2810 Testimonials and Growing

01-02-17     Im loving the weight
Feel free to use the pictures if you'd like i apologize for not allowing it in the previous email. I'm loving the weight i feel on my chest and cant wait to see my breasts look standing as they do sitting. I have a small amount of soap left and plan to re order soon. I love Natureday, thank you for my heavy improved chest.

12-23-16     they are fuller and bigger
Hi Tina, We wish you and everyone that works at Natureday the very Merry Christmas and a healthy 2017. I enjoy putting the cream on my breast and by the feel and look of it they are fuller and bigger, I enjoy looking at them and of course looking at the pictures of the guys that have very nice breast, just the thought and seeing these pictures everyday my penis react to it. Do you have update pictures of these guys that have sent in those pictures, would really like to see update. I love the products.

12-20-16     progress of growth
Will send a pic later with progress of growth and my praises and love for your beautiful company. From 2010 to 2015 finally in 2016 i got my head together and confidence in growing breasts so thank you so so so so so much for putting up with me. Wish i was single to not have this major secret but with age comes confidence and my partner is incredibly accepting so i hope as they grow our love continues to do so as well.. and while nerves come still since i am a man and body build and have 0 interest in being a female and jist want large soft bouncy jaime like boobs which i know carry more of a burden then what boobs typically would for a woman. Again so many thanks and hope there is a return or open order to receive with a reorder as id love to push the progress along faster. Just holidayshave my wallet strapped :( thanks again and love you natureday

12-17-16     I'm really loving how my breasts are gro
I have been using the pills, the liquid and the cream, for about a month and a half, I have grown an inch, in that time, I love the products, especially the cream, what I was wondering is there anyway to increase the size of the areola, my breasts are enlarging nicely, but my nipples and areoles , seem so small. Thanks for any information you can give, also I have some pictures of my progress, I would like to share on your website Hi, Yesterday, I sent some pictures of my results, so far using natureday products, I was just wondering if you received them, and whether they will be used on your website, I'm just so happy with my results so far, that I would like others to see, that natureday products work, and is in no way a scam or gimmick, thank you again, I'm really loving how my breasts are growing, and how they feel, thank you=

12-15-16     I have grown an inch, in that time
I have been using the pills, the liquid and the cream, for about a month and a half, I have grown an inch, in that time, I love the products, especially the cream, what I was wondering is there anyway to increase the size of the areola, my breasts are enlarging nicely, but my nipples and areoles , seem so small. Thanks for any information you can give, also I have some pictures of my progress, I would like to share on your website.

12-10-16     showing growth
I think the massaging and adding the cream to bottom of breast is showing growth below my nipple area. I hope to have some nice boobs after my 6 months supply runs out. :) M

12-10-16     positive
OK. We can try that in the future. So far your products are having a positive effect, especially on nipple sensitivity. I am happy.

11-18-16     the amazing results
I have used NatureDay for quite some time now and have gotten the amazing results I was hoping for, and then some. Over a period of a couple of years the soap, the cream and the liquid did the job. In short, NatureDay does work if you follow instructions. I started out at a 38B and am now a 38C/D depending on the bra. Thanks NatureDay! I love you!

11-05-16     a hand full
I noticed that after I put it on my nipples leaned over the brace and all the area around my nipple has slack in it and I could lift it up and had almost a hand full so the little bit of cream and the drops really loosened up my breast, love it very much.

