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Date: 08-31-08

hi my name is donald i got the naturedays pills and liquid as a gift from my girlfriend about four months ago ive never tried any breast groth products before mainly because this was her idea i dont really have any before shots i must say i wasnt a huge fan of the male breast thing before but now we just love them thank you so much

Date: 08-24-08

Hi Ami, well, it's been 3 monthes on Natureday products and the results have been wonderful. I am realizing my dreams. the pills, the drops, the soap have done wonders. As a 44D, I can't go outside (as a male) without hiding these babies...and I want to get to a Double D! I feel so feminine and am enjoying my transformation. I've always enjoyed my feminine side and now and proud to show myself in public...I really enjoy wearing sports bra's and my corsets... You girls have really helped me realize a dream...I love how I'm growing and feeling so soft and rounded. Time soon to order some more... You may use this as a testimonial (and my e-mail address). I am rea;izing a dream!!!!I need to change my e-mail address, though...I am such a TommieGirl now ;-) Thanks again
Response: [email protected]

Date: 08-22-08

Amy, Thought this nipple/breast picture would be of interest to you. I found the development most interesting... they are beginning to fill out and thicken. I've jumped one whole cup size in a month...and I want you to know that I worked on them a great deal. But I could not have accomplished what I have without Natureday. I looked forward to my daily sessions with
Natureday and my sometimes daily progress reports to you. This has been so erotic for me it's difficult for me to explain. Well yes, I needed this to maintain my true sanity...and man I am on top of it now. I have two full handfuls of breasts, and I have rather large hands. From my ribcage to the tip of each nipple is nearly 5 inches plus. That's quite a bit of mound. All Kidding aside, I fully intend to take this program to it's fullest. Right now I have 3 months supply of your product and that doesn't include the capsules I ordered. I also fully intend to let them roam free whenever possible for others to see. That gal in the store today readily knew I needed support, she was surprised at their texture and real life feelings. I didn't notice it until I got home she threw in an extra bra like the one I bought in black. She did feel them when she got her measuring tape on them. She was so surprised
that a man could have real breasts. Ms. Amy you are a lady that needs to be applauded too. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have been most understanding and very pliant with my needs...a special thanks to a special person. I could tell that
you Loved your job. Does your boyfriend or hubby like tits, and I'm not talking about yours......His!! Special Hugs and Special kisses too!! Bob

Date: 08-22-08

I started using your product a couple months ago and I have to say the results I've gotten so far are amazing. I never bothered taking a good before picture because I didn't think the product would really work, nor did I think I'd want to submit a testimonial, but there are a couple things I thought your potential customers really needed to know: 1) After using these products for about two weeks, my nipples started getting hard all the time. Previously, my nipples didn't really get all that hard. they're also more sensitive and I just love the way they feel. I never really had the hard nipples when it was cold before, but now I get hard when opening the refrigerator! The product is worth it just for that. 2) I had some breast tissue before using the product, as you can see from the picture in the black bra. My breasts were saggy though, and very much what you would consider man-boobs. Since taking this product, they've become fuller, rather than larger, and are starting to look rounder and much more feminine. I've also gotten a lot more lift and they're totally more perky. After about two months they are bigger as well as fuller, and I can't wait to see how much more they will develop. 3) The breast cream is awesome, though you really need to use it at night if you have a 'closet job' because it smells like roses. It smells wonderful though, I love it. I'd love to use it just as a fragrance. I use it after showering and shaving, after I dry off. Thanks Natureday! You made my dreams a reality!

Date: 08-21-08

Amy, Thanks for your kind words of encouragement. I am so pleased with the development I have gotten this past month. My breasts by far are much firmer and they are developing quite nicely. Nipples are thicker and the aerolas are begining to get darker and showing expansion. As best as I can figure the measurements I have a good D cup now. They feel so real,
pliable, free moving and a pleasure to have. They are without a doubt the greatest turn-on since I lost my wife.......

