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Date: 02-03-08

hi.i am 35 years old man.i started natureday before1 month and i found breast as i want.thank you natureday

Date: 02-02-08

Just to let you know the B cups on my bras is getting smaller just a litle loose material on the ends my breast are growing well. just order some more liquid. and I love the fraqunce of the cream it makes me feel more femine. I also feel more changes inside. Has it been reported by other male users of changes in buttocks or other parts of the body. I do notice that overall my skin is getting softer. I have had more femine feelings and pamper my body more. and since using the products weight is going down. Dale Forgot to tell you notice eyelashes getting longer and bottom ones coming in stronger and longer. Could this be because of estrogen getting stronger in me Dale

Date: 01-30-08

Fullfillness and growth, the right words! A month along, I saw, heard, felt my breasts growing.
Nice pains, nice smoothness. Picutes after one month. Next picutes with 105D ? Amiel, from Paris, France

Date: 01-29-08

Amy, Here is an updated photo. My breasts are filling out all over. The most noticeable chnage is in th upper part of my breats. I will have one more to follow. I continue to have more growth. When I started using Natureday, I measured 39/43. I now measure 39/44.5. 1.5 inches is a good start. I tried the gum with this last order, it has a great flavor. C

Date: 01-28-08

Hey,I love your products.I started using all of your products in the latter part of 2006 and the first 4 months of 2007.I got fast results.I just placed a large order for your prodocts.I would like additional growth at this time.Can you tell me the best way to proceed?I too would like breasts that are so large that they need 24/7 bra support.Please help me!Also do you know of a source that provides bras for my use.?

Date: 01-27-08

Hi Amy This is my fourth week and my breast are more rounded, and firmer. They are protruding more forward and the nipples are sensitive to touch an perk up when you touch them. Your product is amazing and now waiting for the breast cream to come in and next week to reorder more liquid fullfillment and pills. and watch my ladies grow. I have felt more like a woman now and with this product. my wishes are coming true. use can use this as my testiment. Dale

Date: 01-26-08

I want to say another word of thanks to natureday for their amazing products. I have been using them for a few months and I can really tell the difference. I'm really happy about the results that I am getting. I was a huge skeptic about these products. I was convinced that they couldn't work unless they worked by adding body fat but they work like they are supposed to. I am losing weight and adding size to my breasts.

Date: 01-25-08

I cannot believe the results! Natureday has helped make me into the image I have always dreamed of: a person with enormous, swelling breasts! Since I started with the program, I have achieved a state of sexual bliss. My mounds of flesh have sprouted into melons of orgasmic ecstasy. As I rub my women's breasts, I can feel my tits harden and coax me to climax. I love to flaunt my new breasts for the world to see. Fastening my bra each morning, I see the glorious results hanging in the mirror. Lying in bed at night, I rub myself and feel the juices rising to a heavenly release. I cannot say enough about the product. Thanks again for making me into the woman I have always wanted to be!

Date: 01-25-08

You are very welcome! I have been very pleasantly surprised by the results of your products. I was at first very skeptical about your product from my previous experiences with other brands of breast enlargement pills. But I said I should try them. To my amazement, they really do work. The pills and liquid products work very well together. Like I have stated, I have increased 2 breast sizes to a "B" cup from having none and hoping to reach a "C" cup before I stop taking your product. I may continue to take your product even after I reach that goal as it seems to make me feel more healthy than before. And I still truly believe your products have turned my male body into a more appealing feminine figure. Like you have stated my skin is now the softest ever, my nails grow faster and longer, my hips and butt have seemed to grow larger and best of all, I now have real fully rounded female like breasts which I have always wanted. thank you again and I can't possibly say all the good things about your products. Thank you for replying as I really think your products have given me this more feminine body. I will continue to order and use as I love the results they are giving me. I have tried other products over the years and they haven't produced any of the results that your products have. Thanks again for providing such a great product, at a so reasonable cost, for people to use which produces these great results. Maybe someday I will get up the nerve to send you a picture of the results. Thanks again. T. PS again please do not use my name and email address.

Date: 01-24-08

Hi Amy, and the rest of the gang at Natureday. Well It has been over a year since starting on Natureday, and I wanted to update you on the results. I began in October of 2006 and started with a 3 month supply. I then waited for a bit and ordered the breast cream. It works great. I then followed with another 3 month supply back in September. As you can see from the pictures, they are not really big, but I am a slow grower. I want to put in another order soon. I won't give up until I reach a D-cup. I am definately on my way to womanhood. Thanks again Natureday. P.S. I do send other "GIRLS" to your webstite. I hope they have better results than me. People can contact me at my email if they wish.

