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Male Testimonials

Male Testimonials
3001 Testimonials and Growing!
10-23-12     Voice
Voice Testimonial

10-23-12     voice
Voice Testimonial

Thank you everyone at Nature Day. I have been using your products for 18+ months and I am very pleased with not only your quick response to orders but the product quality as well. I will provide a terrific updated testimonial in the next week or so with before and after pictures. The results have been incredibly breathtaking and it's all really me. WOW! Thanks again for everything. I will continue to extol to my friends and acquaintances about your products and the highly positive performance I have experienced. TY

10-19-12     ler
Young 59 married grandfather athelete always straight but curious why secretly wore bra at 10 and think shemales beautiful. Tried for quiet results April 2012 after 3 liquid and 3 cream now Oct 2012 feeling dream come true as heshe shehe either way I am showing loving family my bulges and nips without concern for laughs or smirks (fill 42B was loose in April). ND works and will use until max limit size "C" before wife family work associates lock me up or find secret heshe shehe friend(s). Seems wife silently accepting in bed seeing me Sooo excited her licking nips and hearing me moan. Thank God for loving and loyal family I have now because I did not use ND back when because I feel if had ND back when I would now have gay lovers or be shemale Queen. Thanks for the excitement and FEEL COME TRUE / now call myself + my "ladies" Pauler good stuff (would be amazing to see any my pics on your great website without exposing who I am yet) thanks ND Sent on the Sprint Now Network from my BlackBerry

10-17-12     Sej
Dear tina, this is my third set of photos after two months. please use this mail in your testimonials without my email id. i am an indian i used your products liquids and cream for three months,i noticed good development in my breasts. nature day products works very well. i am still continue the products to achieve 38 d cup. in near future i am going to order another two complete package for me. in thid regard one side of breast grow more than other.i need your advice to acive both at same size. regards, Sej

10-17-12     Thanks a Bunch
Hi There. I have been using you products for a little over 2 months. So far I am very pleased with the success. I would like a little more growth as it sure feels nice. I wish I had started long ago. My nipples are larger, and my breasts feel and look great. My wife likes to play with them. I had Prostate cancer and surgery in January, 2012. The nipples and breasts are an alternative when it comes to sex. Thanks a Bunch

10-15-12     Leona
Hey been using the cream with good results, i have been putting it heavily in a bikini top and wearing it to bed, and its doing wonders!! Im up to a 34B, I will post pictures soon. Please do not publish my email.

10-02-12     le
hi i been on your product for a little over ten month and im a male.i love what it has done for me.the feel,the little bounce they have. ,it does work,i am 35" bottom and 43"and a half upper. now i want to go alot bigger. and thankyou.

10-01-12     Danielle
Hello Tina, Danielle here. I have grown another half inch in my breast since the last Testimonial. Nature day is great!! I can't believe the growth!!! There is growth every time I take It. I will submit before and after pictures after my next Liquid intake. Thank you so much nature day and you too Tina!!!! Danielle. Sent from Samsung Mobile

09-27-12     Sue
Well, it is happening to me. Have been on the program for a couple of months and now it is very obvious I have breasts. They jiggle when I walk, the rub against my inner arm, and they are a joy to massage when I take a shower in the morning. I feel myself becomming a woman and I love it. It is something indescrible. Something wonderful. Thank you Natureday.

09-26-12     my self and I have a good set of breasts
It is time to tell you more. If you want breasts this is the way. I just wish I would just keep a every day time but I dident. Natureday staff and Amy: I have been using the cream and the soap for a long time. My dear friends the products work and they work just the way they say I try it my self and I have a good set of breasts. If you read the letters from everyone they are all true. I just wish I could have set a plan and stuck to it. But every time I went back to the cream and the soap it started growing again just where I left off. When I get home from work and I take a bath I just enjoy looking at them. I just want to see if I can get into a C cup. So all I can say thank you Amy and Natureday for inventing the soap, liquid, and the cream. I will keep using it tell I get the size I want.

