2972 Testimonials and Growing!

06/10/2019     I love all you products and couldn’t be happier with the way my breast have developed.
You can share as “Crisie” if you like. I love all you products and couldn’t be happier with the way my breast have developed. I’m in love with them. Thank you very much. I love the fragrance on the enlargement formula. Just ordered two more jars. Crisie

06/08/2019     my nipples ping without any stimulation what so ever!
Thank you, Tina..appreciate it..I got the fulfillment liquid on Friday, and already feel like its working..my nipples ping without any stimulation what so ever!..love it..feel free to use my email whenever you like..thanks

06/05/2019     been using your wonderful products for nearly 3 years now and love them.
Hi I have been using your wonderful products for nearly 3 years now and love them. I recently had to stop using them as I was working in a country where they carefully check your bags at the airport and do not allow many cosmetic items into the country. I am now back where I can order, but will also be travelling to the US in about 1 month (Washington State and Oregon). I desperately want to increase the nipple and areola size a lot more, as well as make my boobs more pointy if possible. They have a good full body shape but do not stand out enough for what I want. I noticed that the liquid seems to be the most effective when taken orally as well as rubbing onto the breast (with some of the cream as well. Is this what you would recommend.?Hope that I hear from you and that I get to increase enough so that my breasts can appear on your website when I next place another review (I have done 2 reviews so far).. I really want some of my friends to see the overall effect and how happy I am with my growing boobs. Thank you Kind Regards

05/20/2019     My nipples have grown puffier and extended by about 30 percent
The first month I used 4 droppers of the liquid each day, and the second month I used 3 droppers. My nipples have grown puffier and extended by about 30 percent, and my breast measurement has increased by around a half inch - plus a little increase in fullness. My question is, which products (and at what dose) do you recommend for continued growth now?

05/14/2019     I've just started to crossdress, something I've never done before but I'm really starting to like how women's clothes feel
Hi I had to send some more pictures I'm just so happy with my breast I think they look very feminine and beautiful what do you think? Also I've just started to crossdress, something I've never done before but I'm really starting to like how women's clothes feel so much better than just wearing pants and a shirt all the time...lol Makeup is so hard to do but I've just started this crossdressing journey and I'm watching Utube videos on how to apply Photo below is first time dressed and a little makeup:)

05/08/2019     My breast begins to bounce a bit and I can shake them too.
Hi Tina and staff, My breast begins to bounce a bit and I can shake them too. With breast growth where does it begin in our breast in the same place as yours or do mens breast begins to grow from a different location. I feel that I should have breast so many years ago and that I should wear skirts and dresses. My medical problem sure pushed me into that direction and I am happy that it did. that is for the next true to story or did I told you already. Hope you have the answer. I like them bigger.

05/06/2019     i have a small amount of growth so far
hello i was just wondering what you would recommend to use i am wanting to get to a B cup and have used your cream and liquid and i have a small amount of growth so far and was curious what you recommend to use to get what i am looking for thanks d

05/02/2019     i can see a small amount of growth and as a genetic male
hello i just wanted to write you and say i really like your product i ordered the cream and liquid and used them and can say they work after just a week and a half i can see a small amount of growth and as a genetic male planning on staying a genetic male i can say i am liking your product and i reordered your cream and liquid thanks

04/30/2019     2 weeks and can already see a small amount of growth
hello and thank you for the information it was very helpful as a genetic male and planning on staying a genetic male i am very pleased with your product i have been using it for 2 weeks and can already see a small amount of growth again thank you for the helpful information. Thanks :)

04/22/2019     Breast Enhancement cream a few weeks ago, And it is Amazing!!
Hey Guys! Thank You All So Much! I ordered your Breast Enhancement cream a few weeks ago, And it is Amazing!! I was wondering what other feminizing products that you have would you recommend to complement and enhance the total feminization process? Anyway, Thanks Again! Take Good Care.💐

