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11-12-14     needing more growth and shape
Good afternoon i just finished my cream this morning and the growth has been well. Its almost like a drug. While my chest feels heavier and shows definite definition and my nerves are on edge about going further i find myself addicted to the results and needing more growth and shape. Ridiculous huh? I know i tend to ask this but is it possible to be eligible for any gifts from this progress? If so would love anything. I just ordered soap and would love anything extra if this progress shows worth of it. If not i understand i just absolutely adore your products and financially speaking thought id ask. Hope you all have a blessed week

11-10-14     appreciated
Thank you for taking the time to respond, I didn't order your product on mere whim or fancy nor did I order it to fulfill some for of deviancy or pleasure, I know what I'm getting into. I was merely curious, many aren't as lucky as a I am in terms of the effectiveness or speed of your product, and I also understand my age is an attributing factor in that. I'd like to give my thanks, your products do work well, or I feel like they do, that's half of any consumer producer relationship I suppose. Changes are just happening faster then I thought they would, I'll have to work out the best dosage myself. Advice is always appreciated, thanks again.

11-02-14     I am thrilled with the early results
Just sent my first repeat order. I have always wanted female breasts of my own as it is not always possible to wear breast forms with summer clothes. I started taking the liquid on 1st Oct and within a few days noticed a tingling in my nipples. When the liquid was finished I started taking the pills which I am halfway through. It is now 1st Nov and I can physically see my flat male breasts beginning to take on a new shape. I have read other testimonials where males have taken more of the product to try to get faster results but I have followed the instructions and am happy with the results so far. My breasts definitely feel fuller and are beginning to sprout. I live in UK so the product takes a while to reach me and I don't want to run out. I will report back in another month to see where I have got. I did take some before photos and will take some after photos when there my breasts have more growth. In the meantime I wanted to say I am thrilled with the early results in just one month. I wish your products were available in UK so I didn't have to wait so long for delivery.

10-23-14     Thanks Natureday!
So it been 2 months now. Honestly, I started with tons of doubt, just checking to see if a product like this really worked. It actually does, to my surprise and it's actually kind of addicting watching it work. Using just the liquid, I've grown noticeably (to me. Not sure I want anyone else to notice yet) and really want to know what I can accomplish with more. It may not be fast, but using Natureday, anyone can grow breasts. (Please don't show my pictures, name, or email) Thanks Natureday!

10-15-14     Paula
Hi Tina! This is the first time I have wrote you, I am what you might call a female trapped inside a male body! I have had a huge desire to have my own real breasts since I was a teenager but being born male I have'nt been able to accomplish that until I discovered Naturday. I have been using the natureday products off & on over the past couple of years I have experienced some amazing growth. I am 56 years old and finally at last I am beginning to feel like the woman that I feel I was supposed to have been but was dealt the wrong package at birth! I would guess I am somewhere between an A & B cup but don't know for sure because I have not been able to find a bra in a size 40 A Or B cup not sure if they make them? I have had to settle for a size 40-42 size C cup so the cup has always been much larger than what I have had to offer. I have been in a bit of a financial bind for the last couple of years and have not been able to afford to continue use of the products. My desire to continue exploring my feminine side has made me decide to get back on natureday. I have used 3 bottles the cream & 3 bars of the soap one bottle of the supplement capsules and 2 bottles of the liquid drops. Paula

10-14-14     iee
grown a cup and not stopping. I have been using your product for going on 5 1/2 weeks I had doubts About enlargement Creams as I have tried other creams in the past I will be ordering more real soon thanks nature Day

10-07-14     Houston
I just completed another bottle of liquid, my breast are getting to a decent size, round and much fuller then ever. Can't wear anymore light t-shirts without my breast being noticeable. I do wear a tight sport bra to press my breast tight agents my body when I am out and about. This seems to help keep them hidden while at work and out in public. Still want to grow them larger so not sure how much longer they will stay hidden.