Date: 08-18-08

Hi Amy, Well i found out that wearing a bra is a lot more comfortable on the ladies and seems to help them a lot since i was out this week dressed for my birthday wore a low cut dress and noticed that I'm getting some cleavage going there and my cups are getting fuller. It does me great and I will not stop using the products until I reach what I or the desire size I want. I do notice that when I bend over that the Ladies hang down.It is a real treat to see them and when laying in bed well I'm in heaven with the results so far and to be able to dress and not have to have fake ones is great. When asked what I use to to have breasts by people they think tha most crossdressers use fake ones I tell them no these are mine and real and explan the products I use from you. I have had some real woman ask if it will help them and I give them the web sight I hope they do go to it. Dale

Date: 08-17-08

Amy, I'm very much impressed with Natureday products.... Breasts are enlarging and have become very smoothe, even giggle a lot. This is a GREAT feeling and I enjoy working with them....Have had a good sized pa;ir for some time. It tickles the heck out of me when I know someone has noticed my boobs. And what's very cool is that I really don't care if they show or not.....I'm very proud of them. Thanks.....

Date: 08-14-08

Amy, I would like to say thank you, for the four years of using your product. I am sure most males are very skeptical about wondering if this product really works and I have to admit I was one of those guys. After using your product over the years and using it at my own pace I have achieved a nice B cup size. I did not use your product every month, I went for one month and stopped and went for another month so my growth was slow but it did give me time to think about how big I wanted my chest to be. Now I love the size, it can be noticed at times but still easy to hide when needed, at least under clothes. Thank you, T. Please don’t use my name or email if you post this on ther site.

Date: 08-13-08

It has been about 6 weeks now since the start of the program. I have grown 1 3/4 inches. I haven't had any growth since the original spurt. What I have really noticed is a filling out of the breast from side to side. The distance between the breasts on the in-side has shortened up allot. When I sleep at nite my breasts almost touch now. I have gotten over the fear factor now and am simply working on how much growth I want. My nipples are the size of pencil erasers now and very sensitive. Is this normal? They also have grown in size when erect to about 3/8th inch out. I do like my new shape although I am still a 110 percent male. My wife has only grown 1/2 inch because she hasn't done the program for sawhile as she is very concerned about her father right now. So, does all of my growth seem to be following the way it should? Hugs Amy J.

Date: 08-12-08

Thank you, Amy. I felt sure you would take care of things at your end. I appreciate your help. Although it is taking longer than I had hoped, NatureDay is doing what it should do, and my chest is definitely getting more and more pronounced. I am very pleased with the results thus far. I hope to reach my goals by the middle of next year, perhaps about two to three more orders. Thank you for an excellent product. Regards: T.

Date: 08-11-08

i wish the pill& liquid worked as fast on me as it dos no some but it took me a year to get a 1 inch biger so i guess it must work i would like to get bigger but i dont have that much money to keep trying good luck all roger

Date: 08-06-08

Hi, everyone...I am Anelia from Bulgaria. I like your pictures, and i desided to send you a picture of my breasts after 4 months using of the pills that bring me a friend.I really enjoy them . If you make a coment for them i will be very happy..See you soon
Response: [email protected]

Date: 08-05-08

(Same as youtube video below) Dearest Amy, I have just finished my second month on this merical potion. I do believe that this is the best product on the market today. I am sending more photos and I am so pleased with the product that i am also sending more short videos as well. Since my last submition i have gained 1/2 inch in breast size. But this is the most important thing that I have discovered, I have more cleavage and the upper portion of my breast have begun to fill out, as you will see. Again I am so please at the product that I have to admit, that I believe it to be a merical potion. Thanks you, and I hope that the members of your site also like the change. I will have to submitt it in three emails due to the size of the files.

Date: 08-04-08

I'm now up to 441/2 measurement. Thats from starting at 43 or 431/4 . Nipples are very tender and the sides have really filled out. Seems my aereolas may be starting to turn a little in color. Thats it, have a great day J.