Response: [email protected]

Date: 01-23-08

I recently tried on a woman's pair of low rise jeans and they fit me just perfectly. I was rally impressed on how they hugged my new feminine figure. My buttocks seem to be much more rounded and full also. I am thoroughly enjoying your product as it is making make my breasts larger and more rounded as well. I was totally flat when I started taking your pills/drops and now have a full "40B" with a nice cleavage and on my way to a "C" cup, I hope. Please do not use my name or email address. thank you

Date: 01-22-08

Amy Update it has been over a month now and i believe I have noticed some differences. First the top part of my breasts seem a little rounder, and my nipples seem to be higher and more towards the middle of my chest. When i do touch them there seems to be more of a substance feel like tissue growing in side not a mushsy fat feel. more firmer. when i bend over they feel more jigly. I hope this helps and it feels like it working I have now ordered the cream and you should have that order by today or tomorow.

Date: 01-19-08

i don't have pictures to send. i just wanted to let you know that i have been using the cream and the drops for about 2 weeks. i have noticed that im getting larger and that they seem to feel heavy/full all the time. it didnt take long at far i am very happy the way things are moving...........very fast.please dont show my email address, you can use the name if you like. thanks for making it happen for me. -dave-

Date: 01-17-08

A couple of things that I forgot in my email yesterday. My nipples have gotten a bit larger and they are more sensitive. I also massage my breasts for about 15 minutes after I apply the cream every day. I now wear a 38a bra at home and the cups are getting a little tight and when I go out I wear a38b bra with a good bit of padding. any comment (same as 1-16-8)

Date: 01-16-08

Amy, I started the Natureday cream & drops on 10/2007. My breasts have become noticeably fully. I look forward to further growth to a C cup. (Please contact us by email if you want to write C.)

Date: 01-16-08

I have been on my program for about a month using the breast cream in the morning and the fulfilment liquid in the evening. My goal is to fill in my 38b bra without any padding. My breasts are now filling in and feeling much firmer. They also are rounding out nicely and show some projection when I wear a tee or tank without a bra.. I also feel that I will have some cleavage Do you have any comments or suggestions? Thank You.

Date: 01-14-08

Before the fulfillment and cream i hated having breasts but now i absolutely love them, when i lay on my back i dont see any difference in the size so i know i have alot of breast tissue. the only time i dont wear bra is when i sleep, every once in a while i wear a corset, they are extremely comfortable, i just love how large and firm they are. thanks and great product.

Date: 01-11-08

A lot has happened in the past several months. I have been thinking about you a lot, but the time is not yet right for me to write my testimony yet. I April it will be one year since I started your program. My breasts are still growing, but with me they grow in spurts and I never know that will be. I wear a 40B bra now and feel naked without it on. Ya know the band size doesn't make any sense because my band is 48, but with a 2" extender I can get into a 40 bra and a B cup size I almost fill it out. Now I know that normal bras only last about 3 months, but by wearing an extender in a smaller size bra, NOW you have a bra that will last you a lot longer. You know when I first started this program I thought I would be embarrassed to have my breasts noticed by other people, But and I repeat BUT this wasn't the case because I like it when others recognize and comment about my breasts. I will keep you informed about the developments in my breasts and when I feel that they have developed the way that I want them to I'll send you my testimony. Amy please tell your male customers that it takes from 2 to 7 years for breasts to fully develop. If you can think back when your breasts started to develop, you didn't fully develop your breasts in only 1 year and with a man it takes time to start to have their breasts to start to grow because with us we have to increase our estrogen so much that it over powers the testosterone in our bodies and by lowering the testosterone the breasts will grow dramatically. I REALLY WANT TO THANK YA'LL FOR GETTING ME STARTED ON MY BREAST ENLARGEMENT PROCESS. IT HAS BEEN A LOT OF FUN AND I WOULDN'T GIVE UP MY GIRLS FOR ANY PRICE. K.

Date: 01-10-08

After just 2 weeks of using pills and liquid I fill a 36C bra. Before there was alot room to spare in bra.