11-04-16     My breasts are rounded and full.
I thank God for my discovering Natureday. I noticed several differences after taking the pills and liquid. My nipples were hard most of the time and I noticed some growth. I stopped taking the pills because I choked when swallowing them. Continuing taking the liquid two times a day, I began also using the cream. My breasts grew in spurts. I continued with my program but, sometimes I would get discouraged. Instant gratification was what I wanted. Being realistic, I came to realize patience was a quality I needed to acquire. I worked on that and have grown from a large A cup to a C. I would like to say it happened in a couple months but it took longer. Two or three years of constant use. My breasts are rounded and full. I'm a slender guy and what I have is impressive but I think I am going to work for a larger C cup and then quit. What I have done for the past 10 months or so is take the liquid three times a day and the cream once or twice. The reason I know what my cup size is I bought a B cup bra and when I overflowed it, I knew I was in C territory. I might add I have no desire to wear a bra or be a woman. I love what I have and the time involved was worth it. I love my breasts and Natureday gave them to me. I should also mention that I'm a professional and do nothing to hide what I have. Occasionally, I see someone focusing in on my chest when we've been discussing business but no one has ever treated me in a rude way. When I wear a T-shirt away from work, people do notice but no one has ever said anything to me. If you are serious about wanting a bust, take my advice and be patient. It will happen. Again, I thank Natureday for what they've done for me.

11-04-16     Thank you for the wonderful transformati
My goal achieved :) I started Natureday 3 1/2 months ago. I bought the 6 month supply and took the pills and liquid. I also bought a jar of the cream. I took the pills until they were gone per the instructions (about 2 months). And have went through almost 3 bottles of liquid and the entire jar of cream. When I started my breasts filled about half of an A bra. Now they fill the A bra and are almost stretching it. When I walk briskly I can feel them bounce a little. To say I am a satisfied customer is an understatement. I am going to finish my 4th month and stop. I am going to stop because they are becoming noticeable and I cant have them get much bigger even though I am now addicted to the results. I did buy 2 more jars of cream and have a bottle of liquid remaining from the original purchase. So If I want to go back on Natureday I can. I hope that I have done it long enough to be permanent. I love my breasts now and don't ever want to lose them. Thank you for the wonderful transformation of my breasts.

11-02-16     be rounder and fuller
My nipples are firmer when it is cold and my breasts certainly look to be rounder and fuller from the front. There is no more sensitivity in the breasts themselves apart from being able to feel the slight pressure of my clothes. I had hoped to give myself breasts for Xmas but I shall defer that target till Easter 2017. Onwards and upwards.

10-31-16     I am so happy with my two new friends
I am ordering more product and am very pleased with results. These products really work! I will continue using the cream in the morning and night time, liquid at noon along with pills. My boobs are becoming very noticeable now. It is a slow process but so worth it. I will grow my boobs some more and send more after results. You have so many positive comments you probably get tired of hearing this but, I am so happy with my two new friends boob 1 and boob 2. lol Talk to you in about 6 months. M from England

10-23-16     My boobs are developing slowly but nicel
Hi Tina, I am about to order more product and had more questions. My boobs are developing slowly but nicely. Question? My nipples are at the bottom pointing angle lower. Could I use the cream only on the underside of my breasts to promote growth below the nipple area? I am hoping to transition from large man boobs to noticeable female looking boobs with the nipples centered on the breast.

10-18-16     creases under my chest were more defined
Have been using the soap I received and have noticed fuller results and had a week of some itchiness which then noticed the creases under my chest were more defined. Wife still hasn't noticed or said anything but my shirts are getting alot tighter and i notice now in the mirror even with an undershirt my shirts hang off my chest a bit now. Its awesome!

10-13-16     significant growth
BTW, I have been on this regimen since Feb. 1 '16. There are definitely signs of significant growth. I plan on a 1 year program (ending in Jan '17) and if there is a significantly noticeable change I will continue for another 6 months. After a total of 18 months I will definitely stop. I am a big believer in staying on a plan and giving it time to work.

10-04-16     a nice tear drop like shape.
my chest has officially in my opinion taken on a big breast form, the underside is developing now and curving well and if i lift my arms you can see a nice tear drop like shape. Even when i flex my chest where it used to be hard is just mush now :D kinda scared about crossing the line indefinitely but excited as well.

