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Date: 03-08-16     User: my growth and satisfaction have continue

Hi, Tina and the Natureday staff. I've posted three times previously, with pictures. I'm back again, as my growth and satisfaction have continued to increase. I started with a dream last spring. I have seen and felt amazing changes in the last several months. I had nothing but pecs, and now I've got breasts. I am pretty happy with my current size and shape, so I'm playing with dosage for maintenance. I was using the liquid, then tried liquid and capsules. Now, I'm just taking the capsules, and am thrilled with the results. Since May of '15, I have taken about three bottles of the liquid and about three bottles of capsules. I am now at about a 36-B, where I wasn't even a AA before.

Date: 02-16-16     User: I love them

Hi Tina. I have just finished week 8 of using your amazing products. I love them and they are doing wonders for my figure. I am an older guy (in my 60’s) from Australia. I am now more conscious of my posture and proudly walk more upright and shoulders back. If I wear tight fitting tops you can definitely see an outline of my breasts, and I love the fact that they even jiggle about when I go for a run. I do have to be careful at my work situation because I am not ready to let people know I am growing them. I hope to get to a small B cup but any bigger than this will be hard to hide all year round (especially during our hot summer months). At the moment I am a healthy A cup size, although they are not pointing out very far. I hope to increase the size and have them more pointy, especially increasing the nipples. My wife has amazing nipples and I hope to get mine near the size of hers (BTW, she is very supportive and also loves my growing breasts). In the 8 weeks I have finished 1 jar of cream, one and a half bottles of capsules and one and a half bottles of the liquid. If they keep growing at the same rate as the past 2 months I will send you a photo when I finish my current bottle of liquid and the capsules. I am so pleased that I still have plenty of jars of cream and more capsules and liquid so by next summer I should be happily bouncing along the beach; the envy of small breasted women and guys like me. A big thanks once again Tina.

Date: 02-16-16     User: Svetlana

Hi Tina,I am definitely going to tell my girl friends in our cross dresser sorority. I did take before pics and measurements so when I show more pronounced growth I will send those along to you as well. I guess my body responded so quickly is because a couple years ago I was on regimen of fenugreek, red clover and saw palmetto. I tried a few bottles of Fulfillment during that time and my breasts already have that round feminine shape and now I want to grow them more so here I am. You help me reach my dream and I will do everything I can to help you help others do the same. Many thanks, Svetlana

Date: 02-16-16     User: the largest breasts

Your cream has already given me the largest breasts that any ''testimonial' you have ever had. Don't know how to handle it. Where can a man get a "man' bra, maybe one that has cars or machine guns along the edges instead of flowers or lace...? Thanks,

Date: 02-15-16     User: Svetlana

Hi Nature Day, you have made my day! First, thank you for the prompt delivery, ordered last Sunday, received on Wednesday. I of course began treatment with two droppers, three tablets, massage with the cream and soap when I bathe. I did not expect results in just five days but when I pulled on a favorite nightie after my bath, I filled the bra which was pretty loose before! It is now a snug fit. I am a serious cross dresser and it be so nice to have my own girls. Two questions, I have some fenugreek and red clover left from a previous attempt, can supplement your products with them? Is it alright to rub the excess cream on my hands into my face? Thank you, Svetlana PS: you can post this with my girl name.

Date: 02-11-16     User: Wow

Actually that was not the most recent photo. This was on the eighth and shows better the fullness spreading up and out. The bra I tried did not work out as there was a wide band below which rolled up due to the gut I need to loose. Turns out measuring just below the girls I am 39" and across the nipples in that other bra which might have compressed a bit, I was at 42". Wow. So I am trying a 40C to see if it fits when they arrive.