09-24-14     my chest is already sore and fuller
Its been 2 weeks and use the soap when i shower 3x a day (bit of clean freak) and my chest is already sore and fuller i wanted cream as well but if this is legitimate breast growth im unsure if cream.is necessary lol. Cant wait till the fullness takes on the shape as well and protrudes more. No idea what the gf will do or how long id be able to blame hormonal issues but heres to hopeful wishes. Thanks again will take a picture when the soap is done and order more for.sure

09-22-14     beautiful TS Heather
Hi Tina! Told you I'd be back for more products, and thank you so much. I just ordered another massive amount of Natureday Products. I cant tell you how thrilled I am looking in the mirror!!! My breasts are rounded, nipples big and erect all the time. I can't wit till I get to a C cup!! Natureday makes me feel all woman, and my sex drive is like wow! They look so so hot without any push up bra on at all. Just look at the pics!!!! Forget breast augmentation and expensive procedures, Natureday gives a TS beautiful reel breasts!!!! Awesome doesn't say enough! Best Regards.. Heather

09-21-14     THANK YOU NATURE DAY!!!
I bought the Nature Day organic program well over a year ago and was as skeptical as I was afraid to go for it. I started the program about 3 months later. As of today I am living proof this program works! My first measurement was 33" (across nipples) and now I am sporting a sexy measure of 38" !!! My new breast buds are itchy and sore and drive me crazy in the best of ways - I have been happier and healthier than ever before in my whole life...this is an incredible product and it gives you a wonderfully organic, non harmful, completely natural change that feels like a gift from heaven. I am growing softer skin, losing muscle mass and getting a jiggly butt! It has been a thrilling and truly sexy experience that I sincerely never want to end. THANK YOU NATURE DAY!!!

09-20-14     blessed
Thank you for the reply and info. I ordered soap yesterday just to get it and am super duper excited to go the next step in more growth. Hopefully i can become Jamie in the male testimonials one day but still so far to go. Have a blessed weekend

09-18-14     my chest poking out
Also thanks for all your company jas done for me. Over the last 2 years i have been on and off with it. Being 28 and slender its weird to see my chest poking out. But the growth is so gradual and slow its nice to get adjusted before diving in even thogh i wonder if that does anything for quality of growth. Anyways i will def check back in and def order some soap at least (most budget friendly) this week probably tomorrow. Thanks

09-18-14     I did notice some "budding"
Dear Natureday, I have always been somewhat skeptical of herbal remedies. I have read many of your testimonials from both men and women. I decided to try it on whim. I'm glad I did. I started off taking 3 droppers of the liquid in the morning. After 1 week of that, I did notice some "budding". I was quite impressed. I'm thankful that I did give this a try. I will be continuing to use your products as I want to develop a beautiful pair of breasts that any girl would be proud of.

09-17-14     [email protected]
Hi Tina, It has been almost 13 months since I have sent you an update and a total of almost 2 years since I have been using all of your products. You can see the tremendous gains I have made with the attached photo compared to the one of me that was and is posted on your website on 8-12-13. Everything continues to grow in good proportion and symmetrically. All the products work well and I like the cream the best. The attached photo shows the size and fullness gains. And it is all me and no photo touch up. Contact me if you or anyone have any questions. [email protected]

09-08-14     ANYTHING
Hello again! I ordered fulfillment with the code as instructed and I have another two weeks of product and regiment! I have to say I am very happy with fulfilment! I noticed a perky difference since week one! Not only that but my attitude to bring changes to my life is only reinforced and encouraged by having the product. I am in no way saying that mind alone will make you grow breasts.. But in a way I am! Simply having the will to purchase products like these and the willingness to do ANYTHING, it really is proof that you can manifest anything. :) I also feel the change in my hormones. They have helped me shed pounds with little effort, I wonder if that is a well known side effect! I will happily send the before and after photos after I have completed my bottles!