09-25-12     Just a guy
I have to say WOW! I've tried various breast creams/pills before, and it never did anything at all. Then i decided to give your products a go. I got the complete, and OMG! After 2 weeks i could feel the difference, although it wasnt really visible. But 3 weeks later i could actually SEE my boobs getting BIGGER! And now, after 3 months only, the results are OBVIOUS ! I've attached some pics from my phone so that everyone can see what i'm talking about!!! First one is the day i got my Fulfillment, then after. See the growth? :) Thank you, Natureday. p.s. you are free to use my photos on your testimonial page. My last order number was 9920120828230104

09-19-12     love the product
Finished up my soap a couple weeks ago and debated on whether or not to get more. While I feel the fullness under my skin and bounce slightly when i hit a bump of some sort it is still not enough for what i'd like. Unsure if my girlfriend will accept them or not, hopefully they dont get too outrageous but would be nice if they continue to fill out the way that they are (all over the breast instead of just behind the nipple to give an even protrusion instead of the nipple area standing out curving) guess we will see. I have noticed a white ring sometimes around the nipple and some small bumps on the areola as well is this indication of anything? Wanted the liquid just financially that 8 extra dollars is crucial, gotta love america when you have a bachelors degree and 8 dollars is still a kick to the shin lol. Wouldnt happen to have a frequent customer give away would you ;);) lol that would be a dream come true lol. Anyways just wanted to let you know I had reordered, love the product.

09-18-12     es
Just wanted to update you, 3 months on and there's been some good development. It really works. Please don't show name or email address.

09-18-12     BB
Hi Tina, The results from using your products continue to be amazing. I am in the process of losing body weight, but my boobs continue to get bigger. I am using all of the Natureday products and have been for about 8 months. Looking forward to increased results. This process is tons of fun for me. Again, thank you!! Best wishes... BB

09-13-12     Nita
Hi Tina, herewith i am sendind my todays pics pl published i have a wonderful result now i am completely 34C cup my bras is full with my breast not only that my hips & butts also became smooth & wide my hips size is now 45 wowww it gives my 12 size jean complete feminine look you can see my chest hail it became now thinner i not shaving or using any cream i would like to thanks Amy because she took care of mine a lot ,anyway thanks sweety i love Natureday & staff Nita

09-13-12     Houston
Hey Natureday, I just finished up my liquid and pills, the results were much different then I thought it would be. My gain this month on your product was more weight in my breasts and now I am really feeling them near my armpits. They have much more mass to them, shirts now seem to get wrinkled up around my breast instead of falling strait down. I keep having to pull my shirt down to keep my shirt looking flatter and not having my hills there. I also lost six pounds from biking, the feeling of having breast while dirt biking is amazing. Talk about how much they bounce around on every bump or jump is truly fun. That is my update today, I think I will take a break from your products for a little while. I am happy with the results :) Houston

09-11-12     dD
I tried the cream and the drops and I have to say they did two things for me. First it smelled like I was in a chinese herbal store and 2nd scared the crap out of me because of what it was doing, it works and I wasn't ready for the results. I threw it out, soap, cream and drops. I'm still am not ready for the results but I do want the soap because it worked slower with great results and my shemale feelings are very strong and need reinforcing. dD

09-11-12     Growth continues to be steady
Hi Tina, Thanks again for the great products. Growth continues to be steady as I continue to see positive results. Really amazing! I will send you another photograph in a month or so. A technique that really seems to be working for me is that I mix one full droppers of the liquid, one teaspoon of cream and one-half teaspoon of body oil. Then I massage it into my boobs twice a day, for about 10 minutes each session or until it is absorbed into my skin. I thought your customers might like to consider it. As a male, I think various techniques are helpful and fun. Also, if anyone wants to ask about my great results, they can ask me at com. Best wishes, B-

09-08-12     Ks
Hello, I am a 69 year old male who has used your product in the past. I went from a 38AA to a 38B cup in a fairly short time. Currently I am massaging the left breast and taking Fenugreek pills. I am considering ordering your soap and perhaps your cream and liquid. What are your recommendations and what might I expect in the way of results.From my past experience, I think that your products are super.