09-26-16     I absolutely love these products.
Could you please put this in with the following testimonial. I am happy with my overall progress considering I have not had any drops now for the past 3 months and I still drink coffee every day. I absolutely love these products. I have been using Natureday cream for about 8 months after I began with the drops and pills as well for the first 3 - 4 months. I wanted to have slow and steady growth and now I am about halfway to where I want to be. I am hoping to get to a B cup with a more pointy profile. I want to increase the size of my nipples in particular so I hope that the next photo I submit will show this. My favorite product is the cream because it feels divine as I massage it into each breast. Thank you so very much Natureday for making these products affordable and they do work.

09-14-16     have seen growth.
I have been using the soap and cream and have seen growth.I am thinking of ordering the soap cream pills and liquid as I want to get big breasts will taking all these products do this for me I want to change to a shemale and have to wear a bra I want them to show when I don't wear one under my tight t shirt thank you

09-08-16     My chest is very noticeable
And for whatever it is worth I'd like to just say: Natureday has made my dreams such a reality. With much further that I hope to achieve. My chest has went from pecs to soft mushy small mounds. The staff has been beyond excellent, patient and gracious in my moments of personal conflict of to keep pursuing breasts or let it go due to being young (29) and other personal matters that make a male having sizable breasts difficult. But I can't deny the need, desire and urge to have larger breasts. The volume and filling in my chest is very noticeable bit the shape has yet to take and while the bounce is slight I am hoping with this next order I achieve a spurt that makes my small breasts in to undeniable breasts. Thank you sooooo much natureday for a lovely product an amazing staff and just helping oddballs like me (straight men who want breasts) have a reality they didn't think was possible. Can't wait to continue this journey and am always happy to know natureday is the company making it possible.

09-07-16     I really do love the products
I may have mentioned that I will only be in Australia a short while so if at all possible, could you please ask if the order could be processed as soon as is convenient. Much appreciated and KindRegards, and I hope that the testimonials are helpful for your promotions. Thanks again Tina, I really do love the products and the effect they are having on my body/ breasts, self esteem, and femininity. BTW, my wife also loves the effect, much to my relief.

09-04-16     am thrilled with the results.
I have been using Natureday for the past 8 months and am thrilled with the results. I am a middle age guy and I have wanted to have a more feminine figure for many years. Last Xmas I purchased the cream, pills and the drops and the results are just what I hoped for. My breasts have increased from a typically flat male chest to a definite A cup size and they are quite “full bodied”. I even have some bounce in them when going for a run. The growth was quite rapid in the first 3 months and then seemed to slow down a little for the next 5 months. I still have some of the cream left but will soon be ordering another supply of the pills and the drops. I love the feel of the cream and enjoy massaging it on each breast several times a day. From my experience the drops have been the most effective of the 3 methods but these ran out after 5 months. For my next order I will get extra drops as I intend using more of these each day. If you are a male who wants to increase the size of your breasts and develop a more feminine figure, then I highly recommend the Natureday products (I cannot comment on the soap as I have not used it). I have read several reviews that suggest the growth seems to be permanent even after you stop using the product, but as I am still using the products I don’t know if this is correct. If you are considering using these products, then I suggest that you need to be serious about making the decision to start, because from my experience, you will have growth, and it may become difficult to keep it hidden.

08-18-16     i am excited to have noticeable undeniab
Here is a pic i submitted my last run with natureday and me today. Fullness along the sides is pretty full and roundness is starting to take place. With just a t shirt they are quite noticeable and with a tank top under they hide a bit. They are beginning to bounce and such and have ordered a few barely there bras to keep them from doing so. Unsure how the wife will react as they continue but i am excited to have noticeable undeniable breasts. Thank you natureday for putting up with me and making a solid product. If you are a male and wanting breasts this is your place. Cant wait for the next progress hope its worth going WOW over.

