2896 Testimonials and Growing
08/02/2020     I love the breast enlargement lotion and liquid droppers.

Hello Tin. I apologize. I am shy. I can't show my bare boobs online. Here is a picture of my boobs today. I love the breast enlargement lotion and liquid droppers. I have taken the droppers around 3 months. The enlargement lotion for 2 and a half months. My boobs are a lot bigger. NOt sure how much larger, but my bras are fuller. N.

06/21/2020     2 droppers of the breast enlargement liquid was too much

I am very happy with Natureday. I thought that maybe 2 droppers of the breast enlargement liquid was too much and maybe 1 was better I don’t know. Clearly Natureday is making a difference.

06/04/2020     enlargement cream for a week and my breasts grew.

Hello, I recently used the enlargement cream for a week and my breasts grew. I now decided to stop using the cream and my question is will my breasts shrink back to normal now that I stopped using the cream? Thanks

05/20/2020     have grown an inch so far!

Hello, I've been using Natureday for almost a month and have grown an inch so far! from 32" to 33" Thank you so much! I want to order the 6 month supply champion package next.

05/14/2020     I was quite satisfied with my results when I was wayyyyy younger

Hello, I purchased from you back in the day and I wanted to give you guys a try again. Hopefully, you have the same formula, because I was quite satisfied with my results when I was wayyyyy younger lol. I cannot wait to try again! Also, PLEASE RUSH my shipment, as soon as you can. Thank you and stay safe.

05/04/2020     I do feel soreness in my breast n an itchy feeling as well

Hi Nature day, I just wanted to update you as requested, I received the bottle earlier than expected on Wednesday n finished it yesterday. I can say that I do feel soreness in my breast n an itchy feeling as well, which is always a good sign. thank you so much for your help n hopefully I’ll see some noticeable progress soon! :)=

04/25/2020     I LOVE LOVE LOVE the liquid.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the liquid. I didn't think I would love it. I was actually frustrated when I got it in the mail. It dripped on my make-up table and it smelled weird. I actually thought it was snake oil. I was wrong. I love it. It works and I think 8 or 7 days I had growth. Thank you!!!

12/02/2019     honey your boobs are bigger.

My aunt said honey your boobs are bigger. It embarrassed me but actually after she said it I was like yeah I know I thought they were getting bigger. I am using just the liquid and soap. I apply a few drops on a couple times a day and take 65 drops in my oj every morning. I ended up telling my aunt after they were over what I was taking and she said she would try it too.

11/25/2019     3 and a half weeks they are for sure bigger.

Got the capsules and liquid drops a few weeks ago. An update on my growing: The first 2 weeks I noticed they were bigger in the shower. Now after 3 and a half weeks they are for sure bigger. I take 3 pills at lunch time and two droppers full in my tea (when the tea cools down) around 7:00 at night. Very happy that that combination worked for me.

11/19/2019     two weeks I am on Natureday liquid and I can see there has been some growth in my boobs.

Hello, So it has been two weeks I am on Natureday liquid and I can see there has been some growth in my boobs. I started taking 90 drops a day for 1 week and then reduced it to 45 drops a day. I hope this is okay ? Also I apply 2-3 drops twice a day to my breasts. I am planning on getting another bottle and wondering which combination will work faster ? Cream and liquid or pills and liquid ? Also if I want it to grow faster can I continue taking 90 drops a day or it is highly recommended to reduce the dose of liquid ? Thanks,

08/21/2019     She was completely flat chested prior to taking your product and we truly are so happy

I just wanted to say many thanks for being so understanding and reassuring with your replies. The results my hubby who identifies as she has had with your product are amazing and we both love her ever growing breasts and i suppose she is eager to keep the ever increasing shape and size going she is currently passing into b cup its incredible. I know i am as eager as she is. We will of course get some full testimonial.photos taken a timeline and our experience. She was completely flat chested prior to taking your product and we truly are so happy as a couple it has enhanced our relationship as wives so much. She loves the sensation it has given her nipples its incredible and the tingle. Our love life has had an amazing turn around we are so happy together and it is all down to natureday and your reassurances Thank you, Once again Tina for bring on hand and understanding, Many thanks,

07/19/2019     I used this stuff before and it did wonders.

