2972 Testimonials and Growing!

09/18/2021     enlargement bar soap about three months ago
I bought your enlargement bar soap about three months ago and put it away in the shelf, but this week I started using it and the results are awesome I grew half an inch in 5 days I shower twice a day and massage with cocoa butter And I feel great, but I have a question: Is this a permanent change in my body? I am a male in his middle sixties and come from a traditional environment, it's kind of hard to imagine myself trying to hide my boobs ( not pecs) from my family, friends and coworkers. I like to read the testimonials because they give a lot of information I send you a picture and you can post it on the testimonials if you like. I really appreciate your answer to this e mail

09/14/2021     Breast Growth Products would fully cooperate
Hello. It’s been awhile since our emails about your fine quality organic breast growth Nature Day products that have helped me tremendously over time. I was very glad to see your Nature Day advertisement on my weekly Crossdresser Heaven email they sent me today. I hope more men, crossdressers, MTF who are or will be transgendering, and women choose to use your safe products to grow their breast development, and at a much lower costs than paying for expensive doctor bills, breast implant surgeries, and using doctor prescribed female hormones to develop their breasts, etc. I just love my large size 48 B breasts that have developed by using your effective Nature Day breast growth products over the last few years. My lovely Natureday grown breasts look so beautiful being supported by my pretty satin bras, and help to enhance my feminine appearance wearing along with my pretty satin blouses and dresses, which I just love seeing my female looking curves all dressed up femininely. As I need to present myself in male drab when I work, I need to cover up my breasts to be discreet with them, unfortunately. I have to wait to get home after work and look forward to crossdressing into my female clothing, and put my gorgeous round breasts in my beautiful satin bras to enjoy wearing again during my off work hours. May I please let you know that I fill out my pretty satin bras pretty well, thanks to my using Natureday products and your helping me with our email discussions about it too. I wish I could someday work as a lingerie sales associate, or a makeup 💄 counter sales associate and do makeovers for all of my customers for them to buy from me, and wear attractive female clothing all day and night long. Maybe some day. I believe that everyone should use your fine Natureday Breast Growth products, and it would help the world be a much better place to live in, and without any disrespect, nastiness, violence, wars, etc. Do you think it might be a new lifestyle change that becomes the norm for peace in our world? Maybe your Natureday Breast Growth products would help remove toxic male ego aggressiveness, and be fully respectful to women and others, as positive side effect. Do you think that convicted aggressive sex offenders might be required to use your Nature Day Breast Growth Products to calm them down, while they also grow their breasts too, as part of their sentence, so they lose their urge to commit sex crimes again? Do you think feminist women, NOW, women’s groups, Ms Magazine, Me Too, She Should Run, etc, should consider promoting this concept, and then men that use your Natureday Breast Growth Products would fully cooperate to help and support women to have full equality, and follow women who will also lead our country? Do you think Ms Magazine might want to publish an article, and also advertise your Natureday Breast Growth Products to encourage men to use it? Is it like the old saying, someone doesn’t know what someone is going through, until they live in their shoes 👠👠 for a day? Your breast growth product is a winner, and I wish you and your company associates continued good luck and much success with your Natureday Breast Growth Products. Please keep up the good work promoting your quality Natureday breast growth products to everyone. May I please ask if we would keep my email to you confidential between us, and not be published on your website, or publicly? Thank you. Best Regards.

09/13/2021     explanation about breasts pumps and nipple suckers
Today I came across an article Labeled Watch Kelly grow breasts, an amazing story. I like his story and feel connected with him. Last Thursday I received my "mini Kilt" 14 inch in length and that is a turn on for me/ I also read his explanation about breasts pumps and nipple suckers. While I write this down I am sitting in my mini kilt and my nipple stretchers pulling on my nipples and this is the second time since I woke up. I enjoy my nipples and mini kilt. I feel closer to being a girl with my mini kilt and larger breasts.. Thanks. . Also I read this article between your co-employee Amy and a client’s name Kelly. Although it is a old recording but in the short articles between Amy and her client Kelly and saw several of Kelly’s breasts photos and in the explanation from Kelly he told us all that he uses breast pumps twice a day on Amy’s recommendation so I am thinking to invest in these pumps as well. Of course I wish I saw more of Kelly’s breasts but the few that was posted was enough to convince me to continue. What I do after I put a hot beanbag on my breasts I apply the cream and put my nipple suckers on it for twenty minutes sometimes just 15 minutes. These nipple suckers can pull my nipples out into the tube an inch and a half. And through out the day on and off again so my nipple remain large. https://natureday.com/watch-kelly-grow-from-male-to-female/

09/03/2021     I enjoy my breasts everyday.
Hi Tina, I just have to tell you that I enjoy my breasts everyday. I am using breast cream three times a day so that means I will be ordering more cream when my first jar is empty. I enjoy putting my hands on my bare breasts and just sitting dressed only in my panties or just sitting naked if I do that I need to have my blinds closed as I live in a condo and on the main floor so my neighbor can see me. I enjoy reading stories from guys using your products and looking at the photos they submitted for all to see, seeing these gorgeous guy breasts I know that I have a long way to go. When I look at these photos and read their stories my fingers rub and massage my nipples and that is what I do throughout the day. My nipples are very sensitive and tender after rubbing them everyday and also use nipple suckers. This weekend is our Labor day weekend and I will be out for the weekend. In short I love your products and I enjoy looking at myself in the mirror admiring my breasts. Take care.

08/30/2021     I'm so excited for the growth
I'm so excited for the growth I've seen in my breasts in the past 2 weeks, and looking forward to the bra. Thanks so much, nothing could be better! Regards, D

08/26/2021     I mean the Natureday Products works and my pecks never looked fuller and it feels great
I mean the Natureday Products works and my pecks never looked fuller and it feels great and looks good but i want to grow more :p I like the Picture of my body in my head with big ones. I like to see how close I'm going to get. I guest everyone pictures themselves and go at it. Luxury to can do that. Specially in times like this.