Date: 02-09-16     User: they are at least 3 times the size of wh

Tina, The before and after on the surface don't look that different since I had a fatty man boobs. However after exactly 4 week and 3 liquid(one on breast centers), 1.5 jars cream and one bottle of tablets they are at least 3 times the size of what I had. Particularly considering the wrap around to under the arms. However these small breasts which I have not measured are much nicer then what I had. I am anxiously waiting for them to get to peak sensitivity. And all that is there is real breast! If I did not work as an IT professional I would be tempted to keep going. As Others and I have said the process is a gas and addictive. :-) If anything changes, I'll send later photos. As others have said, if you are a guy and don't want real breasts, don't fool around with these wonderful products. What I say is why the heck not! :-)

Date: 02-09-16     User: Can see the change

I looked at the tips page. Went and got protein bars and drink. Along with flax seed capsules and vitamins. Would I need take more than recommend dose of flax? I have some growth. Can see the change. It almost feels like my breast muscle has moved out if that makes sense. I can see the potential when massaging with the cocoa butter. In the end I want to be able to wear a tshirt bra less and feel my breast jiggle while others notice. Be great to have very dense full breasts. Would be great if areola would get larger but get it might. I am willing to stay the course. Can't wait for more products to arive. Thanks.

Date: 02-05-16     User: happy with the growth

Tina, thx for the feedback. I'm happy with the growth so far. It's weird how they change as they grow until they become firm, hard and nicely rounded. I'm not sure how much larger I plan to become but one last question is do they always shrink once you quit using the product? Thx for all the information and keeping my identity private.

Date: 02-02-16     User: I'm so excited

I'm so excited my nipples have finally popped out they more defined now Tks your cream is working great

Date: 02-01-16     User: I did gain about .5 inch

Hi I'm so happy I just got my 2nd order of cream I did gain about .5 inch so I'm happy also after I put cream on I can feel a little itchy when I put a shirt on does that mean anything the skin is getting bigger to make space? they are growing

Date: 02-01-16     User: They feel good

Tina, Just following up that the changes are so seductive. Took another double dose tonight as the top of my breasts seemed to be under tension and growth. Not sure a t-shirt will work much longer and ordered a bra to hold them in. Its so addictive. They feel good too :-)

Date: 01-29-16     User: extremely large

Good afternoon, Just a quick question, how long do you have to use the product to lock in the results? I wish I could keep using your product without getting extremely large, the sensitivity is amazing. Im having so much fun with this. Thank you

Date: 01-28-16     User: helping so many guys develop breasts

Tina, I started with the 8 month supply thinking my wife would get on board, but that has not been of interest to her yet. I started with drops, pills, cream and soap. The product came 1/11/16. I have almost gone through 3 bottle of drops with probably most of a bottle going to the breast centers followed by cream. I have only used a few tablets and showered with the soap three times. I have used about one jar of cream. I have not measured but have seen my man boobs turn into real breasts. They are probably a full A+ and this week I have switched to wearing undershirts to hide the changes and keep the nipples at bay and compress the breasts away from my business shirts somewhat. Its hard to stop but I am working at that. I am now mostly just creaming the centers. They feel real nice! They certainly look better then what I had as moobs. All of that in 18 days! I'll see where things settle and send photos then. Thanks for all your support. It must be a stitch helping so many guys develop breasts :-) What a job you have!

Date: 01-22-16     User: I obtained results.

Hello, I started taking your product about a year ago (just liquid at a time). I was on and off of it for awhile because every time I would start, it would feel like it was working too fast for me. Months ago, I bought a two month supply. I took the liquid as directed for less than a week and then I thought I should slow down. I did not stop caffeine either. Regardless of how I took your product, I obtained results. My breasts got larger and filled out more at the sides. I can feel them bounce when I walk. I love the feeling. I know if I took your product like I was supposed to, my results would have been amazing. Thank you. I have included an after picture. Please do not use my name or email address.

Date: 01-19-16     User: getting fuller

I'm exited this is my second order didn't notice much the first round other then the last month, my wife and I noticed in bed they were getting fuller. I am so happy. THank you.