09-06-12     My breasts are noticeably heavier
I have been using the complete line of Natureday products for about three weeks. My breasts are noticeably heavier, softer, and fuller. I love it! They wiggle and bounce when I walk which I also love. I can't wait till they also sway back and forth. I took before pictures and measurements and am going to wait a while before I do so again. I started using a couple of drops of the liquid on my nipples and love how they respond. I've had little gold rings in my nipples for years and as a consequence they protrude a good half inch and are quite sensitive as well as noticeable through my shirts. I don't mind at all. My wife loves to play with them and so do I. I hope the direct application of liquid will increase the size of the areola so they look more feminine. I don't know who else I can tell this to but playing with them a short time causes waves of pleasure that go all the way to my toes. I can only describe the feelings as mini-multiple orgasms. Now I know why women love them so much. I'll keep you posted with my progress. Thanks Natureday.

09-05-12     RM
Ihave tried your soap with some fair results. I have also tried your drops with super results. i am thinking about your breast cream, however i am not sure as being male if it will have desired results becuase i'm not sure if a man has mamory glands. i'm thinking may-be i should stick with the drops. please let me know if the cream will work for me.

09-05-12     LL
i am a 68 year old male took the liquid for 30 days---then took pill for 30 days--went from b cup to a full c-cup---now have ordered another bottle of liquid and pills---do i take them the same way?

08-31-12     Nita
hi since long time now my breast growth so fast i have submitted my last pic 2011 now here with i am submitting my some of pics if any body have question pl contact me on [email protected] my size become now 32C full cup i go now in public place in feminine clothes so i enjoy as a woman now love you all thanks nita

08-30-12     now they fill out a B cup nicely
I have never tried to upload a photo from my laptop before so i hope this works. I have finally gotten to sending you a photo of my breasts; I wish they were bigger but now they fill out a B cup nicely! I am still trying for a C cup at least! I have, as you know been on your program for several years with some gaps and I read about those who get faster results, however as I am a type 2 diabetic on insulin and also on medication for hypertension and cholesterol I may be fighting an uphill battle? But the photo speaks for itself in that there has been progress! If this gets through to you I will try some more at a later date. Thanks K

08-30-12     new growth again
good morning everyone it's me again , i want everyone to know i took a measurement this morning and i'm happy to say i'm on my way to a 47inch chest, isn't that great ? it feels so wonderful to feel new growth again ,and again. it seems that as long as i keep taking your products i will keep growing. how wonderful this is for me. i hope all you guys and gals out there keep up your natureday programs, if you do i'm sure you will see new growth on a regular basis, thank you again,and again natureday/love ,me

08-27-12     Sue
Natureday, My breasts continue to grow and I noticed I picked up half an inch on my bust line in a few weeks. Very sweet. My nipples are so super sensitive. I'm loving it. Sue

08-24-12     A from NZ
HI, just as a quick confirmation, am loving your product, it is a bit slow, and I wondered if it's possible to overdose with the liquid and cream, I am not taking the pills at the moment , or ,if this was possible , is it of any advantage, I did not take a photo at the bigginning of the course, however I have gained a good one and a half cup sizes, to 34b , would a photo qualify me for the free supply, I have been with you for a couple of years now , and am delighted with my results and would be more than willing to testify with a couple of photos, the wonderful bonus to all this is the amazing feminine self awareness( secretly of course) gained by the full softness of my breasts, even my partner eyes them up with envy. regards and thanks, A

08-23-12     my breasts are gaining definition
It has been only 12 days and I have noticed that I am no longer flat chested. As a matter of fact, I feel that I have breast growth and the defining lines are forming, my breasts are gaining definition, and my nipples are very sensitive. I am doing the soap once or twice a day (love the smell), and the cream twice a day. Here is a picture of what I look like with only 12 days behind me. OMG... what am I going to look like at the 30 day point? This product is fantastic. I never believed that I could grow breasts... and look for yourself.. they are starting to come in :) S

08-22-12     UG
Dear tina/ natureday, i am so very happy to have found you and yor wonderfull breast enlargment products!!! They Really do work! I am seeing great results just in a little over 30 days! I love this product! Keep up the great work!