08/26/2021     and of course my nipples are also bigger.
I don't know if I told you this. When I started in earnest in spring of 2019 Karen noticed that my breast started to expand a bit and she said that it looked nice on me. but that was before we knew how sick she must have been, I think all guys should have nice breasts to look at, no shame to have nice breasts. ..... Thanks Tina, and yes I enjoy looking at my breast and when I lie in bed I feel that gravity takes over as my breast, both side hangs down meaning that my mammary glands are expanding and I love every minute looking at them and cupping them in the palm of my hands feels soooo gooood. and of course my nipples are also bigger. Take care and hugs to you and the staff for this wonderful product.

08/22/2021     I LOVE everything about my breasts. They have gone from a man's chest to small rises to round and full breasts.
I have been using Natureday products for several years as I have wanted breasts for as long as I can remember. I started slowly because I wasn't sure how well it would work. I was also nervous about how people would react if I did develop a noticeable chest. I have used the liquid, the capsules, the cream and the soap. My current regimen is soap before I shower in the morning and before I go to bed at night, cream after I shower, and capsules in the morning. Over the last year, I have increased the amounts I have been using and I have seen a commensurate increase in size and speed of growth. I got over my nervousness months ago when I started wearing camisoles under my shirts. Since then, I have moved into wearing bras every day. My favorite are the kinds with no closure or front closure. They feel wonderful embracing my chest and supporting my lovely girls. Early on wearing a bra, I was still trying to hide that fact but I have become much more comfortable and less concerned that people will notice. Also, as my breasts have developed, I have felt increasingly like I am coming in to my own. I'm not interested in a full transition to womanhood but I LOVE everything about my breasts. They have gone from a man's chest to small rises to round and full breasts. It took a while for them to fill out on the sides but now they look the way I want. I'm not done growing them but I'm close. This is a dream come true and I know I couldn't have done it without Natureday products or the support of the wonderful staff who have never been anything but kind and accepting. ________________________________________

08/02/2021     supplements for several months now I have seen breast growth.
I have been taking your supplements for several months now I have seen breast growth. i had to stop staking the supplements for just over a month i just started back on the liquid in the morning, cream 2 times a day, pills at night, and soap in the shower.

07/27/2021     been using your breast enhancement products for about 6 months.
I’m a 76 year old man who has been using your breast enhancement products for about 6 months. I’m still sexually active but I’ve long wanted feminine breasts so I started using your products to try and achieve that goal. Right now I’m using liquid 3 droppers in the evening, 3 capsules in morning, cream and massage twice a day and soap once a day. I definitely have had some enlargement of my breasts( 44 B) although I still haven’t gotten to the size(hoping for 44 D) and the shape and fullness I think a feminine breast should have. I like being a male but have always wanted feminine breasts. Thanks for your help

07/26/2021     I’ve been taking the enlargement products a little slower than usual as growth seems to be much quicker than times before.
I’ve been taking the enlargement products a little slower than usual as growth seems to be much quicker than times before. But wanted to update as i approach the end of the last bar with my order last time. Excited as the tissue growth experienced with this is as much as it’s feeling like now days I can imagine how much they will grow on the bar I ordered once I start that one. My cleavage when on my side is much more pronounced, my shirts are definitely showing some solid projection and honestly most days without a bra my chest is quite dull aching and the jiggling I have now is kind of annoying. Kind of painted myself in a corner here in feeling I’m needing a bra more than can wear one. Thanks for such a remarkable product I hope this pic serve well. Thanks. The bra is a 34B no space in the cups :)

07/19/2021     I Love Your Company and Everything you do for everyone dreams.
I Love Your Company and Everything you do for everyone dreams. I literally stopped drinking caffeine altogether and I drink plenty of water every day. So we'll see what happens in a month from now. Keep in mind next year 2022 I'm moving to another City. I'll let you know where I'll be. Thanks again for an Amazing Company

06/25/2021     I decided to start using the Nature Day enlargement cream.
**************************************************************************** From an early age, I always had the urge that I wanted to be different. I was not looking for anything dramatic but something that I privately could be happy with. At some point in time I decided to start using the Nature Day enlargement cream. Well over a period of about two years, the changes that took place went well beyond my original plans. In other words, the results weren’t so private anymore . I have no regrets on my choices and plan to continue using the cream. *****************************************************************************

06/14/2021     my nipples are popping.
Dear Tina and Natureday staff, It's happening! When I workout wearing a tank top and perspire my nipples are popping. Thought I should let you know. Thank you so much!

06/11/2021     but the breast growth i have achieved i love
I am doing 3 pills in the am, cream morning midday, soap at nightly shower and liquid at bed time i am on my second round of supplements i am trying to cut back on caffeine but have a hard time doing so but the breast growth i have achieved i love j

06/07/2021     I no longer need breast forms to fill up my bras I have gone from flat to a large A cup to small B
good day I just wanted to say thanks for a great product I have been using the Complete Package and I love the results I am getting. I no longer need breast forms to fill up my bras I have gone from flat to a large A cup to small B cup depends on the bra manufacture they all seem to make the same size very differently. I love the way my breast look and feel I just ordered another complete package to continue my growth. A quick story I went to a drive thru at a local restaurant and ordered when I pulled up to the window I had my head turned talking to a passenger I had on a nice bra and shirt the attendant said it will be ????? MAM I turned to pay and she turned beet red and began to apologize for calling me mam I smiled and said its ok and she looked at my breast again as to say I wish I had breast that nice feeling a bit mischievous as she handed me my meal I said they are wonderful she turned red again. Thanks for giving me such a wonderful and freeing feeling my new breast have given me. I truly love having breast and your products have given them to me Thank you I showed my breast to a female friend and ask what she thought she took one look and said those are beautiful breast not man boobs please do not use my email

05/07/2021     growing pains as well as increased sensitivity.
I've been applying the cream once a night for the past week and am beginning to notice what I assume are growing pains as well as increased sensitivity. There also appears to be some dense structure within a few centimeters of each nipple although there isn't enough (yet!?) to comfortably confirm that it's new growth.