Thank you so much .!! I used this stuff before and it did wonders . now i'm 40 fixing to be 41 and just had my 4th boy he just turned a yr old end of June and I went from big boobs to flat chested . n i dont like the way i look. So hopefully this will make a big change for me and for me to enjoy myself again. 😓

06/20/2019     3 or 4 months I noticed a difference in my breasts..

I bought your cream and soap back in Nov of last yr ..wanted to try it out and see what happens and by 3 or 4 months I noticed a difference in my breasts...was taking pictures every week for the process as well and noticed it on there....so decided a few weeks ago to get the pills and drops and they came in the mail on fri of last week and sunday started using them...so using the soap cream.pills and drops which I hope is alright...so wait and see what will happen now... thank you for the products and it really works...

05/04/2019     The liquid speeds things up for my boobs.

The soap feels very smooth on my skin and makes my boobs plump . I love the way it smells. I drink the spoon full of liquid extract twice a day and I actually love the taste of it. I didn't at first. The liquid speeds things up for my boobs. Thanks. I love the soap and liquid. Thank you.

04/04/2019     have seen/felt heaviness and fullness in myself

My testimony as follows been on natureday for 2 months felt on and off sensitivity taking 2 droppers and 3 caps a day am going to start using cream have seen/felt heaviness and fullness in myself will keep going for 6 months am pleased so far

03/28/2019     He and I can both tell they are bigger.

Yahhhhhhhhh. I like all of the growth. My boyfriend likes it too. He and I can both tell they are bigger. The liquid drops on my chest and under my tongue. I think it took 2 months plus a week.yaaaaaa.

03/03/2019     I've used Natureday before and I loved it.

Hi there, I've used Natureday before and I loved it. But I've had kids since then.. Last time I ordered the 8 month package and gained a cup size, will the same package have different effects this time around? I'm hoping I'll be able to regain the fullness I had before breastfeeding instead of just gaining sizes. Is this a valid possibility with the Natureday products? Thank You

02/03/2019     wouldn't mind them going up yet another cup size..hehe :)

Hi Nature Day management, My name is M and I've been taking Nature Day for 5 months now. I started the liquid first week of Aug. '18 along with the cream and soap. My main goal when starting was to even out my breasts, so I only massage with the cream on the left smaller side 1-2x a day. I started the liquid with 90 drops for the 1st week, 60 drops for 2 weeks, then 30 drops a day thereafter until now. After 3 weeks of nature day I grew 1/2 inch and just recently had a growth spurt of 3/4 inch..so 1.25 inches of growth so far and the left side is catching up as you can see from the photos :) I was at 36inches starting (32D), now at 37.25inches (wearing a 34C). I will continue natureday until the left side fully catches up and I wouldn't mind them going up yet another cup size..hehe :) Hopefully, my testimonial will be accepted. I will send in my final after results photo once I'm completely finished with Nature Day. Thank you for creating a product that actually works! Happy Bountiful growings everyone! :) p.s..please don't include my name, thank you. I have attached just the after picture in case you prefer that.

01/30/2019     Wish I knew about this 20yrs ago but it takes time to produce it and see if it works.

To the staff at Natureday ; I wrote to you a few month back regarding about the products I got from your company....and started the process Nov 13 2018 and stopped in Dec then started up again Jan 25 2019...during that time I stopped, the products been working and growing which is great...I had to buy 2 more cream and 2 more soap back in dec because I used it all up in nov that's because I didn't read the instructions right and used a lot at 1st but not now been following the info.. Wish I knew about this 20yrs ago but it takes time to produce it and see if it works. I was a size 42d but have to check it out soon to see what I am now... Thank you for a wonderful product for us women to use..

01/22/2019     only 6 days later and I'm seeing results already!

I just wanted to email you and let you know only 6 days later and I'm seeing results already! I've been trying to use natural methods for a while but I've never had results this fast with only using herbal methods. I've never had results from herbals ever before this actually! I am using the liquid (4 droppers since it only fills up to just under half the dropper) at night and then I made a mixture of the liquid extract with a few other things that I use as a topical massage oil usually once a day. Quit caffeine. Focusing on eating more and high fat. Trying to get at least 8 cups of water and 8 hours of sleep. Some of my swelling is probably attributed to my time of the month as well but only time will tell. If things continue this well I can't wait to write a glowing review for you! My plan was to continue with the liquid since it's working well and I don't want to add anything else at least for the first three months. I plan to continue with your products at full dose for eight months or more until I reach my goal then continue with a reduced dose to ensure growth stays. Do you have any other suggestions? Also I was wondering if I could get a discount if I bought multiple liquid extracts at a time like the other package plans? I also want to try the cream. So if I ordered four liquid extracts and a tub of the cream would that be enough to count as a bundle if you were willing to provide a package price? Thanks for your help and for making this product!

