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Date: 04-30-16     User: The change is great, they are bigger, ro

Hi Natureday, just sending in some images to show that it worked. I have used the liquid, soap, cream and the pills but I have not been consistent (length of use around 6 months) at all due to my work nature. Although I still have some left, now I have decided to sort of stop because I am happy with how my boobs look, and I think that's good enough. The change is great, they are bigger, rounder and perkier. I grew 1 inch and some change. I am now wearing a 30E. Thank you for your excellent service and products. ________________________________________

Date: 04-27-16     User: p

Hi guys have had great results been using your product for 10 months 2 tablets a day I full dropper of a night am now fitting a full size B cup bras . great product and service went from a flat chest to full B cup. Please keep my details private Regards P

Date: 04-23-16     User: Voice

Date: 04-23-16     User: Voice

Date: 04-23-16     User: nearing the size I would like to be.

Hi Tina, I would like to know that as I am now nearing the size I would like to be. However,if I do stop taking all of the products is it possible to RESTART the program later if I decide to resume my original intake and increase size. What effect does a total cessation have or even a temporary one.

Date: 04-19-16     User: pleased with the results

Hello, I used your products (liquid and cream) and am pleased with the results, they are noticeably bigger. However, the cream did not help at all with my breast asymmetry. My nipples also sometimes have wrinkles due to the fact that i lost weight. Please help!

Date: 03-27-16     User: I'm happy to say in one month I grew alm

Every time I tried to write a review it looked like nothing happened and it didn't go through. So I'm going to send it through here! I bought the 8 month package along with an extra two enhancement creams. I'm happy to say in one month I grew almost a full inch!!! I put the liquid extract in my protein shake every morning, take 2 pills a day, rub the cream on 2-3 times a day, and use the soap every now and again. I am shocked that I grew so much!! My bras are fitting better every day, I hope to move up a cup size soon!! I will keep you updated with more months to come! :)

Date: 03-19-16     User: I am truly satisfied!

Amy, Thank you for such a quick response. It did take about 3-4 months for me to notice a lot of growth and now that I've developed, I am truly satisfied! I will make an order (6 month) and I should? reach my desired result. Thank you

Date: 03-17-16     User: I grew a half an inch after week 2

I'm currently taking natureday and haven't seen another difference in a month. I started taking it almost 6 weeks ago (Feb 5). Was just wondering generally how long does it take to see another growth if you're doing the slower paced method? Such as taking 3 droppers a day and 1-2 applications of cream every day and occasional soap. I measured myself and I grew a half an inch after week 2. I want more. Thank you for your help. :)

Date: 03-15-16     User: after 2-3 weeks I'm filling the A cup co

I'd like to post a testimonial if I could. I'm a 36 year old woman, I breast fed 4 children. (This is why my Nipples look "sad" lol) I've only used the extract (my first bottle) and Before trying this I was too small to properly fill an A cup, after 2-3 weeks I'm filling the A cup comfortably and have next to no gaping in the cup. I'm waiting on my next bottle. I drink it with juice before bed (2-3 droppers) also rub 1 dropper on each breast after shower before bed. ________________________________________

Date: 03-13-16     User: Your product is great.

Tina Your product is great. I have ordered more. After one month I have great results. I am on 3 droppers and 3 pills in the morning. Using soap once a day and cream twice. Do you suggest varying the routine going forward? Thanks for your response and respecting my confidentiality.

Date: 02-27-16     User: I have seen some good growth over the la

I use the 4-product regimen - all in the morning. I take two droppers of liquid in orange juice and three of the capsules. I shower after breakfast, using the soap, and then use the breast cream, all as directed. I have seen some good growth over the last several months but do have a couple of questions. Is orange juice OK as a delivery for the liquid and capsules? Also, at the end of the day, I have a couple of cocktails (gin & tonic) and a glass of wine with dinner. Does the alcohol counteract any of the benefits of the four products? The drinks are 8 - 10 hours after I use the four products. Thanks - 9920151130173011

Date: 02-19-16     User: .

I do want you to add my testimonial to your web site, just no email or name attached to it please. I will let you know within the next few days about the other 2 web sites. Am truly loving your products and all they are doing for me, both physically and mentally. Kind Regards

Date: 02-02-16     User: amazed that they are bigger

I didn't think these products were going to work to be honest. I seriously thought they might work a little or none. I ordered since you guys have so many testimonials. I do not mind being wrong in this instance. Your products do work! I am using the liquid and cream. I take 2 droppers before bed like you suggested. I apply the cream once then too. I am so amazed that they are bigger. that is very exciting, who knew~ thank you tons! I will reorder more liquid later this week since I am going through it so fast..