Date: 01-10-08

i have noticed an increase in my breast size. I would love to increase them more as the gay and lesbian mardi gra which is held in sydney on March the 1st 2008 is drawing near. I would love to put my breasts on "parade". lol I hope you can use my testimonial on your site as to prove to other men out there that this product does work. I am livin proof of it. Thanks Adam

Date: 01-09-08

<grin!> It almost seems like every time I look down these puppies are a little bigger. I think the pills will be plenty in conjunction with the liquid I'll be getting, along with the creme and soap, for what I want to do over the next several months. With a 42-A bra, the projection is quite noticeable under any top I wear, even my "thousand-miler" shirts that I wear when I'm working, because the cups are now filled fairly solidly. Without the bra, any thin shirt such as a tee or stretchy sweater shows a definite pair of bulges that jiggle.My wife has gotten used to the idea that they're growing and aren't getting bigger just because I'm putting on weight, since I'm staying steady at 185-190 pounds where I've been for nearly two years. I told a friend that, at this rate, by the end of 2008 I likely will have have grown from this: (oo) to this: (OO). Several people are watching this process. I doubt any of them would be potential customers of Natureday, but I'll keep that in mind should anyone ask about it. Regards T

Date: 01-08-08

hi Im not fat nor skinny. i have been on fulfilment and breast cream for three weeks now.i started 12-11-2007
till 1-07-2008. It does show little growth, but i do have some. im currently out at the moment but i will be reordring soon. i am very happy to see my breast growing and cant wait till i can fill an a cup braw. i just want them for my self so an a cup is plenty . i know im well on my way. thank you very much.

Date: 01-08-08

So far I am pleased with the results I'm seeing. I have pretty well filled the cups of my 42-A bras and am about to graduate to B cups. I think it likely that by the time I am through with this new order, I will be about where I want to be for size (C cup). I appear to be less sensitive to the herbal products than some men, but they are definitely producing results. I have already had to pull some of my tops out of the closet because they wouldn't fit around my chest comfortably. I did have some growth before starting the Fulfillment, but I was much smaller and had flat areas above both breasts. These are filling in nicely, and I am rounding out to a better appearance overall. With almost any of my shirts, I quite obviously have breast growth. So far, I have not gotten any particular strange looks or comments, but we'll see what happens in a few months. My wife is observing the whole process with interest, however. I will be sending before-and-after photos in about two weeks so you can better see what is happening. As always, I ask that you not publish my real name or e-mail address. Thank you allot, and a very Happy New Year to you and your staff.

Date: 01-07-08

Hi Amy I started taking your products a year ago and I am happy with my results i go out in public just wearing a plain white tee shit with no bra I turn alot of heads please dont use my eamil thank you

Date: 01-07-08

Hi Amy. I just re-ordered from Natureday-via Paypal on 1/6. I would like to get pills in stead of liguid, along with the Breast Cream. I have plenty of the liquid....but mainly use the pills. Twice a day. I have been using Natureday for over three years, now. IT WORKS. Thanks. Love you. Bob

Date: 01-04-07

Hi there first let me say that I am just finishing my first month of cream. I did start taking the liquid and massaging it in as well. I have noticed a little growth. I went ahead and ordered the fulfillment and 2 more bottles of liquid, I will use one as a massage in and one as an oral. My question is how many fulfillment capsules should I take,1 to jump start growth, 2 to really start to feel it.

Date: 01-01-08

Hello there, i am on my second order from you and i'm seeing results! yeay! I have ordered the soap and the cream this time to see if it will speed things up. I just wanted to ask if the results would be permanent. Thanks so much.

Date: 12-26-07

hi hope you had a great xmas,i'm sending you a pic,you may use it if you posted my Testimonial on 12-22-07 wife nicked named me tits lol,do not post this email address.if you want to post a email address with my first post,or this one please use [email protected] thank you.natureday works.

Date: 12-22-07

i started useing the breast cream and soap,in november,i have noticed some very good growth,i can now fill my wife's 38b nipples have become very senstive,and stay erect,i like the way i now look in my t-shirts.the slight bounce of my breast's when i walk makes my nipples very hard and stick out,i love it.i will be placeing another order for the cream and soap,after the xmas wife jokeing with me has nicked name me {tits}.have a safe and joyful xmas.paul

Date: 12-17-07

Hi Amy, Just wnated to thank you again for your wonderful product! I have just finished a 6 month supply in 4 and 1/2 months and wanted to send a Christmas picture of my results so far. I will be ordering another 3 month supply shortly. Thanks, (please dont use this email address for replies). Merry Christmas!! G

Date: 12-16-07

Progress has been slow, but consistent. I've gone from 38.5 to 39 inches. Not bad when I consider I started out at about 37 inches. I would say I am probably getting closer to an A size, but you can let me know what you think when I send the next picture? ;-) Thanks! Ron

Date: 12-15-07

I started using your cream and liquid for 2 months and have reorder for another 2 month supply. Since using your product , I can see that my breasts have begun to feel firmer as well as the feeling of my breast tissues seem to be stretching. I love what I am feeling, but since I see myself daily, I really don't notice the increase, but a few of my partners have and that is what is important as well. Being a transgender person or a genetric woman, the breasts are what makes a woman more desirable. I will continue until I have reach my goal. Thank you.