01/09/2019     after I saw what I felt like was rapid growth

I am about to finish my 4th jar of the cream. I recently resumed using the cream after I saw what I felt like was rapid growth after the first 3 back in late summer. I’m not looking for full breasts, just more volume. I estimate I had less than an inch projection (sternum to a cami top) to start with and now I have 1 5/16” of projection. I might try to see what 2” looks like. Hence buying 3 more jars from you. Thank you.

12/04/2018     I have seen more growth so I had to let you know. I love the change.

I like the smell of the cream and the taste of the liquid is okay in water. I drink a full droplet mid day for 2 months. I have drank through 3 bottles. I have seen a change already in the first few weeks. But now I have seen more growth so I had to let you know. I love the change.

11/19/2018     she said it worked great on her

I was wondering how long does it take for the soap and cream to start working and to get results ....a friend of mine got this for me and started using it on nov 13 ...she said it worked great on her..the reason I ask is I have an event coming up next month a Christmas party on dec 15 and will I see any results by then Thank you

11/16/2018     THANK YOU for that liquid. WE LOVE IT

My sister and I ordered a 6 month supply of liquid. It started off slow. We kept in touch how it was working with each other. The liquid did make mine tingle and not hers. After 2 or so weeks it was working for her. After 3 weeks take a day or two mine had their first growth. Wow. I had to write Natureday so we could add our testimonial to your website wall. We will write again- or I just get her to write the next one. THANK YOU for that liquid. WE LOVE IT

09/07/2018     The growth has been slow but steady.

The growth has been slow but steady. I like my bigger shape. Thanks you guys. I half thought the liquid drops were not going to do anything.

08/26/2018     My boobs are heavier now

Loving the cream. The smell is great. My boobs are heavier now. Before I get dressed in the morning Love to look at them grow. Thanks for making the best cream. I love the liquid too. Getting used to the soap, do I leave it on for a while? Thanks.

08/15/2018     My breasts have shown growth from being really flat

I was looking at buying from the website but was thinking if ordering the Success Package (2 liquids and 1 bottle of pills) would have the same effect as 3 bottles of liquids? Since the latter is relatively cheaper and there is no 3-liquid package available. I still want to continue taking the liquids and I still have the cream and soap. My breasts have shown growth from being really flat, now I can feel that my sports bras and A cup bras are much tighter and can surprisingly fill 3/4 a B cup bra. My goal is to reach a full B so I'm looking to purchase the liquids again. Thinking if I should just do one bulk buy to save from shipping haha. Please let me know! Thank you. Cheers.

08/09/2018     My breasts are surprisingly larger.

Ive been using the drops in juice and lathering soap when I take baths. My breasts are surprisingly larger. It's been around 10 to 11 days since starting. I am very surprised. Thank you millions. I will keep going and tell my gf's at yoga.

06/14/2018     Hopefully this will get me to a c.

This is my second round. Been 6 months since my first. First round took me from a to a full B. Hopefully this will get me to a c. Will let you know.

05/15/2018     It makes me love my skin and my newly forming bigger boobs

Hi Tina, I use the soap daily in the shower. It makes me love my skin and my newly forming bigger boobs. I forget to take the liquid drops. I take 1 filled dropper every other day. I love my new soft bigger boobs. Can I leave the soap on longer?

04/9/2018     my boobs were deflated from nursing.

I ordered 3 liquids and took them for 2 months. Tina asked for a testimonial so here it is. I am 24 and in my last year at college. I like the liquid. It at first was kinda weird tasting, but not too bad. Then I got used to it and didn't need a water chaser. My daughter is 1 now and my boobs were deflated from nursing. The liquid enhancer pumped them up some and now they are a lot more full. I can really tell when I put my old bras on. Thank you for making those products. I have not tried any other product you guys offer, but the liquid works so why would I need anything else. I will continue to purchase more bottles until I am satisfied. Maybe some day I will send in a photo, but I am pretty shy, so it's a big maybe.