Date: 07-30-08

Amy: Read natureday testimonilas every few days and saw a male offering his e-mail. I'd like to contact him. and ask some questions. My email is on file. Thank you. P.S. Haven't lost any breast size after using the products for 4 1/2 months. Been off of them for about 2 weeks. Looks pretty permantant. gotta love it. Bobie bo

Date: 07-30-08

omitted email for now. I have been using Natureday products now for about 4 weeks. Started out figuring it wouldn't work. Had many reservations about this process as I am a straight male, with a loving wife. Anyway she is trying also. In 4 weeks, for myself I have gained aprox. 1inch in breast measurement. Started out at 40 across below the nipples and my wife started out at a 32A cup. She has grown to almost fitting a 32 Bcup and I have gone from a breast measurement of 431/8 inch to 44 1/8 inch. I still struggle a little with my presence but love what I see. The really cool part is now I see a very detailed and round,browner aereola, than I had before and my wife's aereola areas have enlarged. For anyone thinking about enlarging this stuff does work. I, like many didn't believe it. I do now and find myself wanting somemore as does my wife. We have made it a family affair. Thank you Natureday and Amy

Date: 07-29-08

I wrote to you about 3 weeks ago expressing my fears of giving a testimontial, I still have those fear but as my boobs grow my fears disappear. Most of my 40c cup bras are getting to tight as I continue to grow. I still find my interest in femmy things continues to grow, make-up, magazines, clothing. Is it normal for these feeling to develop? With my breast development I am beginning to look more femmy and wonder if I am a shemale now. Is this possible? Whatever is going on I like it and don't want to stop. Please only give my e-mail to those asking for it.

Date: 07-29-08

Hi Amy This is John again. It is Tuesday the 29th of July. I have got to give you another update and if you wish you could post it. I must say I had a very shakey start to the whole idea of enlarging my breasts. My wife's breasts have increased aprox, 1/2 inch since starting which is now about 3 weeks. I must add that we don't massage her all the time nor does she use the cream every day. I have used the cream also but use a mix of cream and lavender oil. I for myself am a very straight male. I will now admit that I'm glad we have started. She still says my breasts look normal but if the truth was known, I have increased by 3/4 of an inch. I started out at 40" across the chest below the nipples and 431/4 across the nipple area. I measured myself today and my wife. she has gain as I said 1/2 inch and I am now at 40" band and 44 across the nipples or breast. I find my self excited but only worry how I going to hide my breast? Any thoughts from anyone would be apreciated. Anyway thank you Amy and if you have any thoughts please feel free to add them Hugs John and Sam (07-30-08) Amy I have sent another testimonial because I must have been in a spurt. As of today in the afternoon, and I wrote it on the testimonial, I have now gone from a 431/4 or 43 to a 441/8 inch breast mesurement The measurement I gave early was on the 29th but today I measured again because I was really feeling allot of tingling and fullness on my breast so I measured. They are now what I just said. Also, in the testimonial, I mentioned the aereola area. I have now a very defined, round larger aereola and my nipples protrude more and arte very soft to the touch when not erect. I trust this all sounds normal. Hugs John

Date: 07-28-08

Well, it's been 6 weeks since I began taking 60 drops per day of the liquid fulfillment, and I took a few pictures last week and one yesterday and one this morning, and I am so excited by what I am seeing. My breasts are finally beginning to fill out and widen across my chest, and I am seeing them grow outward on my chest as well .my tops are telling me that there's something growing in them. Thanks again Amy, Cara

Date: 07-22-08

Just wanted to say for one that, you guys have great service and are dependable for shipping out in a timely manner. Secondly, I would lilke to ask can I take more than 3 pills a day to increase growth in breast and overall feminity. Also i hae been on and off your products ( cream, fulfillment) for a year now and my results are wonderful.
Response: You can take up to 6 pills a day, but taking 3 pills will give you great results.

Date: 07-22-08

Hi Amy, Well the Soap and the cream and the liquid is working. Now seems filling a 44b Bra and starting to get more cleavage. My nipples are getting more and more sensitive.And any even light brushing sends them erect and shivers. there not as flat saging looking now are getting rounder on the top more. When I bend over it is a little embarasing as the Ladies hang down more now. But it is good now that when I go out dressed feminine. I look more real or a natural Woman. It also seems that the more I wear a Bra the better the Ladies feel and give them support and the Ladies are not so tender. Still Eating a lot of fish and taking ensure protein plus supplement for lunch at work.

Date: 07-20-08

After using some of the soap there is some very clear growth, considering I began will a completely flat chest. The soap works really well! Thanks, please reply to the email I'm providing!