04/25/2021     I can feel the breasts jiggle a little bit when I run up the stairs.
Yes they have definitely started to fill in as I can feel the breasts jiggle a little bit when I run up the stairs. Should I begin wearing a bra daily? Will that affect future growth? Oh they definitely seem to be getting more comfortable all the time now that they are filling in & starting to jiggle. Does it seem like your growth starts to appear quite a bit faster once they have already filled out? Just wondering how much longer to use the products to get to my desired full B cup & stay there..

04/13/2021     .
Hi Tina. I will write a testimonial on my success using the products later. My boobs are growing still! Lowering sugar intake and boosting protein intake has certainly helped. Thanks again.

04/04/2021     effing amazing natureday is and how trusting the products are.
Great I am working on trying to find an app that will change my voice a little to start a YouTube page and talk about how effing amazing natureday is and how trusting the products are. Every app I find for video is only like 15/30 seconds long to record and edit so still trying to find one that allows more length. But I’m getting pretty excited to start a page as my bras get fuller and I feel them become more mobile. I feel as men we get so excited about a little growth and think a little budding is DDs lol but at this stage I feel I am really finally having some real proof of the products results and hope it convinced people to purchase and try the same. Anyways thanks for always letting people like me ramble on to the air. As a man intentionally growing breast I assure it’s nice to express excitement as I’m sure any can imagine it’s not table or bar talk that can be easily talked about lol

03/31/2021     if anyone would care to talk about natureday especially if on the fence or curious or just in your own journey
I am noticing the fullness is getting quite noticeable for me at least. The cleavage when I lay on my side is much more significant, when I go up or down stairs the jiggling and bouncing is much more attention getting and find myself holding my chest to prevent it. The sides of my chest have become much softer and the tissue felt is amplified from a month ago. My shirts are getting harder to hide the projection and with my hands by my sides they stick out a few inches now making my shirts show what is getting tougher to expect others to expect are pecs. Also when I stick my arms straight out the breasts are now blending in more for an even swoop look whereas before the lower bust would stick out where tissue had grown and now the whole chest area is sticking out smooth and flush where it has filled in and expanded. When I flex my chest it’s also difficult to find a spot that isn’t absolutely softened now. Details given i of course am not a c or d or bigger but the growth has been incredible to see. Especially in the expansion of the tissue toward the center of my chest giving when I look down a much rounder effect as it slowly grows in that direction. My bras are a 34b and also where I could put my arms out before and there would be some gaps between bra and breast I do that now and there are none. And when I take my shirt off to change or what have you. I noticed my breasts have stayed in place and haven’t moved around much at all that would a month ago cause a need to re scoop and swoop. It really is absolutely incredible. I started this years ago and not committing at all due to fear etc Committed finally months ago have seen wonderful results. Thank you again. I look forward to ordering more. Again if anyone would care to talk about natureday especially if on the fence or curious or just in your own journey and would like to talk to others feel free to add my Kik Messenger: Buttercreamking14 again to my testimonial if this is posted and interest to add it is there.

03/15/2021     I'm loving the enhancement cream by the way.
I just wanted to let you know that I received my latest order. That was quick! And, thank you so much for the soap sample. I'm looking forward to trying it. Very much appreciated! I'm loving the enhancement cream by the way. Feels as though it is working rather well, smiles.. ________________________________________

03/08/2021     I love being a part of the male breast enlargement testimonial page.
You are awesome. Thank you. I love being a part of the male breast enlargement testimonial page. I’m thinking of creating a YouTube page to document and talk about my development if I do I will let ya know if it’s a care to know for y’all. I will send a testimonial pic later this evening. Things haven’t gone crazy but the firmness and fullness is getting incredibly more voluminous and things are really beginning to show it’s so exciting. I’m sure y’all get tired of the guys who send the emails and pics that don’t always pertain to adding to the public and is more so just excited customers talking to talk. But seriously a 34B I never thought I would fill an A let alone B thank you all so much, cheers and good morning

03/07/2021     guys growing breasts is quite an oddity
I just wanted to continue to say thank you. I know guys growing breasts is quite an oddity, and to anyone who isn't a guy embarking on this journey of sorts would nevertheless see this as nothing more than some kind of perversion. Which is far from it and honestly I never felt better in the mirror and in my skin then when I see the growth that continues to occur. I truly am just ecstatic. Moreso, I wanted to say thank you for just great products as I always like to say thanks for. If anyone is wanting breasts you can see it time and time again on the testimonials that this will do it for you. When I truly committed to natureday I didn’t know how committed I’d be but after using the product and seeing what it did i figured one more and then slowly went through that and well now I believe I am on my 6th bar of soap in the last year? Either or the fullness is unreal. The shape is coming along and am eager for what awaits as I continue. I have no doubt that I will be ordering again soon. It is quite exciting and addictive. I am so so thankful. And if there is anything I can do that may not be aware of to promote this wonderful company and product I’d love to do so.

