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Date: 10-01-06

Hi there, just a note to tell you i stated out at a small a-cup and after about a year i am at a small b-cup the process is slow for me , but i am happy with what has happened so far , i just placed another order and will hope for a full b-cup thanks again for the chance to grow female breasts a dream that i always had, has come true thanks again, kelleyp

Date: 09-29-06

Hello, I just wanted to tell you what a great product you have. I love the results I have had so far they are amazing. I started barley filling out a A cup and now I'm pushing on to a C cup. I had to stop for a while because the results were so fast but now I'm back on the program. Even now with being off the program for 2 months as soon as I took it I noticed my chest react with a fullness. I love the feeling of my breasts. I'd strongly advise this product to anyone who wants a natural way to increase your breast size, male or female.

Date: 09-23-06

New testimonial: I am on my 3rd batch now. My boobs are getting a little bigger and more rounder. Looks like a girls boob. Nipples are very sensitive. But this stuff really works. I fit into my 40 C bra so good and wifey hates them. She has bigger boobs but mine stand firmer. I don't think it's the idea of me having breasts that makes her mad. I think it's the idea that mine look better. Amy thanks so much for letting us guys have this. You are a hottie! When I finish my 3rd batch, I will resend new pics. Franny

Date: 09-20-06

I wanted to thank you for answering my questions so far. I am starting to really notice the changes in my breast growth. I have been taking the dosage recommended for fast changes and after about a month, all I can say is WOW! I have been feeling the breast buds growing and the tell tale tenderness in my breasts that up until recently, I had only read about. When I started taking the pills and liquid, I will admit that I was skeptical, but now that I am seeing, and feeling :), the desired changes, you have my gratitude. I am going to tell all of my friends who also want to develop breasts, both male and female, about Nature Day. I wish I had found your product sooner instead of wasting all that time and money on other products. I also wish that I didn't have such bad skills at taking personal pictures because I would love to have a photo record of the growth. I will say that when I began taking your product, I could barely fill an A cup with all the other products I had taken. I am now almost 3/4 of the way into completely filling out a B cup. My goal is to go all the way to a C cup and then, if my friends and family take it well, bring on the D cup! I have the utmost faith in Nature Days products to help me achieve my goal. Thank you again! David

Date: 09-18-06

Hi, I have now been taking 6 bottles of liquid and 200 pills during 8 months, and I can notice a great increase. I have been taking three pills in different periods because it seemed that my breast are growing too fast. A week ago I ordered a B cup bra and it fits very well. I would never have believed this!! I hope that you can use my picture. You have already used a picture of me (sender called C). I would like to have bigger nipples and also go for a c cup. What should I do to increase my nipples? Regards, C


Both pictures are after pictures.

Date: 09-16-06


Date: 09-15-06

Well, I lost a bet and unfortunately your stuff works. Now if I don’t get rid of them my wife will kill me in my sleep. One jar of the cream was all it took. Help! You wouldn’t happen to make anything called disappointment would you? Alan

Date: 09-11-06

This is my third time to write you and tell you how happy that your product has made me. I bought my first B-cup bra last week and it really fits! I actually can fill the cups and feel the support. It amazes me. Also, there are no side effects that I have ever experienced or felt; just bigger boobs. I have had some soreness the past couple weeks that I have been taking your product, mainly only during massaging, though. I started massaging because I read that breast massage helps the glands of developing breasts to mature quicker and help them develope. All I can say is that I now have breasts, and I have you and your product to thank for fulfilling this dream for me. I plan on purchasing more product in the near future. I have set up an e-mail address [email protected] for anyone who may be thinking about using this product themselves and may have some questions; Chr.