Date: 07-19-08

Amy, I have a question. I took the liquid,pills and cream for 4 1/2 months and had good results. Will my body be making less male hormones and more female hormones in the future or will it return back to just male hormones? B

Date: 07-18-08

Amy John here. Have grown 1/4 inch with only 3 weeks application. But I have a question . Why is the area aroumd my aereola raised right now? Thanks

Date: 07-13-08

thank you for the reply. As of today I have noticed some aereola puffing. This to me says it all. Your product works. During all day yesterday I had a real , how can you say, firm feeling and itching feeling on them. This really isn'ta testimonial, but I certainly can tell it works Hugs J

Date: 07-11-08

Hi, I am a little afraid to give a testimonial but for me it has worked. My breasts are now much more feminine and show under tee shirts and shirts. My growth has been slow but steady. I now fill out a 40 c cup, before a 40 c cup was loose. If I wear a bra now everyone knows I have tits. I have been trying to lose some weight and at the same time increase my breasts. I have lost about 15-20 pounds and my breast have still grown. As I have lost weight my breasts are more apparent and show more. Is this normal? Some other changes are also happening. As my breasts have grown my feelings for femmy things has grown. I do not know if this is something that happens to others, but I enjoy these new feelings. I would like to visit with others who may be experiencing some of these same feeling but don't know how to. Please do not give out my e-mail. My goal is a 40 d cup or larger, wish me luck. If someone really wants to contact me let me know their e-mail. I do have pictures of me in bras but don't want to post them to the general public.

Date: 07-10-08

Its three weeks today that I started using Natureday, and the results are amazing. When I started I had no boobs at all, and now I have small mounds that already show through my tee shirts. I use the cream right after I shower in the morning along with 3 full droppers of fulfillment and three pils each day. I want to increase that after I receive my new order. I just finished ordering the complete package along with the gum. The cream I use after I shower, I rub under my arm also, and the growth I feel is unbelievable. When I put my arms by my side ,I can really feel the growth. Also the tingleing feeling in my boobs feel so great. It feels like my skin is trying to stretch. Another thing I noticed is that when I drive my car and put my seat belt on, my right boob is always in the way and I have to re adjust my seat belt to fit under my boob instead of on it. Now I know how women feel. I thought I wanted to stop after I had a nice set of boobs. but now I want to see how big I can get them. One more thing I noticed is my aerolas are more reddish and are starting to get bigger. This after only four weeks. I did not take any pictures, but will keep you updated on my progress. Amy any sugestions you can give me to increase my dosage from what I'm takin now would be helpful Gary E-Mail withheld

Date: 07-09-08

I thought I would send you a photo, as you can see from the photo there has been major development in the last 7 mos I've been on your products. Although there not perfect, they are real. D Boyd

Date: 07-09-08

Hello again, Now it's been three and a half weeks since I began taking my liquid doses of Natureday, and what I believe is progress, although I am just so unbelieveably excited about what Natureday is doing "to me", or should I say, "for me" that perhaps I have lost all sight of what progress is in size, but I certainly know what progress is in feeling more confident in my own femininity. After all, I have dreamt about having breasts for most of my life, but I never imagined that my dream would ever come true. But now, as I look into the mirror every morning, I smile like a 14 year old girl as I realize that it really is happening to me and I find myself getting accustomed to my newly developing female breasts, knowing that they will be there forever, so anxious to purchase just the perfect bra to cradle my girls gently and display them properly. But I am so intent on seeing them grow large enough to have them displayed on your gallery of successes that I take pictures almost every day, hoping each day to see a sudden extreme increase in size, but knowing that growth will be slow and steady. Nevertheless, I am totally ecstatic about having them there to take any pictures of at all. I will continue my dosages until they are ready, and probably for a long time after

Date: 07-08-08

I have been reading so many letters for months now that report growth and sensitivity to their nipples...well-finally I get to say the same! Last week I started feeling a slight increased sensitivity to my nipples. Undershirts worn at work were constantly giving me new sensations as they rubbed, and this week the slightest touch has me constantly aroused.Last night when I saw myself in the bedroom mirror with an undershirt tank top on I was surprised at how prominent my nipples were! Touching the nipples with the fingertips I can feel more flesh at the bottom of the nipple unlike the past.This is great! Now I know that development is underway! John (e-mail withheld)