Date: 12-14-07

Your "Fulfillment" is incredible. After 10 days of triple droppers my hormone-induced B-minus breasts have firmed and filled out my B bras. As more 'develops,' I'll let you know. D-

Date: 12-12-07

I've been using nature day for 13 months now. and have had pretty good results almost 4" across not quit a b cup. The breasts are bigger. They are very sensitive but not much bigger, I've just started appling heat through the use of hand warmers. This really does two things it seems to stimulate the growth and placing them inside a loose fitting bra gives you the feeling of the size to come (somewhat a try before buy or take more NATURE DAY)My wife is not sure what is going on as she had me go to the DR. and they ran tests which showed no drugs or reasons for the gowth I just giggled. Now the Dr. says it just happed do'nt worry they may go away HOPE NOT. But it's great my wife is not worried and has found out it's fun to drive me wild playing with them. Thank You VERY MUCH

Date: 12-08-07

I had been using your products for 2 months and seen remarkable improvement . I was wondering if I just used the cream alone, would it work? Or do you need to use the pills, liquid and cream together to get results? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Response: All of the products will make you grow, some just work faster then others.

Date: 12-03-07

Amy, Just a quick update...I have attached a photo....did not have any from earlier but have taken photo on 12/2.
I began taking Natureday Last spring. I have had minimal breast growth prior to that.....Long Story...but did not want fast growth and did not want to get to large to quick.....really just wandered what a little larger would be like. So I started with soap and then soap and cream. My breast respond quickly and I had initial growth after about 1 months consistant use....Begining Nov 1 I started to use the soap again ...just to perk up my nipples...Just a little larger ......They responded quickly and I stopped after 10 days than took a 10 day break and have been back on for about 10 days......I have gained 1 Inch plus across the nipples and maintained 37" below. I simply apply the soap after a shower and leave it on..........I have about a 15 day supply left and will stop after it is used up.....WOW.....My breast are so much fuller.....Growth last spring was more on the sides...and now they seem to be filling in toward the center of the chest. the attached photo show Dec 2.....the Barely There Bra.....Has filled out has the regular bra...a 40B.......Hope the Picture show.....Self photo...not the greatest.....
Amy.....Will future growth continue more to fill in toward center of chest........???? Wish I had taken photo's earlier.....Would have liked the free product......anyway...give me your thoughts......I enjoy the growth to this point......don't currently want to get much larger......may be later "Just a little Larger"!!! They have really filled out under my clothes....No tight pull overs any more....I look down and see 2 round mounds....and nipples are erect especially when it is a little cold......I generally don't wear a bra....don't want to accent them....have been wearing the barely there pull over ....helps keep them in place. Will Update later signed Just Curious

Date: 12-02-07

I started using your product a month ago. I am very skinny and about as flat chested as they come. I am seeing some results, if nothing else, I feel it. :-) I think the product is up to the challenge I am going to continue to use products and as I develop I will send pics. L(11-30-07) I just want to take this time to thank Natureday for their products that they have out, and I want to tell everyone that they do work and it does take awhile like up to a 1 year for me before I really knew how good their products work, some may see growth in a week or even in 60 days of use. Like I said once again thanks to Natureday this is what I have wanted for a long time was getting breasts and now their growing and I can see a big difference in my chest, I am in a AA cup which I am very happy about with the way I look. Thanks again Natureday for everything. I am goinbg to send for more Liquid Kim here is my E-Mail Address: [email protected]

Date: 11-29-07

8 months later after taking it the differance is noticeable and i'm glad i tried your product . It may have taken awhile to achieve but the wait was worth it. I didn't think it was going to work when i had finished 3 months of taking your product cause there was no signs or results yet but low and behold i plugged on in hopes . I'm glad i keep going ,hope anyone considering this product be very patient. Thanks natureday B.