Date: 09-08-06

dear amy: this is carol ralphs wife i want to thankyou on the natureday cream for ralph breasts increase he started out as a b cup then a c cup now a c+ cup carol tried her d cup bra on me and i almost filled it carol was tickled to death carol said when i get to a d cup we will both be able to wear each others bras carol loves the increase in size and cleavage and she can fondle them in bed when we have sex or anytime else carol saya we will have to go shopping for a d cup bikini for ralph to wear when we go to the beach

Date: 09-05-06

Sept. 5, 2006 I have been using your products for 8 months now and am I ever glad I found your web site. I have developed a very nice soft set of 36B breast. I use the liguid 1 dropper once a day. I also have the large breast pump and the enhancer cream that I use daily as well. I would like to get my breast to a c or d cup hence my reorder of 4 more bottles of the liquid, which I will start using 2 droppers a day. I am very patient with my growth the slower the better so as not to shock anyone by having them just explode. My nipples are very sensitive as well. This product works and any male that would like to have a nice pair of breasts they should try your products. Once I reach my goal I will send you photos. In the meantime keep up the good work. JF Cocoa

Date: 09-03-06

I ordered the fulfillment liquid over a month ago and I took about one and a half dose daily. After seven days the results that i got was like i might have gotten instant breast. Trust me the product works. If is mind over matter then now i guess that it dont matter cause i am proof that it works. After the seven days i was a little overwhelmed so i stopped taking it because it seemed that my breast was growing just to fast for me. As an entertainer during my first porformance everyone that knows me commented on my cleavege in my low cut attire and asked was i on hormones, i said no "its Natureday" the all natural enhancement liquid. most of my co-workers now wants it for themselves. Now that i am more comfortable with the growth and look i am gonna have to order me another bottle. Thanks D.L.

Date: 09-01-06

I am placing another order thru mail again, like the other orders please e-mail me when you ship it out so I can keep a look out for it. I decided to give it a little more time to grow bigger, now I am very happy with the results I have gain from the liquid but thinking more jiggle would be better. Another 1" or 1/2" will be perfect for me. It is still a great feeling to be walking or running and feeling my small breast bounce. Thanks, Houston

Date: 08-31-06

I just wanted to let you know I am thrilled with your product. I have always wanted to have breast that could be played with. I have only been using the product about three weeks but I have noticed my nipplies are puffier and sensitive. It looks like when breat begin to develope on a young girl. I hope the growth continues.. Tommy

Date: 08-31-06

Hi Amy, You were right! The cream really does work! Every morning I take 2 capsules and apply the cream, and every afternoon I take 2 more capsules. At night I sit at my wife's makeup table, remove my shirt and look down at my chest. When I started taking the liquid back in November, I measured 35 1/2". Tonight I measured 38" and, looking down at them from above, I am thrilled to report that I am starting to look more like a girl and soon I will need to wear a bra - just what I always wanted. Thank-you, Cara

Date: 08-30-06

Amy, Well I finished my 3 month supply. I love the way my new breast look and feel. I was scepticle at first, but when my breast actually started to devolope. I made sure I swallowed every pill and drank every last drop of the liquid. They feel soft and firm right now, I love the way my breast push out my shirts now. Knowing there are no fake inserts. I love your product. I will continue to buy from you. I'm on yahoo 360 and I wrote a blog about your product and I hope its generated into more sales for you.

Date: 08-29-06

Dear natureday, I guess I'm a slow gainer, but it's taken four months of taking double doses of the liquid to get even a very modest breast growth. I've been using the liquid and the soap to get even these modest results. I'll be wanting to get another three month supply of the liquid, which last about 5-6 weeks. Is there a stronger recipe? I'm a 50 year old male, 5'5", 135 lbs, so I obviously don't gain weight easily. Mike in Mich

Date: 08-25-06

Be sure to send it to the H***** address... I have ordered from you guys before, it is a new address. Love the product... it really works, will send in a before and after picture in a while.

Date: 08-22-06

I very much impressed with the New Fulfillment Enlargement Cream. I have noticed increases in my breast's weight and volume. I am using it twice a day, a finger dab on each nipple and massaging it in with in a 3 inch circle of the nipple. There has been a sharp increase in sensitivity of the nipples, and I just love it. I have been using Natureday liquid and capsules and now the new breast cream for over a year, and since the new cream, this surge of growth. You said I could make it to a D cup. I am a solid C now, and now it just might happen.