Date: 07-07-08

Hi Amy I just wanted to say that I really love my ladies so far and I hope that they will be getting larger soon they are doing fine and getting larger and more floppy LOL. I have been taking a protein enriched supplement. Like ensure and the special K protein bars. Now was thinking of flak oil. The way I understand that will help loose belly fat, good for me but I don't want to loose any of the ladies growth, have become attached to them. And speaking of them can fill a 44 b bra pretty good now and a lot of my women friends still WOW over my ladies and have seen the results. They still can't believe it works and i now or should say don't need any fake or special breast enhancements. My concern is if I take flak oil and loose the belly fat will I loose the ladies or will the fullfillment keep them growing. And the soap is great too. Have become a lady in the past month and I want to stay that way. Espectially when i go out dressed and to malls a nd such people say Hi Maam or how are you Maam. Love B. P.S. Please advise the other guys/ girls that if they do use the cream, take a shower first and then, if they have hair on their chest, shave fore when they do, it allows the cream to go into the pores easier. Massaging the cream into the breast feels good, too. B.

Date: 07-02-08

Hi! I have been using the drops and pills, and have seen a noticeable change in my nipples. They have grown long, and more erect. Also, they are more sensitive and respond to touch very quickly. I about ready to order more, as I am out of the drops. I hope that in the next few months my breasts will round out and press up against my tank top. Thanks so much for such a great product. Terry.

Date: 07-02-08

Hi. I come back. I send you nzw pictrures after six months with fullfilment. Great happiness. I wanbt to gon on the road for big breasts. following our friend Jayme. Every day I have a look at his pictures. It's a supplement in the "treatment" : auto-suggestion and hypnosis..- Amiel from PARIS (Fr)

Date: 07-01-08

Amy, It's been 2 weeks since I began taking my NEW - totally liquid doses of Fulfillment, and so far, I am quite pleased with my progress. As I told you in previous emails, when I began taking Natureday a few months back, I advanced from a chest measurement of 37 1/4" to 38 1/2". Then, in an attempt to acquire a shapely feminine figure, I deliberately curbed my appetite a bit and my weight dropped from 152# to 146#, but at the same time, my chest measurement dropped from 38 1/2" to 37 1/2", and I began to freak. Two weeks ago, I began my new 6 month supply of the liquid, taking 60 drops per day as per your instructions, and I am happy to report that I have already come back up to a measurement of 38 1/4", which I love even more than the original 38 1/2" because during that same time period, I also lost 2 more pounds. I suppose I better start using the term "breast" measurement instead of "chest" measurement. After all, it is no longer my chest, but my breasts which are beginning to appear beneath my clothing. I think that the combination of the increase in breast size and the lower overall body weight is telling me that I am finally going to get the body I always wanted!!! I am currently attempting to attach a few photos which I took just a few hours ago, and I am sending a copy of this email to myself so I can see if I added them correctly and you can see them. Even though my breasts are still nowhere near as large as I hope they will be someday, hopefully they will continue to grow for a long time, and I am absolutely thrilled about three aspects of their development so far: 1) they are very real, 2) they are noticable, and 3) they are mine. Thank you so much Amy! Cara

Date: 07-01-08

Well I have finished my first order with your program. I wanted to take the time to submit my photos. I am hoping that you post them on your site for I am truly excited with the process thus far. I wanted to say that by using your product i truly know what is ment by feeling pumped. I can feel an increase every day. I wake up in the morning and feel pumped. I started off with a 41 chest (under Breast) and 41 Breast, now I am 41 chest (Under Breast) and 42 breast. I an so happy with my results. I have been taking the protein as recommended, Although I do not like the taste I feel as though it is helping. I would love for you to post this picture. I will update in a month. Thank You so much for your assistance. BM PS I will also send a video i hope that you can post it as well.
Response: [email protected]

Date: 06-23-08

Thanks Amy...I am not putting on weight anywhere else except for the additional fleshiness I feel in my chest. I am a very skeptical person by nature but these products are winning me over! At first I thought I was nuts trying to grow breasts but as this progresses I feel that I'm doing the right thing in trying. I have to wonder just how many men out there harbor a secret desire like me in having breasts and just don't go that next step and pursue it? I am getting to the point in that when I really start to show to others that I will not go to extremes to hide my changes. As many other testimonials say...thanks Natureday for helping us in releasing what we have held in for so long!-John