02/19/2021     in the 2 1/2 weeks i have gained a full inch and my nipples itch and are sensitive
I have been using your pills liquid and soap for 2 1/2 weeks now. in the 2 1/2 weeks i have gained a full inch and my nipples itch and are sensitive if i touch them wrong. but touch them in the right way and it just drives me crazy. I am not completely sure why i wish to have breast but i love what your products have done for me in such a short time. quick question how long will the growth continue after i stop using your products? at this rate of growth i will have the size i wish to have very soon as i have gone from a loose AAA to a Full A now if you use this as a review please do not include my name or email thanks

02/07/2021     I just love my large breasts that developed by using your effective products
May I please reiterate that I just love my large breasts that developed by using your effective products at the size my breasts are now, but if I want to try to grow my girls even bigger, do you suggest that I order more of your fine products to use for even more larger breast growth development, so I can’t hide my very attractive breasts under my bulky shirts to hide them? I’d love for people to actually get to notice my big beautiful breasts under my pretty satin bras beautiful feminine shiny satin blouses 👚 Thank you.

02/07/2021     I keep going about this breast growth journey.
Good morning ya'll. Hope all is well. I have been using the new soap you sent a couple weeks ago daily as I'm super excited as I keep going about this breast growth journey. When receiving it i had minor space in my b cup bras and now i am completely filling them. While they are certainly not in your face when wearing a shirt they certainly are much more noticable from a month and a half ago. And while not unbearable it is quite annoying when at the gym now running and not wearing a bra to keep in place. Besides seeing the development, feeling it in such a way is quite wonderful. It is quite exciting to no longer just be using your product but really seeing the benefits and results of it. As I have become accustomed to doing, I was going to order another bar of soap today to have by next week as I generally notice the soap lasts me 3-5 weeks when using it continually. Before putting an order in today, unsure if you're even there on Saturdays, I was curious if there were any coupon. You all have done so much already in gifts and kindness that I always feel like such a bum for asking but always feel it's worth to see. Have a wonderful day and thanks again for always being so great and having such a wonderful product that allows people like me to truly feel good when they look in the mirror.

01/30/2021     My breasts seem to have grown over the last month so my bra size has grown from a 40 B to the point of increase.
Please hurry this to me, for I am out of the enlargement cream and almost out to the liquid. It is interesting to note that I am using three droppers of the liquid in the morning before I brush my teeth and a small amount in the evening before returning. My breasts seem to have grown over the last month so my bra size has grown from a 40 B to the point of increase. My b cup to a C and the band is way too tight now. It seems the liquid works quite well. Maybe I will stop using the cream and just continue with the liquid and of course the soap. I have also noticed that my nipples are becoming very sensitive and that each one is hard. It seems strange to me that after so long using the products that all of a sudden this is happening. Over the years, I have not experienced such a quick growth. Is this normal? Mind you, I am not complaining. In fact the whole experience is rather exciting. I just hope it does not get out of hand. Bothering you with this new quick growth is not my intention. I just wanted to you to know what is happening in my life. Please if you have time offer me some modicum of your insight. I will appreciate any thoughts you have. As always with love, A.

01/14/2021     Thanks again for a wonderful Breast growth product that has allowed me and others like me to feel and see the beauty of having their own breasts.
It is so exciting to feel my looser shirts now getting tighter in the chest. And feeling when my arms are resting by my sides now to feel the tissue that has grown in to my under arm area significantly more cause my arms to rest on what is becoming side boob. Also my tank tops I wear at home when sitting my chest is now beginning to poke out the sides as my chest grows more fuller and the shape begins to curve out more. It is crazy that just a bar of soap can do this. And to know it is natural and not harmful of any kind or sort. Even going for a run now provides obstacles and a pullover bra has become helpful in the annoyance of the bit of movement my chest now has when doing those kind of activities. Thanks again for a wonderful Breast growth product that has allowed me and others like me to feel and see the beauty of having their own breasts.

01/05/2021     The sides of my breasts are filling in quite a bit and the tissue growth has been quite immense
I am the same person as the testimonial 8/31/20 Hey how’s it been going? Hope all had a wonderful holiday. I just wanted to send a progress update as we go in to the new year. The bars of soap sent recently have been tremendously helpful in growing. The sides of my breasts are filling in quite a bit and the tissue growth has been quite immense in and across my chest. Giving me a nice softer look and adding a bit of noticeable growth. I have gotten to a point where a bra isn’t needed but it is helpful in regard to shape. My shirts are showing projection and shape a bit and I have found comfort in bras I find best fitted and formed to hold things in place as they are becoming more and more jiggly and slight cup projection is better than a braless look. I am wearing a 34b and filling it pretty much completely. It’s incredibly fulfilling to be able to swoop and scoop and see the cups full. Especially when a month or so ago the same bras had a bit of space in them. Thank you for such a wonderful product. I am on the last bar of soap as of this morning. And am excited to see how much more grows and come to a conclusion to continue or hold off a bit. I can see definitive tissue growth and expansion going across and I’m hopeful this last bar of soap will encourage growth to continue upward to give a more rounded shape than a oval in the tissue growth and shaping as it grows. Again, thank you so much for a wonderful product. If anyone would care to chat I’d love to offer my Kik account as an option. If anyone uses kik they can find me on there under the name ButtercreamKing1 I love to bake and it felt fitting lol. Love to get a group chat going to encourage each other and talk with those who care to about progress and products used etc. Anyways have a wonderful new year and thank you so much for the products.

01/04/2021     my growing breasts with the natureday soap
Here is another view of my growing breasts with the natureday soap. As earlier I stated that I lather up before, during my shower, and afterwards. Here are my breasts with the lathered up soap after my shower. I also have my extra large nipple pumps on right after using the soap and while my breasts are still warm from my hot shower. Once I have removed my pump my nippkes and areolas are do super sensitive , I and my wife can't keep our hands off my nipples and breasts what such a great feeling I get from the use of the soap. Can't wait till my order of pills and liquid fet gere next week. Then here will be more exciting growth that will come. Till later Happy breast growing!!!