03/05/2018     I do fill out my bras better.

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. In April I started again and have been pretty consistent -- taking it twice a day, and buying a new 3-month supply of pills and liquid every 4 to 5 weeks. I also stopped drinking caffeine (except for the occasional sip of my husband's coffee), and started taking Fenugreek and Flax oil every day. I've bought a few bottles of the cream, and have massaged it into my right (smaller) breast almost daily for the last several months. (For what it's worth, I use the deer exercise circles, and massage 50 times with each application.) Prior to that I used the cream occasionally and wasn't committed to my right breast only. I was initially excited about my growth, and was very excited about the future and projected growth. I started as a saggy B (I'd breastfed my daughter for 4 years) and have had fuller and rounder breasts since taking Fulfillment. I've also seen some improvement in my right breast. It hasn't caught up to my left, but it's closer. I do fill out my bras better, but till, I'm only a B cup. I would love to graduate to a C but am wondering if that will ever happen. Yes, I got an initial growth spurt and then when I started taking Fulfillment again last April I got another growth spurt. I've been telling myself that they've been getting incrementally larger since the summer.. Right now I'm out of the liquid and taking pills only. Usually when I have the liquid I take 2 to 3 droppers per day and 2 pills.

02/10/2018     Thank you for helping my breasts to get bigger.

I love the smell of the cream. I can't believe how happy I am right now. Thank you for helping my breasts to get bigger. I am smiling as I write this to you. Please feel free to post it to anyone else wanting to make their boobs larger. I used the drops and cream for 3 weeks and 4 days.. I also put some cream on my behind. I am not sure if that worked but it does on my chest......yahhh..

01/17/2018     recommend the product to my friends and other Asian woman around who are suffering small breast

Briefly, I have been using the product for only more than 2 months ( I drink a nearly full dropper everyday so it runs out sooner than expectation) but the result is surprising. Giving more information, I'm an Asian woman having super super flat breasts which always make me feel embarrassed and uncomfortable whenever I'm nude with my boyfriend. And I want to stop this annoying feeling. I did lots of research on Internet and bought Natureday. I continuously used each of products (pills/cream) in 2 weeks and it turns out apparently that they work as well & quick as the herb liquid mix. So, I decides to stick to only Natureday from now on for my breast enlargement routine.I would confidently recommend the product to my friends and other Asian woman around who are suffering small breast like me. Thanks a lot for creating such a great product. The creator must love women a lot :) Ps: pleas keep my name and email private. Thanks

01/11/2018     a whole cup size I hope to keep

HI! I started using your products a little over 4 months ago. I started out as a 32B I was using the liquid and soap for the first months and a half. after that I just started using the liquid and cream. I am so happy with the results I am now a 32 C! a whole cup size I hope to keep it up with the 3 month supply. i attached two pictures my before and after. Please don't use my email or name, Thanks

01/02/2018     I love the liquid.

Thank you for the last package. It came to the house in 2 days. I love the liquid. I thought it was kinda bitter the first time I tasted it but now I LOVE the taste. I love what it does to my boobs. I have been getting into appreciation a lot lately. SO I walk around looking at everything appreciating the world. BUT< my favorite thing to appreciate is my bigger boobs from that liquid. I use the cream too- twice a day, but the liquid is what I think really works for me. So thank you for your fast shipping, awesome products, and great customer service. Happy new years.

12/20/2017     my breasts have grown about 2 inches

Hey Amy. Ok, I've been taking the suggested dosage, and my breasts have grown about 2 inches. :) Yay! I'm now a full B cup (was between an A and B) and my breasts are a firmer and fuller, but the growth has slowed over the last couple weeks. Is that normal? My bottle of liquid is almost empty, so it's about time to get my second one. I'm aiming for a C cup, do you think that's a reasonable goal? Thanks for your help!

12/05/2017     my breast are fuller and more rounded!

Hello, please do not disclose my name. Thank you! First off, I was a little skeptical when I first came across the natureday website. I have been searching for a natural breast enlargement regimen since October and finally came across natureday! I'm happy to say that after using natureday I have seen significant growth. During the first month I did my best to try and not compare my breast. I didn't want to go by bra size so I simply measure my bust and I was 31 inches all around. Going into the second month my breast were more tender and sore. During the 3rd month when I was almost out of product I decided to measure the growth I'd made, I was 34 inches all around! I'm so much happier that my breast are fuller and more rounded! I look forward to ordering more natureday products to further my breast growth! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH NATUREDAY! You have given me hope to love my breast, thank you thank you thank you!