Date: 08-21-06

I got my order on the 1st of August and I am addicted, I took a before picture and will send it and then I will send a after picture Sept. 1st. I am more than pleased. I am about to make another order. My wife found the dropper and got a little upset at first, but now she is playing with my breast on a daily basis.
Thank you and God bless.

Date: 08-19-06

I have been taking 1 pill (5am 11am 5pm) can I increase the amount to speed up the growth? I have also been taking 1 full dropper of liquid at 5AM and 11AM. All before meals. Started the proceedure mid May 2006 it is now mid August 2006 and have gone from an A to a small B. I also apply the cream every early morning after my shower. I would like to achieve a full B or small C. So-far I am pleased with the results but am impatient and would like to reach "bigger" sooner. Thank for your time.

Date: 08-10-06

Amy, I used your product a couple of years ago and had great success. I had a lot of growth on the sides at first and then started to grow a lot above the nipple area. For what it's worth, I lost 2" on my torso beneath my breast and dropped 35 pounds. It's been 2-1/2 years now and I haven't lost any size whatsoever in the breast area. Thanks,SC

Date: 08-07-06

I will be placing another order next week, but i thought I tell you that my boobs are now big enough for a B size cup, and I bought some very nice silk bras and I am wearing one now every day from now on, feels fantastic on my skin. looking forward taking the drops when i place an order and I am going for a C cup, I am halfway there. Love, A

Date: 08-04-06

thank you natureday, i started using your products in february and was very pleased that it did work, i took a break for a few months and wish to go again for the next 6 months thank you durbin

Date: 08-03-06

I'm a man who received some Fulfillment as sort of a gag gift from a friend. I'd always joked about having breasts, so he thought it'd be a funny gift. I seriously didn't expect it to work, but I tried it anyway, and I did prove myself wrong. I used about 1 and a half bottles of the liquid before my wife noticed. Let's just say she wasn't very happy about it... so now that I've had my fun and gotten an idea of what it's like to have breasts, I need to undo this. Is it possible to burn the breast tissue off just like other fat? I've read some stuff about how breast tissue caused by gynecomastia will eventually harden and never go away, so I'm pretty scared right now. My wife and I really hope I'm not stuck. Thanks, Jim

Date: 07-30-06

Amy, I passed my goal, I reached 34/36a breast size and not only is it noticeable but I feel every jingle when I walk. I wear a tight sport braw to keep my chest flatter so it won’t show my boobs as much. I am sure people ask this question a lot, if I don’t take anymore of the product after time my breast will decrease in size right? I don’t regret doing this, never had boobs before and it is great having them now but as a man it is hard in today’s society to have them. Please let me know. Thank you, Houston

Date: 07-26-06

All the growth seems to be just on the sides (about 1 inch). I see that my breasts are a lot more firm too. Is the growth going to be on the top and bottom more also? I have been takeing the liquid/pills and then also applying the cream about 1 to 3 times a day for the last 3 weeks. Please let me know, I mean I love the growth so far, I was just wondering if there was going to be more. Thanks. A

Date: 07-18-06

My breasts pushed of 4 cm in 6 months. I took two 3 months supplys of fulfillment pills and liquid. This is great, but I hope to obtain much more. Do you think that I can obtain better results if I continue the treatment ? What can you recommend to me ?