04/14/2019     Growing pains were there... makes sense and my breast felt perky.
Dear Natureday, I ordered a more sizeable 2month expedient plan and soap. Since the nature day 3week express plan worked! I took the minimum 30drops 1dropper played with 45 drops and lowered the dosage as per instructions till I was off. I didn’t take more because food tasted little funny. Though the 3 week lasted 3 months I grew, I felt them lactate? (wet from the inside) and perk. Growing pains were there... makes sense and my breast felt perky. I have a flat chest. It's a small mound now. So when I lowered the dose the funny diminished. This worked well in growing very small but noticeable breast. Even on flat male breast surface area it increased size & nipple. With no HRT it's a successful herb! Experienced very perky perked. Never have this been felt before until now. After the 3 week supply. I started dec 24th to thru march on 3 months. Before after trial results dec 24th-January 22nd. Been off a little while with no felt loss of results. They feel perky in the shower. I recently tried your free sample soap. So I am. Soap doesn’t have the same calm feeling on the mind as it does on the body. I took it just once for the 5 minutes. I'm innocently surprised on how much they changed from being inert to react responsive sense gravity & touch. That was just the liquid. They never felt that way before. Also its helped me be calmer and stress less. It improved short term memory loss. Stress depression anxiety is from other people in a culturally stressed environment not genetic. So if in a hurry I can remember better where I last left things to pick them up later before I have to leave home. Like keys the herb activate stimulated unlocked the receptors. Progress result is minimum visually well noticeable not flat in from when I started. It may appear almost as if nothing from a far to no one paying attention.. But clearly there’s still a visual rounder bigger fuller firmer difference in my chest. I just have a question since having the minimum & median of 1-3 droppers instructions for your liquid. What’s the instructions for the liquid pill expedient? The pills don't have written instructions. Liquid then pills, liquid and pills... I think my analysis on the FAQ page believes if dosage doubling liquid first 1 2 weeks then just pills is the same under normal liquid for the fist 2 weeks. I love Herbs are amazing. H. Have a wonderful day.

04/11/2019     you may not see it but you definitely look like you have tits
I was talking with a friend who I'm really close with and we were playing basketball given the warmer weather now and I guess I didn't know I had grown so much in regard to a normal male chest and after awhile I leaned over just to take a break and catch my breath and he said "dude your chest is hanging and looks more like tits" i brushed it off, and just said whatever man. Not realizing in a tank top it gave the obvious visual of my chest. Afterward we relaxed on the side of the park and I switched out shirts to go grab a late lunch and ditch the sweaty shirt and when sitting down to do so he made another remark of "nah bro, you may not see it but you definitely look like you have tits...not big or anything but definitely there" I acted shy and asked if it was that bad cause I've noticed the growth but didn't think much of it and he said "I mean I would say they look like man boobs but you can see the crease in your chest like tits have and they jiggle quite a bit and stick out instead of sit flat. Plus you aren't fat dude so you may wanna see a dr" I said I'd look into it and we hung a bit more before heading out. This is the 2nd time in a month or so that someone has made the remark that I have breasts. I didn't think it was that much growth thus far but I guess it's the I see it everyday so don't think much of it effect. Sadly we have someone clean our house once a month on top of what we do weekly just to have a thorough cleaning vs our little dust here and clean there, and she apologized saying when removing shower hanger products from the shower head to clean the shower surround, that a few things fell in to her cleaner. 2 was just closed off shampoo and conditioner but the other was my new bar of soap and normally i'd probably not care but given it was in chemicals I figured it's more safe to just toss it then use it and risk any chemical that got embedded in it from being in it and risking chemical burn or anything else. Now I feel dumb cause I'm sure it was fine to wash off for a while, lose a lil soap and try it out but trash day came and went and now I need to re order another bar of soap and will do so this week. Ugh!

04/08/2019     I know the products work for me.
I’ve been ordering from Natureday for years, I totally plan to continue to do so. I know the products work for me. Thanks,n. P.S. here’s where I am,

04/08/2019     My breast has been filling out
Hi Tina, I am enjoying my breast cream and liquid And in the shower I lather my breast with soap, let it sit for a while and than rub the cream into my breast and over the glands of my penis tremendously. My breast has been filling out and my breast beginning to show and after I exchange my top for a black "lace nighty ". Looking down to my breast I can see a nice breast forming and bulging over my nighty. I have been wearing a rubber strap around my penis which keep my penis semi erect all day. I enjoy looking into the mirror and can clearly see that my breast are forming I Love Natureday products wish I knew of you a dozen years ago and my tits would have been bigger.

04/06/2019     my male breast grown an entire cup size
Dear natureday, Bought and use your full soap bar and have had great results with it. Not only have my male breast grown an entire cup size (from a b cup to a c cup), but my breast are smoother and softer. Really am glad that I decided to purchase the natureday soap from you and your company. Thank you so much for a product that actually works to help me grow the transgender breast that i have wanted for so long, I tried other products and none seemed to work as well.