Date: 11-28-07

I use just about 3 drops of the liquid a day,and use a dime size portion of the cream each day. That's why it's been awhile since my last order! I can't remember what I started out at, but it was pretty close to 37", and now I am almost at 39" @ 38 3/4 inches. It's a great product, and I've used it pretty close to a year now since starting last November! It does most definitely work, you can feel it working, and the sensations are incredible! Growth has probably been 1 3/4 inches to 2 inches since starting! I wish I could up the dosage for faster results, but I'm just taking it slow & easy! Thanks! Ron

Date: 11-26-07

Hello Natureday! You have a amazing product! I started the Expedient package little over month ago and have great results now. First really noticeable changes came in about 1-2 weeks and my breasts keep growing since then. Todays measures are 90/100cm (35,4"/39,4"). They are much fuller and rounder now and they feel firm and "full" like real breasts do. My nipples and areola is little bigger now. I tuck 2-3 droppers of liquid and after that 4-5 pills per day. Because of little "overdoze" the Expedient plan lasts only little over one month. I will continue taking the Fullfillment and send new pictures after 1-2 months if my breasts keep growing. Thanks. Peter PS. Don't put this text below to Your website! No real name or e-mail to testimonial!!!

Date: 11-24-07

By the way the other product I have been taking is fulfillment in liquid and pill form. I started this January 24,2007 to date I have used 14 bottles of the liquid,9 bottles of the pills, one jar of the cream, one bar of the soap, and I am still growing slowly ,can not fit into a 36 B anymore. I am in a 36 C ,but not fully filing in the top side of my bras. Thank You Amy Mine for the quick reply. Sincerely G

Date: 11-19-07

I have been on your wonderfull product for 23 weeks now, fast approching the 6 mo. time. I have had an amazing breast enlargment of at least one cup size. This isn't much at an A cup size and was wondering if it will continue to enlarge if I stay on your products?

Date: 11-18-07

Hi Amy, it has been awhile since i wrote in, i'm a bisexual male and i really enjoy the results, my shirts are bulging out now, thank you they look great and my boyfriend really enjoys them o yes he is using your product and we noticed a change in him too, they are perky once again we like to thank you sincerely wade

Date: 11-15-07

dear amy; when i was getting ready for work this morning, i dropped a item and noticed that my breasts were hanging down and jiggling. i started to cry in happiness. when standing upright i don't have the jiggle but amy, six weeks ago i was flatter than a board. i consume very little if any caffeine. for added protein idrink one organic raw egg in tomatoe juice twice a day. i eat very little meat, mostly fish with tons of raw vegetables and fresh fruit. this has been my diet for years. i do drink 2 to three glasses of wine, on rare occasions hard alcohol almost every night. i,m hoping this last order will obtain my desired results and maybe just continue hopefully with the breast cream. when the liquid from this order is consumed i will have 3 weeks or so of pills left. thank you so much. if you want to add this to my testimonial, please do and sign me gl. again you are an angel and thank you. sincerely, GL

Date: 11-13-07

i have been on the liquid, pills and cream for pushing 6 weeks. my breasts have grown about 3/4 of a inch and are firmer and i can notice the "bulge". (ever so slight) through my shirt. YAY! i've probably really rushed it, rather than go slow but i'm just so exited its very, very hard to e patient. i'm hoping to have a little jiggle, not huge breasts which would complicate my already complicated life. any advice is always appreciated. THANK YOU so much and god bless, you are a angel. p.s. i'm writing in your name and voting for you for president. sincerely, gl

Date: 11-07-07

Took me awhile to get up the courage to give Natureday a try but I finally did and am impressed with the results. I would caution as a few others have, if you don't want boobs, then don't try the product. After 90 days I had to stop, they are difficult to hide but I am happy.

