purchased the 3 months supply (Success package) and now down to only the pill bottle left. I received 2 liquids and 1 pill bottle. I would like to see if I could purchase another order but this time just only the liquid. Can I order another Success Package but all 3 liquids bottles instead? Thank you!!

Date: 09-20-05

Hi there ami. I was laughing when I woke up this morning, I just wanted you to know. I checked right when I woke up -my breasts. And guess what???? There they were bigger, I didn't know that it would be that fast. My sister tried bloussant. I told her that it was all a bunch of hooie. I think she spent 400 bucks on it too. Maybe I shoudln'thave been like that- cause it didn't work for her at all. SHe told me it was my turn to find a site that sold breast enhancement products. I noticed yours cause the testimonials are impressive. I even read some of the males- I didn't knwo it would work for them too. Anyway, bla bla bla, yes! Yes! it does work, and that is why I was laughing this morning. SO I wanted to write this to tell any other lady out there that it does work and it is not hooie. You should tell them to just try one bottle of the liquid- to see for themselves. -- that is majic stuff! THanks for the great service Ami!

Date: 08-30-05

Hi Amy, here are the pictures of me before and now. You know I have been using this product for about a month now and I can't believe the results. I didn't realize that my boobs looked so much better until I compared the pictures! I haven't really grown much in size but my boobs were really saggy before. I am a full B, almost a C now and I used to be a B. I want to continue using the product until my boobs look like Alexa's! I have been using the liquid like a maniac and it has given me incredible results! I pretty much double or triple the dose of the liquid and I think that's why they look better.

Date: 08-24-05

Amy Mine,I wanted to write you agian. I see another huge growth in the last two months. I am now 2 inches fuller on the front, and about 3 inches on the sides of the breast. I will let you know how it is in another month.

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