03/28/2019     a pair of wonderfully plump and soft feminine boobs.
A little over a year of using the soap,cream, and droplets have completely transformed my once flabby, cone shaped chest into a pair of wonderfully plump and soft feminine boobs. I am absolutely pleased at what Natureday has helped me achieve and how effective their products worked. I started to notice changes in sensitivity after about a week as well as the feeling of them gaining volume and weight. Over the next few months, the results began to really show as I was clearly developing real breast tissue that gave my boobs a more pronounced and full look that I could only dream of before. The sensitivity in my nipples also began to spike and now react to the slightest of touch as they stand proudly erect and stick through even the thickest of clothing. As a male who always wished to sport female breasts along with all the benefits of having them..this has been a dream come true and process of growing them out with the help of Natureday has been magical. Thank you so much for all the support and advice, I plan to be a customer for a very long time C: If anyone wants to reach out and share experiences ,advice, or encouragement to grow bigger I can found at [email protected] Always wanted to find others like me that use and enjoy Natureday Once again I am truly thankful for what Natureday has helped me achieve -D.j

03/19/2019     my breast were getting so big,women at work were starting to stare
The reason I didn't order anymore after my last bottle was that my breast were getting so big,women at work were starting to stare I wish I could grow them bigger I definitely would but i can't get to crazy at least that's what I'm telling myself they have shrunk some since I stopped but not by much its really addictive to watch them grow I cant explain it but it feels really good to have female breast I can feel them now as part of my body my nipples are so sensitive i have to put 2 bandages over each nipple to cover them if not they poke thru my shirt You know I wasn't looking to grow female breast but I found your website from surfing the web and it caught my attention I'm so glad that this has happened and I really do have female breast not sure if I ever get another girlfriend though....lol Here's one more pic!

03/16/2019     on my nipples and they became big and puffy.
Its okay. But what I said was after I finished off the liquid bottle and the free sample soap back in 2019 my breasts grew out a little bit. More rounder and I said that I there about the same size to what a 12 year old girl would have . Because I'm nudist so I've seen all that . but I put some on my nipples and they became big and puffy. I do plan on ordering a bar of breasts soap and some of the breasts cream soon at a later date. And just a reminder that I have to send my money through the mail for the order . Well I applied the liquid on my breasts and nipples every other day and just rub it in and then I would go Wash up with the little soap sample at my bathroom skin and I just wet the soap and rub the soap all over my breasts and nipples for like a minute until I have it's like oily I let it soak in and I just repeat the proses every day and sometimes putting the liquid fulfilment in my cup of water a few times .I don't like the taste though. But I did all that until I was finish with it . P.S. have you thought about making a body Lotion or body wash of your natural products ?

03/15/2019     I grew female breast they look so feminine
Hi ! I just wanted to let you know Natureday does indeed work! I really thought no way will it grow female breast but I ordered a bottle of the liquid but instead of mixing it in a drink I put it directly on my chest WOW it took no time for my breast to start budding and getting puffy and my nipples became so sensitive so I ordered another couple bottles within a couple of months I grew female breast they look so feminine I can't believe it and my nipples are so sensitive I'm a straight Male that always wore women's panties because they are way more comfortable than men's now I'm wearing a bra and panties..lol

03/14/2019     the tissue growth has been incredible I am now spilling out of my A cup bras
I have gotten to the end of another bar of soap and the tissue growth has been incredible I am now spilling out of my A cup bras and it is an odd but exciting feeling to pinch or grab my bra and feel a handful vs air. It is so addictive and I must I must I must increase my bust lol I had a coupon for 5.00 off but seem to have lost it. Was curious if it is still available and if so available to be provided with it? Here is a progress pic with what's left of my soap

03/11/2019     When I first tried it, I felt something change.
Hi, I recently found your breast enhancement Fulfilment (like a year ago). I started taking it, and didn’t order in a awhile. When I first tried it, I felt something change. So back in August, I ordered another bottle and a thing of cream, a little more development. One of my friends who encourages me to pick it up again because she wants to help me with my goal of filling out my A cup bras. And I recently ordered 2 more bottles of Fulfillment. I look forward to getting them. And at some point having the breast I want.

03/06/2019     I am a male transgender
Have used your soap product, along with breast growth pills and have went from a 38b to a 38c cup. I am a male transgender and i couldn't be any happier. Thanks

03/05/2019     BOOB LOVERS WRITE ME PLEASE! [email protected]
Hello, wonderful Tina, Please post this on your testimonials. I have been using the cream, the smell is incredible and it is not only making my breasts grow but makes my boobs feel soooo soft, sexy and feminine. I almost feel like I’m feeling up my first wife’s a cup boobs….LOL In a couple of months when I get much bigger I might send her some pics of my beautiful bust just to make her jealous…..LOL. I WOULD VERY MUCH LIKE TO EMAIL MEN AND WOMEN OF MEN who are growing breasts to talk about our journey so please post my email address, [email protected] BOOB LOVERS WRITE ME PLEASE!