Date: 01-25-16     User: an awesome product

I started taking your supplements a few months ago and noticed some growth. I'm switching my exercise routine up from just heavy lifting to adding cardio 4-5 days a week to slowly lean out. I know I will inevitably lose some mass in my breasts but will Fulfillment help maintain while I'm exercising or is it pointless and counter active to be taking the supplement during my Cut. Thank you for your replay and for an awesome product. Sent from my iPhone=

Date: 12-28-15     User: (maybe a quarter inch)

Hi, Ive been using the liquid for a long time now. I have very little caffeine in the morning and generally take the liquid towards the end of the day and have had very little growth (maybe a quarter inch). Ive also just started taking supplements like CLA, raspberry ketones for weight loss, stuff that helps turn fat cells into energy instead being stored as fat and was wondering if this might impact the way the liquid works. Im die-hard so any info or tips would be greatly appreciated, thanks so much!

Date: 12-24-15     User: am surprised I am experiencing some full

Hi and best wishes for the season! I have been on your fulfilment for two weeks and am surprised I am experiencing some fullness! Am so happy and do not want anything that would stall my progress hence my question. Before now I take isorich soy powder. Is it okay I continue with it? I also have left over fennel tea should I continue with it or discontinue? Thanks so much.

Date: 12-08-15     User: my breast are growing slowly

Hello, thank you for a great product. I have a question, my breast are growing slowly, but I am getting a lot of fat under my arm pits on my side. Is that normal? I want my breast to grow out front, not on my sides. Thank you and have a great day

Date: 12-01-15     User: .

Love it would definitely buy again

Date: 11-11-15     User: I have grown an inch

Hi Tina, Thank you so much for your quick replies before. I have grown an inch since using the products 2+months ago and my breasts seem more rounder and fuller too. I will be submitting a testimonial, hopefully with images later.I am thinking of purchasing another three months supply of fulfillment due to the satisfaction so far. I have been taking the liquid once or twice a day, and ready to take only pills after the current liquid ran out. When I receive the new set of fulfillment in, is it okay to go back to the routine, meaning after taking and finishing the current pills, doing 1-2 liquid a day again, and then pills? Or can I do a different routine like liquid once a day and three pills a day? Also may I know... what's the difference between the pills and liquid... why do you have two products for oral intake? I am sure you got asked this before.

Date: 10-19-15     User: Female Voice Testimonial

Date: 10-19-15     User: Female Voice Testimonial

Date: 10-19-15     User: Female Voice Testimonial

Date: 10-19-15     User: Female Voice Testimonial

Date: 10-04-15     User: double in (SIZE)

Hi No I didn't want my breasts to get bigger, because I only apply the cream/liquid to my nipples. My nipples have double in (SIZE) It does work. You can post TESTIMONIAL. Please do not show my email. Thank You

Date: 10-02-15     User: i love your product

Please do not include my name or email , and my country in the testimonial . I've been using Natureday liquid and cream for about thirteen week and I've been seeing great results , i will continue to use your product for another year or more. i love your product . I grew 1 inch. Thank you

Date: 10-01-15     User: see and feel the difference!

Hi! I have been using your products for 5 weeks now and I can really see and feel the difference! I just wondered if I should take the liquids for 4 months in a row, or should I have some days off in between? I am using one dropper full every morning now, and after 4 months I think I'm starting to take the pills.

Date: 09-29-15     User: a half inch increase!

I've been using the cream and liquid for one month and have already had a half inch increase! Not only that, but I used to be pretty lopsided, and am almost symmetrical now. I'm filling out my bras better and think I will have to go bra shopping soon! I took these photos and measured at the same time during my cycle to be sure of my results. I'm very happy and can't wait to see what another few months will do!!! Please keep my name and email confidential. Thanks:)

Date: 09-29-15     User: rounder

Hello My name is Is from France. I'm a female, before i have a 32AA After using drops every day twice a day, and cream, my breasts are firmer and fuller, more rounder and I have growth With a full B, after 2 months. Please put my testimonial on the natureday site After, nice.

Date: 09-29-15     User: Highly recommend

Please don't include my name or email in the testimonial. I've been using NatureDay fulfillment herbal drops for about two months and I've been seeing great results. I started working out a lot over the last three months and noticed my breasts got quite a bit smaller as a result. I lost about a half to full cup size but these drops have made the fullness come back a lot! I'm going to keep taking these and hopefully get them a little bigger. Highly recommend this product :)

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