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Male Testimonials

Male Testimonials
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02-28-13     dee
Tina, i just want to shape up my breasts increase sensitivity in nipple area, I think the soap will accomplish that from what i read on your site. yes i've been using your product exclusively with massaging, with still drinking coffee and not changing what i do, my resulte have been purposely slow to not draw attention from wife. I do take estroven as i want softer skin more wonamly appearance, my arms are thinning and shave less. as u c from my photos, what i have i grew, with your help and input. i love natureday and what it has done for me.

02-26-13     I love my results
I've used Natureday products a few years back and had some good results. Last April I started back on Natureday and have had slow but steady results. I'm currently a very solid 42B cup and going for a C cup. I know that growth will be slow, just like girls growing up. May take a few years but will buy a nice C cup brs and watch as the growth happens. When I went from a 38B to a 40 B my bras would always be bigger than my titties, but slowly I would fill them. That's how I can realize the growth. Also my titties show and people notice. I think it's cool and I love my results. Wish the best of luck to all tryoing this nproduct. Just be patient as you will get results.

02-22-13     randi
Dear tina, it is randi again and just wanted to let you know that i recieved my 2nd order on the first week of feb. And have been taking it with very good results. The breasts are filling out all over increasing in weight and size. With this second order i have filled up my b cups and looking to get new c cup bras. They are firm and have a gentle sway to them as i walk. The nipples are erect all the time and have increased in size also. I have gone from a 36/37 to a 36/41 and loving it. I love answering questions from men and women about my breasts and a couple of men have even wanted to see and feel them. I thank you again for a great product that works great and the cost is perfect thanks again randi

02-22-13     i think have gained almost an inch around my bust
hello again tina, i just had a few questions i was hoping you could help me out with. i started using all the natureday products on 11/28/12 and to date i think have gained almost an inch around my bust. is that about normal because i was thinking it was pretty slow. my areolae have darkened and increased by about .2 inches also so that is nice, but hoping for alot more still from them still, but i am working on that. i did start off with basically nothing though, have always been super skinny, and sleeping hours are always screwy, so maybe that is why? at the moment i am taking 1 dropper 2x a day, cream 1-3x a day, soap a few times a week and 3 pills 2x a day also. i went up to 6 pills a day because i have a ton of pills left but liquid and cream starting to get low again. i was wondering if those amounts are ok or too low or too much? i also recently bought flaxseed oil caps and protein shakes, but havent really used them all to frequently. also i been taking a multivitamin a few times a week. i was kinda hoping you could come up with like a daily recommended routine for me using those amounts or whatever amounts you think would be best. the flax is 1300, and the bottle recommends to take 1 2x a day by the way. but ya, im kinda hoping u could give me something like this: in am do this take this amount etc, afternoon do this etc, evening/before bed do this, i think that would make me feel a lot more comfortable if you could help me with that. kinda really hoping can speed it up a bit, but i know it does take time.

02-15-13     Cheylynn -
I have taken Natureday back when there was only a few pages of tetimonial's. I bought the three month pakage back then, and yes I was drinking coffee and smoking, parting all the time while taking this product and feeling "in my mind" my breast growing! You can feel it! Even though Natureday said not to do these things. It was working slowly but surely. I just wanted to see the facts since I am living a different lifestyle than most. As now of 2/14/2013, and to all the bras I love and own, I can actually fit into an A cup to a C cup, it just depends on the bra you try on. And how you fit it. Anyway the point is I can wear a bra w/o stuffing it. And yes gain cleveage on the 3 month program. It's been 3 years since I purchaced the program. And now I just purchached the complete pakage. I'm not afraid anymore of growing my breast larger this time. For us girly/men they will never know what it means truely. But I can say if you have doubts before you click on the next sight to have a feeling of softness, squishy, firm nipples when touched! You know what I mean, and To fit into any style of womans clothing. Then I didn't just spend what I spent for nothing. You will have cleveage! Yoy will see a reflection of breast in any mirror, glass, or whatever you look into? Just knowing you will get them if you take Natureday. And the three month program didn't include cream or soap. Just the Fullfilment and pills.