Date: 07-14-06

Today is my birthday, and I am celebrating with a nice pair of C cup beauties thanks to Natureday and your support along the way. They are so full and float around some when I walk. Laying on my side they fold together which is pleasing. Breast come in all shapes and sizes, and being a male, I am so very pleased that I went from less than a A cup to C cup in a year. I am sending you a picture, and placing a order for the New Breast Cream and Expedient ( liquid ) plan. Thanks again for your input and support. Hugs for you, Doug

(07-11-06) Hi Ami, Like many of the testimonials I read in website, I initially had my doubts, but so many men wrote that Natureday worked for them--so, what the hey, I'll try it. And now just a couple odd months later I look at myself in the mirror and hey--I have breasts!!! I can cup them in my hands and they are truly a "hand full". I was not looking for big regular woman sized breasts, just more shape and presence. I definitely have that. My wife had give me some of her bras when she realized I liked to wear them, they were a 34C. Fit kinda tight and were largely empty on my regular “flat” man’s chest. By trial and error I have found that I now fit comfortably in an upadded 36B. I fill the cups and can wear a bra all day (with enjoyment.)

Date: 07-08-06

HI GIRLFRIEND I don't know what happened, but Laura's breast SHOT OUT all at once!! She don't hardly fit the bra's I bought her. SHES (GROWING AT A ALARMING RATE). What was in that cream? She used it 1 time in morning 1 time at night, then she pumped for 1 hr on and off then WOW POW she EXPLODED, INTO WOMEN HOOD!!. Thank you for my new SISTER. love:M)

Date: 07-05-06

Hi amy I really feel and look like my breast are growing at an alarming rate, I fill a 42B now am still growing,and growing more and more every day now!! Seems like there in over drive,(my breast) can't believe the way they are exploding in size. love as always L)

Date: 07-04-06

Hello Amy I wanted more breast enlargement when i ordered my second three months supply. I wanted to see if my breast would increase more than the first time I used your product. Well now I have a problem, when I cross dress my breast look great in female clothes, but when I go with my male life i can't hide them from the public anymore. All i get from both male and female is looks in disbelief. I have cleavage with mounds on the sides i fit into a 44E bra. I did add other supplement to your product like DIM a vegetble product to get more estrogen in my diet. Problem now what can I do about reducing my breast now. Is their anything I can do now or are they this way forever John

Date: 07-01-06

I was thoroughly impressed by all the pics and testamonials by your male clients. So much so, I bought a 3-month supply in addition to a container of breast cream. I started middle of May and went to a full A size cup from having a very flat chest. Even though the progress seems slow compared to the stories of some of your other clients, I have seen improvement in my chest size. I have recently bought your breast pump last week and started using it Tuesday for about 1/2 an hour for each side of the chest. I have to say that compared to the slight tingling I felt sometimes from taking your suppliments and applying the breast pump, I felt a strong burning tingling sensation from using the pump. The very next day my chest felt firmer than the previous day. So I know my breasts are developing even faster than if I just took your suppliments.In keeping with what another client says, your products may take a while to give a person the desired result(s). However, your product does work and yes, I do plan to buy some more of your suppliments in a few weeks or so being that I am running out. Keep up the good job and have a blessed day! Woody

Date: 06-30-06

Hi Amy, I have been taking liquid and pills since June 1st, 30 days, I have added just over an inch across my breasts, and they now jiggle when I walk. I put a drop of liquid on each nipp three times a day, and then apply little suction 'fun-nipps', and they are now almost always erect and very firm. I wear self-adhesive nipple covers under tighter t-shirts. I will send the before and after pics in a couple of weeks, to try for the free supply (Not sure I will need it, though, I don't want 'the girls' to get too large). Feel free to use my post without name and address. Thanks again for a great product and exceptional service and shipping. I appreciate that you don't overcharge on shipping. regards, wg.

Date: 06-29-06

I first bought your product two months ago. It worked so fast i am a guy and freaked out my boobs grew so fast i stoped for a while. I allways wanted breast. I started to freak as i could feel them jiggle and bouce. I had to get used to them. I am starting agian right now im a b cup. My sister and mother are very large busted. i think this has explained my rappid growth. I never expected breast this nice so quick for a guy Anyway i used the pills and liquid at the same time. now i have to figure on how to hide my charmes out in public.I will send pictures soon. Please with hold my name P

Date: 06-26-06

Hey Amy... just to let you know that I stopped taking the drops, pills, and everything for the past couple of months... but found that I wanted more growth, so I've reordered. I have been very slow and sparse in the consumption of your product, but I will testify that it does work. I sent in a more detailed account a couple moths ago, I believe. Also, I have been losing weight since before I started, but my breasts seem to grow into it and no shrinking, as the fat seems to be replaced by actual breast tissue. I am extremely happy with your product and thoroughly recommend it. Please do not include my name contact information for public display.