12/31/2020     breast enlarge soap and it has worked nicely for my breast growth.
I am a male who has been using the breast enlarge soap and it has worked nicely for my breast growth. The scent is really nice. I lather up 10 mins before I shower and then once more in the shower and then once more after I shower. I have also used the breast cream also during this time as well. Thank you Tina for your help. I am a male using these products and having a breast size of a 38c working my way up to a 38d

12/30/2020     Thank you natureday for your products that work for males.
Tina. Thank you for letting me get my review to your company to possibly be put up on the review section along with my pics. Where on the site can I find the review and when will it be posted? Thank you . I have been using the soap and breast cream for a while. I was also taking the pills and serum back 4 yrs ago. The cream really did wonders for the growth of my breasts. I love the soap. I lather up 10 mins before I shower and then once more in the shower and then again out of the shower. My wife loves the scent of the soap and the cream as well. Thank you natureday for your products that work for males. I have a breast size of a 38c breast Have a great New Years ! Here is my newest bra after having using the Breast Natureday products.

12/29/2020     great Breast Growth products that have given me the best present that I can get my very own
Hi Tina, I just wanted to say that this is going to be my best Christmas ever because of your great Breast Growth products that have given me the best present that I can get my very own 36b breasts that I have dreamed of having since I was a very young boy. There are no words that can explain just how grateful I am for being able to grow my very own breasts. I just want you all to know that thanks to you I have achieved something that has made me so happy that it has literally changed my life. My breasts are beautiful my nipples are always hard erect and sexually sensitive and I can't stop playing with them and having them played with and my breasts fill out my blouses and my dresses so well that I can't stop showing them off in public and I get great feedback from both men and women just how great they look. Anyway THANKS again for your great products and for your support so far.....JOANNE

12/15/2020     The nipples are always sensitive and have a tendency to get large and perky on their own.
So what is your advice to other people like me? I love the feel and softness of them. They are not that big but it’s clear that my pecs feel more feminine and bouncy. The nipples are always sensitive and have a tendency to get large and perky on their own. I guess my question is, assuming they can’t continue to grow forever, are there other changes that will happen if I keep using the product? I love the soap and cream to the point I would like this to be a part of my daily routine forever.

12/13/2020     enlargement soap cream and liquid
I received your products, after a long wait, no fault of yours. I followed the recommended instructions for the enlargement soap cream and liquid . within a few days a I was almost alarmed at how quickly the products worked . To the point where I stopped for a couple of days because I was scared of growing too fast. After one week!? That’s amazing. I read in your reviews that people have been using the products for years so I didn’t expect it to all happen in a couple of weeks. Your product are amazing! Thank you

12/13/2020     My breasts are wanting constant attention.
12-12-20 Hi Tina, it's Diana. This is day 6 of using Natureday's products. My breasts are wanting constant attention. Between just inside the underarms to a few inches below the nipples I feel warmth, tightness, tingling and itchiness that makes me want to rub and massage endlessly. I am now using 2 droppers and 4 pills both morning and night. I have stopped drinking coffee, but still drink tons of water. The soap has a very pleasant fragrance and makes my skin feel very silky. That also increases the wanting to rub, touch and massage my soon to be breasts! My nipples are always hard and erect making me want to tweak and pinch them constantly. It gives me a head rush that makes it hard not to squeal. Please feel free to share my thoughts with others. TY for your help. Diana To read more https://natureday.com/boobies-growing-breast-products/

12/06/2020     My friends are very impressed with your breast enhancement products
I will look into that.... I have been using your product for 2 weeks now and have gone from a C cup to a packed D cup size. My friends are very impressed with your breast enhancement products. I have not only woman friends but also many Transgender friends in different countries in Asia, that have been impressed with the results as well

12/02/2020     ecstatic over my breast, nipple and areola growth.
Tina, how are you sweet lady? I’m a 70’s male. I have been using your products for about 5 or 6 months split up over about a yr ad a half. I took a year off (which I regret now). I am absolutely ecstatic over my breast, nipple and areola growth. I have gone from a nothing man boob that probably would have been measured a AAA cup to a full A cup with female looking areola’s and nipples. To the men out there I would like to say that when I started this journey I shaved my chest and stomach (along with the rest of my body which had hardly any hair). I let it grow out when not using your products and I couldn’t even tell I had boobs. It is so much sexier and so much more emotionally fulfilling looking at and touching myself and seeing HAIRLESS female like breasts. My goal is to look masculine in street clothes and look feminine when naked or in my bra and panties with real boobs. I HAVE A QUESTION FOR YOU AND THE MEN THAT USE YOUR PRODUCTS WITH SUCCESS. HAVE ANY OF THE MEN USED THE BREAST SOAP OR FULFILLMENT CREAM ON THEIR COCK AND BALLS TO INCREASE THEIR ESTROGEN AND WHAT WERE THE RESULTS? MEN IF YOU HAVE USED THESE PRODUCTS ON YOUR GENITALS TO INCREASE YOUR ESTROGEN PLEASE CONTACT [email protected] .com. Thank you.