02-15-13     The breast are comeing along just great
Your prodect works great the wife found out about the prodect when the mail ran and wanted to know what I had in the package so I told her that I would like to have my own brest and she has started getting me some sleep wear.I would like to thank you and your staff for what you do. The breast are comeing along just great do not use my email address or name.

02-15-13     ii
I started May 2012 on pill& liquid with some results but I want more hoping to go to a [ C ] I am ordering more now so Thanks for the help Natureday?

02-14-13     Joel
Good day everyone at the natureday staff and to all fellow growers both male and female. Would like to congradulate u on a wonderful product. I didn't believe it was possible to grow breasts as a male. Especially since I've been a heavy smoker, drinker, and coffee consumer. But apparently I was Way WAY wrong. I received my first order of just 2 jars of cream and a. Bar of soap under 2 weeks ago. When I started I figured that applying the soap to a just shaven chest would help with the absorbtion of the soap and after shower while pores still open the massage of the cream. Guess I was right. They feel so much tighter and smoother.!!! Growth has been unexpected this fast and it doesn't really show to much yet. But AZ we all knowthe growth DOES work. Now I'm Havering a hard time deciding if I want to let the world know that I'm growing. Don't get me wrong I WANT BIG BREASTS.!!!!! just don't know if the world is that understanding yet. Times have changed yes. But don't think to that extent. I hope I can convince myself to continue ... u may use my email address and plz any1 may contact me anytime. Ty again natureday...

02-13-13     Houston
Hey Tina, I just placed another order, my order # 9920130213144303 Please email me once this order has been mailed out so I can keep an eye out for it! Also to answer your question "Why I would keep going", my growth has been much slower over the years, I have been on and off many times. The feeling is awesome no question about it, Im a strait guy with breast. Girl friend wasn't on board with me having breast but she has came a long ways since. As long as I hide them to the public eye, she's happy. She still thinks and says it feels strange for my breast to touch her skin when we lay next to one another and feeling them. I think she is use to it now. Thank you!Houston

02-13-13     ra
Hi tina ra here,just letting you know i recie ed my order and continue moving forward. My breasts continue to grow and fill out just like you said they would. Your product works exsctaly like you state it will. With summer coming up i camt wait to show off what has been done over the winter. Thanks again ra

02-07-13     latebloomer
02/04/13 I have found that the herbs will penetrate the skin much better if the skin is hairless, and free from body oils. I had already shaved my chest and belly, and used isopropyl alcohol to remove body oils in between showers. My breast measurement is a solid 42AA. My nipples remain hard and erect most of the time, and they are very sensitive to the touch. Patience has never been one of my virtues. I am currently taking 6 caps a day and the liquid morning and evening. I am also taking 500 mg of fenugreek. Using fulfill cream morning and night using vibrator at least once a day. I have completed one week of using the enhancement soap and find the soap is causing me to linger longer in the shower just messaging my breasts. What a great feeling. Glad to chat with anyone who is serious about changing breast size. My email is [email protected] and you may also go to my blog where I have lots of information posted and some tips as well ( Tina you may post this email and my email address if you wish. You may use the name Billie or latebloomer on my posts .

02-07-13     My nipples are always erect and tender
Hi Tina. I recently ordered a bar of natureday soap. I had stopped natureday for several years. After two weeks of using the soap, the breast is slowly unfolding and filling out. My nipples are always erect and tender. They even show under a t-shirt and a dress shirt. The roundness is great, especially since I spend so much time caressing them. At 68, I'm glad that they show. Thanks for the product. Eventually, I will get my digital camera back, or else learn to upload stuff from my phone, I will send a pic. Again, thanks for a great product.