08-05-16     clearly formed breasts
Hi Tina, So it seems that all of sudden things have started to happen in a very dramatic way. I have suddenly clearly formed breasts. So I have stopped taking the stuff for a while as I am worried about how fast this is suddenly happening. If I stay where I am that is fine, but I am worried about continuing to grow. What can I expect and how can I control this? How much more growth is likely? How long will this stay in my system? My measurements haven’t changed, but my chest has changed. I now have the breasts of a young girl. Don’t get me wrong if it stayed like this I would be very happy. I just don’t want to get any bigger at the moment. I have started drinking coffee again. hat are the breast muscle exercises I could do if the growth gets too much.Seems for me, your product is very effective.

08-05-16     I have to say OMG
Also, decided to try out the changes, and I have to say OMG. My new breasts give me such incredible pleasure. Never knew that I could feel like that. Thanks

07-30-16     I am clearly well on my way to having my
Tina, just some thoughts about how I decided to go with the Natureday experience. I am a male who has always loved women and has forever been envious of what women possessed. I have never been interested in men. I have, from my early days, felt an excitement about wanting to have some of these female differences . Natureday gave me that opportunity. After almost six weeks of carefully following recommended dosages, I am clearly well on my way to having my female breasts. That to me feels like “living on the wild side”, where I want to be, and I will continue using Natureday without any concerns about any changes that will result in my appearance. I do have some pics but please don’t post anything until I agree with the details

07-12-16     I am so pleased with the results
Hi Natureday. I have been using your capsules and liquid for 10 weeks now. I could not believe the results! Your products really work. I am a 62 year old man who has always dreamed of having breasts and large nipples of my own. I was a 44A (as a result of gynaecomastia in my teens) before starting your products. After 10 weeks I am now a slight 44C. My nipples have always been sensitive, but even more so now. The nipple itself has enlarged as is my areola. When my nipples become erect, the areola now has a definite cone shape. My libido has definitely increased and I can't seem to keep my hands off my breasts and nipples. I have also noticed the skin of my breasts and areola (when not erect) is softer. I was aggressive when taking your products. I would take 2 droppers full of the liquid about 6 hours after ingesting caffeine along with 3 of the capsules, then I would repeat that after 6 hours. I would also apply 2 drops to each nipple and areola. Sometimes, I would take another dropper full of the liquid and 3 more capsules before bed. I would love to take myself to a D cup, but social circumstances prevent me from doing so. I had ordered the cream and used it once. I found the aroma pleasing but too floral for me. My partner doesn't know I am growing my own breasts, she just thinks I have old-man boobs. I am attaching pictures at the start of the 1st week, then the 7th and 10th weeks. I am so pleased with the results and would recommend Natureday to any man or woman looking for a safe way to have bigger breasts.

07-12-16     went from a flat chest to a 38B
just want to let you know that your product is great my only regret is I did not take a before pic but here is one after 5 months on nature day went from a flat chest to a 38B thank you so much for helping me fell so pretty planning on ordering more when I can afford it.

07-09-16     I am so happy I been using your product
I am so happy I been using your product for years now the more I use it the bigger my breast get and my nipples oh forget I have bigger nipples then my wife she happy I am happy will be ordering more soon Thank you A

07-05-16     its amazing!
Hi Tina Having amazing results I have been taking your product for 13 months and have gone from flat to just gone on to a c cup bras. to any male if your not 100% sure you want breasts don't take this product, its amazing! I don't understand why any women would wont implants. please keep my details private great job guys Regards

07-05-16     complete softening and widening to the s
Hi, Tina. My order arrived on Friday, 1st July. So you can add that delivery time to your database. Tracking: LM871105156US I started right away on the Saturday with the "fast result" dosage. I previously had reasonable firm pecs but already today I have noticed a complete softening and widening to the sides. I was previously taking 1 x 1000mg flaxseed oil capsule and 2 x 290mg fenugreek capsules morning and evening with meals. I have continued to do this as well as the Natureday regime. thank you!