Good morning, no idea how people seem to have contacts at your site (Tina mentioned quite a lot lol) Just wanted to let you know I'm a heterosexual male and for whatever reason have wanted breasts since I was a young boy?? I'm half way through my second bottle of Breast liquid drops and about 5 weeks into this journey. I've read almost all the male testimonials and would confirm "be careful what you wish for - because your breasts will grow" and "how big do you want to get" I wake up on a morning excited, my breasts are noticeable, my girlfriend sucks them when we're having sex and my orgasms are fkin awesome. Can't believe that some herbs can make such a transformation in such a short time. I'll send a photo at some point but thank you, loving what your products are doing for me :-)

11/13/2020     growing my breasts/ getting fuller plumper soft to touch & wow sensitive.
Hello Nature Day. I just wanted to tell you what a fantastic product u offer!!!! I got serious about growing my breasts about 4 months ago. B4 that it was off & on. Now wow! They are finally getting fuller plumper soft to touch & wow sensitive. The feeling of sensitive nipples is a new & enjoyable experience! I haven't recently taken any photos but plan on it to share with you. I read to other comments from guys & the guys that have a woman on board w/ them r so VERY lucky!!!! Send photos soon. J Thanks Tina I am so over whelmed with the results!!! Thanks for the email and I will be doing more testimonials later as the growth continues!!!! J

11/07/2020     fill out a 36B cup to it's fullest and my breasts now show under whatever top I now wear.
Hi Tina and staff, It's Joanne again with another update on my journey. I now fill out a 36B cup to it's fullest and my breasts now show under whatever top I now wear. I get looks when I am out from both men and women and it makes me so damn proud that I finally took the step to order your products and finally quit denying myself the right to have breasts of my own like I have dreamed of since I was 12 or 13. I have a lot of female friends that have asked me to show them what my breasts look like and I always happily oblige them and they all tell me that they look like they were just made especially for me and that makes my journey all that much more special to me. My breasts jiggle and bounce when I walk now and that makes it all worth while. I just want men to know that if they long to have real breasts by all means please take the step and order your wonderful outstanding products and begin the journey to develop breasts of their own. My only wish is that I had known about your products years ago when I was much younger as my life would have taken a totally different direction. My female friends have taken it upon themselves to help me transform my male self into a beautiful female person that can dress and look like a real woman without having to wear breast forms and not worry about them shifting and looking out of balance. Well anyway I have taken up enough of your time please keep your products available so I can continue to grow my marvelous breasts. Thank You all so very much and I Love You all.

11/07/2020     looked at my breasts/ chest how much they are starting to fill out when standing up.
I looked at myself in the mirror this morning. And have been feeling the wonderful aches and was pretty amazed that from about 5 days ago when I last looked at my breasts/ chest how much they are starting to fill out when standing up. Going from a filling in 45 degree angle to developing on the underside of my breast lifting the nipple area up and showing sign of pushing out. I am seriously so effing excited. I wish I’d done this 10 years ago instead of being such a headache. And when it was much more convenient to do so. But seriously I am just so effing happy.

10/17/2020     [email protected]
I sent in a before and after picture to show my progress. So I filled in the form and I thought it was part of the testimonials. When the testimonials were updated I didn't see mine so wasn't sure if you received it or it wasn't good enough to put on the website. I would love to have a testimonial and show my progress to you and everyone. If it is ok I will write my testimonial below and attach my before and after picture to the email.To Tina, thank you for this wonderful and lovely experience that I am going through. I have always felt different from everyone since a child. As I got older around secondary school age, 12-13 years old, I started getting feelings of wanting breasts even though I am male. I searched the internet and found natureday, I had no idea if it would work and I secretly ordered the cream. Over the years I ordered and used the cream on and off in big periods of times, so it probably didn't make much of a difference. But then the 1st June 2018 was the start of it all, I decided I truly wanted this and I had ordered the liquid so I took it with a glass of water. Yes like others have said before the taste isn't very nice but it does the trick. I then started seeing the progress and ordering two bottles at a time and recently ordered three bottles. Now at the age of 29 and I have between an A-B cup, I have sensitive nipples and I can see growth. I also have been showing my best friend pictures of my progress and she has said they look bigger, rounder and more womanly and breast shape. I have always seen them when sitting down and I love that they are growing, I don't know what size I want to go up to but I look forward to the progress in the future and if anyone wants to reach out and share experiences, advice or encourgement I can be found at [email protected] I have always wanted to talk to other men who use Natureday and I love showing off my progress to others. Once again thank you for these amazing products. James I truly mean everything I have said and I hope you enjoy the read sorry it is a long one but I wanted to put everything down. I have attached the pictures to the email. Thank you, look forward to hearing from you

10/17/2020     to develop my Male breasts that I love to share in public.
TINA, I use Natureday pills, cream, liquid, cocoa butter cream, and nipple suction to develop my Male breasts that I love to share in public. I dress in 90% women's clothes every day because I just love how they feel on my body. Soft and silky. Time to order more product from my lovely friends at Natureday. I love you all for giving me real large female breasts. you make me feel like a women. Love that feeling.

10/16/2020     thank you Natureday and for always being professional, encouraging and assisting and never judging
I am so excited. Like Jessie Spanno Saved by the Bell excited lol. It seems men outweigh the women on the testimonials. I know this only builds the demographic of men like me who have absolutely zero interest in anything feminine other than having breasts of their own. And I just want to say thank you Natureday and for always being professional, encouraging and assisting and never judging or conveying anything that may signal any negative connotation. It really means a lot to know how well you all treat people like us and see us as a loyal customer ready to help not a loyal weirdo ready to judge. I really do appreciate it. It’s a very very lonely world feeling like and knowing I’m probably the only one in my city doing anything like this and it’s just nice to know the company providing the product is also providing professionalism that makes me feel comfortable and confident in this development instead of ashamed.