02-07-13     Sej
Hai Tina, This is Sej , just to update my growth,following are the measurements, which i took yesterday,i just pass it to you. Before After Natureday Development Bust Line 33 Inches 33 .5 Inches 0.5 Inches NippleDia 25 milli meter 30 milli meter 5millimeter Nipple protrusion 0 10 milli meter 10 millimeter Breast size over nipple 33 .5 inches 36.5inches 3.0 inches i have achieved this results within span of three months.I used three pills,30 drops liquid and two times cream per day.Weight and volume of breast increased, and soft too.nipples erect and tender,i am not able to take my hand out from nipple and sexual sensation is doubled. I wear a bra of 36 A size, now it is too tight to hook my bra,so now shifted to 36B size,the cup is not full in front but side it is okay.80% of bra is full,even protrusoin in front side is not that much.My T shirts now little only pulging in front.My breast lookes like a water drop shape,i want to get a round and protruted breast like a woman. What can i do to get round and protruted breast. can i increase the dosage or can do some exercise.Please advice me. One more thing cream and soap smells very nice and liquid is little bit bitter but works good.your Natureday product is number one in the market in related to breast enlargement.If any one MALE or FEMALE needs enlarge their breast, let them go for NATUREDAY PRODUCTS.

02-05-13     He loves wearing my bras now
My husband was facinated with my breasts to the point of obsession!! He was always telliing me how lucky women were because of our beautiful bodies and our sexy clothes. I teased him about it and actually got him into my panties and bra. He got so excited he soiled himself. I heard about your product from a GF and decided to try an experiment. I got the pills and put them in hubbys vitamen bottle. I also started putting flaxseed oil in his food, and switched from Tums to Pepcid, which he takes daily for acid reflux. The first thing I noticed was a swelling of his nipples and aereola, and then a slight protrusion of breast flesh. It has been over 6 months now and his little breasts are adoreable. At first he was shy about it but now he seems to love them and is starting to play with them more than mine!! He loves wearing my bras now and says he hopes they keep growing so he can fill the cups. I too find it rather exciting and will continue his regimen until we reach his wish to be a full "B" cup. Who knows, maybe I will have a new GF instead of a hubby. Next step is to grow out his hair.........

01-30-13     tissue area has become softer and plyable
You at natureday have no idea how long and how much I have wanted this . After I get all of the things you have mentioned in your e-mails and they have the time to work I will give another testimonial as to the integrity of your products.I AM very much wishing all I have spent ill improve MY life as this is something I have wished for for a very very long time. The soap that I did get made the breast area softer and fuller along with the stimulation of of the nipple area.They are definately more sensitive . The actual tissue area has become softer and plyable,and they have definately gotten larger in cup size. All I know is the results have been noticeable .

01-30-13     my breast are growing slow and my nipples are getting bigger
Been using your pills cream and liquid my breast are growing slow and my nipples are getting bigger I will keep using the pills and the cream and the liquid hope my breast will get much much bigger thank you Those pictures are about 3 and a half months of using your product my breast are taken some time to grow and my nipples are getting bigger

01-29-13     ..
I am presently using just the enlargement crme into my 3rd week . Although I did not measure I am now starting to see fulfillment in the breast area. I have ordered my 2nd jar of crme to keep the regiment going. My question, if I continue the breast massage with the crme only what kind of results could I expect. I presently massage every night after a hot shower and when I get home for a 5 minute quickie with the crme around 4 pm.

01-29-13     I now fit into my C cup fairly well
I wanted to include a picture after four months using just two droppers a day. I now fit into my C cup fairly well and not into a B cup anymore. I just love the way my new breasts feel and can hardly wait till they grow even more. Also, I have progressed to a 40C already. I was wearing a 38C, but the growth of my new best friends on the sides had progressed that I don't fit into my 38B or C bra's. So its time for new bras for me!