09-05-14     they feel great
Tina, Is my order going to make it here before Monday? I hope so because the first couple orders came in the days then the next two came in two weeks the last two came in eight days. I sure hope it comes by Saturday. Yes I'm growing nicely and I'm happy with my size and now believe even a guy can achieve d cup or larger if they wanted that large. Thanks again for the support. please take my email and name out if you want to share. By the way since they completely filled in they feel great and they grow around 1/2 to 1 cup size every

09-04-14     Thx
Tina, I would like to do this but I would like to do it for the same package I order after this one since I've grown quite a bit. I would say Solid b cup and I will be Small c after this order. Thx

09-03-14     I thought men couldn't dream to have breast
Thank you for the wonderful product. I thought men couldn't dream to have breast but here you go with nature day. Thank you so much! I ordered three month supply of fulfillment and the results are FANTASTIC. You can see in the photo! Thank you natural day:D

08-26-14     dragster427
Dear nature day I first started taking fulfillment about three or four years ago I took the products on and off for a year and a half or so and I had awesome results. I'm a big guy and have always had bigger than average breasts. When I started taking the products I was a small c cup but after taking it I stopped taking it when I got up to a large DD cup and have enjoyed them every since. Until now i did not have a way to take pictures and send them. So here is a few pics . I am also thinking about taking your product again to enlarge them another cup size or two. I wonder how big they could get? I love the product very much it works wonders. If any one would like to contact me they can at [email protected] Thanks a bunch

08-13-14     firming up nicely, happily starting to fill out my 36A
Just a quickie LOL 2 say firming up nicely, happily starting to fill out my 36A, got a ways to go, if I run out first, i'll b sure to order more! only anotherguy whose always wanted breasts could really ge it, but this is a mostly thought impossible thing, actually coming true! :) :) Thank You, Nature Day!!!

08-12-14     Thank you, Linda
Thank you nature day. I have just finished my first jar of nature day cream. I am surprised and very happy at what has happened in that first month. I just received my second order of one jar cream and one liquid and pills fulfillment. I have included two photos. I was a bit embarrassed to show my bare chest. I hope my photos don't offend anyone, but the photos do show a difference in my breast within the last month. I feel much better about my outside appearance and I feel a hole lot better inside to. Again thanks. Please don't show my e-mail address. Thank you, Linda.

08-11-14     Please leave my name off if you post thi
A loyal customer since 2004 and once again placing another small order. I just placed another order, this time for the liquid product. Just as the feeling and breast tissue was really feeling and getting noticeable I ran out of the cream. I am at the stage now that my nipples are very sensitive, more so then ever. Now I know how it feels for a woman to be touched on the nipples. I never had felt this erotic sensation as my nipple being rubbed or touched. Also my chest (breast) are more noticeable then before, I wasn't able to feel them just sitting in one place, but now I feel them hanging even just sitting watching TV, I really feel them hanging. It use to be I had to walk or run to be able to feel them on my body. I am hoping this run around I can get my breast to the next stage, hanging over more and hope nipples get more sensitive.

07-29-14     game
Here's the testimonial: I can safely say your product does indeed work on males - I have wanted a little bit more substance behind my breast tissue, something more than just my "man-boob" fatty chest. Even after the first day taking the liquid I felt activity - there was a tingling sensation and in just a few short weeks taking the liquid, pills, and occasional cream I have a much bigger and softer chest. If you're wondering if the products work - Yes. They. Do!

07-28-14     I am very happy with the service I have been getting
Natureday, I just wanted to say before I use your product that I am very happy with the service I have been getting through E-Mails. You have responded to my questions in ways that no other company ever really has and I just wanted to say thank you so much for being kind and having great service!

07-18-14     rose
Hi, forgot to tell you, call me 'rose', OK? First thing, wonderful news!!!!! @ 2 months, actually feel/see Breasts, not man boobs, such a different feeling, its just wonderful to feel them grow. And yes, I've also started to feel them when reaching across! Incredible! :))))) Just now ordered cream, soap, and a bottle liquid to continue with good growth. Still using the cream & liquid, 2X day, and a couple dropd of their liquid on nipples/auerolas, but with adding in the Nature Day drops , I guess a bit over a month ago, there are definitely changes groing on. I'm a 36 bust, under my breastline, with about 1/2 a regular lungful, and 37 1/2+, also with bra on--- hey, I'm 58, they sag otherwise! :) ;) so I'm a 36 a?b, depending on bra? (I remove all lining from mine, I want to see ME! Questions--- ! is the above correct, bra wise,2 Is it really so easily accepted for me to go to a store and actually B fitted? My age, I don't really care- probably B fun--- what about them at the store?