06-22-16     This stuff works!
I have used your liquid and cream for almost a year, took awhile to notice the difference but you can see what happened. Stopped for awhile but considering getting larger. This stuff works! THANK [email protected]!!!! ________________________________________

06-20-16     Thank you with all my heart
im SO HAPPY with what your product is doing to me..I WILL do as asked. This was taken this morning but not with your Product in the picture....ill get that done for sure. The first photo was my beginning, January 2016. I bought a pump and spent hundreds on other products. NOTHING except the pump changed anything. The affects of the pump would never last. I read on all kinds of sites where doctors would write there are no potions..lotions..pills..or creams that are proven to build and promote breast growth. I started ND in April of 2016 and so hopeful. My dreams are coming true and its all thanks to you. The doctors lied and hid the truth. The second picture was taken at the beginning of June 2016. Tina and Natureday..Thank you with all my heart. I will continue and cant wait for December. The proof is in the picture.

06-20-16     Great products
Testimonial....Love your products, works slowly (but they work! ) Great products/ Great growth and I plan to continue to use them. My wife and boyfriend loves the end result!. Keep up the great work,

06-13-16     I'm a true believer!
That I'm growing breasts with herbal medicine and not a Dr. prescription, it's amazing with time what a product can do, and as you know this, I kept saying your products don't work and that cow stuff did, I'm more of a believer on Natureday over Bountiful beast, because to me pics with testimonies are living proof that a product works, I fully understand why Amy wants customers to take a picture with the product, it's living proof, I'm in great spirits knowing I'm taking a Herbal Product and not dangerous drugs to grow breasts. I love my bigger breasts, so I want to say thank you for many efforts to getting me to believe that your products stand by it's word, I'm a true believer!

06-12-16     I love the attention
Hi Natureday, I have been using your liquid, pills and cream for quite some. I am so pleased with the results. I had my nipples pierced which makes my breasts look perky. I also love to wear out in public a fishnet see through tank top and I get lots of looks and I love the attention. Thanks for a great product.

06-12-16     I'm really excited that my breasts are e
I was completely flat as a board- nothing there, but since I took 2 complete packages and restarted on pills, cream, liquid and soap, you can really see growth taking place, see with all the emotional pain I'm in about losing my mom/best friend, I'm really excited that my breasts are enlarging in shape pretty soon in size, like I said before, I'll say it again, I didn't believe herbal breast enlargement product medicine really worked, but seeing with my own eyes, I'm a true believer now. Tina G. And Amy you ladies are one in a million, everyone we need to give Natureday staff a really BIG thanks for the number one products that works!!!!!

06-10-16     Ive grown over an inch
Thank you... Well...its time to order more. i'm a little irritated. I'm angry at all the doctors that state there are no potions...pills..or lotions that exist and are proven to work.What a horrible outright lie. I've grown over an inch in approximately 6 weeks. I couldn't be more excited...happy..and blown away at your product. Thank you SO much. I took a photo of my beginning and plan on taking a photo of my results after a month....ESPECIALLY if my body continues to respond the way It is.....and look forward to sharing with you those results.... im SO EXCITED...its TRULY working.

06-09-16     the new weight in my chest
Finished soap and cream over the weekend with what I feel to be adequate results. I can feel the new weight in my chest especially since I can't wear a bra due to relationship causes. My wife has no idea why they have grown, and while not crazy noticeable she has noticed them now hanging when I am on top and them jiggling when I walk without a shirt on. Someone yesterday even touched my chest/breast that I know asking what I am doing to develop my chest so big assuming it was pecs. Another friend when we were playing soccer saw the crease I guess in my chest and the swoops of my chest/breast when I bent over (had shirt off) and said "you need to work that chest more it's looking like boobs dude". Little does anyone know that behind this every day guy is a man wanting tits lol. Is that so weird? Anyways here is a progress pic. I would love to be on the wall of success stories/users :D it's a wonderful feeling to look down at my shirts and see them poking out more. I enjoy when people notice although it freaks me out at first but after a few weeks I settle in to my new skin a bit more and get relaxed. Hope I have some more tales to tell next time. They are shaping under my shirts nicely especially when i stretch back or move my arms. Especially since I have been losing weight for vacation to Bermuda. Which just testifies to the products themselves that even though I have lost 15lbs my chest remains soft and fuller. Idk how my wife will enjoy the added growth when it occurs, but hopefully she will not be too turned off by it, we all got secrets right?