Date: 06-23-08

Hi Amy How is one of my favorite girls doing. Question What type protein shake or protien subsitute to have I was thinking ensure as a supplement. Oh A funny thing Happened speaking of my ladies. I was driving with out a bra on went over some bumps and they where jumping up and down. Or bouncing don't get my wrong but it felt great to have my ladies do that it lets me know they are growing. Also when I was out this week some friends noticed and said your starting to show some good cleavage

Date: 06-23-08

hi i must admit i was sceptical before i started. im a 44 year old trannie and realy didnt believe your product would work. ive used hormone treatments before with little or no success and ive also pumped only to find that the results gained with that were only short term. anyway, i took delivery of your product 2 to 3 weeks ago and the results seem to be amazing, i truely am very impressed. it wont be long before im having to wear a bra full time which will be fantastic. my nipples also feel fantastic. i had big nipples before starting but they are now constantly erect and very sensitive - FANTASTIC PROUCT! I will certainly order more when this supply has finished. rgds P. ps. i will send pictures when i get chance

Date: 06-22-08

Same Bobie from(05-09-08) [email protected]

Date: 06-21-08

I have a wonderful update today. I put on my swim suit last night and WOW, I have BREASTS and it feels wonderful. I can feel the fabric pressing against them. My breasts actually push out the fabric and I really have clevage too. I am really in a hurry to get them larger and to really show them off, if you know what I mean. There really hasn't been any improvement in my nipples and surrounding area but I am still hoping that they will be starting soon; any suggestions for getting them to get larger?
Response: Here are some enlargement Tips

Date: 06-21-08

Ami, mine I'm sorry, I have to write again...I am so enjoying my feminization and I owe to you and Natureday. I am now a 44B and just want to grow!It's 99 degrees here in Sacramento and I am lounging around in a satin teddy that I am filling out so nicely. Soon I will pamper myself with some wonderful lotion and cream, paint my nails and feel so sexy! I have started taking estrogen. I love feeling so soft. I love that my titties are so round and full and soft... I hope others have read my testimonials and are encouraged by them. Time to order again soon...Thankyou so much, the products reall work... My Love Tommie You may use my email & testimonial as an endorsement
Response: [email protected]

Date: 06-20-08

Hello Amy and all! I just had to share my excitement with you.It's only been 2 months since my 1st order and only 2 weeks since I got the pills,drops and soap. I've been applying the soap,cream,drops and taking the pills for the last 2 weeks consistently and there is no doubt that I am feeling more substance when I cup my breast area! I recently got back with my girlfriend after a 3 month breakup and when I opened up to her about the possibility of me having female sized breasts she shocked me by saying she would love to see it happen!.. I started off this quest at a weight of 188lbs and even tho I work out 3-4 times a week I am putting pounds on in my chest. Is the added weight from the breasts developing? My pants still fit me the same (if not looser). I don't mind the added lbs if it all goes to my chest! Thanks, John (e-mail withheld please)

Date: 06-16-08

Nature day definitely works! It amazes me how people are spending so much money on expensive and invasive surgery when they could easily and naturally get the same results with Nature day! I would highly recommend these products; they really do work! I basically began with a flat chest, and now you can pretty easily see that after just a few bars of soap and liquid there is noticeable growth. Thank you!

Date: 06-15-08

Hi Amy, it's B again. I just want to say that I have experienced something that I hadn't experienced before. The other afternoon, I leaned against the back of my couch as I sometimes do and I felt something that I hadn't felt before; OH MY, I felt my breasts pressing against the back of the couch. There was a pressure as if there was really something extra there :). My breasts seem to have gained in some bulk now that it is something to see, even going braless. I have had to change to a 40 C bra to a 42 B; even though there is still a little extra room in the cups, I am sure that they, my breasts will soon be filling the space out soon. I do have one question though, since I have been using the method of both drops and cream on my nipples and surrounding area, when can I expect them to start catching up with the rest of my breast growth? I have been doing this for at least 2 1/2 to 3 weeks now. I know it sounds like I am in a hurry but can you approximate for me. I guess it depends on the individual. Thanks for everything else though, B