Date: 06-24-06

Hi Amy. A few weeks ago I sent you a testimonial however since then I paniced at the development. Since then I have reallised that they are what I want, and enjoy the feelings that I get each day. I have started on the drops again and can hardly wait for further installments to come. I was wondering have you any advice on starting lactation off when I get a little fuller??? I am trying the soap along with the drops this order and will report back on my progress. Regards to you all C.

Date: 06-20-06

Amy, When I started my wife did not think this would work, I have gone from very flat chested to a Full A cup what a feeling I hope to fill out a B cup and stop there I know a lot of guys would not believe it but if you want breasts for what ever reason than this is the product. I have a before picture and will be sending a after picture when I achieve the B cup. Oh, and guys this is not a magic pill it does not happen overnight give it some time a women grows for life I gat an A cup in 2 months what a product. Amy on another note I have finished the droppers and cream what dosage of the pills should I take. Thank you Ron Yes you can use this email

Date: 06-19-06

Well my breasts continue to grow, and now are filling out even more! I measure to a comfortable C cup. My nipples have changed to pebble hard points and my aureoles tighter. A funny thing happened at the drug store last week. Went to get a prescription wearing a T shirt that hid nothing. Greeted her, and the look on her face after her eyes dropped to my T shirt was absolutely priceless!

Date: 06-18-06

Hi Amy, I have just placed my second order through paypal which you should receive shortly. I would be very grateful if you can despatch the order as soon as possible, as i don't want to run out. Your product is unbelievable, i did not think that i could grow breasts as quick as i am. Thank you very much LOL Richard ( aka Rachel )

Date: 06-17-06

Hello again Amy, I want to begin with the fact that I love what has happened to my chest over the past 7 months. I began back in November with a chest measurement of 35 1/2", and it is now a 37 3/4" measurement, and it definitely looks very feminine in a cami top when combined with my breast forms, as there is definitely cleavage of my own exactly where there should be, but I want more. There is currently a fullness in my chest which I am enjoying, but I want the fullness reshaped into breasts which I can actually wrap tightly into a bra and display openly in a low cut top.

Date: 06-13-06

I am completely happy with your products. I have noticed an improvement in breast size,by about1/2 to 3/4 of an inch.I can really notice it when I wear a tee shirt..Please do not use my name if you post my testimonial

Date: 06-12-06

I just measured this morning and added another inch in the last two weeks. 36 under bust 40 over. Thanks. Alan

Date: 06-12-06

hi i want to return my order and i just want to make sure i get my money back, the reason is my breast are getting to big its hard to hide them now but love the product.thanks Craig

Date: 06-11-06

Dear Amy, I have promised for a long time now to write my testimonial for Natureday. I have always said to myself, that when I reach my goal, I will write a testimonial, but I have decided to do it this weekend. Looking at myself in the mirror, I knew that something was missing: I had NO boobs. It was only last week, after 2½ month of taking capsules, liquid and applying the cream that I developed still very small boobs and today, 11th June 2006, I bought my first bra, a size 14A, and noticed that it is actually too small for me.. So I will continue to take Natureday products and I can assure everyone who reads this that the product does work, for some it might be fast, others very slow, but it does work. So my dream of having breast is becoming reality thanks to Natureday and thanks to Amy for encouraging me and telling me to stick with it and not to give up.When I reach my next target point ( 14b), I will write again and also include some photos from when I started and what I have achieved A big “Thank you” to Natureday and for the friendship I have developed with Amy. Thank you Amy for making dreams come through and If I did not live so far away, I would come over and give you a big hug and a kiss for all you have done for me up till now. Alexander, aka Alexandra lol.