08-22-12     I am not satisfied with the time it takes to get there
Hi Tina, it has been some time since I last talked to you. Believe it or not in a two days it will be 11 months since I started taking Natureday products. I just ordered another complete package for the next few months. I only get a little over 4 months from this package. I take as much as I can or so I think. I am happy with the growth but I am not satisfied with the time it takes to get there. When I started I was about a half an A cup and now I am not quite a full B cup. Am I expecting to much to fast? Is a cup size a year normal? When is the best time to take the liquid and pills in the morning or evening? I drink coffee in the morning. I am also using the cream. I use the soap occasionally. I am following the tips as well. HRT, protein shakes, flaxseed oil gels, female vitamins. Don't get me wrong I do like the products. Some of my online friends ask me what I am using and I recommend they check Natureday out and see if it is for them. I am a bit impatient and that may be why I think I should be growing faster than I am. I am asking you to help me as how to get the best growth. I need to lose some weight but am afraid I will lose breast size as well. I still think your products are the best. I just think I am not doing all I can to get the growth. Thanks for your help.

08-20-12     My breasts continue to grow
New experience this weekend. My breasts continue to grow. My left boob has started to touch the inside portion of my left arm. My nipples are almost always hard and very sensitive. Seat belts have become sooner hung new to deal with as my nipples keep getting caught under it. But it's all good and I am loving the new experiences

08-17-12     Dou
Dear tina , i am pleased to inform you on my brest growth for the last 30 days! My breasts have grown a whole 1-1/2 inches! 30 days ago i measured my boobs and they were a 40. Now they are a 41-1/2! OMG . Between the liquid ,cream & soap i cant believe the wonderfull growth. Thanks NATUREDAY!!!! Will order more liquid and soap in a week or two!!! Am very much in love with your wonderfull products!!! Dou. soon! Sent from Samsung Mobile

08-16-12     michelle
as a male who has always wanted to have my own breastsand having to wear a brai have started on the natureday program with the pills drops cream and soap of course being a male i started ouy very flat when my breast buds started to develop i started to wear my training braand my breast development continued to a point where i out grew my training bra and started to wear a size 36a bra and after more continued use have outgrown my 36a bra where i now wear a size 38b bra my goal is to wear a 38d bra my only question to you is with continued would i develop d cup breasts or would i top out at c cupsthakyou for a great productas i enjoy my new girls and enjoy the way they now bounce michelle

08-02-12     a second 3 month supply i saw the changes
Hi I am a male that always wanted to have a pair of female breast. When I found Natureday on the internet it took me a couple off year before I had the guts to order. When I finaly did I wanted it to happen over the night. It didnt but after I orderd and used a second 3 month supply i saw the changes. As you can see on the before and afet picture it happened. Thank you so much Natureday!!!

08-02-12     I have a real chest
Hey Natureday, your products really work. I started with the pills, liquid, cream and soap about 6 months ago. I was flat. Now after that amount of time, I have a real chest. I use them all, but the cream is my favorite, as it stays slick for a long time as I massage it in. I think the massage really helps as well. I Just wanted to send you this message, because I am really impressed with the success your products have provided me.

08-02-12     me
well, here we go again! i just measured my breast and low and behold i have reached my target goal. i'm now a 46-C cup i'm so proud of my girls . i love when they get in the way it's so much fun , my wife can't keep her hands off of them . it's so sexy when she touches me in that way , thanks again natureday you are the greatest / me

08-01-12     RR
hi, i am 35 yrs old Asian male. i recently purchased ur stuff in the past and grow like 1.5 inches (31.5 inches or 32aa) i am try to grow 2 more inches to be 34a. i am also tried to be shemale w/o using prescribed drug.