Date: 01-18-16     User:

Just when I was about to go back as male, I took a long walk Friday night and came home , took off my clothes and when I took off my bra, I was like "WOW" I couldn't believe my eyes, they were bigger, I know why now, Friday night I actually took, well this is what I did. Friday I took 2 droppers during day, then around the time I started making dinner, I took like 2 more drops big ones and I've been applying cream on 2-4 times a day and pills one a day, and I'm just besides myself. It's the Saw Palmetto that's making my sex drive out of control.Anyway, I'm really excited, because for the first time in my life, since I had breasts I'm finally seeing breasts again. I'll reorder another 8m. Supply when I'm ready OK.

Date: 01-15-16     User: I will get too big

I am a little concerned that if I stay on 2 months to keep sensitivity I am still sort of waiting for I will get too big. But you did say I could drop back to just liquid on centers of breast and things would still be fine. Liquid on center of breast still impacts the entire breast long term right? I did take a before. I feel tension in the breast so it must be a spurt. It's weird but kinda cool :-)
Response: Our products work. Its strange and a surprise to a lot of people. Yes, you can apply it to the center of your breasts only if you don’t want to get bigger.

Date: 01-15-16

Tina, Of course I would react more quickly than the average. Ladies became noticeably larger yesterday and the "fat" man boobs" are softer and aligning to become real breasts. That with today day 15. I did triple up on the liquid for the first 3 days and applied many times a day with cream and liquid to be the entire breast. In any event, man boob size was larger and the replacement should be nice. We'll see how this pans out.

Date: 01-15-16     User: I'm happy with what ive gotten

ive been using cream for about a month and I'm happy with what ive gotten but I want bigger I'm going to keep useing for a long time thank you so much

Date: 01-14-16     User: Put in testimony as title

For the first time in my life, I'm seeing something called growth with "Natureday". I've never ever in my life thought this would be possible to happen. I'm getting growth from Herbs that claim to grow breasts. It's really amazing what mother nature can do for the human body. I can't tell you how much time and money I have put in for all the other products I have tried. For example: Vanity back in early 2000, Miracle Bust, Grobust, etc. Non of them did much and yet here I am taking Natureday and here is proof, I'm slowly getting growth. I'm beside myself at this time. I just wish I had more body fat, but we're all different sizes and shapes, we have to appreciate what we have. I'll update everyone later when I have a little bit more breast growth. Natureday Staff (Amy and Tina) Your the best! I love you both. Thank You!

Date: 01-13-16     User: I'm Sprouting

This is for all the guys and trans out there wondering why your breasts aren't equal sized on both sides. Everyone has this problem it's part of growing up and there is nothing we can do about it, but to except it. Everyone has asked why one side of your breast is bigger than the other side: Solution: For men and women everyone will always be the same. It's a gene situation one breast will always be bigger than the other side. It's weird, but true. That's what my Nurse/Doctor says, everyone is like that. Your breasts will always be bigger than the other. Me I'm Sprouting "It's a Miracle", I honesty didn't believe herbal could do anything with the human body (in breast area). I didn't think it was possible, but Since I'm slowly taking in Am: Shower with Soap, then Out and dry myself then Cream then right about 15-30 minutes later Liquid along with Protein shake. Pm: Shower with Soap, then after Cream then Liquid and wait then eat food with protein shake take 2 herbal pills of Hairformula37 and I'm good for my day. Tip: if you want to grow hair faster try this: Order: 1-2m. Hair Plus Shampoo and conditioner and go online to Hairformula37. Com and order hair formula 37 take 2 pills with food (because if you don't you'll be burping up herbal taste) use hair plus Shampoo and conditioner in shower on head of hair only (because it will grow hair where ever you apply it) use it every 2 days for 28 days and your hair will grow, believe me, I'm doing all this everyday, well hair plus every 2 days, but everything else including Natureday everyday. Need more tips to grow breast, just ask Natureday staff to email me and I'll try my hardest to give you a too or too. I'll do a different testimonial whenever I see more positive results. Tina and Amy you both amaze me with herbal, I'm still Skeptical, but surprised at same time, a little speechless, but who isn't!!!