07-17-14     RRR
Dear natureday, I have taken your product since March 2012 and have had great success, my question is how do I developed the tops. Everything else is super. Thank you so much

07-10-14     thank you natureday
I ordered a months supply of fulfillment and the results are incredible. When I started I had a measurement of 38inches below the bust and 39 1/4 inches around my bust. Due to my busy schedule I've been taking 2 pills and using the drops in the morning and at night before I go to bed. I have used different products in the past but didn't work for me because of the cost. I've used your product for about a month I have to say I'm impressed. I'm still a 38 inches below the bust I am now 41 inches around the bust . I look forward to my next order of fulfillment thank you natureday.

07-10-14     actually seeing results, wouldn't have believed it possible
Hi, just a quick note and a question. note- actually seeing results, wouldn't have believed it possible :) ques: I've heard both ways on this, are the results permanent or not?

07-10-14     Voice
Voice Testimonial

07-09-14     singapore
I write to thank you Natyreday Products,on june 17 /2014,i order two cans of breast cream order no 992014617075200,i have been using for more than two months i notice my breasts increase by more then 2inchthis is a great product that actually does work on me,i will strongly recommend to my friend i am a 62 year old chinese men staying in singapore,i am very satisfied with the results which increase my breasts size within two months.

07-08-14     Help needed!!
Dear Natureday Staff, I have used your product for the last 3 years, and have another one on the way. my breasts have grown, and very pleased with your products. The question I have is, Is there anyway I can speed up the results to having larger breasts? I was flat chested, now I'm 'B' size and would like to get to a 'D' size. I don't know if I'm taking the product the wrong time of day, not enough fluids or what. What is more potent, the pills or the liquid? I plan to continue using your product, but I sure would be deeply appreciated with some help. I've tried protein shakes, etc. Thank You! Help needed!!

07-08-14     sooner!
made an order 7-7-2014 and wondered if I could get a tracking number. I've been using your products for just over a year and although I'm not seeing the type results I was really wanting, I am pleasantly surprised with my development! Looking forward to receiving my next order.Thank you very much, I only wish I'd known of these products sooner!

07-07-14     thank you again.
Dear naturewhite,I m writing to thank you for the product (breast Cream) which I am using for two months already it was very effective my breasts and nipples grow bigger in two months is amazing,before I use the cream I was flat chest now it grow thank you again. order number 9920140617075200

07-05-14     nipples to be erect
Dear Natureday, Your product is amazing! Men, itís not if you can grow breasts, but how large do you want? Not sure where this awesome trip is going, but I realized growth in the first few days of use of cream and soap and have continued my growth. The photo is two-months into treatment and I am amazed at the amount of growth. My nipples are sensitive all of the time and I am beginning to feel the bounce and weight of my breasts. I donít know where I will stop, but be ready because it is somewhat addictive once you see growth to want to see just how big they will grow. I use the soap everyday and try to use the cream at least twice a day, which promps my nipples to be erect most of the day. So donít wait. If you are a male and have wanted to grow some female like breasts, this product is what you want. It really works. You may use my photo, but please do not include my email address. Thanks Tina!

06-30-14     help and convenience.
Thank you for your time and purchase for the returned package. I have enjoyed your product immensely and have seen great results with it. I will send another email with results and measurements. Thank you for all your help and convenience.

06-23-14     Thank you Naturday
Due to some genetic issues, my chest was always kind of awkwardly shaped. As a result, I was usually fairly self conscious and uncomfortable with how my breast area looked. A friend suggested the Naturday products to me and, after two months of using them, my chest is starting to look more normal. I'm starting to feel more confidence with showing my chest. Thank you Naturday! Note: IMG_0103 is before and IMG_0188 is after.