07-28-12     hey are now much thicker, full and always standing erect
Its one month today since my first shipment from Natureday. Im using the liquid and cream twice a day sometimes three. Im also taking two capsules each of fenugreek and saw palmetto with my treatments. I massage a little cream into each breast; take a dropper of fluid, then massage a bit of the fluid into each nipple. For this I just put my finger over the top of the bottle opening, turn it upside down, and then use that to work into the nipple. Im glad to say Im seeing some definite results. Within a few days I noticed my nipples were tender and sensitive. I walk a lot and could feel my shirt rubbing on them. I never had this before. They were always flat and thin. They are now much thicker, full and always standing erect. I love it. So does my partner. He loves playing with them. I love it when he does. Ive noticed just within the last couple days I can see where my areola is starting to expand. This excites me. I want to have nice big plump nipples to play with. My overall breast seems to appear to be gaining volume, fullness and becoming more round but I havent wanted to measure until the first month is up. The month is up. I have gained one inch across my bust. I measured 39 at my bust before Natureday. I now measure 40. Not a huge difference but noticeable, Im satisfied with my results. If I can continue to gain an inch a month over the next five or six months, Ill be very pleased. Thank You Natureday. I will continue using your product and keep you updated with my results.

07-28-12     steph
ohh Tina, i have worked on them over the years and my nipples have gradully grown, as have my breasts. however each time I have used your products i have seen growth in both areas. I do use suction cups for my nipples only and have recently put very small amt of your liquid on my nips also. i know that the last two times i have had your liquid i definately have seen growth in my nips and breasts, not huge for my breasts but steady but my nips are growing more each time i have the liquid and put some right on the nipple area. steph

07-28-12     only thing that makes my breasts grow is Natureday
:) will do hun just want to give credit where credit is due, a lot of herbs and such on the market. I do take pueraria mirifica to soften my features but only thing that makes my breasts grow is Natureday. Thank you all. Never would I imagine or fathom feminizing myself. Always dressed and felt more female but tried to keep that side tucked away. Grew quaint with your product after it worked. Highly addictive when results come and just hoping when iI tell the gf I tried my best to push it away but it is just not possible and seeking a therapist to figure it out as my body takes on a female shape. No degree, steel worker, not rich odds are against me in success for transition whenever it may be but odds are with me thanks to you in being happy and loving to myself. Thanks to.Natureday I feel whole no.longer a void

07-26-12     D.
Dear Tina, I've been on the liquid and cream for only 17 days and OMG, I see and feel a difference allready!!! I love your product!!! Do you have any Advice on continued growth other than what I am doing? Thanks, D. Maybe Danielle soon if this growth keeps up! !!!!!!!

07-24-12     Amazed by testimonials
I am 26 and have never had any interest in growing breasts, a girl i was with at the time made a remark (cause i've always had sensitive nipples) that although I was completely flat and toughened muscle on my chest it was weird i had such arousal from the nipple like a woman. I always knew hrt was how trans women got breasts then implants, but thought that was it. Googled men who want to grow breasts and found natureday after a little searching. Amazed by testimonials I decided to try it and skeptic all the way till it worked. I quit after it worked for awhile just a quick what am i doing, do i want this, is it permanent. It sure is haven't lost any growth at all. I had drifted back to natureday recently using primarily their soap only. I have had increased growth but still what I believe nothing that looks like a womans breast, while there is tenderness, sensitivity, and definite fullness that has occurred I still would like the curve and underflap and raising of the nipple on the breasts. So I have decided to order another natureday bar of soap. I do 20 minutes of massage twice a day in the shower allowing the hot water to circulate blood flow easier, as well as 6 caps of fenugreek and saw palmetto thats recommended by the bottle of dose to take daily and kind of caps recommended by natureday. And when I use the soap I will lather it up quite a bit till my chest is completely covered in suds and let it sit till it dries then I will add vitamin e st ives into the mix just for the vitamin factor to circulate as I get in the shower to wash off the suds and begin massaging. I currently fill a 34aa bra nicely but would love to fill a 34b bra fully. Whether or not I still want that if and when it happens will be another issue cause we all want what we desire but sometimes fantasy is best kept in fantasy and not reality, but nonetheless i adapt quite nicely and believe even if i got to a DD I would be content and joyous after a short time of realization of what this product has miraculously did for me. Natureday is the only product I see fit to work and have tried many out of taboo and now that taboo is gone I am ready to indulge head first in the deep end and grow hopefully round perky breasts that I have always desired. I am not transgendered or gay I just want breasts and a feminine figure. Thank you natureday!!