11/20/2017     I'm going to recommend your product to the group

I'm curious. My daughter bought this stuff a few years back. It definitely works very well. She had some left over. About half a jar. Is it still safe to use? I realize it may not work as well but it's still safe to use being all herbal right? I plan on buying more. Recently has gastric bypass surgery. Everyone is complaining their boobs are the first to go. I'm going to recommend ur product to the group. Thanks

10/11/2017     My boobs are so good. They are so much more appreciated.

HI Tina. Just a follow up on how many times to put the cream on and how much. I have been drinking 2 droppers of the liquid once a day around noon and love the results. I didn't think it would work in the beginning but I stuck with it since I ordered 3 bottles. It's great. My boobs are so good. They are so much more appreciated. Please let me know about the cream. If you do post my email please do not list my name. Thanks.

09/17/2017     I'm noticing my small breast getting full.

Also with my small breast that I been having trouble with. I believe my breasts are starting to fill out with an amount of plumpness! It's only been about 13 days but I can tell by looking and feeling them. This is a surprise being nothing ever really worked. I used naturaful for just a little over 3 months which didn’t work. I'm really not starting over because I already been using these ingredients on my breasts for over 3 months so fulfillment picked up where I left off. Now I'm only using natureday products, I think this stuff will really work for me. Maybe it's my imagination but I already been on a cream and using fulfillment liquid and cream and still have that little bit of sample soap I'm noticing my small breast getting full. Nothing would fill that breast so this is shocking because it's happening now. Don't won't to brag too much yet lol. I think this will be the one to give me a cup or 2 and I hope 2 want to be a small c. I hear that after the first growth spurt alot of women don't see any more changes period or after a couple of months. Would you think I would see more spurts if It works for me? Hope so. Didn't know if when the first one comes if the growth stops at that size with some cases. But so far so good. Really excited. Was so excited had to contact you then it turned into a long message sorry about that I know your busy so won't bother you unless I really have to and of course I will in a month if I see more changes. Thanks for letting me get this product Tina I think this is the one. And the pills are liquid gel? And if so is it alcohol based? I know alcohol based is the best as others and dried herbs lose their potency being on the floor for a short time. I will order pills in few days especially if they are liquid capsules. If this works for me well then in a month or two will be sending before and after pics with a great testimony because I tried several different products and nothing has worked. I think this one is going to really surprise me. So excited waking up each morning to firmer fuller breast. And I know it's not my period about to happen because just stopped my depo birth control shot so have not had a period. Thanks and good day hun

08/14/2017     Your enlargement products has honestly changed my entire life

To whom it may concern, Omg, where do I begin??!! I am extremely excited to give an honest testimony of your product! Your enlargement products has honestly changed my entire life. I love the Liquid, I truly find your company a real blessing. No amount of words cannot express how satisfied I am with my lasting results! I would like to post a testimony along with my progress pictures. But, I have a few questions beforehand.  Thank you. Sincerely,

08/11/2017     Breast Growth And Progress

I have been using the entire line of products for almost 5 months now. I have seen breast growth and progress from AA to an A...super excited for that...but would like to continue on in hopes of growing more. Do I have to stop taking the products after 6 months? Is it a good idea to take a "break" before continuing the products again? If so, how long...1 month? Any response would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Natureday Reply:  You don’t need to take breaks, but if you do for a week here and there it won't hinder the growing process. We are happy to hear you are growing so nicely:)

05/31/2017     Breast Enhancement Soap Have been back

Have been back at using the breast enhancement soap for a week now and can already see and feel my breasts getting fuller. It is ridiculous how fast this stuff works. I read 6 weeks to get noticeable results but it is truly a your miles may vary situation with me as I get immediate results, guess my body just absorbs and reacts quicker than some. I was taking a bath the other day and the soap slid off in to the water while I was relaxing with my eyes shut listening to some podcasts. When I got out like an hour later I noticed the soap was not where it is and found it in the tub sadly the water had it's way and what was mostly a full bar was now about 1/4 left of the bar. I will probably be re ordering this week

05/22/2017     I recommended the products

Recommended all of the products I was unable to write a review on Amazon, although I would love to write one!   You may copy and paste this one if you would like. " I do and have recommended your product to friends and family.  Your products are  amazing and everyone I recommended the products to says the same. My daughter went from 257 to 165 using the "Really thin" product and has kept it off for more than 2 years.  My Mom and I have used your Nature day breast cream, soap, and drops.  My mom used it for tightening and it worked very well on her she was 60 when she used the product and three years later she is still looking good.  I went from no breast not even an A cup to a B cup and have never lost a cup size over the 4 years of not using the product.  Thank you Nature Day, you guys are great!!"