Date: 06-05-06

Hello Amy-- Just an update to my note from March. Since that time, I have added another inch and my breasts are slowly starting to become fuller. They bounce noticeably when I walk, and I love the way they feel and look. I am very happy and proud of the development, and look forward to continuing to grow and to achieve the results I so long for. Thank you again for such a wonderful product. David in NY

Date: 05-27-06

I finished my bottle of liquid about a month ago and I'm late getting back to you. I'm very satisfied with how well it worked; there's a huge difference in the way they feel, and fairly noticeable growth so far. You can really feel it working when you're using it due to the mild burning-like sensation in the chest after taking it. Since I finished my bottle, I've seen no decrease in the growth; in fact, just the opposite happened and the growth continued for a short time after that. I would encourage all in doubt to just read about the ingredients' effects to see why this product works. I'm really eager to continue. Anyway, thanks so much for making this possible for me. -B

Date: 05-26-06

Hello Amy I have been using your liquid for a week now and I have notice a fullness in my breast. I have tried other products with no success then I herd about your web site and product And thought I would take a chance And I am so glad I did, I am seeing results just in one Week of using your product. I have ordered another supply of the liquid and I am sure I Will reach my goal sooner than I thought I would. For any of the skeptics out there this supplements do really work !! Please do not use my real name but you welcome to use my Cross Dresser name Thanks for such a wonderful product and helping make dreams come true . Misty. (A Very Happy Cross dresser)

Date: 05-25-06

Well I'm getting there. I want to wait another month b4 sending pics and writing my full testimonial. The combination seem to be working-liquid all gone, doing pills and pumping, seeing results. Had man bumps on my chest when I started,I now have boobs that jiggle! People are starting to notice and a bra fells good and has a purpose. I check every day for the new testimonials and pics? Thanks Amy, Loren

Date: 05-24-06

Hi Amy, I am a returning customer, I had to stop last year due to the wonderful growth I experienced . I must say I was overwhelmed. I was unable to hide the growth the bouncing the mounds sticking out people were noticing. I did not loose any size when I stopped .So after a year I wanted to try one more time to enlarge and has you can see in photo geeezzzz what growth!!!! one more cup size that’s after 3 months of liquid and using the pump for 30 minutes a day. Thanks JJ

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Date: 05-21-06

Hi Amy, Your product is truly amazing! I've been using Fulfillment (liquid, pills and cream) for six weeks now. There has been a growth in the fullness of both breasts. My nipples have enlarged and are easily excited. Most of all I can feel the tightness caused by my breasts underneath my shirt. This is something I have only dreamed about since I was young and I wanted to say thank you for making it a reality. B

Date: 05-20-06

As I mentioned before I believed I had peaked out in how wide my breasts could get until all I had left to grow was cup sides; I was wrong. My breasts are so much fuller now they reach up to almost to my armpits with a structure which I later found to be termed the tail. They had grown to full oval shapes, wide as they could go from the use of your product and being ignorant I thought that was all there was to breasts was a melon like shape, now I have full tear drop shaped breasts. They are very full, I can feel the softness and thickness in the tails. I am pretty sure I have also gained at least 1/2 a cup size, I am not very accurate though I seem to vary by 1/4 inch more or less between measures on consecutive days so tossing out measures that say I am 1/4 or 3/4 better and take the average. my rating :effects 4/5: this may get 5/5 next month if results are consistent taste 2/5: very bland, I would rate this similar to eating the peel of an apple or a pear smell 2/5:very strong, like peppermint but different, some may find unappealing. I would recommend trying natureday in double doses for 15 days followed by 15 days of none and repeat as a way to extend visible effects.