03/03/2019     . The products are fantastic.
Hello Tina, your customer service is great. I can see why everyone raves about you guys. The products are fantastic. From a flabby AA man boob to a soft feminine A cup in 9 days WOW! 7 days just using the soap and 2 days using the cream. I need to slow down as I don’t want to get too big too fast. At this rate I’ll be a DD by the time I finish the jar of cream. I’ve had to correct several typos because I can’t keep my hands off of my sexually sensitive nipples 😊

02/27/2019     I can see my boobs getting bigger as well as the nipples and getting more sensitivity.
Hello Tina, If I use the breast soap and cream to grow my breasts and the male enhancement to enlarge my penis will they counter act each other? I have been using the breast soap for a week probably 10-12 times and I can see my boobs getting bigger as well as the nipples and getting more sensitivity. I am thrilled how quick this is working! I can hardly wait for my cream to arrive.

02/27/2019     looking down to my breast and see that they are more rounded
Hi Tina, sitting on the sofa looking down to my breast and see that they are more rounded and I like that stick out far enough to see through my shirt the difference but. Will continue. Do you get other guys from alberta, our province, edmonton my city that are doing the same thing enlarging their breast. If you have clients from here please let them know that there are bouts that like to get breast and so maybe get together

02/25/2019     my bra on it feels a little tighter today.
Hello Natureday. I ordered a soap. I have small man boobs probably an AA cup. I steam my chest 3 times a day and lathered up each time and left it on 5 minutes or so. I don't know if it's my imagination or real but my boobs look a little fuller today and when I put my bra on it feels a little tighter today. Have you ever heard of results that quick? Also I have ED problems and was reading about your male member soap but am confused can I use it on my genitals to grow it and my breasts to grow them? I have ordered the cream from you and am eager to start using it. I have high blood pressure will these products have an adverse effect on that?

02/12/2019     y program to increase the size of my breasts.
Hello Tina I've been using Natureday for 2 or 3 years now as part of my program to increase the size of my breasts. Every morning in the shower I rub my breasts vigorously under the warm water to enhance circulation. After I get out I apply Natureday cream to my breasts. It feels so good! It's certainly been successful - I'm 46 C now! My aim is to get to 46 D. As an added bonus my libido is improved too. One of the many nice things is that my breasts are now so sensitive, its hard to leave them alone. Here are a couple of pics which show what I mean. If anyone would like more info or to compare notes my email is [email protected] Candy

02/12/2019     looking at these nice men's breast
Hi Tina, Due to a disability I wear skirts and dresses, I am not going into detail. Skirts and dresses are so much more comfortable and I feel that wearing skirts or a dress is me as if I belong in a dress, I feel good in it. I have four dresses and about six or so skirts and enjoy each one of them. I love it in my skirt and with my breast are getting bigger with Natureday Products I wish that I started years ago with the cream. Thanks Tina for your uplifting words and for sure I will get better. Take care and help more guys getting into bra's. Tom

01/16/2019     I can feel my breasts hanging
I have used you breasts enlargement products for about six months. Is it normal for my breasts to feel heavy tight and full. Also my nipples are rock hard all the time. I am at 40D cup bra should I wear a bra. I can feel my breasts hanging also is it normal to feel more arousal.

01/03/2019     grew to A cup
I used your product in September, grew to A cup, would starting up again increase my breasts? I am a genetic male. Thank you

12/27/2018     using this product for over a year and loving it
I am 81years old and have been using this product for over a year and loving it. I would like to chat via email with any other older person using it also just hear his results and compare notes. Thanks

12/22/2018     I am getting a pare of nice boobs
I am an 81 year old male and have been using your cream product for about a year and I am getting a pare of nice boobs I will send pictures next time I order. My question at this time is what is a good product to permanently remove the chest hair from my boobs and chest? PS the reason I am growing boobs

12/17/2018     I can see some changes :). Thank you.
Dear Tina, My pills running out, so I'd like to continue the 'treatment' and order a new package. :)I can see some changes :). Thank you. But I'm certain that it can be much better. :D (I totally cut off the caffeine, I'm only eat some chocolate that contains caffeine. :) )What would you recommend? a 'success' package again (2bottle + pills)only pills (2-3bottle)Since I'm rather far from you and the shipping fee is therefore rather hight, I'd liek to order a 3 monthly supply in 1 order... Thank you for your reply in advance. :)

12/13/2018     I am happy with the growth so far they are a little puffy I have buds under both nipples and the nipples protruding
Hi Tina I have been using nature day male breast enlargement for almost 4 months currently just taking 2 droplets of liquid per day and applying few drops to breast.I have been using the liquid the entire four months.Prior I used up 3 bottles of pills but have since ran out of fulfillment pills I also used 1 order of cream. Am on my 3rd bar of soap I am happy with the growth so far they are a little puffy I have buds under both nipples and the nipples protruding a little bit. When wearing a tight T-shirt can actually see the difference. I am going to re-order should I just stick with the liquid or again start using the pills ??? Thanks