Date: 06-11-08

I've gone from a 48" bust to a 50" bust in about 3 1/2 months. My cup has gone from a "B" to a very full B/C and is starting another growing spert. I can't hide my titties anymore and don't wish to. If anyone has questions they can email me at [email protected] Will be ordering another 6 months shortly. Growth has been slower than I wanted but it does happen. Much love Amy-- Bobie Bo

Date: 06-05-08

hi i have been taken this for a couple of weeks ,doing the 30-90 drops per day. mainly 50-70 drops 1 time a day. and i am noticeing my breast growing more bigger already. they are filling in very nicely and fuller and looking foward to hopeing to reach a C cup i am a B cup @ this moment. I do have a few questions though. ...

Date: 06-04-08

Amy, I just got back from a Day Spa treatment (I love being pampered!) and found my third order in my Mailbox! I have grown from a manly 42 Breast to a so feminine 44! and I'm not afraid to show them off! Everything you promised - So round and firm and My Nipples are such a turn on, always hard! I love my new look! I love my new clothes! I always double even triple my doses. I do so heartly recommend NATUREDAY! I love feeling so feminine. I am so close to starting my Estrogen...I wish I had done this a long time ago!! Thankyou so much! You can always use me as a testimonial! [email protected]

Date: 06-01-08 Testemonial I received your products on 10th April 2008 and immediately started by taking 3 capsules and using the cream. Next day I took 3 tablets and 1-2 droppers of liquid and rubbed the cream in and continued this regime, sometimes putting liquid on my nipples as well. I started flat chested and wondered if the product would work. Well! I can tell you it did! After 4 weeks of using the cream, drops, capsules, soap and gum, I have got a lovely set of small boobs. I had most of the feelings of growth after 3-weeks period, when my nipples started tingling (nice ache) and my breasts were feeling fuller and rounder with expansion. This continued with lots of feeling into the fifth week. My breasts are now soft to touch, have a nice shape and I love their nice bounce when I walk, especially when I briskly, they really have a nice bounce now. I cup them with my hand regularly during the day to feel them and they fill my hand ever so neatly and nicely. I have finished the capsules and liquid now and just using the last of the cream, and I am still feeling lots of tingles in my nipples and lovely heaviness in my breasts. I LOVE MY NEW BREASTS. I have enclosed an after photo, i was simply flat with no shape at all. I have grown from a 97cm chest to 102cm. I am showing under my shirts, but not too much to draw attention just yet. I would love to reach a b-cup in time. And mighty concider a C-cup. the photo does show my growth. Hope my testimonial and photo convince guys that they really do work. Your products are great and they do work, I would recommend natureday to anyone who wants to grow their breasts. C. I fit nicely into my wifes 34B soft underwire bra - blue bra as per photo, the phot of my breast in the sheer white bra shows my A-cup breast in a C-cup bra - i need to fill out more, and hopefully will in time. I love your products and my new breasts - thank you. name and address withheld - i would like to remain anonomous for personal reasons. thank you. Question; will my breast fill out at the top with more pills, liquid and cream? Can you tell me will they grow bigger and then fill out or will they fill out first and grow. I want them to really fill out my bra at the top so i look like full female breasts.
Response: Mostly the growth starts on the sides and below, and then by the second or third growth spurt the top gets larger.

Date: 05-30-08

Hi my name is chris, i received your product in the mail a month ago, and have started with the pills and fulfillment liquid. First i want to say, before i started your program i tried the following breast enhancement programs. The first was natural curves, It did nothing, no results, nothing i took the pills for three months and nothing. Since i wasted my money on this product i was skeptical about trying another. Then i tried breast actives for 6 months and spent over 200$, again to my disappointment nothing happened, no growth nothing. Needless to say i was mad as hell. I don't know what is about my body, but i have always had what you would call women breast instead of the regular male breast. What i mean buy that is the were round instead of normal guys breast, but very small, still i had the curvature. Since i received your product i have noticed a complete change in just the three weeks i have used your product. There is soreness and tingling. I have noticed that something is different, mainly I'm starting to grow!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm excited to see what will happen in the next month or so!!!!!!! Thanks for this awesome product, it seems to be working!!!!!!! chris

Date: 05-30-08

Dear Amy, I have just ordered two more bottles of the drops because the one that I ordered is almost gone. I still have plenty of cream left so I will hold off on ordering more. I must say that my breasts have grown some because I am just filling out my B cup bra now. It feels great to be able to finally fill out a bra that was just being just partially filled and hanging loose. I do hope that my nipples will be soon following in growth since I massage the area with the drops and cream each night. Thank you again.