06-20-14     success
I am getting ready to place my second order. I have gained 1-1/4 inches in my breasts in the 8 weeks I have been using the success package liquid, pills and cream. I would like to get my next order with all liquid how would I indicate this when ordering online and paying thru paypal

06-19-14     forward
I've been using Nature Day cream for just over 4 month s. I almost fill a 44A bra now and would like to get up to a Cup. My wife likes to watch them grow, and to mess with them. I like Nature Day and look forward to seeing my breast grow. Thank you Nature Day for your product.

06-11-14     Take care.
Tina, I have now been on the cream and liquid for one month. Have been very satisfied with the results with 1/2 inch of growth and with the shape of my breast's changing. I am about to reorder the cream and have two questions for you. I would prefer to take the liquid over the pills (right now I am taking 60 drops of liquid in the morning and a pill midday and one in the evening with using the pills for 10 days now) How many drops of liquid equal one pill? Also the instructions on the cream says 1/2 teaspoon per application, is that 1/2 per breast or for both? Thanks again for a great product that actually does work. Take care.

06-06-14     I just removed my bra- love wearing them
First off, thank you very much on that :) I do have something good to tell you though, even better for me! As I asked re: first bottle, as I was using cream.I had been growing,,,,slowly,,,,, but being diligent with using your drops as told- pretty much- I have seen a very nice amount of growth and firmness. Looking at them, knowing they will grow well for me (also cut caff. from 4-5 cups to one). Sitting writing this, I just removed my bra- love wearing them!- and have been massaging and looking at my very own 'homegrown' pair of very, well, going to be very feminine I hope breasts. Lots of my t shirts show, as I now am filling my 36A very nicely, cant wait to have them at a nice 36B cup. On that- advice- warner's wire free bras are the greatest! :) My new 'girls' seem to be sort of alive, with these wonderful sensations, tingling for example, erect sensitive nipples, etc. Just ordered another bottle, guys it really works. You want 'em you can have 'em!! thanx nature day. feel free to use my email----

06-05-14     Thanks again and take care.
I am approaching one month of use with your products. 4 weeks of cream 3 weeks of liquid and 1 week of pills and am seeing results already! Thank You! The question I have for you is it recommended to stop useage for a week to purge your system of the herbs and then start up again. I am taking 60 drops in juice in the morning with a saw palmetto tablet. I take two pills a day, once at noon and the other with the evening meal. The cream is applied once in the morning after showering and then once before going to bed. Soap is used during my shower. If it is recommended, when should I stop, and for how long before starting again. Thanks again and take care.

05-30-14     (Please don't use my name or E-mail addr
Hi! I am about to finish my first 30 day supply of capsules and liquid and am anxiously awaiting my second month supply. The results are above my expectations and I am certainly pleased! In only a few days I felt tingling in my breast area and an unfamiliar tightness occurred. I knew the product was working and have the results to prove it. I just have to be careful with growth as I can't raise a lot of suspicion within my family and co-workers. I will follow up after my second full month of product with pictures. I also want to try the breast cream. (Please don't use my name or E-mail address!!)

05-29-14     Voice
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05-29-14     Voice
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05-29-14     Voice
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05-29-14     Voice
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05-22-14     My tits are getting so much bigger
Tina, Thx so much, I received it yesterday. My tits are getting so much bigger and have the curved feminine lines plus very firm. Thx so much Natureday....J

05-07-14     hide my breast
Dear NatureDay getting along fine with your product. Just made another order my breast keep getting bigger some day I will send some photos just not that brave yet. Been on your liquid and pills and cream for a year and a half now feel great it's kind of hard to hide my breast now.

05-03-14     am still so surprised that a male can have breast like a female
Tina, thanks for your quick reply. I appreciate you help and advice. I am still so surprised that a male can have breast like a female, by using your products. I am so happy that I found you and had the courage to try your product. It is working and I plan to continue using your product until I achieve the size I want. Thanks again from one happy male with boobs:-).zz