12/04/2018     Starting To See Some Growth! Breasts Are Starting To Plump Up!
Good Morning Tina, I Am Happy to report That I am Slowly Starting To See Some Growth! Breasts Are Starting To Plump Up! I Have Gained a 1/2" in Breast Measurement 36.5" to 37"! I am Following all Info I can Find out from your website & from Your other clients online posts. I take Extra Fenugreek, Saw Palmetto, Daily Multivitamin, Protien in my diet, Drink Decaf Coffee, massage Breasts With Coco Butter between Soap, Cream. Thank You Again Tina, Look Forward To Hearing from You

12/04/2018     does justice in showing the greatness of natureday
thanks! also i know it isn't much but am about to do another video, just thought i'd send a link to the current one if it's cared to share somehow on the site. i am not Jamie or ariel from france or others who grew to an easy d or higher but hope it does justice in showing the greatness of natureday. it is nice to see pics of me from a few years ago swimming to seeing me this video and seeing such a difference even if they are still fairly small contrary to the fullness. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qc7__IvVdWw&feature=youtu.be

11/24/2018     my breast were growing from saw palmetto use and liquid
I actually found you the first day. I realized my breast were growing from saw palmetto use and liquid. Always keep an eye on your site but did not do anything until my next realization, they continued to grow and started off saggy. That´s when I ordered one of each to try out, and I can say that you products does not leave one discontented.I know from own experience earlier in my life how powerful natural things can be, they helped me and my family many times before with different illnesses that normal medicine can’t deal with or deal with and get side-effects. Yes, it’s nagging, but still the reality, they all give side-effects that in many cases are extremely unwanted or even dangerous, so thumbs up for natural stuff once again! I started with the intention to only firm and fill and have done so all too well. Didn’t see anything happen for the first week, so thought I kick-start it by following your normal suggestion, you know, 3 times 3 and all… It worked a little too well, actually. This was when I first wrote to you. Then, started to see real change and I measured myself yesterday… About ¾ of an inch/3 cm in only 2 weeks. Too fast, this was not the intention, so stand on the breaks! Mayday! Oooops… Now I also know why I react so easily to saw palmetto and fenugreek seeds, I’m highly sensitive here too, so need much less than most others to achieve the same result.I’ll continue to use your products, they are for real and they work, don’t take my word for it, se all testimonials and do your homework, search the web, read books (Yeah, know. Old fashioned, but they still work. No electricity and all…) and have a fair share of skepticism and you will come to the same conclusion. Or simply use them and you’ll see for yourself. Today I will use them gently in small amount to prolong the time the development will take, by then, point of no return, I probably go the whole mile at once, but time will tell. The fact that they help me balance my body in most other areas is only a big advantage. I have a different point of view and a different reason and goal with this than most others, I can’t chose. Life have chosen this for me and for me it’s about doing my best and have as fun as I can on the journey of life. Some males wants breasts and they chose to get them, to all of you I wish you all the best and have fun. I can’t chose, but do not value what is female and what is male like most others, so I’ll have fun, too.  >>>> Please, feel free to use this as is, as a testimonial and/or (Hopefully. My wish.) publish this on its own, if you want. Only, remove unnecessary things, like this sentence and references to me (name and country and so on.) and I’ll looking forward to see what impact it can have. I do accept questions if you get any and I’ll answer my best if you relay. I wish you all a wonderful day and future. Thanks again, all my best wishes.

11/21/2018     my breasts have eventually become female-size
Well, spirulina (algea-mix) and flax-seed oil I already use as well as turmeric, MSM, saw palmetto fruit, fennelseeds, D3 and occasionally lacto-acid bacteria. I’ll look into stinging nettle tea, use it on occasion, also eat a lot of it at season, really tasty, actually. (Our garden is full of them…) I’m a vegetarian (lacto-ovo), and have cut down a LOT on sugar, were quite low before, too, especially when compared to US. Increased berries and fruit (natural occuring sugars is actually good if consumed in their natural package.) and all other vegetables. Are low on fat outside veg.world as well as eggs, but eat some, not much. Get what I need from better, veg. Sources, normally. I did use the liquid in a glass of water, and I think that helped. I can’t say that it is the drops nor the capsules causing it all, could simply be my ”cleaning”. I’ll try a capsule once a day when my stomach is 100% back at normal and let you know. Well, I know that my breasts have eventually become female-size, how fast depends on my body, according to PHs and others, but so far I add about ½-1 inch/2-3cm a year in circumference. I’m already half way to cross the A-B cup line. But a possible timeframe would be 5-10 years and I have to look at my mother to see what size I can expect, they say. (She’s a C-cup.) When they do I rather have them full and nice, female looking than a undescribable amoeba, but I have time to adopt during these years. At least I have full support from my family.