Date: 05-29-08

I am still growing just slow. I do a lot of deep massaging at least 2 times a day, just keep growing like a young girl slowly through puberty. I also notice I have less body hair and little by little there seems to be even less hair every 2 weeks or so. I also can feel how much fuller the breast are filling out on the top and sides too. I am so much more comforatable with a bra on. With out one they feel heavy and the support seems to feel better. Up to a full 38B and getting much rounder and firmer still.

Date: 05-25-08

Hi! I just wanted to add to your long list of skeptics turned believers. After about 5 weeks I am definitely feeling more fullness. I took before pics in mid April 08 and just compared them to ones took May 21st 08 and although the difference is slight it is still noticeable in photos and when I feel the additional weight in my hands. I know I'm like most others that would like to wake up with full fledged boobs looking back at me in the mirror but seeing this change after a month is very encouraging! Thanks again!- (e-mail withheld from public for now thanks)

Date: 05-19-08

Hi, amy I love your product. I will be sending pics later this week. I feel some tenderness and my nipples are sticking out. I feel this is the right product for me..

Date: 05-19-08

Click For Voice Testimonial (John)Amy I sent a email this morning so sorry for sending to many. I am excited about the your product.... ,, well what can I say but, great news.. I have been on your product for approx 1 month and I have seen 1 inch growth in my breasts. It is good to know that a product like yours works. I was very scared of spending money and it doesn't work. I measured bust line 40 inches with 41 inches around the breast 1 month ago and today it is 42 inches. So thank you very much. I turned in an order for the success 3 month supply. I want to have a good c cup that is my goal. I really love your product and would like to take it on an regular basis for at least 6-8 more months. I would like to have a c cup or larger in a year or so...This is something that I really wanted to do for years and job, life always gets in your way.... So I am doing what I want to do.... also Did my order go out today...

Date: 05-19-08

Click For Voice Testimonial (Lou)
Amy Started with you a couple of years ago and am enjoying the resusts. I can not remember when I sent the bottles picture, but I can say that the bottles are not touching my skin at this time. I am up to a "C" liking a kleenix in the nipple area. A 38 C is not bad from a flat chest. I sure enjoy you product and reccomend it to all out there who want to increase their breat size. I loved the gum you sent as a trial. It is great. I will order more after this email. I can not say anything bad about your products, there are no after effects and they are functioning. Lou

Date: 05-17-08

Hi Amy, I wrote to you the other day and I forgot to mention that between the time that I finished up the drops to the arrival of the breast cream and drops, I have been massaging my breasts everyday with a regular body lotion. Please inform everyone that what ever they do, massaging the breast area really works and with your drops and cream, it should really speed up the breast growth. It works for me. ;)

Date: 05-13-08

hi ammy just let you know thay are stil growing even tho i am out of you product just uased the last of th cream today , i am going to oder more of your produce soon and all you men that want breast try this and you will get very good resalts i did a c cup this is a up date looking forword to see a lot more growth in my breast thak very mutch ammy

Date: 05-12-08

i know that i am late gertting this in but been working long hours your product is very good i went form a/b cup to a c cup but like to get the nipples larger to if your a man wanting breast this is the right product to use ass you can see thay are graet wife likes them

Date: 05-11-08

you are right my ladies seem to be growing on the top now and continue to get bigger on the sides. I'm a crossdresser and have desired the ladies for awhile. Have been on the product for four months now. The ladies nipples are sensitive to any touch. Been using liquid, cram and the gum. Only on gum now have more cream ordered and will order more liquid shortly. It feels good to be dressed as a woman have have the ladies there.

Date: 05-10-08

Hi Amy well i been on NatureDay for two month now it is great the best product i ever used i sending a picture of my enlargement and thank you so much A

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