10/14/2020     I feel my chest has become much much softer and there is definitively more growth.
. I want anyone browsing your site to know how amazing this product is and how thankful I am to have a chest that is beginning to be what I always hoped to have. Also if anyone wants to talk about your product with me you can add my email to my newest testimonial. Always happy to share and promote. [email protected] Good afternoon. I just wanted to send an update of my progress thus far as I enter the last week or two of my current bar of soap. I have been using it in the morning before work as I make breakfast and then again in the shower at the end of the day. I feel my chest has become much much softer and there is definitively more growth. When touching and feeling around you can certainly tell they have grown quite a bit in volume. I went to walmart on my lunch hour the other day, as I have officially hit the jiggling stage of growth and bought a few cami bras for comfort in the work place and a few t shirt bras and demi's. Just to get some variety after doing some reading on what bras do best in holding things in place and not enhancing. I want breasts but I don't want people to know I wear a bra if that makes sense, given soon enough people are going to tell there is something there anyways. I bought 34B's per measurements I took of myself, and to my surprise I fill them completely. Which makes me feel soon enough I'm going to need a 36b or 34c. I can't believe 10 years ago I first tried natureday, and finally have come to terms that breasts isn't just something I want or would like. They are something I feel I need. It's weird cause it is nothing sexual, it is just something that I felt was always missing. Some guys like to be Arnold Schwarzenegger, I want to be Dolly Parton....in the chest lol. Idk I know you all get testimonials and some are obviously filled with fantasy and seem a bit.....yeah...but for me, this is just something I am absolutely thankful that I can experience. I know the road ahead for a man with breasts...especially when they are appearing suddenly and over time come to be seen as absolutely obvious. And I know I am going to cross that bridge eventually cause I just feel at this point, I need to keep pushing for more. In 2010 I wanted to be a 36C. Everything was in line for me to do so and not have any obstacles or concerns, I was just scared. I ordered, returned, ordered, threw away and at 35, I'm just done being scared and ready to be me. I'm not trans or anything, just a guy who wants breasts. I am so thankful for natureday who has allowed me the privilege and honor to be an example of how well your products have been working on me. Thanks for not blocking me from ordering from my past returns. I am so glad to look down and see my chest becoming what I always hoped I'd be able to have. I never wanted pecs and was always jealous of women who had breasts. I never seen breasts as a sexual thing, only something I wish I had and felt empty without. So thank you yet again for your wonderful wonderful product. And thank you so much for putting up with me in the past, so I can be grateful in the present for your products that have allowed me to grow this far.

10/14/2020     a long held dream of having real breasts
Hi, Tina. Thanks again for all of your support. Here’s another picture for the testimonial page. Please post it with the following quoted statement. “I’ve been using Natureday for several years. I look back at the pictures I’ve taken & sent, and marvel at the results I’ve achieved. Natureday has allowed me to realize a long held dream of having real breasts. What I’ve got is not like gynecomastia or “moobs” at all. I have real breasts. I wear bras in public. I wear camisoles to work. My downward peripheral vision registers the growth I’ve experienced. My anxiety about my body is way down even though I am visibly presenting as gender non-conforming. I can’t thank Natureday enough for offering the products that allow me to become who I have always felt I truly am"

10/02/2020     my journey to finally have breasts of my own
Hi, This is Joanne and I just had to let you know how happy I am with the products that I have been using on my journey to finally have breasts of my own. Since I was 12 or 13 I have always envied girls and women for the breasts that they were lucky enough to grow on their own and now that I am in my 60's and now am growing my own with great success I am now glad and proud to be able to finally fill out a B cup bra without having to stuff it with anything but my very own breasts. My nipples are growing a little at a time and are constantly hard and erect which makes me smile as people are noticing them and the swell of my breasts under my tight t-shirts. I get very excited when I notice women are staring at me and wondering how a man can have such nicely developing breasts. I used to avoid wearing a bra under my shirts but now I am proud to let people know that I'm wearing one because they make my breasts look that much more rounded and firm which I must admit they are. I'm not quite sure where I am going to stop but I hope that they can reach a C-cup Like I said before I am a B-cup actually a 36B. I can't say enough about your products that have finally made my desire to have the breasts that I've always admired my own and made me the woman I have always known I was supposed to be. Thanks again for the great products and when my journey is finally done I will publish photos of my journey. I really love all of you from the bottom of my heart. Joanne P.S. please don't use my email address if you publish my comments.

09/15/2020     using the Natureday male breast enlargement products for several years
Hi, Tina. Here is my most recent pic. I’ve been using the Natureday male breast enlargement products for several years, enjoying the growth. This year, I’ve increased my dosage & seen a significant increase in my growth. Thank you for your product & your support. Sent from my iPhone

09/08/2020     Thanks for the breast enlargement products
Thanks for the breast enlargement products I love every minute as my breast begins to take shape but not enough yet to fill out a bra that I kept from my wife after she passes. I will wear her bra often so I feel closer to her, she told me earlier last year before she got sick that my breast began to show a bit more, not flat breast but with tinny humps and she said that my breast looks very nice. and when I play my church organ or read a book my arms rub against my nipples and I like that very much. And did someone ever tell you that sniffing your pill can turn you on. I like to sniff them, wishing that by sniffing these pills that my breast would increase in size, wishful thinking. I thought you would like to know. Take care and stay healthy and away from Covid-19 stay in your own bubble.

Tina, I can't believe how my breast are growing. I'm using nipple suction along with all the great breast enhancement products. Time to reorder. Tomorrow is nylons and skirt day and will be showing off my breasts to the world. So exciting. I'm in love with my breasts. ________________________________________