Date: 01-12-16     User: My breasts are growing too

Hi There, I have noticed other changes to my body since using and Taking the products My skin is softer, my butt cheeks have slightly grown and my waist seems slightly narrower my hair growth has also slowed. My breasts are growing too no problem there This is part of the process I gather as reading the testimonials there is no info to read upon Can you over use the products ie I take 12 capsules a day is this ok I have not noticed anything different except I use it up a Lot faster Sorry to ask you must this all the time Kind regards

Date: 01-05-16     User: really like the results

I used your breast cream for about 3 to 4 months and really like the results. However my breasts seemed to stop growing at the end of the use period. Is this natural? And what is the fastsest way to speed the growth of my boobs. I am thinking of restarting my growth treatments and want to know the best way to achieve big results. It was funny, I was in the hospital for an infection and when I was getting dressed at discharge time, the nurse noticed my breasts. She gasped and I laughed. ________________________________________

Date: 01-03-16     User: gained another .25 inch

wanted to let u know ive gained another .25 inch since my last email I'm very excited about it cant wait to take pills an liquid with cream an soap I'm a B now want aleast a D I'm hoping itll happen. I just measured myself I was a 44B now I'm close to a 45B

Date: 01-02-16     User: gained .5 inch

Thanks for the info I will be ordering the pills an juice to go with the cream an soap I have gained .5 inch in my chest since using cream an soap

Date: 12-29-15     User: Houston

Hello again, I just placed another order, my chest has filled outward nicely on my last dosage. I still on the path to get them bigger, not much more but a nice noticeable feeling while running or walking. I do have a question, how should I expand my nipples, would love them to be wider and bigger to match my chest. Any thoughts?

Date: 12-24-15     User: The growth from almost nothing has been

Hi, The growth from almost nothing has been remarkable. I started with cream and liquid (2) then on to 2 liquid followed by four weeks of tablets (still 2 to go). I am an older man, recently widowed, and find delight in having breasts .. as it were, in place of the pleasure one had in one's wife's breasts. Your Natureday products do indeed really work.. amazing really... I do not want to go to the point of having huge breasts .. especially as I still speak in public and .. but I would like your advice: To take the breasts a little further AND not to lose what I have got, what do you advise? More liquid? How much?That seems to work better than the pills. I have supply of cream and soap. More of that? Thanks. A happy Christmas and thanks (please no publicity of name) ________________________________________

Date: 12-24-15     User: gaining my half inch

hello Tina and all at natureday, first off let me wish you all a very merry Christmas and the very best for the New Year., and my heartiest thanks for your products. Perseverience is the name of the game, after gaining my half inch I thought things had gone quiet but no, I have noticed a fullness, and am very pleased the way things are developing! Please excuse the lapse in spelling!! T from the UK ________________________________________

Date: 12-24-15     User: close to a b cup

I am getting close to a b cup. That is my target. My wife doesn't want them so big that they are hard to hide. Question is will they stop growing after you stop taking fulfillment and breast cream and liquid? Or will they continue to grow to a c cup?
Response: Some people do keep growing a few days to a week after they stop taking the Natureday products. Most of the time when you stop taking the products the growth stops.

Date: 12-22-15     User: I am very pleased with how it is going

I have been using your products now for about 5 months now and I am very pleased with how it is going. Progress has been slow but I am a heavy coffee drinker about 6 cups of half caffeine a day. I think I am on a very aggressive plan. I do one dropper full of liquid and 4 pills in the morning and 2 droppers full and 4 pills in the evening. I also use the soap which I like a lot in the morning and leave it on between 30 minutes and 2 hours. Sometime I do this twice a day. I also use the cream 4 to 5 times a day. My breasts were small the last time I measured about a month ago I was still 39.5 below and 41.5 across the nipples. I have noticed in the last 2 weeks my breasts seem to be expanding the breast tissue below the nipple. Does this sound normal? I want to start using the soap at night before I go to bed and leave it on overnight. Would this be OK? Love your product and can’t wait to have full A cup breasts. I will then be able to send before and after pics you can use on the web site.