04/21/2017     Natureday Liquid Works!

Holding natureday liquid is before pic and works. Was in a AA cup or a A cup which the A was still too big the A cup. now I can wear C's this happened in 3 months the after pix and growing more! These are miracle products, the best. There is a huge difference. I grew half a cup or a little more. I was a A now a B/C cup. The pix are awesome. Thanks. I ordered 2 fulfillment liquids cause if I stop use before 6 months they go down some. Just need the cream now. Natureday y'all are awesome and this growth is such a miracle went from a A to a C cup! Amazing. When u post pix send me a link if you can so I can look. Thanks! Went from a AA /A to a C. Thank u natureday fulfillment for the firmness, roundness and plumpness and increase in cup size. Just amazing and Tina your awesome and so very helpful I want to thank u for all you have done for me. Your products are amazing all of them especially the liquid. This will be the only product I would ever ever use again the only one that worked for me and I tried several other breast enlargement creams that did nothing! So actually I grew about a cup and a half. Thanks natureday!

04/19/2017     I have gained 5 inches across the bust

Also I've been on Natureday products for 3 months now so when I hit the 6-month Mark and gained more size. I have  gained high besides 5 inches across the bust if I'm measuring right. I'm 32 A. And no caffeine. Thanks. I got before and after pix and there is a huge difference. I grew half a cup or a little more. I was a A now a B/C cup. The pix are awesome. Thanks. I ordered 2 fulfillment liquids cause if I stop use before 6 months they go down some. Just need the cream now.

03/15/2017     Now they are filling out from my bra.

HI. I have been just drinking the liquid off an on for a few weeks. I need my chocolate fix, I hope that doesn't mess with the potency from the liquid. I take 2 droppers like you suggest in the evening. I put it in all sort of things- smoothies, milkshakes or just water if I am lazy. I love it. I saw a change in the thickness the first week or so. Now they are filling out from my bra. Thanks Tina

2/25/2017     thanks for the help

Very good. will buy again. nice packaging. thanks for the help selecting.

02-24-17     I really did grow

Hi Tina and all of the Natureday staff there. I am so happy and excited. I really did grow. They are bigger. This morning when I got out of the shower and looked in the mirror they really did grow. Can't wait for my BF to come home this afternoon so I can prove to him that the Natureday products are not bunk. Thank you, I for sure will order again on the first of March.

02-01-17     I have gained to a full A

Hi Tina, I start my diet next week. Been using the liquid for 12 days. First 10 days at 2 droppers per day, then down to one. Message once a day with 6 drops in lotion. I have gained to a full A from an almost full A. I know the diet will cause shrinkage, but if I continue 1 dropper per day will they maintain their current size. I don't want to lose what I have. Thanks.

01-26-17     the results are quite good.

Thank you for the advice on the use of the cream and liquid extract. I have applied the extract to my breasts before using the cream and the results are quite good. The extract seems to give the cream a positive boost. I say results almost overnight. My breasts are filling out nicely. I want to this to continue. Will you please send me a blank order form so that i may copy it. This would be a great help. Again I appreciate your time and effort in answering all of my questions. I am sure other questions will present themselves as time passes and I again will have to look to you. Thank you, with love.

01-13-17     I am content to continue with Natureday.

I'm into my second month on your products, and starting to notice some effects, particular in my nipples. There are other mtf products out there, but so far I am content to continue with Natureday. You have a good rep also. Best,

12-15-16     My breasts are starting to form and I ha

I started taking the Fulfillment supplement after having breast implants removed due to breast cysts and capsular contracture. My breasts are starting to form and I have walking orgasms. I had no idea it was that strong on the libido. Definitely continuing.