06-05-16     I solved a problem
Hi, Tina- I just wanted to let you know how I solved a problem I had with breasts which were not the same size; though the difference was small it was nevertheless bothersome. One day I would use the cream on both breasts, and later in the day I would use the soap on the smaller breast." The next day I would use the soap on both breasts, and later in the day use the cream on the smaller breast. I alternated this daily.In matter of weeks, the problem was solved. I'm so happy with all of the products.

06-02-16     decent amount of breast growth
Hi, after using the capsules and liquid for 4 months, I have noticed a decent amount of breast growth. Both breasts have started developing and I am able to squeeze and hold them in my hands now. While walking around I am able to feel a bounce in my chest and I love the feeling, soon I might have to start wearing a sports bra to keep them from showing. Cant wait to see them grow larger! Thank you!

05-31-16     I'm getting some new fat tissue
This is to confirm my reply to you this afternoon from my cell phone in case it didn't go through. I'd love to have three liquids as my pill supply is growing and I haven't been taking any since the first two weeks on your program, and this is my third $81.00 order. Thanks for offering me the option. I'm getting some new fat tissue under or towards the front of my armpits. I keep looking for an increase in the frontal bust size but can't discern any yet. Will that happen or will growth only be from the back side of the bust? Or, is the latter the precursor to total growth/enlargement? I'm in deep anticipation after reading dozens of male testimonials about their growth. This may be a first for you to learn. I'm 88 years old, but have never given up on the thoughts of visible breasts through decades of wishing and sneaky wearing a bra with silicone inserts for very brief periods when I can know I will not be found out. Thought you'd be interested in the age factor. I'm expecting the products to work great regardless of that.

05-09-16     I wanted to tell you how happy I am.
Good morning. I wanted to tell you how happy I am. For the first time in a year of trying my breast are changing. Im getting a tingling feeling, my nipples are twice the size they were. Ive been religiously using your product 2 to 3 times a day and still using my pump. I truly believe something is changing. Up until I started your product the pumping would create what I ultimately WANT and need...but as im sure you know within minutes it would all go away.. Now..its staying much longer and I feel appears to be gaining fat behind my growing nipples that are now crazy sensitive. Im so excited to continue your product and because of my overwhelming feeling that something is actually happening I just ordered through Amazon the pills as well. THANK YOU for what is becoming such a wonderful and successful journey for me.

05-06-16     how much success
Hi, I wanted to let you know how much success I have had with your products. Before, I found Natureday, I tried other products and I had no results. But, as you can see from my attached photo, with Natureday I have reached an unlined B cup size. I love all your products, but I really love the cream the best. It is so smooth and long lasting for massage. Plus it smells so great. You can use this email and photo as a testimonial as I want to share great news about the growth your products have produced. You can also post my email address, as I would be happy to share my experience with your products. Sorry the writing on the jar is backwards. It was taken in the mirror.

04-23-16     Voice
Voice Testimonial

04-23-16     Voice
Voice Testimonial

04-23-16     Voice
Voice Testimonial

04-23-16     Voice
Voice Testimonial

04-23-16     Voice
Voice Testimonial

04-23-16     Voice
Voice Testimonial

04-20-16     I've grown since the last time we spoke.
Hello once again, here we are 3 years later and I'm loving the breasts I've grown since the last time we spoke. I've grown a good cup or two and have had cis females say mine are even more "pillowier" than theirs. So once again thank you, and I'm definitely planning on trying some more.