07-24-12     Sb
After using the liquid and the soap for 1 month now, I am certain that 'Fulfilment' works. My nipples are much thicker, and more sensitive, and skin a lot softer around the chest. I already had a big chest due to exercise, so it was hard to see increase there, but by measuring I can say that I have definately grown by 1 inch in a month. I've already put in my next order. Please do not use my name or email. Thankyou Natureday. finally on in my first bra, a 38A, which I kind of half fill at the moment.

07-24-12     bn
Hi, I used your products for many months and it really works. But, I really wanted my areola to grow. And now they have, which is so cool. So I just ordered some more products. Thank you...

07-23-12     they are growing
Just ordered new bar of soap, while I'm not seeing the most growth i'd like from it, they are growing and consistent which is what i do like about it. The cream that I first ordered 2 years ago when I wanted breasts (or thought so at the time) worked over night it seemed and scared me and filled me with shame. I assume its natural to embark on a taboo journey and get results and be stunned by it. Always hear of transgenders but they are on medicinal hormones usually which is why I thought they could grow breasts but its remarkable that you can achieve it just as well and much better through herbs. I have also ordered pueraria mirifica to help feminize the other parts of my body, cause while others have said these products work on hips and rear as well, i have found it to be false for me. Hopefully it will be safe enough to maintain downstairs for the girlfriend. Who has absolutely no idea what I'm doing to my body and would probably break up with me if so lol, and if so, then oh well. Love the person but you must love yourself and if someone cant love who you wish to be then consider love lost. It took me a few times around of returning and throwing away products convincing myself this is wrong, its not me, its taboo, im just horny, dont really want this, but needless to say no matter how bad i fight it I WANT IT. I find myself thinking of it and returning back to it. Last order of soap I bought was the 5th bar and the first one i used all the way through. Pretty terrible i know but confusion mixed with discovery caused a lot of stress cause obviously my girlfriend don't want me to have breasts and thinks i have some kind of breast growth from hormonal imbalance which i have no clue how to persuade her when my breasts hopefully become very noticeable that it is an imablance reoccurring somehow lol. Wish me luck. Anyways I know you are here for testimonies and pics to show your products work, so i will not indulge in anymore personal story. Attached are pics of my progress thus far feel free to use whatever you wish. Please don't use my email but you may use my yahoo i.d. if anyone would care to chat and share their growth quest and achievement and tips on how they got to where they got and dealt with relationship strain, issues or persuasion to their woman. Thanks for being so affordable and helpful.

07-12-12     She removed her shirt and said ok what's this then
I have been using the pills/liquid and cream for about 12 months and have achieved a full A cup. I have put my g/f onto the product and it gave her they confidence to go transgender. She went to the clinic had the blood test and full body exam. The blood test came back with an abnormally high of estrudran woman's hornemone. She said she has been using Natureday and that could explain it, the doctor was very interested and check out the ingredients and said there is nothing in this that should cause any growth with the breasts. She removed her shirt and said ok what's this then ? She has been on Natureday for about 8 months and has grown to have definition to the breast not into an A cup but close. The doctor said well I do not understand how this has happened but it has so she is now on full therapy. I have gotten to the stage that tight t-shirts look great and I am in a sports bra for work and an A cup bra when not at work. It has taken almost a year to get here but if you think about it it takes a girl 13 years to get her full breasts !!!!! If you have just started or been on it for a while stick with it you will get there and it feels so good . Have fun to all Je.