04-28-14     Bunny Smith
Tina - Sorry to take so long to get back to you. I am very pleased with my growing boobs. They are noticeable at work and especially noticeable at the gym. I love doing pec exercises (oops - boob exercises) and see the gym rats look at my rack with envy. I worked out at the gym for years and never achieved the wonderful size and volume of my boobs I have now. They are firmer and have lost their pec / moob shape and are breast-like in appearance. The nipples are bigger and very sensitive now. I love the smell of the Fulfillment liquid drops - they make my breasts smell like "maple syrup". I love looking in the mirror now and pleased with my developing shape. Thank you for such a wonderful product. I wish I had discovered it sooner. Please sign me as, Bunny Smith

04-26-14     Take care,
Okay, thank you for the information Tina. By the way, I'm up (and out) 2 1/2 inches so far, and growing. I was walking my dog yesterday and am starting to feel the slightest of "jiggles" when I step. I have been keeping regular checks on my 'journal' of my growth since the first day. I have also taken pictures too. I'm going to try and put together what I have so far of my development and get it sent over to you. The growth pictures are showing some of the development from then to now. My question(s) for you are what kind of timing would you like me to put it together in? I have actual dates for when I finished with one product, when a picture was taken, or when measurements were taken, etc... but I didn't know if you wanted to be inundated with a ton of writing or not. Please let me know what would be the best way to get you my journal and I'll get it put together by this weekend to send over. Thank you again for everything. Take care,

04-26-14     Thanx
I started using this last year and im on my third package of fulfillment nature day. the cream smells really nice, the fluid is easy to take. It doesn't taste bad, kinda tastes like celery salt. mix it with some clamato juice and good to go. I lve this product, I will continue to use it. I highly recommend it. I was a small a cup and im almost a b cup and still growing, I know its working cause I am experiencing budding, Thanx Nature day.

04-26-14     Heat
Hi There!!! Been taking Nature Day products for about a year and a few months. My boobs are great!!! Starting flat chested you can clearly see that I am growing round sexy boobs. They really fill out a 34B. My sex drive is like wow and just using the product makes me feel like a woman inside. I only use a dropper full a few times a week. Brest soap every day after showering and I leave it on. I have also noticed that putting a drop on each nipple each day has helped increase their size. You have to work your boobs with lots of stretching. They tingle all over when I apply anything to them and taking the drops in water instantly gets me in the mood for sex. I am planning on going full throttle with Nature Day products to get them to maximum potential, as in taking alot more product consistently. I am sending you before and after pics for the free 90 day supply. I will continue to use the products most likely for ever as they make me feel all woman without any sexual side effects that you would get if you had gender reassignment hormone therapy. This product works and is absolutely fantastic!!!! Heat

04-26-14     sliver
I used your cream and soap and as you can see my breasts have really grown. Here are some pics of the result. Please do not post my Name or email. I just wanted to tell you how satisfied I have been with your product.

04-23-14     Heat
Hi There!!! Been taking Nature Day products for about a year and a few months. My boobs are great!!! Starting flat chested you can clearly see that I am growing round sexy boobs. They really fill out a 34B. My sex drive is like wow and just using the product makes me feel like a woman inside. I only use a dropper full a few times a week. Brest soap every day after showering and I leave it on. I have also noticed that putting a drop on each nipple each day has helped increase their size. You have to work your boobs with lots of stretching. They tingle all over when I apply anything to them and taking the drops in water instantly gets me in the mood for sex. I am planning on going full throttle with Nature Day products to get them to maximum potential, as in taking alot more product consistently. I will continue to use the products most likely for ever as they make me feel all woman without any sexual side effects that you would get if you had gender reassignment hormone therapy. This product works and is absolutely fantastic!!!! Heather

04-10-14     New Zeal
Hi Natureday, I have been using your product for some years now and have experienced reasonable good results. I am currently between a C and a D cup (depending on the bra manufacturer and style) but would really like to accomplish a full D cup size. I have recently ordered more pills and liquid, and now seek your advice on the best dosages to use to accelerate the desired growth, eg, should I be taking both the pills and the liquid on a daily basis, and if so - at what recommended dosage. Otherwise,I love your product and have been recommending it to other TG girls. Looking forward to hearing from you.