11/19/2018     My breasts have grown / are protruding, getting rounder and more feminine looking
May I please let you know that my breasts have grown from using your soap, and they are protruding, getting rounder and more feminine looking, which I just love seeing, feeling, and touching how silky soft they are. When I sit down, I see the crease under me 2 breasts now. It appears that my nipples stayed the same size. Do you think my nipples will grow larger, like my breasts are, by using your breast growth products too? I just reordered your breast growth cream, and added your breast growth cream, and expedient plan breast growth products too? Thank you for offering me a discount for my online order that I placed with your company today. May I please ask if all of your awesome quality products I ordered together today, help my breasts grow larger, firmer, rounder, sexier, and faster, when I use them together? I can’t wait to start using your Breast Growth Cream, and expedient breast growth products, with your breast growth soap, to see my continuing breast growth results, and how they will look inside my satin bras, nylon camisoles, and nylon full slips. I look forward to your reply. Thank you for helping me grow my female breasts that I want very badly, using your fine breast growth products that work. Would you please help and ship your quality breast growth products to me confidentially and discreetly, so my nosy postal carrier and neighbors won’t know what is in my package that you ship me?

11/18/2018     I am excited that I am getting good breast growth results so far
Thank you for your reply, and suggestions for me. My last bar of soap is about done. My breasts were tingly after I used your soap to wash my breasts. I assume that the tingly feeling was the soap growing my breasts. I could use another 1 bar of your breast growth soap soon to continue my breast growth regimen. I use it with your liquid too. I am excited that I am getting good breast growth results so far, and I will need to buy more larger pretty satin bras soon as my breasts grow larger. I am very glad that I found your breast growth products to help me grow my pretty breasts. That is my current address. Thank you again, Tina.

11/02/2018     my nipples will show some significant growth.
Natureday, I may order more cream later this week. Your products have always worked for me and I do enjoy using them. I hope with the added use of the liquid my nipples will show some significant growth. They have not responded as well as I have wished. If you have any positive ideas I can use let me know. Thank you

09/24/2018     I have gained an inch around my chest in the 4 weeks since I commenced, and there is increased volume
Well my desire to develop my chest resulted in me trying the soap, which was one of your recommendations, and I have recently bought a second bar. I have been using the soap twice daily, leaving the soap lather on for at least 5 minutes. I have gained an inch around my chest in the 4 weeks since I commenced, and there is increased volume also but nothing much yet in the way of a bust. My nipples are also more sensitive. I have not been aware of any impact upon my medication. The only effects have all been positive, bar one, as far as I am concerned. I have put on some 5-6 lbs in weight (good because I was skinny), and also gained an inch around my hips. Another positive. In addition, I have more energy and the herbs seem to have quietened down my IBS, which can sometimes be a nightmare far worse than the after effects of my heart attack in 2006. The only negative is a need to urinate regularly. But since the herbs in the soap are diuretics I suppose this is no surprise. So, I wanted to make you aware of my progress but I also have a couple of questions. Is this the way breast growth happens-firstly a growth in chest measurement then a growth outwards ie in the breasts themselves. Also, how does an inch in 4 weeks seem in terms of progress in your experience. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and I look forward to hearing from you. I look forward to continuing with the soap. Kind regards,

09/05/2018     see them starting to grow and feel firmer.
I have been using the breast enlargement cream on and off since April or May. Stopped in mid June and just started again a few weeks ago. I noticed that my breast size increased faster than when I first started using the cream. I can feel tightness in my chest and see them starting to grow and feel firmer. My nipples are erect more often. I am a straight male and don't want to be a woman just have bigger breasts and I don't want to use a bra. When my breasts get to the size that I want if I stop using the cream will I loose the size that I gained. Again I don't want them to get big enough to have to use a bra. I estimate that within another 2 to 3 weeks I should be at the size I want. At that time, what do I do to maintain that size? Thanks

08/31/2018     sounds/ looks like my Breast are growing.
sounds/ looks like my Breast are growing. It is GROWING and now feels pain on the Nipples every time I massage in the morning.I did not adjust the Bra Straps when I last used. Now I feel the straps very very tight.I pushed both Breasts upwards, then let go. The feel of the Breasts dropping is fantastic.Hoping to get a D cup instead of my dream B cup.