01-27-13     ive noticed increased sensitivity in my nipples
Hi, I recieved my package in december and its been about a month, ive noticed increased sensitivity in my nipples and they seem to have grown just a little bit, they are always hard even when i am not cold. i also notice more fullness in the breast area especially the bottom,it feels like its getting heavy i can see and feel them jiggle when i bounce. Love the product. It really works!

01-26-13     Ki
I have had real good luck with the Breast soap I've goon though three of four bars and have just ordered another bar. Thank you Natureday!

01-21-13     the results started to show in about two weeks almost to fast.
Hi Tina, just a quick update on how it is going. I got my first order of fullfillment in november of 2012 and the results started to show in about two weeks almost to fast. My breasts firmed up and now fill my 36b all the way up. My nippels have increased in size and senseitivity. I will be ordering again to round out the tops of my breasts and work towards my goal of having c cups. Your product has also given me softer skin, less body hair and more fem emotions. I love the way my tops fit and the looks and questions i get from male and females if they are real. I am proud to show them to the world and love how they make me feel. Thanks again, R PS you can use this just no email, Thanks again

01-19-13     Alic
Hi I just got my 3RD order of the cream it been working fine my breast are so much larger then they were 6 month ago I am filling a C Cup Bra now I hoping they get much bigger I want the world to see my breast thank you nature day Alic

01-16-13     Billie
I am a straight male who from childhood has wondered what it would be like to be a girl. I would try on female under garments and even dresses. This desire have been with me all my life and now at age 67 I have decided to act on it at least in part by growing my own breasts. Not wanting to go through surgery and have a dramatic change to explain I began to look towards alternatives. I stumbled upon nature day on the web. I was very skeptical to say the least; I began by buying many of the herbs listed on nature day web site. I took these herbs for two weeks with no noticeable change. Still very skeptical on how herbs could change hormonal balance in males; I ordered my first products from nature day (liquid and pills). I began my journey with nature day on 12/13/12 with my first shipment of the pills and liquid. I applied the liquid dropper morning and night. I took the pills as directed three caps per day. I ordered the cream and received it just before Christmas, and began messaging it in with an electric vibrator. I have kept a weekly journal with pictures on the progress. I did not as yet feelt any pain in my breasts however I have noticed my areola and nipples become aroused at the slightest touch. I increased the liquid dosage to droppers on twice a day along with the pills and the twice a day messaging of the breasts. As time slipped by, so also did my skepticism of nature days product line. I have recently noticed a slight firming of my breasts and a firming of the tissue around each areola. Patience is not one of my virtues, but I realized girls dont grow breasts overnight why should I. Guys and gals this product does work, not over night mind you but it does work. I can highly recommend this product to anyone wanting to grow bigger breasts. If anyone has any questing or just want to talk about their journey contact me at [email protected] Nature day may use the name Billie and publish my email address. I have several other photos if desired

01-14-13     Recommend
Hi NatureDay I just wanted to update you on my results, It has been truly amazing my breasts have filled out and the weight of them is just amazing, I can't wear t-shirts to hide them anymore, my wife can't figure why the growth. She bought me my first bra for the holidays but was embarrassed to give it to me as she did not know how I would react, its a simple bra but when I wear it cant believe the sight of my chest she said they are not hide able anymore so the bra will give me support, she has very large breasts I think she really enjoys my breasts but doesn't know how to say anything afraid to offend me. I want her to take a picture of my so I am working on that. Great results, Big Growth, Recommend this product to anyone, Don't be shocked when you have female breasts they really grow!!!Do not include my email address.

01-14-13     le
Hi Tina, and Natureday staff, I have noticed an increase in fat over the latisima dorsi muscles (under arm) and so I took my measurements this morning. My measurements are as follows: Under breast = 40; over nipples = 42 upper breast = 40. Original measurements were 40 under 41 over nipples and 40 over This represents an increase in size of 1" over nipples. I believe the fat under the arms accounts for this increase. Why would I develop fat there instead of in the breast? le
Response: Sometimes the first growth spurt is under the arms. The second growth is out in front or on top of the breasts.