04-08-14     . - .
I spent so much money on pills&creams from different companies in the past few months, and then I tried natureday. I used the liquid extract and the soap for 1 month and I saw a much more bigger difference in this one month than in the past fews. My breast is already a bit rounder and bigger, and much more firmer, the touching is amazing! I'll definitely use other liquids extract and try the pills!(don't put any name please!)

04-05-14     thank you for making my dreams come true
Natureday, I would like to start this off by saying thank you for making my dreams come true. I am a male that has been wanting to grow breasts for some time now. I just started using your products a few weeks ago and am already seeing results. I was so excited when they started to work. Thank you so much!!

03-26-14     a happy Natureday user and fan
I've been using Natureday for about two and a haf years with results but not as quickly as I had initially hoped for. Awhile back, someone wrote that he had changed combinations of what he was taking on a daily basis and was seeing great results. So, I decided to try the same. I am now taking two drops of the liquid in the morning and the evening. I do the same with the soap. In just a month, I have seen more growth than I have in the past. This is exciting for me because I was to the point I didn't think I would ever see anything above a B cup. I'm going for a C and then will see if I want to go bigger. I'm slender and not sure how anything larger than a C would look on me. As far as what people think when they see my chest in a T shirt, I don't care because I love having breasts. I don"t want to be a woman but I do enjoy having something they have and that is, of course, what I'm writing about. My breasts now jiggle when I walk and I love it. I'm a professional and wear suits and jackets most days but on casual Fridays, I wear sweaters or knit shirts. I've received a few double takes but no one has said anything to me. It could be because of my position in the company or that it just doesn't matter. Truthfully, I think it's the former. I have something to say about wearing a bra. I have no desire or plan to wear one. I might consider a sports bra if I were active but at this point I'm not. I know there are people who wonder about us men who like having breasts. I'm the same about bras. I don't understand but I certainly don't condemn a man who wants to or does. I would appreciate not having my email address shared. But, I am a happy Natureday user and fan and am pleased there are so many of us men who want what God didn't give us.

03-25-14     I'm now a believer
Hi Tina, Here is my testimonial thus far from when I've been taking the products. I started using the NatureDay products on January 25, 2014 and even after reading the countless testimonials from other men who have tried your products with success, I still had some brief doubts. Well after about 2 months of taking the liquid, pills, cream, and soap, I'm now a believer. When I started off, I already had a little bit of breast growth but that was from being a bit overweight. After my first week of taking the products, I was feeling new sensations in my breast area. By my 4th week, I measured myself as having grown a full inch from the beginning. My areolaís have also increased in diameter as well, and are extremely sensitive. I find my nipples become erect for no reason all throughout the day as well. I feel sensations all throughout the day in my breast area and could not be any happier with my development. My daily routine starts with a full dropper of the liquid into a glass of water, and a pill. I've grown accustomed to the taste of the liquid in water, but it helps if you have more water in the glass when you drink it. I will sit down for some breakfast about a half an hour after taking the liquid and pill. While I'm taking my shower, I start by rubbing the soap around my breast area and keep the water off of them until after I've managed to clean up the rest of me. I usually feel a tingling sensation about halfway through my shower and I feel that it has something to do with the hot water opening my pours and allowing the soap to work better. After my shower while the room is still warm, I massage in the cream into my breasts, but I focus primarily on my nipple and areola areas. I then go about my routine of getting dressed for the day, but hold off putting on my shirt until last so that the cream has more time to be absorbed into my breasts. At the end of my day, I have another glass of water with a full dropper of liquid and 1 pill. I then prepare dinner and eat it after about another half an hour. Before I sit down to dinner, I massage in some more cream into my breasts as I did in the morning and eat dinner without my shirt on. Those are my typical days and what products I'm using. I'm now just coming in on 2 months in and when I measured myself last, my breasts have grown out a little more than an inch and a half. The diameter of my areolas has increased by about 1/2 of an inch too. When I'm driving in my car and meet some rough areas of the roads, I can actually feel my breasts jiggling around on my chest. I'm excited to see where I can go in the coming months if I've had such success as I've had so far. To anyone at all that may be skeptical about if these products work or not, rest assured that they can, and will, make your breasts grow no matter if you're a male or female. Thank you for everything,D

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