08/31/2018     man boobs but actual breasts
Yay my chest used to be flat standing up and now there is actual shape. It is so surreal to think in a couple of months I could have legitimate breasts not just growth or man boobs but actual breasts. It's so nervous and so exciting ugh I know everyone who notices will be like omg you have boobs and not in a way to go look at you bro kinda way. But that's okay. I'm to the point where I just gotta do this for me and take the crap that comes with it if it does. I am so thrilled to look down at my shirts someday soon and see them pushing out demanding to be seen....THANK YOU!!!! I will be sure to send pics with products soon/ Thanks. I am so grateful for your company and your patience with me over the years. I know I used to be a headache which I'm sure over time you may not even be the one who dealt with all my cancellations and returns and indecisiveness. But I am do grateful for your service and product. I put my shirts on and see the curves that werent ever there. I see the projection, I see the chest bounce and jiggle and see how the volume may not be shaped as breasts yet but see how full they are and filling bras now with ease and how I dont have to constantly mold my breast swooping and scooping often cause they stay there in the cups now cause there is no more room to move in my a cups. I see the creases in my skin where tissue has expanded and caused folds in my skin when I put my arms a certain way. I see my reflection and wonder who else sees my shirt sticking out. Then there is the guy a couple weeks ago in the gym I mentioned before who talked to me in the sauna and ended up saying I'm too young to be growing breasts in what I assume was a joke about him being elderly and older men having the issue. And when I said I know it can be embarrassing (not really meaning it) he said dont be they dont look like man boobs more like a womans. And apologized for it being improper. All I'm saying is a bunch of words that mean nothing to customer service reps but mean everything to a normal every day guy who is weird as hell because while others want this or that I want breasts and natureday is giving me that reality. As nervous as it may be when they are too big to hide, as weird as it will be when I realize I'm a guy I cant wear a bra all day every day like women, as odd as it may be to address when people ask what is up with my chest cause last time they saw me I didn't have tits, and as difficult as it may be when loved ones ask me to explain it, I am thankful still for natureday and it's amazing products that is allowing me to develop my own set of breasts, naturally and quickly.

08/28/2018     Thank you for such a great product
Thank you for such a great product hugs back. I'm so addicted to feeling my breasts grow. Only an a cup but hopefully break that wall down soon lol. I'm excited when I lay down now my chest is cushioned and even pushed up a bit when laying flat. And when I sit down the creases where the tissue has grown more is slowly working it's way higher up my chest and more inward. Ugh so damn excited

08/26/2018     puffiness close to armpits but folds above nipples
Hi Tina, Happy with results so far but wondering if “folds “ are part of the process? Seems to be puffiness close to armpits but folds above nipples . I understand everyone is different but just trying to educate myself, Kind regards, B

08/26/2018     boobs to crossdress
I've been using your products for quite sometime now and the results are amazing! I'm a straight Male and my girlfriend wanted me to have boobs to crossdress so we could spice things up a bit.....I'm sending you a pic, please keep my name and address ...

08/19/2018     I love cupping them in my hands.
hi, this is my first time writing nature time, I love your product, I have been using pills, liquid, cream, & soap. 19 weeks now and very pleased with results. can not keep my hands off my girls. growth is slow and I love cupping them in my hands. will try to stay in touch, should have done this long time ago.

08/18/2018     my nipples are so sensitive
All products are growing the breasts I want so for these results, outstanding service and products that perform as advertised, I'm grateful to Nature Day, Tina G and Amy. Using Fulfillment, soap and cream, my nipples are so sensitive I can't stop touching, twisting and squeezing - feeling pleasure and pain so intense, I squeeze until my fingers slip off the tip of my nipples. Still wanting more, I'm left moaning, wishing I had another hand - two for squeezing my nipples and another for down below.

08/17/2018     The heating pad on the creamed breasts are making the ladies perk up
It's working. The soap on for longer periods of time. The heating pad on the creamed breasts are making the ladies perk up more. Maybe I'm just getting further along in the treatment cycle( 8 months now), YES it improving. Still not as big as I like but nicer. Thanks for the advise. When I get to the point of wanting to show again ,Ill contact you folks. Have a nice weekend.

08/15/2018     soap in shower on the girls seems to help them grow a lot
Have a question. Since using your soap in shower on the girls seems to help them grow a lot ,I have used warmer water in shower. In fact starting using heating pad on chest . Seems to help. Any words on this...Never turn pad up to high.