01-09-13     Natureday works quickly
I began looking into breast growth products a few months ago and after some research into a number of different products I decided on Natureday based on the excellent customer reviews, but I'll admit that I still had some doubts as to how effective it would be. I first ordered the product in October and after two months of use I noticed a significant difference in my breasts. By December my breasts had not only grown in size, but my nipples had also grown more sensitive. Natureday works quickly and I am very pleased with the results I have achieved so far, but I am looking forward to growing some more. If you use this product your breasts will grow in size and will look more feminine. I gained over two inches in two months, as the before and after pictures show, and I am grateful that I chose Natureday. ps.Please don't use my name or e-mail. Thank you for the change you've been able to give me

01-08-13     Les
Hi Tina, Within 2 months of using liquid and pills,cream ,my breast size increases 2 and 1/2 inches.Weight and volume of breast increases too.My breast spreading sidewards and downside but at top it is not increase.What can i do for that.Still i have 6 liquids and 5 pocket of pills left for use.can you please advise.

01-07-13     JM
So far so good with Natureday. I have been following the 2 dropper a day and have had good results so far. My breasts have begun to grow and I fill my bra so much better than before. I am even getting a little natural bounce when I walk. Can hardly wait for more growth. My wife now loves to play with my new titties as much as I do.

01-07-13     randi
Hi Tina it is randi again. Just had to let you know that natureday Works! I have been on the fullfillment for 6 weeks and things could not be better. My breasts are silky smooth as is my whole body, my whole way of looking at life is so much better. My bras are full and have such a great shape. I love the looks i get when wearing tank tops and thin t shirts. It makes my day to answer questions from both sexs about my breasts. You and natureday have given me my dream of having breast and i plan on using natureday for a long time to come. Right know in six weeks i have gone from a flat chest to a 36 b and continue to feel results and want to go to a full 36 C . I cant for summer to get here and let everyone see the new me, thanks randi. PS anything i send you can be put on your testimonials.

01-07-13     Jen
WOW, i cannot believe how wonderful this product is. I have been using it for two months and have already begun to see a little growth. my breasts are alot firmer and even my nipples have begun to harden a little bit. i am now wearing a 36B up from a 36AA. I took your advice and applied it to my nipples and it really works. thanks so much. Jennifer. please don't use my email address.

01-04-13     Da
Dear Tina, After four months of using the products pills soap cream an droppers my results are good hopefully be able to order more soon. I love the way I feel more complete. They have just started poking out from under my regular shirts as well. It's so great. But still wanna go bigger. So soon as I get more money I will order. I have also recommended the site to friends as mine. An they are excited as well to fulfill their dreams of having breasts. Sincerely Da. Since 9-24-12

01-03-13     Dee
I so love what little i have, No doubt the stuff works I've had like 3 growth spurts. My hours are a mess with no set time I may work 8 hours I may work 15 hours so my am take time varies. Ive been known to be there up to 19 hours if we have a problem. Thanks for the reply Im not going to give up I want breast !!!!Thanks have a good day B safe

01-03-13     randi
Hi Tina,it is randi again just wanted to let you know the growth is continuing at a great pace. I now fill my 36b bra to the fullest and have been putting dropes on the nippels and they are growing fuller and longer seems like everyday. My breasts have so more volume and move with every step i take. I can not wait for warmer weather to get here as i love to show them off. They are smooth and silky and have a very nice bounce. I love when people stare and ask ( male and female) if they are real. I am very proud of them and cant thank you enough. Hope you have a great new year and will be ordering soon,hugs randi