Date: 12-22-15     User: from a 40aa to a 40B

I have taken your product for 4 months I used 3 months of the liquid and 1 month of the pills I went from a 40aa to a 40B but my B is not a full cup how many more months would you say to get fuller so I can try and save the money

Date: 12-19-15     User: significant growth

After running out of the 8 month supply in October, I finally decided to reorder another 8 month supply. Of course, the 8 month supply really doesn't last 8 months, at least not for me. I can truthfully state the results I obtained using your products are definitely permanent, though there may have been a slight reduction after not using your products for 2 months. I still have significant growth in my "tails" going down 2" from my underarms and at least 1" thick. The breasts have developed as well, though still needing more growth on the tops and sides. Are there any steps I can take with your products or in addition to your products to help in having my right breast catch up to left breast? What do you recommend to assist with the enlargement of my nipples? If you want to publish this, please omit my name and email address.

Date: 12-18-15     User: it is working.

Hello staff at Natureday, I have recently got your expedient program with a jar of cream and it is working. At first I didn't think that it would work and make my breasts bigger but it has. I have noticed a few changes in my breasts they have grown about an inch since I started back in mid July, using your product on and off now I'm using it everyday.

Date: 12-07-15     User: I did have a significant growth

Good morning natureday staff, I finally decided to use your product and ordered a supply this summer. After, I did have a significant growth. Went from a relatively normal man's chest to a b cup. They are very soft and a pleasure to touch. I now wear a bra almost all the time. The main thing I noticed was that the nipples did not enlarge as my boobs grew. Can you explain and let me know what to do to hopefully address this. I didn't take any before pictures but plan to now and after following your recommendations to increase nipple size. You may use this testimonial but please do not include my name. Thanks again.

Date: 11-30-15     User: I've certainly noticed a HUGE difference

I've used your liquid and cream products for 3 months until I ran out of the liquid. Now I'm just using the cream until I get a refill of the liquid. I've certainly noticed a HUGE difference. My nipples have become much softer and more sensitive, and I can feel my breasts bounce when I jump. With the tissue growth, I'm able to give myself a little cleavage while wearing my breast forms. Before, all I had was skin, making that impossible. The liquid tastes like an herbal tincture. I find it tastes perfectly fine mixed with a few tablespoons of milk, but I certainly wouldn't suggest taking it straight. The cream smells lovely and has easily become part of my nighttime routine before bed. I look forward to seeing how much bigger I can get! If I can make it to a B, I'll be ecstatic. I love the idea of not having to wear silicon breast forms anymore :)

Date: 11-30-15     User: significant growth with your products

I love your products and I am reordering today. Have been using the cream for several months, one bottle of liquid with irregular use, and the soap daily. I have experienced some significant growth with your products after having virtually no success with Perfect Woman. Please tell me how detrimental just one cup of coffee a day is and, if I give that up, can I expect quicker response from the products. Thanks. ________________________________________

Date: 11-21-15     User: Houston

Hello Natureday, On my last order I placed was the first time buying the pills, I have always used the liquid all these years. It felt and I noticed a huge difference on my breast growth, seemed like it was faster and stronger then the liquid. I took three pills a day, and my first pill jar ran out pretty fast but wow could I see and feel the stuff working. Is the pills more stronger then the liquid? Also noticed my breast growth seems like its now more growing toward the top of my breast instead near my nipples. I guess this is normal to fill out since my nipple area has filled out? Still loving the products and don't want to stop yet! Houston

Date: 11-21-15     User: amazing results, 19 days!!!