07-10-12     Houston
Nature day staff, It's that time again, I am going to place another order soon. I finished off the liquid and the little sample soap you gave me. That soap works awesome, I can feel that stuff working really good. I used the soap on my right breast since it looks smaller then the left one, I was wanting it to gain the mass of the left breast to make them even out. My results have been great over these years, started flat and now I have a bounce when walking, a curve rounded boob but not like a chest of a man. My breast are more round and softer, plus my nipples are larger. I am hoping on my next growing spurt my breast will be larger, still holding out on a B-cup size. Thank you for a wonderful product. Houston

07-01-12     booooooom
dear ND, please donot use name or email address.....i had to send this testimonial....i wanted to thank all the guys and gals for their testimonials...i listen to the calls also...i have been using product for over 2 years i think....i travel alot for job and just ordered the 8 month supply hasnt arrived was sent 19 june....hopefully it gets here soon....less than 30 day of caps every one thanx...i go on web site and spend several hours browsing thru the new people...i have really must follow instructions....i was slower growth bcause i do love coffee....still i increase but reaching the point of no return....exciting...the steady progress is amazing.....just when i think it doesnt work....booooooom! that stuff works...if i get brave enough ill send pictures...any skeptics just stay away....u will have results with patience...god bless all i feel as family with this bond....

06-27-12     KJD from The Netherlands
Ooops...It works. 2 month ago I started with liquid and pills, my chest was 40" and 41" over the nipples, I was flat. I have always wanted a bra, so I bought a 40 AA bra, but I could not fill it out. There was only 2 nipples and a lot of air. Then my wife ordered 3 extra bottles of liquid and 2 jars of cream and she gave me massage with the cream 2 times every day. The last week I gave my breasts massage in the morning, because now its fun to massage them. Now my chest is 40" and 43" over the nipples. I am running out of liquid and cream so we will order more. I look forward to fit a size A or B Bra. I send you a picture of my breasts, hope you can use it. Have a nice day user KJD from The Netherlands.

06-27-12     Bill
Amy: Yes I love your cream & soap as you see it is working well. I'm already in a B cup and it fills it well. I hope if you want to grow breast this is the Product that will help you do just that. I'm real happy with mine. Just read the testimonials. Bill

06-19-12     ve
First I have question. Can I take Liquid for breast increase and also for penis increase at same time? Second, I do have to say that my nips and breast size did increase very noticeably with my last bottle of fulfillment. I am truely addicted to increasing my nips and breasts even though i have tried to do sparingly i always seem to want to grow more!! Giggle

06-09-12     MIL
I love your product, have grown to a B cup. would like to know how long it will take from the to be more like agirls? I love the feel of my girls and the looks I some time get. Would like to hear from others, and about what fun they are having. Please post My e mail

06-09-12     i really like the way you run your business
thank you my friends ,i really like the way you run your business, and i think the girls are getting fuller as we speak . i've said this time and time again having breast makes me feel like more of a complete person ,thanks again /k

06-05-12     I have already had minimal growth
Hey so I am almost out of the soap and have been taking fenugreek and saw palmetto also with it, 5 capsules both a day. And within the 3 weeks of use I have already had minimal growth prior to using the soap from cream and soap in the past, but WOW using the fenugreek and saw palmetto with it is amazing! Highly recommended for that extra mmph. I am filling up a 34aa quit nicely and while I want to get an A cup bra just for the giggles of hopeful growth to fill it, I'd much rather just wait and see the growth fill the aa bra completely first. Am only in my mid 20s and went to 6 flags the other day with my gf and her friends and no one said anything or really gave me any looks. And I noticed many men have larger chests/breasts naturally whether it be fat deposit or gynecomastia or using products as well. Felt nice cause I was worried that people would Gawk at me like a freak or something. Also seen a show on TLC called Taboo and an episode displayed men who crossdress, which i dont, i just want breasts. But took it to extremes to grow breasts using products as well and felt good, if it's on tv it is being accepted to a somewhat large demographic in my opinion. Anyways, just thought i'd update, please don't use my email don't want my gf finding it somehow lol. P.S. I lost all my emails due to needing to reboot computer and don't have the coupon code for the 3 month supply, i would love to send a pic in but unsure if its good enough to use yet. Could I send it in just incase, also receive the code to use for the testimonial also? Thanks again. Everytime I want to quit i find myself obsessing over using it more lol. I'm a straight male in his mid 20's who just enjoys breasts and wants to enjoy them myself just don't want them noticeable or too round but i have a feeling they will sooner or later be c cups lol oh well.