01-02-13     Dee
Hi I'm Dee a male crossdresser. The next order Jan 11th will be my second order of the complete package. I love the results but was hoping for more I was wondering what I can do to maybe help the process. I take a daily vitamin, have cut out almost all my caffine and try to take the pills and liquid morning and night with soap and cream daily at shower time. Ill soon be retiring and a regular schedule I hope will bring better results. Im going to do 3 pills and 1 dropper AM, soap and or cream lunch time and 3 pills and 1 dropper at night with cream. Im going to use a few dropps at night and mornings to see if I can get the nipples to enlarge also.Just wondering if this sounds like a case of overkill ? Ive had some positive results but want to maybe jump start the process. Just wanted your thoughts on the amounts. I take 2000 mg of flax oil daily and saw palmetto 650 mg also. Do you think it may help to boost the process or can I take more.??? Just need to confirm Im not overdoing it. Thank you for your time and a wonderful product. B safe Dee

01-02-13     i love it im ordering this month soon
just a update for you i have been on natureday for 5 going on 6 months now look at the results :) i love it im ordering this month soon , im going to the the pills next along with the fullfillment i have but im almost out :) so time to order again :) m

12-31-12     ran
Hello tina, it is ran and just wanted to give you an update. Have been on the fullfillment over a month now and have gone from 36 band and 38 over the nippels to 36 band almost 42 over the nippels. The volume is amazing. I fill my 36b bra very well. My whole body is changing from smoother skin to less body hair to the way my tops fit. I love the shake and wobbel of my breast as i walk. My breasts are very easy to see and i love it. I am so happy with the results and plan to contonue with your great product. I want to thank you for helping me to obtain my goal of having breasts.

12-27-12     Thank You sooo much
Well i am writing again after my wonderful experience with the creme and liquid together. I have used the liquid and pills before and they have produced slow but sure increase in my bust size. However, the combination of creme and liquid has been NO doubt all that i could have hoped for!! When i look down i do not see a chest anymore but do see, to my overwhelmng joy, two breasts (the Grls) and increase in nipple length too. i suspect i am acting like a young grl/women when she starts to experience her growth in her long awaited breasts forming. i literally can't keep my hands of them!! giggle Thank You soooooooo much!!

12-22-12     Jam
Hi I'm Jamie, a MtF transsexual. Not too long ago I ordered the 2 month supply of the Fulfillment pills and liquid. So far within the past week I'm astounded that I'm able to notice results already and my boyfriend loves it. My libido has definitely increased and my boyfriend got me my first bra. I can't believe I fit into an A-Cup already. Within the first few days I noticed increased sensitivity at my nipples and now they're growing! So happy thankyou so much I'm definitely going to apply another order and get more stuff this time before I run out. I hope the after picture worked, they jiggle now if I bounce around.

12-22-12     randi
Dear tina, i recieved my fullfillment on 11/14/12 and it has been one month. I have taken a dropper 2x a day for a week and have seen and felt a change in my breasts. The first measurement i took on 11/14 was 36 under and 37 1/2 over the nippels today the band size is 36 and over the nippels is 39. They are fuller and are getting a very nice womanly shape and feel to them. I am very impressed with your product and it works so well. I am so happy to be able to wear my bras and am getting close to filling my b cup and am working for a c cup. Please no email address. Thanks again and will be ordering more in the new year, thanks randi

12-21-12     Your products are simply AMAZING
Your products are simply AMAZING! I have always been skeptical of herbal supplements, drugs, etc....but your product line has won me over. I've been taking the liquid/capsules for a month now and...look at the results! If this growth rate is any indication I'll be a C-cup by the summer! At any rate the progress has been astounding and I haven't even used the soap or bought the cream yet. I highly recommend this product to any 'gurls' looking to increase their breast size. P.S.-I've read lots on here about limiting caffeine intake, but I'm a heavy coffee drinker so maybe there's hope for all of us.

12-14-12     amanda
dear natureday i just had to let you know just how greatful i am after using your cream and liquid for just three weeks i have noticed growth already ,in the past ihave used oestrogen and progesterone without much sucess your products are far better yours faithfully amanda i have tried to attach a picture but it did not work.