From totally flat to the point in these pics, amazing results, 19 days!!! If you can use this pic in your testimonials, I give you permission to publish my real name, city, state, and email address as follows: If this is published please let me know so I can tell my friends to check it out. I AM PROUD to be using NATUREDAY products to grow my long wanted breasts. Thank You NATUREDAY, research team, staff, and you Tina. Your grateful customer

Date: 11-20-15     User: feeling amazing

Hello, all, in the Natureday world. I have posted a couple of times, previously. I have ongoing updates, as I am an ongoing customer. I started out as a guy who had thought about growing breasts. Over time, my desire grew, and I eventually ordered this product. I used my first 30 day supply bottle in a week, and saw an immediate change in my chest. After ordering more, and modulating my use, I experienced a more gradual and fuller growth. I went from a 34 nothing to a current size of 36 B-ish, and am still able to hide it under generously cut shirts. Within my personal and professional lives, openly having a woman's chest wouldn't work well, so I have to be cautious. I love what I have grown so far, and intend to continue for a bit. So long as I can keep private what I am doing, because this is for me, I will go on. I am now three bottles of the liquid and part of a bottle of the capsules into my journey, and my breasts are real, beautiful, and mine. I love the sensitivity of them. I wear undershirts at work, and the feel of my tits pushing against that is fantastic. On the weekends, I wear loose t-shirts at home, and the sensation of my breasts moving against them is great. I can't recommend this product any more highly than to say that it works amazingly, and that you shouldn't start it unless you are serious about being a boy with tits. I was pretty sure I wanted them, and realized that I really did, once Natureday helped me grow them.

Date: 11-11-15     User: I'm building breast tissue

Dear Natureday staff, Dear Tina,Thank you for your previous answer. I really appreciated. So... I switched to 3 full droppers after a hot shower and before to go to bed, and three pills in the morning before breakfast. It's only two weeks now and I have to say it was a sort of boost.All along the day I can feel my breast, like tiny needles. Sometimes specially located in my areola and tits. It is now obvious that I'm building breast tissue, it's clearly visible, notably on the bottom part. Little breast is growing! And I can't say anymore I'm flat !One thing, I can feel little hard tissue (rather rounded hard part just behind my tits and aerola, when it was previousely soft). Is is something normal, part of the natural process, or is it something I should worry about?Also, being a male, do you have any recommandations in order to foster the growth (on a hormonal point of vue)?You're mentioning flax seed oil, do you recommand it? Or some other complements? I really would like to take the best path towards the optimum result (for my body structure).I've ordered your cream this week. My right breast being smaller than my left, I want to see if I can have the same result as mentioned in some testimonials, and reach a nice volume balance, by applying on it only at first.I really thank you in advance for your support. J from France.

Date: 11-10-15     User: results

Hello there! I recently ordered your product and started to see (an increase in fullness) results and would like to order more. The times of the day I can take it is morning. Is that ok? Thanks a lot!!!!

Date: 11-10-15     User: a lot of size increase

Dear Natureday, Hi I've been using your cream for about 6 mo's I have noticed a lot of size increase. About 1/2". I just tried the drops of fulfillment extract. I would like to see more growth this year but I don't think I have the right combo yet. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Date: 11-07-15     User: speed up

I have been using the soap and I am seeing slow growth I want o speed up the process and get bigger results can you please tell me what in your products will do this with better results

Date: 11-02-15     User: In one week I had 3/4

I use the liquid and cream. In one week I had 3/4" or more. By week 4, I am almost an A cup. Does a high protein, high fat diet, or another help the development. I love the results I am getting, but I want to get maximum results. I use 3 droplets a day, and the cream 3 times also. I apply it and use a chi massage with 400 revolutions on each breast. Diet must have some effect and I want to eat the best food that will benefit me the most.

Date: 10-29-15     User: a definite fullness, weightiness

Hello Tina I have excelled myself...I have put in another order , although only half way through the last order and due to the shipping time to the UK I don't want to break the sequence, there is a definite fullness, weightiness, and I am more than pleased with the signs so far. Now to another point, are you all alright only I note that you have just had a 'quake, looked very near to you on the map.