04-19-16     both sides noticeably more full
Hi Tina, I have been using your Natureday products for 6 months. My boobs are much larger and I have noticed both sides noticeably more full, soft and jiggle when I walk. I am very happy with the progress even though I have not given up my cup of coffee. I have used the cream, liquid and pills and have ordered more supply of cream and soap to compliment the pills I am still taking. Great products! Happy from Canada

04-17-16     full heavier
Is it normal for my breast to feel taut full heavier should I wear a bra for support used your products for a year almost. Would say I am a very full 42c ________________________________________

04-15-16     amazed really
Growing pains started 3 to 4 weeks ago. now settled down to ache can actually start to notice the growth am amazed really. Loving the process. Definitely more since started using soap and creme

04-11-16     really great experience
Hello Natureday, it has been a really great experience using the expedition package and the cream. I started using the product as it arrived by February 19, 2016 and finished by the end of March. The progress has been really decent.The cream smell pretty good.I can feel the growth going slowly every day by as I nearly finish the product, I can feel the little breast I got as my hand touch it. Now that my chest is no longer have an appearance of a male chest and the breast is very noticeable when I sit on my chair, I'm still looking forward for more result and probably get a bigger size.

04-11-16     but now I can actually push them togethe
I've used your liquid and cream products for 6 months until I ran out of the liquid. The cream seems to last longer than the liquid, and is therefore more cost effective. I'm far from wealthy, so that and the soap are my go-to products at this point. Considering I was flat and 113 pounds to start with, I'm inclined to say it has done a lot over these past 6 months, because there's clearly some growth, and I now weigh 134 pounds, which is a far healthier weight for my height. There was nothing but skin for me to grab before, but now I can actually push them together for cleavage with an A cup sticky bra. My nipples have become much softer and more sensitive, and I can feel my breasts bounce a little when I jump. The liquid tastes like an herbal tincture. I find it tastes perfectly fine mixed with a few tablespoons of milk, but I certainly wouldn't suggest taking it straight. The cream smells lovely and has easily become part of my nighttime routine before bed. I look forward to seeing how much bigger I can get! If I can make it to a B, I'll be ecstatic. I love the idea of not having to wear silicon breast forms anymore :)

03-31-16     feel the new weight and slight bounce.
Good morning. After a small break I am ready to order more soap. Its interesting to feel the new weight and slight bounce. Theres not much shape there but the volume is very full for what is there. what began as volume just along outer sides toward armpit, not has gone across the entire chest. Though I am training for a triathlon so size has gone down dramatically as fat has been lost a bit.

03-31-16     erect most of the time again
Hi Tina, thank you for your quick response! I forgot to mention that I will be 65 years old next week. My nipples have reached the point where they weren't staying erect all the time. In other words they would relax. When they are stimulated they become erect again with the pump. With your products I have already seen them begin to stay erect most of the time again. Should I be applying the serum to my breasts as well as using 2 droppers orally in the morning or should I do the two droppers at night? Also if I'm using the cream and the serum when should I apply the serum to my breasts? Should I do it between using the cream, which I massage into in the morning and at night like sometime during the middle of the day? My last question is can I over use the products? I seem to be going through them quicker than the time indicated for the order.Thank you for your help!

03-29-16     Now I have 38 B and firmer
Dear Tina Thanks for your reply, below was my testimonial. Before I start to use Natureday, I'd take similar product pills from Europe. At the time my breast size didn't grow to AA, after I finish a complete package(4 month). Now I have 38 B and firmer, but I still want my breast can be bigger. If passable I want to get C or D size, my mother and sister they are all bigger than D. I take 3 pills and one drop liquid and twice cream, should I increase more for the result ? Kind Regards

03-25-16     Love the results already
Love the results already after 3 weeks but wondered what each regimen entailed. Asking as it may help me with setting my usage for my body type ty

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