12-11-12     J.
Please don't use email in testimonial. Got the liquid and pills back in September and have now ran out of the liquid and only have about 2-3 days left on the pills. So far have noticed some changes in my chest. Will have to get more someday to continue with this to achieve the results that I want. May try the cream at some point also so it works from both internal and externally to gain growth. Your product does work, it is just going to take some time to achieve the results. Thanks J.

12-07-12     steph
thank you once again for your prompt turn around time on Your Wonderful Products. First time i am trying the creme and very excited!! Hope it does as good as job as the liquid that I have used in the past. Even though my breasts are small, they have increased in size enough for me to notice the difference. Also my nipps are surely noticiablem to the point i really shouldn't wear anything tight in my man cloths!! giggle steph

12-03-12     I am glad to inform you
Dear Tina, Last time i took only liquids and cream only.Now i am taking three pills per day and one dropper liquids and apply a drop on the breast.But now i feel some tingling in the breast area and some itching sensation in the aerola and nipples,why it happens,can i stop now or continue. I am glad to inform you, that my wife yesterday asked me your breast are seems like female breast,may be within six months you will get some good breast same to her and she told to wear Bra my breast growth is noticed,can take two months then stop for two months then continue..what is you suggestion,please let me know about it. Regards, Se

11-28-12     my breast are looking great
my breast are looking great, they are starting to bounce alot when i walk down steps or go over speed bump to fast. I am just finishing my first six month supply . i was wondering do you have any other specials for repeat customers. Thank you .

11-27-12     Dee
Tina, Well I want to update you. Since September, I've used some of the products and I mentioned in the past that I stopped because the success I had, was..well going better than I cold handle. Well I've been taking this slow so my wife wouldn't notice and i am at a 42A+. My sensation is very nice and the feel of my breasts jiggling is exciting. I can't keep my hands off them or my nipples. Wish my wife did it but she's really not interested in much which is why I have what I have. Love to play in the car on the way to and from work. Thanks Tina. Dee. no sharing my email please.

11-25-12     Like I am feeling more feminine
Hello Tina and Amy, I used liquid extract and cream for 1 month and felt good after looking at the improvement. My liquid last around 25 days and I have not only felt improvement in breast but in lot if areas. Like I am feeling more feminine, my emotions are changing, These days I get emotional easily earlier I never felt like that in my whole life. My wife is very happy, she plays with my new part a lot and want me to continue increasing it. We are really thankful to Natureday for the wonderful product Regards, A

11-25-12     Wi
Amy: I have been using the products for a while now and I'm very satisfied with it. I like the smell of the cream I'm in a slow down period I guess. But I keep using it. I will keep it up tell I get where I want my breast to be. I can see a little different when I ware my shirts. I have a great feeling when I see them. So thank you for your cream and soap. I like your product and I well keep using it .

11-23-12     40A
I have been aggressively taking pills, liquid and cream for the past 2 months, the growth has been incredible it started with sensitivity around the breast area, I did a measurement 40A before. I cut back on caffeine and started working out, I have lost about 10lbs and really started to notice the shape of my breasts, my wife asked if there was something going on because she was noticing the juggling, (she does not know) I said nothing really, later that night she wanted to see and feel them she said they feel like woman's breasts was I alright with this, I said I don't mind she said she liked them and was wondering if the bouncing was bothering me, I told her I did not mind. The measurement I took this morning was 40 under and 42 3/4 on the nipple. I am truly amazed on how this works. Will the growth stay, I don't want to undermine what I have accomplished, will the working out reduce anything, I hasn't yet. Please don't share my email.I will send some photos later, I am going to wax my chest I think it will look better

11-21-12     Alicia
Hi well i got my 2nd order OMG i am so happy I can notice my breast are getting so big i have to buy new bras i put on a bra last and my breast were busting out my bra was to small i used to wear that bra all the time thanks nature day you make one happy girl thank you Alicia

11-12-12     per
i have been on natureday for a month and a half now using the inhancement cream and also now the liquid extract . first thing in the morning i use the cream and take the extract in juice once in the morning once at night , so far my breast have grown a inch im so happy with them i plan to use more of your produce for a long time , this is a goal that i reach a medium size breast , i cant wait to see them when they start to get bigger .