Date: 10-27-15     User: I've already gained volume

Dear Natureday staff, Dear Tina, First, for you to know, my first order from beginning of this month came more faster to France than you had announced to me. I was very satisfied. If I'm ordering again it's because just a week after I began to take pills and liquid as mentioned I could really feel that my breast were already reacting. Tits were the very first to. Didn't experienced so many long erection of them before, and they were very and are still very sensitive. I'm in my third week and I'm sure that I'm not dreaming: I've already gained volume, I even can feel some 'tension' like if I could feel them growing, especially today. The little note on my receipt was giving three options: good, better and faster results. I indeed chose better, even if faster results was tempting... I have a couple of things to ask to you...As a matter of fact I'm still wondering why faster might not give the best result? Very kind regards.Please use my correspondance on your site, if you find it worthy,as long as you do not disclose my name and details. English being not my mother tongue, I hope my message will make... a kind of sense.

Date: 10-22-15     User: outside areas are very full

Hey thanks again for the liquid last time around i think it definitely helped, the upper breast area is filling out a lot and the outside areas are very full at this point it seems. Definitely see a thick contour along the sides and thick mass of tissue under the arm area. I just re ordered another bar of soap cause though it seems to work slower its definitely more subtle for what I am needing cause of a girlfriend and such. just SOOOO deeply want larger breasts and with it being winter coming up I am hoping to have a noticeable shape by spring. I've been using natureday for 5 years but overall have probably only used maybe 3 or 4 bars of soap 2 liquids and a jar or 2 of cream and use was very sporadic and off and on cause of nerves and adjusting to growth. But at almost 30 I am ready to quit worrying about others opinions and start devoting to natureday for my breast development. Thanks again for such a wonderful product!

Date: 10-19-15     User: Male Voice Testimonial

Date: 10-19-15     User: Male Voice Testimonial

Date: 10-19-15     User: Male Voice Testimonial

Date: 10-19-15     User: Male Voice Testimonial

Date: 10-08-15     User: extremely happy

Hello, I'm extremely happy with Natureday from the first day they opened. I want everyone to read this word of advice while taking Natureday products, Don't Stop taking it, continue taking your products from Natureday, but advice from an experienced user on other home remedies. I'm an expert on everything, if I put my mind together and try New things I could invent something tomorrow if I wanted to. Anyway please try this, you can buy Cocoa Butter at any drugstore like CVS/Pharmacy or Walgreens anywhere they sell it. Please add this to your routine with everything else. Put on twice daily: new Palmer Cocoa Butter with Vitamin E Cream it helps enlarge your breasts. Yes I'm similar to all guys, but more on the female side. I knew I was different, but didn't know how different until I learned in 2013. I'm an Intersex without the V. Yes I have male parts below the belt and Adams Apple, but everything else including Chromosomes are female including my voice. I will be going on female hormones on top of Natureday and Palmer Cocoa Butter with Vitamin E cream. I will be doing all kinds of other research and give everyone tips on what helps with Breast Enlargement and what doesn't. Staff at Natureday trust my advice on what I research on and I get to leave these advice tips with all of you. I love helping Trans-woman regardless how you classify yourself I respect all walks of life, because we are human beings too. I'm just restarting the cream, why just restarting it, because I was taking another product and it's a joke. Need to contact me just let staff at Natureday know and I'm sure they will let me know and we'll take it further. Thank You for your time. From the tipline!!!!

Date: 10-04-15     User: a serious growth spurt.