Date: 05-18-06

Good evening amy,I hope you like what you are about to see and read, as the time this side of the pond is approaching midnight and i'm getting very sleepy, so here goes.......... I am a male who should have been born female, but there was nothing i could do about it due to strict family views. However, a few years ago i started taking hormones to grow breasts, but gave up due to lack of developement with the product i was taking at the time. A month ago, i came across your website while browsing the net and thought that the reports seemed too good to be true. I decided to purchase the liquid, tablets and cream in a small quantity to see for myself if what i had read was true. My parcel arrived on the 26th april and started taking just the liquid for a week using 2 droppers once a day and the cream twice a day, once in the morning when i woke up and again after a shower before going to bed. On the 1st of may, i reduced the droppers to one a day and started taking the capsules 3 times a day. At first i started to get a tingling, burning sensation in the nipple area, this i put down to the beginning of growth and also my nipples became very tender to touch, so tender that i had to wear a loose fitting shirt for 3 days. Anyway , i woke up one morning last week and when i looked at myself, WOW, are they ( my breasts ) beginning to grow already? I could not believe it. I must point out( forgive the pun ) that i was completely FLAT cheasted before starting your product, and if this is what can happen in just 3 weeks, i wish i had found your website sooner. I am well on the way to owning my very own ( home grown ) breasts and will not have to rely on silicon fakes for very much longer. Your products are ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC and worth every penny and the promise you make is true, anyone can grow breasts. I am so pleased of what is happening to me, that i am thinking of mentioning your product on a forum that i am a member of with a link to your website so all can visit the site and see for themselves the results that ARE possible with a little patience. I hope this is ok Amy, as i have never written a testimonial before in my life, the product is ( if you will excuse mr here ) BLOODY marvelous, and may i say thank you for supplying a product which is so affordable to make so many people's lives happier than they could ever imagine. Yours truly Richard ( femme name Rachel ) xxx

Date: 05-17-06

As far as growth, I started as a 36 under breast measurement and a 36 ½ over breast measurement. As of this morning I am 36 under breast and 39 over breast. So I you can say I have allot of improvement. J

Date: 05-16-06

Am anxiously awaiting, as I am now out of my one month supply. Love this stuff it DOES WORK. Thanks Roger

Date: 05-11-06

Hi, I have a picture to show you how much my breasts have enlarged since the beginning of february until the middle of april. I´m very satisfied with the results and hope you can use it as a testimonial to show that your products really work. Please don´t use my name if you use my picture on your site. Best regards, C

Date: 05-08-06

wow I was surprise when my breast started to develop after using the pills/liquid . I am really happy with the results. I am going to order another supply of pills/liquid to see how big my breast will grow. Thank you so much.

Date: 05-07-06

as above noticing my t shirt where the clevage is getting bit, tighter is that means its working at last. should i order 2 more months supply of pills. Just to let you know my chest has increased from 42 chest now its 44 chest.. what sort of bras do i need i.e. 36 c as this bit is confusing etc.. with thanks leo. with thanks, le

Date: 05-06-06

Amy, I just wanted to give you an update on my progress growing breast. I started using your product two years ago and since then I am really happy with my results. I started with a flat chest and now I am at a small B cup. Never thought this stuff would really work but after looking at your website, I decided what do I have to loose. At first the feeling was strange, I could feel something working and over time I seen growth. I used the product slower then most people (at my own speed). Any man that ever gave it thought about what it would feel like to have boobs should give this a try, you can use the product and grow boobs and stop at what ever growth you want. Im at a good size now that I feel really good not having to wear a braw, I like the feeling of my boobs jingle when I walk or run. Great stuff! Happy Customer from TEXAS

Date: 04-26-06

Dear NatureDay, I’ve been on your products for little over 4 months and thought I would share my results.Your products do work! My results seem slow in arriving when compared to the other testimonials on your website but of course bodies are different. My chest has changed its gone from fluff to STUFF, Now if I can only get rid of that spare tire around the waist with out loosing the girls J . Waiting for results that show has been the hard part. I could feel the changes taking place in spurts so I knew it was working. I love the feeling in them Not sure if I will be able to stop when I reach my goal size. Returning cust. Bobbylee

Date: 04-25-06


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