11-11-12     paula
It has been awhile just giving update on growth of the girls up to a 36c now and loving them .the fewl as they jiggle when i walk the way they make me look and make others look at lover loves the feel and is happy with their growth. i am going to keep going atleast another year to see how big they will your product and the staff is so nice and friendly.please fill free and include my email along with picture.

11-09-12     kie
I tried Natureday liquid two months ago since I've gone though two bottles of liquid and one bottle of pills. Right now I'm on my third bottle of liquid and using the cream. this stuff really works I'm growing breast. I've gone from man flab to female breast. I'm going to keep taking this stuff till I get to the size I want. Tank You Natureday.

11-02-12     40 C cup
i wish for my boobs to get to a bigger size so im still gonna continue my use of the product till i have reached that goal. I started using nature day last week of December of (2011) and so far I'm completely satisfied what i have achieved in 11 months of posting an update testimonial with updated pictures of what i have achieved in this time frame. I've never wanted to go to a fully female figure look or have a sex change. Me I was just wanting to have my own pair of breasts just like that of a women. I had dreams of one day having boobs ever since I was a little kid. So finally that's when I set on this journey down my life that I so long for when. At first I was skeptical about how I can naturally grow breasts and save myself from dangerous surgery. I took some time to get and results but i tell you after seing what it has done. I am a total believer in nature days fulfillment as of a few months ago. I took 3 capsules x3 times a day every day. 2x a day i would put the liquid extract and message it into my breasts to ensure i got all possible ways to increase growth were achieved. I took its time to see growth but after a month i started seeing breast buds forming and i was so amazing. Now i have achieved a 40 C cup bra size or a big B cup depending on brand of bra. So regardless if i wanted my breasts don't hide either in a bra or not normal day shirts expose my breasts protruding from my chest. Ever since i became a B cup bra i have been wearing bras everyday like women do. I could say not everybody was ready to see that out of the blue cause nobody knew intell i started wanting them to be noticed. I can't tell you the number of people that have to say hateful remarks, based just solely on how i look. As well the difficulty with women i knew would be a tough nut to crack for relationship wise. Being Bi-sexual keeps me with a open agenda cause guys seem to like my boobs and i notice they do so i flaunt them off to certain ones heh. Anyways regardless of all the hate i got for making a life changing choice that i wanted in life, I was still able to keep a strong mindset and dedication to what i wanted in my life. I am not ashamed to having boobs, and i know some guys that do this they don't show off what they are doing, everybody should regardless of what somebody is going to hate on you. You have to ignore the bad and only focus on the good. Be strong like i have i know everybody should be proud of their grown assets. I am never shamed to wear a tank top out in the summer, and a nice bikini top when im out in public at pools or the beach. i wish to atleast attain a d cup or close to that one day. I like my boobs and as the grow i feel my confidence also rise to new levels . Also i feel if im gonna get boobs? why not least get some nice sized ones atleast? that will make the girls jealous a bit i guess. So far that is my story up to this date a little bit in journey i partook and still doing it. I will give an update in a few months from this time and see how i changed from this date. Enjoy,

10-28-12     Ali
Hi I started using the breast cream sept 26 2012 i a tape to check my breast at starting it was 53 inches it been one month today i am at 56 1/2 some day my breast would hurt my nipples stay hard most of the day now i wear a bra every day or i feel naked i still have time to go i will be ordering more thank you Ali

10-23-12     Voice
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