Hi Tina, You asked in your email 24/7 regarding the reaction I was having when taking your products. Well you may be interested to know that after resuming my original DAILY usage (3x cream,2x droppers internal + 1/2 a dropper on each breast 2x) I have had no further reaction other than an odd twinge .So I am assuming that this was a serious growth spurt. I have just received my latest order from you.(thank you) I would like to take advantage of your bulk offer, and order more of your products in one shipping, but I I do not want so many of the tablets you offer for the $235 .Would you consider 8x Liquid.2x cream ,soap. I realize that you will still need to add shipping cost. I do hope that you are not offend by my request, but I would like to have a good supply in before shipping starts to get delayed due to additional Xmas mail here in UK. Regards,

Date: 10-04-15     User: that did the trick!!

hello Tina, before I go further never use my name and address: I have been a bit doubtful while using just the cream for two months, the nipples became very sensitive but no obvious growth so I ordered two bottles of the liquid - I am taking a full dropper once a day in milk first thing in the mornings, that did the trick!! I itch a lot and according to my tape I have put on half an inch, I am now fully converted!! I have a question- in my next order I was thinking of the liquid and pills with just one jar of cream, while taking the pills should I also drink the liquid or use it as a lotion? no one in the testimonials has mentioned this and as you know I read a lot! Oh by the way, pictures are out - I have studied the "how to "but I am afraid this is a no-go area - the computer and I are not really bosom pals if you get my drift. Thanks for all your help so far..

Date: 10-01-15     User: Very excited so far

I received my order 3 week ago and when I started I measured 39 under and 41 across the nipples. This was from nipple pumping for a couple years. The first wee I just used the cream twice a day then starting the second week I have been taking two droppers of liquid and three pills in the morning and evening. I have noticed them filling out on the sides and bottom but no growth out. Very excited so far but I have a couple questions. When could I expect a growth spurt out in front and does that usually happen quickly when it starts? Then my left breast is larger than my right. When I get to the size I want is there a way to make the right grow a little more? Great product I will be ordering again soon. Hope you can still do FedEx hold for pickup

Date: 09-30-15     User: I grew about 2 to 3 inches

hello. I hought some cream from you guys before and am plz with> I just ran out so I was looking at the packages. I seen the complete 8 month package. does the pill and liquid do the boob growth too? for some reason I cant send a pic to you I phne just wont connect to my lap top. this is my 3rd attempt to send you guys a msg. so I hope this one will go through. but I figure I grew about 2 to 3 inches with the 2 cream. my main goal is to get to a d cup bra. perfebly a 38d. I can fit about a 34b and with the puch up I acutually show some cleavlage.

Date: 09-29-15     User: your product is great!

Natureday staff, I just want you to know that your product is great! I have tried other products in the past, but it was a waste of time. I've been using your product for awhile, (when I have the money) and will continue to do so. I'm not where I want to be yet, but when I'm out of your product, I don't lose what I have already started! Thanks for bringing your product to market! Keep up the GREAT WORK! I'll keep in touch. use e-mail address please

Date: 09-29-15     User: Still, Still Growing

Hi, Tina. As you've discovered, I am a strong supporter of your company, especially in terms of what you do for men like me. I submitted my most recent testimonial several days ago, and I was wondering when I might see it appear on the site. I have been using Fulfillment since May, 2015. I have gone from essentially 38/nothing to a 38A, edging into B, by just using the liquid periodically. If you find my previous posts at "Growing" and "Still Growing", you will see where I was then. Since then, I have noticed a quantitative increase in breast tissue. When I raise my arms, I still have a mound. When I cross my arms, I have cleavage. I haven't noticed any substantive reaction at work, but I am also wearing tight undershirts, that I believe are compressing my breasts. I love what I have, but also recognize that a man can't necessarily be open about all this. I am alright with hiding at work, and, to date, my wife and kids haven't noticed/said anything. So, I'm going to continue. I sent pictures before but was told that I needed to wait until I was done growing. I don't know when that will be, but I do know that I am a man with breasts, and it feels wonderful.

Date: 09-24-15     User: full A cup

hi nature day...I ordered your champion package . I have been taking liquid and using the cream since March . I went from flat chested to a full A cup. my question is how do I get bigger nipples. you can post this but please don't post my real name

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