Date: 11-06-07

Hi Amy, How have you been? Well,they are still growing!I'm so excited with the results. I now have the boobs i have always wanted,they feel huge and very sensitive to touch aswell. I have been told that the development i have is perminant and i can not go back.Its exciting but a little scary at the same time.I now have to wear a bra to support my D-DD breasts every day,they seem to look even larger in my underwire bra though!Is there any other way to support them? I have had many comments on them and how big they have become.Some of my girlfriends still think i have had breast implants.Then they feel them and can't believe they are real!If anyone would like to comment on how they look or any questions about where i have come to i would be happy to respond. Thanks for everything Amy, i have some updated pics of my progress. O.k to reply,on friends computer. Jayme. (same as (08-22-07))
Both After Pictures

Date: 11-03-07

i discovered natureda and gave it a try. It does work i had gained a full cup. i want to continue my program and get the maximum size possible as i am so excited over the short term results i can onlt imagine how much larger they will get when i continue. thank you natureday for being here and for fullfilling my dreams for me\randy

Date: 11-01-07

It did not take a month to get my boobs only three courses already a 18 B cup one boob how do I get the other lil sister up to speed ? massage the drops into one side or what do you suggest ! top half already has the form I.e muscle growing out from under the arm pits.Hardest thing is finding a bra 104 cm across the bust and 100 cm directly under bust line. Thanks for the boobs! N.

Date: 10-29-07

I still only wear a 42B bra, but my nipples are really getting fun to play with. I have always had large pecs from years of weight lifting, but really wanted to get some mammary gland tissue developing. I can begin to feel real breast tissue, not just muscle, they are a hlaf of an inch larger. When I wear a tight turtle neck, my chest is just starting to look feminine, but not enough that anyone has commented on it. Maybe some day!! For right now, its the bigger nipples that get me off the most.

Date: 10-28-07

Hi Amy,thank you for all you have done for me,I have just used the breast cream and my boobs are geting biger all the tim.I dont whant them to grow to quikley so the ceam is working fine.I am into a C bra but it is getting to tight for me so I need to get a biger bra now,this is only the 4th jar of cream cant wate to finish the next one.Thanks to you Amy for your wonderful service and all of you at Naturday too......Bobie

Date: 10-27-07

We do love your products, will keep you updated on our progress, probably in around six weeks (hoping that growth and sensation continues) and I'll write an updated testimonial. I checked out the site today and saw my testimonial on there, you guys are 100% genuine.

Date: 10-26-07

I have had success with my breast growth I am a full B cup now working on a C cup, My question is how do I make my nipples bigger or will that happen in time. Just ordered more pills and liquid and using the cream after shower every day. Thank you for such a wonderful product. I am a transgender and love my natural breast, a lot better then those fake ones most of us use. There has been a lot of talk about your product's on crossdressers forum so hopefully you will be getting more orders. Thanks again M.

Date: 10-25-07

Im still getting bigger. I love my shape.

Date: 10-24-07

The Fulfillment products are starting to work, after only six weeks! my boobs are starting to firm up and my nipples are getting more sensitive!!! thank you. I've just started to use the soap after starting with the pills, liquid and cream, that really seems to help. (Amy, you can use this as testimonial if you want, just leave off my name, just call me P from the UK).

Date: 10-20-07

Amy, per your email from eariler - see below - I did order The Secret and it was an amazing insight. Something I new - but didn't pay attention to. You mentioned that after I had seen the move you could add to my insights. Can you fill me in.
Speaking of getting filled in, my breast growth has been very visible with this last order. I am very positive and focused on having gowth and looking forward to my newly developing attributes. I feel soooo sexy. My girl friend kind of is not sure of what I am doing. But she does love to please me by giving my breasts attention - WOW are they sensitive. I think you are soooo sweet for all of the support and attention you contribute to the customers. You are truly a Princess - Thanks and know it makes a difference to all of us. Doug

Date: 10-13-07

Thanks Amy, Meant to have replied earlier, and if Natureday manages to produce a product that gives us cross dressers a more feminine look to our butts that would be great, of course we don't have the right shape thighs either, but at least we are able to grow our breasts which is fantastic, thanks to "Natureday". Have been using your product for three months now and as stated before results are finally beginning to show, I have every faith in the product and will continue to re-order as and when required. Luv S.

Date: 10-12-07

Sorry I don't have a camera for the images but all I can say is "WOW" your products are fantastic! I started using them in October of last year and I'm already up to a B cup! I previously tried Grow Bust for a Year and a half with 0 results . Ihave ordered more to try and achieve a C and possibly a D cup. Thank you for providing a truly amasing and remarkable product which TRULY WORKS.

Date: 10-10-07

I just got my second order in the mail today, very fast by the way, and I want to know can I add the liquid to an alcohol drink? The liquid is so great, by chest has enlarged about 1/4th of an inch, and it is really great. Thanks. B

Date: 10-03-07

Many thanks, and just to let you know that at long last my breasts are beginning to show, will send a testimonial when I have something to show the world. Gonna have those upper ribs!! well at least when you look at them. Luv, S.

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