08/31/2020     Feeling my breasts and the fullness that is expanding is thrilling.
Good morning. I am nearing the end of my current bar of breast soap and it has been amazing to see/feel how soft my chest has become this time around. While I'm no where near my C cup goal I am pleased with the fullness and shape i'm seeing take place and am confident with another round of soap that I can at least get in to my B cup rang I'd be comfortable with, but not fully satisfied regarding size desired. Measurements have me at a 36a and while i'm so tired of being an a cup I know patience is a virtue and consistency is key. Feeling my breasts and the fullness that is expanding is thrilling. I am so thankful for your product. I wrote down the coupon from before that you were kind enough to offer but can't seem to find it. Does the coupon still apply? Also about the soap. I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday who came over for a drink after work who I haven’t seen since pre Covid and I have grown a bit since then. He knows a few years ago that I mentioned using breast stuff to grow boobs and laughed it off then. I’ve known the guy my whole life and feel comfortable that it wasn’t gonna go anywhere. And I was the first person he came out gay to so I trusted him. He came over and I was wearing a workout tank top and we were just hanging on the patio catching up and he said “dude not to be funny but you got some serious side boob for a guy” I told him it’s cause of natureday. He said you were serious about that s—- back then? I said yeah I just finally gave in to it and it’s pretty awesome. He asked if he could actually see the effects I said sure. Didn’t think it’s anything different if I were to swim and just pulled the tank top to the side. He was pretty impressed. Noting they aren’t huge but definitely look like small boobs. And went about the business of conversation. A couple hours later he text me asking what the company was called as him and his bf are looking for some extra fun and thinks this could be fun for them to try for him. So I told him and he said he’d look in to it. I told him I had 2 bars of their soap and if he wants to try it he’s more than happy to try. I figured if a donation turns in to a customer it’s worth it. I hope that is ok and doesn’t hinder me from things. Anyways I’m going to re order another bar of soap in a week or two now that I am back to one lol. Here’s hoping he is more committed than I initially was and buys from y’all.

08/25/2020     mixed the breast pills in with my enlargement cream
Tina, I've mixed the breast pills in with my enlargement cream to absorb directly into my breasts. Will that do anything? I'm loving the growth. Love you all and thanks for making me feel like a women even though I'm not.

08/24/2020     my breasts are starting to fill out a little more
Hi Tina, I am so excited to let you know that your products are working for me. My nipples are hard and standing up pretty most of the time now and my breasts are starting to fill out a little more and when I put on my bra with a tight tank top my small but noticeable breasts show up and I am getting looks when I go out in public. It makes me very excited to show off my budding breasts to people even tho I have to social distance. I am hoping that they continue to grow. I want to thank you for your products and for making my dream come true of finally having my own breasts that I can be proud of.

08/14/2020     My breasts responded well to the liquid
My breasts responded well to the extra liquid but now I have run out of all pills, cream, soap and liquid. I have a reasonable size in both breasts but really desire more "pointy" boobs. I am also using a nipple suction device 3-4 times a day and am patiently waiting for more puffy nipples as I really want them to stand out under the thin lacy tops I wear. I last wrote to you and received an order a bit over 1 year ago. Thanks as always for that delivery (which I picked up when I was travelling in the US on holiday. Please reply at your earliest convenience and I will place an order. Keep well

08/07/2020     My nipples are large and hard/ the nipple pump!
I love all your products. When I use the soap in the shower I find it very stimulating. Applying the cream after the shower is like a warm hug. Love it! After the cream I try to use the nipple pump and I’m amazed how big they get in just fifteen minutes. It also makes them incredibly sensitive. I really never leave the house without pumping for at least ten minutes. My nipples are large and hard and I love the attention. If you do this program you have to get the nipple pump! So exciting. Thanks for everything. ❤️ Dear Tina G. It’s been 44 days since I started the program. I only ordered the nipple suckers, the capsules and the liquid to start. After I saw how they affected me, I ordered the complete set. My wife and I were so excited how my breasts stand up while I’m lying in bed. I can’t believe the results so far! Can’t wait till the girls grow even bigger!

08/03/2020     I hope to get my breasts bigger with Natureday.
Hi this is April i am a 65 yr old male crossdresser ever since I was younger i wanted to be a woman with big breasts. I have been using other creams on my breasts but to no avail. And i was giving up trying. Thats until I discovered natureday this cream and soap changed my whole outlook. Natureday has given me hope so i can fulfill my dream and i would recommend your products to all my friends. You have made me so happy. So here are a few pictures of my growth using natureday. I hope you like and use them. I hope to get my breasts bigger with Natureday. Please let me know Thanks again April ......................................................................................... Dear tina and natureday its been 2 months since i started using your products basically the cream only i did try the soap but to me the cream works best . I have to let you know before I discovered your products i was losing hope in achieving my goal having breasts. Then came natureday and wow the results are awesome. I started your cream when i was measured at a store i was somewhere between a 42 a or b cup . Today i measured myself on 8/19 and i am proud and excited to say i am a 42c. And i will continue to use your products to get bigger. Right now i cant hide my breasts and i love it i just bought a new bra and my breasts look beautiful in it. I am going to post my pictures i hope that you post them both. Again thank you tina and natureday and i will keep you posted in the next month. Oh by the way looking forward in buying your nipple enlargement product soon.

07/31/2020     y nipples do stay erect throughout the day
Tina, In the mornings I put a whole dropper into a bottle of water. I shake that up and use it to swallow 3 of the pills. Toward the evening before I go to bed I massage the cream into my breasts. About half an hour before I take my shower I wet the soap and massage it into my breast area in wide circles. I don't drink coffee, or sodas, at all. I mostly drink water, and sweet tea during the day. Every now and then I would feel some tingling sensations. My nipples do stay erect throughout the day (but not all of it). When I started, my breast area measured 49". The current measurement has me just behind 51 1/2" now so I do know something is happening. Even with the growth, I'm not really seeing it. I have kept a journal, and taken pictures, every week since starting too. I have several bras ranging in size from A to D cup. When I wear the A or B cup bras, my breasts don't really seem to fill them up like they should. I have some B cup breast forms so I'm gauging my breasts by them I guess. I hope that I'm not doing something wrong. I based my intake by what I read on the website, along with the blog about "Watch Kelly's Breasts Grow". That blog brought me some great inspiration. If you have any more questions for me, please let me know.Take care,

07/19/2020     there's definition and curves where there used to be none
last September or October when I first started on the liquid I was completely flat chested, the i took a break because I couldn't afford to continue at that time and unfortunately I don't have a pic of that, what I would consider a "Before" pic. I'm definitely not flat anymore and there's definition and curves where there used to be none, but of course I wish there was more.

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