06-04-12     DE
This Is Real! You Will Grow Breast!! One day you will walk by a window or mirror and look in and see a different profile then the one you new! You will "Feel" the difference without touching with your hands! And then other will start to see the difference! At some point your breast will not be hidden under your clothes! No matter how large you are! I see the change in the mirror not just from the side, but straight on! My profile has changed! I see it in the windows as I pass! I am not a small man! 230- 250 lbs. Yet they, "my breast" are showing! When I'm not careful my shirts bunch up under my breasts! no one has said anything yet! And I don't know what I will do when they do! Will I stop? Or will I take it to the next step! How will it feel to see the eyes of other looking at my chest! Am I strong enough! What will they say! What will I say! If you are a male or female and you want breast,or larger breasts you don't need silicone! Or saline! Or whatever else someone might want to put in your body! Natureday will grow breast! I repeat! NATUREDAY WILL GROW YOUR BREAST! Month by month, inch by inch, its up to you! To go or grow from here! You found natureday! Only you can put it to work! No lie's! Try it! They will grow on you! Please don't use my name, email or other personal information Tina that you for your help with my questions

06-04-12     me
(Taking the products for 3 weeks) well here we are on june 2nd 2012, and even though my cup size , when measured has stayed the same, the overall volume has increased greatly . my wife is really starting to notice the fullness in my whole chest area. iv'e modified my intake of the products (two eye droppers ,with three flax oil caps in the a.m. pius one eye dropper of liquid ,with three caps and three flax seed caps in the p.m. i massage with a vibrator twice a day as well) ,again this latest growth spurt is very evident. thank you again for your products having breasts has made me into a very complete person and a lot more sexual as well/me p.s. i love the fullness

05-30-12     UK C.
Hello. I receive my pills and my liquid already. And I have been taking it about 10 days now. It great it work good. I feel that my breast harder and firmer. I love it. I have some things to ask you. I like to lose my weight too. Can I take the pill and liquid for my breast and Really thin in same time? I afraid if I lose weight my breast is gone too. Please tell me how it work. Thank you. Take care.

05-21-12     noticed slight growth
How are y'all today. I had used the soap last time and achieved slight growth, nothing major, but it definitely took my chest from a wedge shape to a more round shape at the bottom. I know there are usually 5 definitive stages of breast development, I have used the cream for a few days and got nervous in December 2010 and quit using after skepticism became proven wrong. And couldn't fight it any longer later in 2011 and bought the soap, used it up, waited about 2 months and used the soap again and noticed slight growth .Question, if i continue to stop and pause am i messing up the development process. I notice some men have what seem to be full but saggy breast, and others have well rounded and full breasts that of typical female. Is there a strategy to this or better way then none route, i just want to ensure i can try to get the breasts i desire. nothing big just an a cup so i can still take my shirt off but still enjoy the fullness of the bras i wear.

05-19-12     RRA
A few years ago I started using the cream & soap and eventually ordered the pills and liquid. I have increase my size 2 inches to a 38B and have developed a definite jiggle. When I have gone out at night I have had several people pinch my nipples which is embarrassing only to the point that I enjoy it. I try to use the soap every morning because it is so stimulating.

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