12-12-16     I'm very happy with the increase of the

First of all, like always, my package arrived safe more than a week ago. Thank you! I wanted to ask you if you would have some advice/suggestions. I'm very happy with the increase of the size of my breasts. But... Starting from a very flat chest I now have a two inches left breast, with a nice shape (to me:-)). The last spurt (don't know if the term is appropriate) was amazing. so long I thought it would never stop :-) But, my right Breast was 'lazy', and still looks smaller. I have now, since weeks, used the cream only on my right breast. I assume this is part of who I am and what my body is. Maybe there is something I could/should do in order to balance the shape of the two of them? I thank you in advance for the support you could bring to me (if possible). Very kind regards.

11-30-16     I am very impressed

Hello, Firstly, I just want to tell you that I am very happy with the product so far! In all honesty I did not expect much but I am very impressed. Although I have not experienced any measurable growth yet, My bras have been filling in more and I've gained some more "roundness". I have been using both the cream and liquid for approximately three months now. Although, as previously stated, I am very happy with the product I couldn't help but notice that I am not experiencing the amount of growth other customers mentioned in their reviews. I read some comments of people who mentioned using fenungreek at the same time. Is their any credibility to this? I am hoping to try things to potentially increase the product's effect on me. Thank you

11-06-16     Its incredible.

Hi Tina. I wanted to check in with you to say I really didn't think the liquid would work for me. I mean I read a lot of testimonials and took a chance. I am not usually a gambler. Its been about 15 days and when I got out of the shower I looked at them and they really are bigger. Its incredible. I got so excited I showed them to my boy friend and he smiled really big. I'm sure he would smile if they didn't grow. I had to send you an email today to let you know and to say I appreciate all the time you spent answering my questions. I love that liquid!

10-23-16     sooo much sexual essence

Hi dear Tina, Well, some time has gone now, did the herbs during three periods and have now taken a break with cream until next menstruation and will now at then do 3 months more. And yes I did get some spurt, not that much "bigger" but differently another firmer form. I always felt that my breasts had a strange form and for the first time I saw them take another more natural looking shape! WOW.... felt like I really start to become the women I always was meant to be. And my sexuality... OMG!!!! Had now idea that I had sooo much sexual essence in me... niiiiice! Thank you! :) I always felt that that part of me have always been suppressed in some sort of way but these herbs have obviously affected me in manaaany different ways... Lots of love, X from Sweden

10-11-16     change is there.

Hello Tina! I started natureday 2 months ago, just the liquid and pills. I have only noticed one change, nonetheless, change is there. I dont measure my breasts or anything but they have gotten heavier/ bigger and I suppose that indicates growth? I have not experienced any major growth like other clients but thats ok. Now to the next question. I live in Germany, that means shipping is expensive. I would like to just keep ordering only the liquid and pills and grow my breasts with just those two products because i am not able to order the cream and soap on top of that plus the added international shipping...because then i wouldnt be able to afford it. Can i still grow my breasts to their fullest potential with just the liquid and pills?? I am guessing yes...but since i have only noticed a very small change in 2 months, i am a little uncertain. Thank you so much for your support!! Kindest regards,

09-22-16     My breast was spilling out

Yes that's what I'm confused about because my breasts fluctuates even by measurement by the tape and the looks I'm trying to get the tops of my breasts to fill out and I don't know how to do that of course I put cream up there and massage it in but it's been over 3 months and at first I was seeing great results I seen good results about 4 times. my bras was at one time getting smaller and my breast was spilling out but now they are not growing at all any more. I know y'all do not recommend it and I asked this before but from what I read about natureday women said they would use that and fenugreek capsules and flax seed, etc. ... I'm now starting back at 3 droppers now and it says one 1 to 3 droppers. I was on 2 droppers but I think my body needs more do you think I also need the pills with it or just take the fenugreek from the store I got here Is there any more forums you can give me links to or reviews for suggesting? The forum you gave me only had one page and didn't say much at all to help and I tag reviews and before and after pix went through every natureday fulfillment I could doc and there basically all the same. Not much info on this product but the same things I looked up over and over. I'm not going to give up will keep trying for another 3 months which so be 6 months. Is it possible that slow growing women may need to take it the whole 9 months? I read where a lady had to use 1 year to get the maximum results took her that long to gain any type of cup size. Thanks Tina and for dealing with me this long lol. I do think natureday is a great product but maybe it won't work for me after a certain amount of time.

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