08/11/2018     my boobs will greatly appreciate it :)
Thank you! I love it. And my boobs will greatly appreciate it :) here in Jamaica right now two nights ago at the pool bar I was sitting there talking to new friends we made, my wife was somewhere else and a guy who was without question pretty drunk says "if those get much bigger you're gonna need a bikini instead bro" I played it off dumb like what are you talking about. He says "looks like you got decent t..ts growing on ya bro" I don't think they are that noticeable but maybe I'm wrong. Never want to seem greedy but always have to ask, if there are any returns or opened products not resellable if they are available to receive as gifts. I'm eager to grow more and hope I can be the guy who gave you a headache on return and cancels long ago to being a product of your wonderful products. Here's hoping by winter time my chest is no longer able to be considered pecs or man boobs but without question a nice set of breasts.

08/11/2018     noticed my breast leaning over my seat belt
Thank you. I am not sure but as I was driving today in this stifling hot weather, our temperatures are well above normal by at least 10 degrees, with out my shirt and I looked down my breast and noticed my breast leaning over my seat belt. I never paid attention to that but I will keep an eye on my tits. Take care.

08/10/2018     how fantastic it is to have breasts
OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG I just got a text that it is actually in town now and should be delivered by today OMG!!!!!! I'm so excited to start using these two products and so effing excited to in time of using them to feel the growth of more tissue and weight and I just hope with these two products my chest finally goes from fleshy to definitive feminine breasts....AHHHH!!!! :):):):):):)Just ordered and can't wait to make these things bigger I am going to take a video after making sure I abide all guidelines to not get it flagged. I want so many men who are like me who just want breasts to know what an amazing product you all have and how fantastic it is to have breasts. As odd as it may seem to not desire being a woman at all and yet still want breasts, pecs are over rated, flat chest is over rated, a soft curved hanging swaying bouncing chest is what is a must ...thank you so much for your products I love them and love y'all for your patience of my past to allow my present to feel so good

08/05/2018     This has given significant growth - still need the
I did not receive a confirmation e-mail for early Monday morning - order number 7549. Did this get received?2. What specifically does caffeine do to the growing process? I have cut down my intake greatly (my joke is ‘Help I have too much blood in my caffeine stream’), but feel I have wasted some of my vitamins by drinking too much coffee in beginning. I cut down for the last 2 or 3 orders. I do have significant growth - just want to know what caffeine does to the process. (I’m a scientific kind of guy) Today is the 33rd day of two 3/4 droppers per day (in morning and evening). This has given significant growth - still need the outer sides to fill in - I have been applying express liquid and cream on just the outer sides. Any ideas? Or do I have to be more patient? Will be taking a break after today till new order comes in to give some breathing time. Thank you for shipping info. I help it go away with vitamin E (from gel caps, poke with a pin and squeeze on finger and apply.I have been trying to take advantage of the high internal dose by applying externally on sides. So I do 13 fingertips rubbed in each side, then small amount of cream for smell and soothing. See picture below to see what I am trying to fill in. This is an in between pic and now it is filled in somewhat, but still similar in depth. This happens when I squeeze side muscles. Thanks for your help and reply and shipment, Thank you for your help,

08/04/2018     make more guys happy with growing breasts
Hi Tina, I am enjoying the cream and the liquid breast stuff, feels good and what I have left over on my fingers after rubbing the cream into my breast I rub the left over onto my penis and that too feels good. Now I have a question. The instructions for the cream is to apply half teaspoon onto my breast three times daily. I have gone through one jar is that the norm? And I don't think that I use a half tea spoon. As I look at my self in the mirror I think that I begin to see my breast takes on a different shape. So please let me know about the cream, I might have to order two more jars, will see how my breast looks like next week. Love the cream and liquid and soap.Take care and make more guys happy with growing breasts

08/02/2018     I’ve increased a full inch in 15 days and my chest just feels “different”
I have noticed a couple things. The first is my nipples are always hard, not uncomfortable but feels like they are stimulated. Is that normal? Second is it appears that I am growing. I’ve increased a full inch in 15 days and my chest just feels “different” so I think my breasts are changing fast. They do feel a little more full. I have not noticed any tingling or soreness. Closest thing would be sensitivity of my nipples I mentioned a second ago. Going forward with the cream only, should I see them “take shape” first more so or continue to “grow” and then gradually shape into a female breast? I realize everyone is different and can expect different results but would genetics have a role in breast growth as well? I.E. a guy with women in his family with larger busts could expect to see more growth using your products than a guy with women that have smaller busts.

08/01/2018     enlarge slightly for nipple growth
Hi, Im writing to say that the results Im having are very very rapid. I was only planning to enlarge slightly for nipple growth. I am part of online communities that believe only prescribed drugs can achieve the same results >From an A to a C in less than 60 days. I have achieved what my goal was actually exceeded it.If you guys want to donate anything I may consider seeing how much bigger big they will get. Thank you.

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